Well, you see this hat. Let me show you whats under ta da its the hotel evo 2. 6K. The mavic 3 is not like this, but its very similar to this now ill. Get into that in a second and ill. Tell you all the specs on the mavic 3 and what you should expect, and i should also point out the prices youre gon na hear that and as well. What is the best one for you for your capabilities now? I have to point this out at the beginning of this video really quickly. I do not have the dji mavic 3.. I havent even touched it, but i have seen it and i do have a reviewer in the us who sent me all their impressions because they have it youre, going to see the review coming out and they also sent me footage from the drone as well as Photos i cant show you the photos, because that person will get in trouble its going to give away who it is and if youre wondering why. The captain drone drone channel, which is one of the most popular drone channels on youtube, does not have the dji mavic. 3., its because dji told me, oh, maybe three or four years ago that they would never send me any products, because i made a video about them talking about how dji kills the competition, and i will put a link to that below. They have asked me to take that video down so many times, but ive said no, so they wont send me products so go check out the link, give it a few more views.

Also in that video. Those were the days where i really loved bread and i ate a lot of it, so my face is kind of puffy all over the place. Bread will do that all right, so lets get into it im going to make this video really short. So let me tell you all about the dji mavic 3.. I personally ill tell you right up from the front. I personally think its a good drone and i will buy one, but i dont think all of you are going to think its a really good drone, because some of you out there might have expectations that its going to like cure, baldness or blindness, or something like That its not its just another iteration of the dji mavic system, so let me explain really quick what you can expect. So this is the dji mavic 2 pro. It is currently the best mavic on the market according to dji, because they use the word pro in it. Thats another thing, dji found out a lot of times. If they use the word pro in their products, then you know, amateurs will think its a professional product and they sell more, which is not really true, because if you have a camera like this up front, you can never call this type of drone a pro. Although prosumers buy these drones so thats, probably where the pro comes from as well now, there are two versions of the dji mavic 3.

You have the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 ceni, so both of them are over 900 grams, so theyre going to be heavier than the old pro version. Now this old version, the pro, had something that was pretty cool in the day it has 360 obstacle avoidance except, as all of us know, you know thats what dji touted after it launched. We realized hey that 360 obstacle avoidance only works in certain scenarios yep. So in the dji mavic 3, apparently according to my source, he says it works in all scenarios, so the mavic 3 will have 360 obstacle avoidance, but it will work all the time just like and thats why i was joking as well with this here: autel evo 2 pro 6k model, it has 360 obstacle avoidance and it works all the time. So autel figured out how to do it a while ago. Dji could not, but now dj has figured it out now. The feature i think youre going to love is that the tracking has once again been improved. So probably the drone, with the best tracking from dji, is the mavic air 2s. This drone small in size i this is a really good drone. This drone here can follow you pretty much anywhere and it tracks really well and its very simplistic to use, although its not perfect, and it does crash into a lot of trees and whatever, what its tracking you now and then its not perfect.

If youre moving too fast, apparently according to my source, he was trying out the tracking on the mavic 3 going around trees, and it followed him really well and avoided the trees. It did crash, however, a few times, so that tells me its still not as good as the skydio2. So if you want a drone that is designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of just tracking you and following you and not crashing, you on a skydio2 flight time has been increased. However, the more sensors theyve added to the drone sucks more power from the battery and the more systems in it, but flight time has been increased and uh. He was told that on his little spec sheet from dji, it says flight time is over 40 minutes, but the best he could get was ‘ minutes flight time keep in mind, thats his testing and his review. He was showing ‘ minutes now. If you watch the reviews on the day its released that you see one guy who says, i only got ‘ minutes – hmm you might find out who my source is anyways. Now the great thing youre going to buy the mavic 3 for is the new camera. So this tiny little prosumer camera that they stuck up front has two cameras in it. So you get one camera that has a version of a micro, four thirds sensor. Micro. Four third sensor is pretty darn good. However, you need a really good lens.

Dji is really good with their lenses, but they are like prosumer lenses, theyre fixed lenses, so they have a lot of limitations. So what dji did is they took a page from apple? So if you bought yourself ill put it right side up? If you bought yourself the apple iphone 13 pro, then you see all the little cameras here. You probably have that on a previous version as well and inside this theres a powerful chip, and it can actually shoot in pro res and thats what the new mavic 3 could shoot in. But not all the versions can shoot in pro res, so ill jump over. That and come back to it in a second, so lets go back to the camera, so here we have their new camera up front and in their new camera you have two cameras, so the one at the bottom is going to be a 20 megapixel uh camera. So, with 20 megapixels in a micro four thirds sensor, i think thats pretty good. You know they didnt go crazy and put 40 megapixels because then youd have a lot of noise in low light, so 20 megapixels is pretty decent. They keep the lens really close. So the light coming in doesnt have far to go to get to that sensor, so it should be pretty good. They did put an aperture in it. That is variable, so that makes it more pro, except its only an f 2.

8 all the way up to an f11, which is a very tiny range in the camera spectrum for aperture theyre not going to tout this as the best low light camera on the market, Because this tiny little thing is not going to do exceptionally well in low light, youll have to trick it. Therell have to be software in it to get rid of noise to enhance it, everything else its not naturally going to work very well in low light. This is why, on cameras, you know you buy like this is a camera. I used to film a lot of my reviews. Uh, the lenses usually cost more than the camera in the thousands of dollars. This is why drones with removable lenses will always be better than those without because take this off theres your sensor, and this lens is lots of glass and its designed to let in a lot of light. So you get these, you know 1.8 apertures and all the colors are there. Nothing is lost so thats camera number one. Am i thrilled with it nope not at all, because you know for shooting stuff youre really not going to notice much of a difference between that and your little uh air 2s here, if you put the footage side by side, youre not going to see too much Of a difference, just because of the way the lens is designed and everything else, however, they stuck on the mavic 3, and i believe this is on all versions.

This is what my source tells me: they stuck on it, a second camera, which is a seven time. Zoom so its a fixed lens – and i have to look at my little chart over here – what is it its a 160 millimeter lens? So its got a tiny little sensor in it, a one half inch sensor and it doesnt have a really good f, stop and its not designed for low light, so you cant use it in low light im. Looking at my chart all the notes he sent me its only 12 megapixels, its basically just for flying around and getting zoomed in footage. The zoom is a combination of optical and digital from what he says. So i dont know on that thats kind of confusing, but anyways were gon na find out on when the drone comes out. He also says that he can only record in 4k with that little camera up front, thats the zoomy one. So he says the image off. It looks stunning uh, because youre zoomed right in its pretty cool. He said he was filming his kids out in a park and then he zoomed right in uh to check them out with that secondary camera and it looked really good. The detail was really high, so i am looking forward to checking that out. He also mentioned that when he used the smaller camera on his controller, all the options for the manual settings were grayed out, so he doesnt know if his as a pre production version and maybe in the future theyll add that but right now he could not use Manual settings when he was using the smaller camera and finally, i think i skipped over it.

So let me mention it. The max video resolution, shooting with the big micro four thirds sensor is 5k. So you see here we have the autel which shoots at 6k, so youll get a much more higher resolution. If you have the autel evo 2 6k than you would with the new mavic 3.. However, ill say this now for most people who buy these pro sumo drones, you really dont care youre, not steven spielberg, youre, just filming your family, youre filming objects, buildings, uh, people doing stuff. You know youre youre, not making the next big movie, so it really doesnt matter. If you need that extra resolution to crop into for myself as a youtuber theres a lot of times, im filming something, and because i have to show you what im filming a lot of times, i have to crop in. So i always select the highest resolution. Just like on the air 2s, i could shoot in 5k, so i always select 5k and then i crop it into like 4k or even deeper, if i have to so that i can zoom right in all right lets talk about the pro res, because a lot Of you out, there have never used pro red. So if you watch my last video that i did on the xdynamics evolve 2, i talked about pro res im, just going to put this down because its pretty heavy. This is a professional camera with removable lenses. Its much different than the mavic 3 coming out, so let me just tell you this pro res is something thats like i mentioned its in the iphone, you know its in the iphone as well, so you can film in pro res, if you want prores in the Most simplest of explanations for people who are new to drones and youve, just been filming with h.

264 h.265. Not even knowing the difference of those two pro res is the following, say: youre filming something, and it has lots of darks and lots of brights. When you film an h.264 h.265, it may look pretty good to your eye, but it can look better. So in cinema movies, when people make movies, did you ever notice that scenes have a certain feel to them? You know like if its an eerie movie or like ill jump to the matrix, the matrix notice, theres a lot of green in it. You know its colored green, like a lot of the scenes, its just the way it is. You may not have noticed it, but thats, just the colors. They stuck on the movie. Every movie ever made has different coloring effects to to set the scene and give you the feel. When you use pro res, you can do the same thing. Prores will record in a very high bit rate and on the mavic 3, its probably going to be 10 bit, and because of that, it makes a very large file that you can manipulate the data thats in there. So you can adjust the colors, how you like them and you wont, lose anything. The image should not fall apart. You cant do that with h264 h265. You try to manipulate the colors, and the image falls apart. It just it just looks terrible, but in pro res it doesnt, it looks really good theres a lot more shades in prores as well.

I always say that because, if you ever film, the sky with h.264 h265, its blue right, but if you ever film, the sky in prores, all of a sudden, hey theres, a lot of shades, just like my eye, sees its very difficult to explain. If youve never used prores now, the bad thing about prores is that the file sizes are massive. So, in order to transfer that file as youre filming onto a memory card, it has to be a super fast memory card and the super fast memory cards that they have today are quite large in size and very costly. So what dji has done on the mavic? 3 for the most expensive version, they put the memory inside super fast memory and apparently, according to my source, they even put a system to get your files off super fast. So theyve got like a memory, a super fast memory reader built into it. The only downside to filming in pro res is it takes time to edit your video you have to edit. Not if i took one hour of video, you dont just go. Stick it in the editor and go okay. I just do color correction for the entire one hour. No, every time you turn that drone and look at a different object or a different scene. I call them scenes you have to edit that and color correct. So if you flew different directions, look down different people, different objects, tracking everything, then yeah, youre gon na, have to color correct for all of that chop.

Your video up in color correct you cant just apply a lut and hope everything works out. It just doesnt work. Itll look kind of okay, but it wont look great second problem is you need a really good video editor on a very powerful computer? So if you dont have a powerful computer at home and if youve never used a video editor, you know like a big brand name. Video editor. I use final cut pro because i use a mac. Then youre youve got a long curve to jump up youre going to take some courses on learning how to edit or watch a lot of youtube videos, and the third and final problem is that your file sizes are massive, so you need a big hard drive. I have multiple external hard drives connected to my computer. All for these youtube videos i make because the file sizes can be very large next thing to mention is dji is also launching the new smart controller. Now my source said he didnt receive the smart controller with his package, which is interesting. I thought they would have sent him one. No, he received this controller. Like he told me, it was the plane controller. So it must be this one, so maybe theyre not sending them out to reviewers im sure some reviewers have the new smart controller because they want to show it off because thats the expensive package. So, apparently, from the knowledge i have not from my source, but just checking around its still a 5.

5 inch screen on the new smart controller, there is a higher upgraded version of ocusync in it, so its more future proof the screen on the old model of the Smart controller is 1080p and thats, because all dji drones always feedback at the max of 1080p. However, i wouldnt be surprised if theyve upgraded the screen to, like i dont, know 2k or something like that, and maybe the new drone can feed back at 2k, because if its got pro res and its supposed to be a cinema drone, you really want to see The detail so for details on the smart controller. I cant really give you a lot of details, because my source did not receive one so watch the launch. Video and youll see some youtube. Reviewers will have this one here and theyll. Tell you all about it all right! So next ill tell you what the packages are theres three packages that you can buy for the mavic 3., if youre, very poor and you dont have a lot of money. Youll want package one if youre a little bit richer. You will get packaged too. Most of you will buy package too, because its the best deal and for those who have a very powerful computer lots of hard drive storage. You have the video editor and you really want the best of the best youre gon na get package three all right. So what ill do is ill put whats in each package and im not gon na read off everything in the package.

Itll be right here, ill. Just tell you the highlights from it so of course, package one, you get the mavic 3 and you also get the basic controller. What else do you get blah blah blah? You only get one battery and uh thats. Pretty. Oh, you get a storage. I dont know. Without a storage cover, oh thats, that goofy it looks like a g string or something they stick over the the front of it thats pretty much it so thats, the one thats going to be the least expensive ill. Tell you the price coming up in a second! Then you get the mavic 3 fly more package, combo dji came up with this and i think this is the best deal. This is the one most of you will buy. So you get the mavic 3 again, you get the basic controller, but you get a three battery, so thats pretty decent and you get the charging hub, which is really good uh. What else blah blah blah you get a carrying bag? You get that g string cover. Whatever it is why they came up with that, i dont know and that oh and youve got a set of filters. You get one two three filters: youre gon na nd4, nd8 nd16 nd 32. Now this is the one that not many of you will get because its so expensive and youll just go. Oh, i cant afford that or youll complain about it. This is the one that has the memory inside the one that they put a ton of memory inside for the pro res and everything else.

This ones called the dji mavic 3 seni package and what you get is you get the mavic 3 cd with all that cool storage inside um? You also get three batteries, you get lots of props you get the charging hub. I got the the g string thing. They give you every nd filter you want, so you got the 4 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512, which is good because a lot of time. If you want to do depth of field – and you have an aperture on a drone – you are really gon na – have to block out that sun to get a depth of field, and this uh mavic 3 will be able to do it. The senior one uh you get the carrying bag and you get the 10 gigabits per second light. Speed data, cable, thats. How i was telling you theyre going to get the data out of here really fast, because the files so big youre, going to need a fast cable to get into your computer, but youre going to have a fast computer too, and also for the dji mavic. 3. Cd another reason you might want to get that is because theyre going to package in the new smart controller with it and youre gon na save a lot of dollars. If you get this packaged in with it, so theyre theyre gon na youre gon na save money. If you buy it right then, and there they want you to have a really good experience with the senior drone.

So youll get this. So let me tell you the prices now i have to mention this. My source said that his little sheet that dji gave him did not include the exact prices, because prices are different depending on which country you are when you go to the dji store to buy a product, and that is very true because i live in canada and Every time i look at the products on the dji store, they are cheaper in us dollars than if i was sitting in the usa and looking at the same prices. So if you buy kit number one which comes the drone, which is a pretty good deal, but you only get one battery no carry case or anything else, its about fifteen hundred dollars u.s. If you buy kit number two, which comes with the three batteries, the carry case and a pile of other goodies, thats gon na be under two thousand dollars, us at least thats, what its showing for me. And finally, if you get the sceni, where is it the sceni with the internal memory thats super fast and super huge man thats expensive and you get the the connector on the back thats gon na transfer it really quick, thats expensive too. It takes a fast processor for that and you get the smart controller 2.0, the new one, while its over two thousand dollars, how much over two thousand dollars well think of it. This way, if the fly mark combo is just under 2, 000 u.

s and now you add to it lets add about a terabyte of memory super fast and put it in the system, so its micro with the ability to take it off very fast out of the Drone really fast, so thats, probably ooh. You know, memory is pretty expensive, especially when you get into an ssd, so dji is probably going thats. Probably a thousand bucks lets take this. You know this little item here, thats about what currently about 700 or 800 u.s. So theyll give you a deal on that, so you might be looking at uh the high 2000s to just over 3 000 u.s depending you know so, yeah its going to be pretty pricey. The last thing i just want to say is the following: a way back in the old days when dji released the phantom 4 pro, they released a version with the built in display. Now they released it and a lot of people complained because it was so freaking expensive. I know i bought it. It was eighteen hundred dollars back then or something like that. It was super insane price, not a lot of people bought it because it was too expensive. I bought one, they didnt sell a lot with the built in display and everything, because that was a thousand nit display technology back then i found it very useful. I had a good use for it, so i liked it, but they didnt sell a lot of them.

So thats kind of what killed the phantom line on a little bit. You know the phantom doesnt really sell anymore. So will we ever see a phantom 5? Probably never, but the only reason i mention that is because no matter what dji makes theres always someone out there who will buy it its for them so im gon na tell you right now. If you are somebody who doesnt have a powerful computer with lots of storage and youve, never edited in pro res, the prores version is probably not for you. You know the mavic scene, youll probably buy the fly more and i think the fly more is what most people are going to buy. People like me, im going to order the seni version im going to order everything because i can use it. I do have the computer for it. I do have the hard drive space and you know on this channel every now and then i might want to use maybe the mavic 3 in conjunction with uh. Let me get this up with a professional drum, so this is a professional drone that will do pro res in many formats and it does it really well and it looks awesome with real lenses. So if i fly this drone and im doing professional work – and i use this one as a backup and its the ceni drone – you know what i will be able to take the prores footage from this and the prores footage from this and color correct them.

So that they look almost identical and its almost like, i have two of these, so ill be pretty happy, and that brings me to the last thing i want to say: if you are not making money from flying, a drone do not spend a lot on the Drone, you will be disappointed in the end, but if youre making money from whatever youre doing with a drone, then you will want the ceni, the mavic 3 ceni with the prores. You will want it if youre making money while flying a drone, if youre not making money, dont bother with it, stay with the fly more package or just get the basic one, all right, thats enough said, because once again, i dont have the mavic 3 go check Out my video, why i dont have any dji products, and that brings me to the last thing. That is why every review you see of a dji product on this channel, i have to buy myself and because i have to buy it myself, i always give you an honest review. You know its its its mine, i paid for it. So im going to tell you if i like it or not. So if you want the honest of reviews, always check back here and i will review the dji mavic 3 cd when i receive it – and i will compare it against uh drones like this with the camera – and i will compare it against – maybe the inspire 2 to See if its as good as that, when i manipulate the image all right until then, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up.

Stay tuned for the dji launch, get your checkbooks out, because its going to be an expensive day. All right guys take care catch.