The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you dont miss any future content with that. Lets begin, the other night i hosted, rotor talk, live and for a better part of the show. We discussed all the latest regarding the dji mavic 3.. So without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. All right were were going to move on to the number one subject of the night. A mavic, 3 update and im like holy cow, saw these pictures the other day and im like could be. The real deal could be guys could be lets. Take a look here and see all right now there was an article on drone dj, so were going to go ahead and im going to get that article up here now. This is a leak and take it for what its worth. You know we dont, you know were sharing this. You know this was on drone dj here. All right, you can see. Camera is very different on this. Much bigger lets go ahead and read the article ive been hearing rumors about the mavic 3 for quite some time now. Uh leaks come from brazilian youtube channel drone modelismo, which had access to supposedly exclusive information on the mavic 3.. According to drone modelismo, all the information is obtained from a reliable source. However, since they cant show real photos of the drone, the channel shared some illustrations based on the product.

The specs listed new collision avoidance system side, sensors removed front and rear sensors shifted to corners in apparently wide angle, hasselblad, dual camera top with 7x zoom, lower 5.7 k, 24 millimeter, f, 2.8, 16 millimeter adapter lens apple. Pro res format support one terabyte internal memory. More than 40 minutes of flight time, five thousand or six milliamp lithium ion battery not sure battery mount is from the back mini 2 style. Gimbal now has integrated automatic lock. I dont know if it continues with the acrylic protector like they have before we use the same radio as the air 2s. A new smart controller will be released too. Video reveals significant changes coming to the next dji drone, which doesnt come as a surprise, since dji mavic 2 was released in 2018., now theres theres a theres a now its worth, noting that, according to the source of the original link, therell be at least two different Versions of the mavic 3. theres, no word on which version is in todays leak and theyll, be you know, um. You know uh ill drop, a link in the description, so you can check out the article from joan dj and also you can check out drone modelissimos video here. Although the design is different, the size is similar to the mavic 2. therell, be a new anti collision system. Thats now, based on sensors relocated in the corners with new wide angle, lenses. Okay – and you can see the the sensors are moved over to the corner here.

So, im thinking with something like that, its going to handle things to the side as well too so thats why they probably eliminated the side. Sensors. The main camera features a 24 millimeter, f 2.8 app aperture lens, which is capable of shooting video on 5.7 k. Users can have an adapter to turn the lens into a 16 millimeter lens if they wish theres also a hasselblad dual lens camera for up to seven at seven times, zoom drone model esmo says the cameras will support the apple prorose codec, but the bit rate remains Unknown internally, dji mavic 3 will have one terabyte of storage by default, but the company may also offer another version with two terabytes of storage: guys a terabyte of storage on a drone, thats wow, okay, that thats really stepping up to the plate. Here the gimbal is expected to feature a new automatic locking system that will lock it when you turn off the drone, rather than requiring manual adjustment. As on current models. As for the battery, the leak specifications reveal lithium ion battery of about 6 000 milliamps. The channel heard from its source that the mavic 3s battery should be able to provide more than 40 minutes of flight time. The youtuber also claims the radio system will be the same as the air 2s, but will come with a new smart control and thats. One thing i want to stop right here: you know, you know i i would say i would.

I would have bet the house that it would have come on the new smart controller. Okay, i i could have told you that i would could just about guarantee that now it really looks very similar to the mavic 2. Okay um. You know it shares a lot of the design characteristics with it, um theres ventilation. On top, you could see up there. I mean these are all probably renderings. You know, as far as we know, um these are drawings based on some pictures, so you know were going going with what these guys say here. Um another thing to keep in mind, although the drone is being called the mavic 3.. Its like the final name is something like dji pro 3 is the company has been dropping the mavic brand from his drones. Drone model claims the official launch could take place as early as october 21, but the channel source also said the companies already considered, postponing it to january 2022, okay and theres a uh, supposedly a image of the bottom of the drone right there weve heard dji has Another product launch later this year, so hopefully it rise before the holidays, um, Music, so yeah all right, thats a lot to digest there. Regarding the mavic 3 thats, the most information we have had in quite a long time you know and thats. According you know, if this source is reliable now you know these are not outland. One of the things lets take some things into consideration here and just you know, because ive been doing this for a while these arent outlandish specs, okay, lets lets look at that.

Okay, the specs that are there are very reasonable: okay, theyre robust, but theyre, very reasonable thats, something that dji could have could do easily. Okay, i i dont, i dont, see them having a problem doing something like that: the design from the pictures, the other thing here, the design from the pictures, its not a radical departure from the mavic 2 series, which dji doesnt like to do radical changes with this. Okay, you know you know they went from the mavic 1 to the mavic 2.. All right and again, you know retaining a lot of the same characteristics as far as the body shape, and you know the weight, the way it looked and the in the gimbal and everything you know – and this is kind of the same here – okay were not seeing – Were not seeing a real, significant shift in terms of what the drone actually looks like um, so you know thats kind of keeping true to form with what dji does all right. They, they really kind of you know are, are keeping this in in line with their other drones, which i think is great all right with the other. With with the mavic series here, all right um. How big is the sensor did not say: ted, okay, um, the camera is a big thing. Youre right bill, its a its a pretty significant camera on here and uh. You know that steps up the ball game on this one.

Now you know they talked about two models with this and maybe a different camera on this okay, we may be seeing a pro mod, you know the the upgraded model and there may be a more basic model. We dont know, but you know the what drone model is most says. It sounds like theres, two versions of this so thats. Something well have to take into account when the time when the time comes now you know everything ive heard is 2022 before the mavic 3. Is coming out or the dji pro 3 or whatever theyre going to call this um? You know october, i dont see that happening and i dont see it happening for a huge reason, because my guess – and this is just an educated guess – theyre going to come out with a mini three and theyre gon na come out with a mini three in november. Like they did, it came out with a mini two in november and the original mini in november, all right and thats going to be a perfect christmas drone all right, um just in time for the holidays, you know its going to have a good price point. Its going to have a very robust feature set. All right, i know, were talking about the mavic 3, but the mini three is probably what dji has youre geared up coming up coming in november, okay, and with something like that theyre not going to put out a mavic 3 this year, all right they dont want You know, plus they have the mini se, so its going to be a dji mini s mini christmas, okay, the mini se for people who are being introduced to drones and the mini 3 for those that want the mack daddy of many drones.

Okay, i can tell you already all right without even seeing a spec on the mini 3 and im sure you guys will build. Do you think dji will ever offer new colors on their drones, ray thats, a good question, i think, probably not because it costs them money to do that and theres a lot of people out there who who make im sorry who make drone skins out there and Thats, a very robust business right, so i dont think that i dont think theyre going to do that and the reason i dont think theyre going to do. That is because of cost. I think they want to. You know they want, because this is going to be this. This mavic 3 cost wise. You know again with what were thinking on this. You know this is going to be close to 2k ill say that right now of that, i have absolutely no doubt okay, this. This thing will definitely hit the 2k mark um and its going to be. You know its its going to its going to be worth every penny of it.