lets see whats new first off they added tracking. Before that, the drone could not track objects, so you had to fly it. The old way to me: thats, not a problem at all, but sometimes its nice to have the drone fly itself, while youre filming something else and in general. I think that this feature is very useful for travel videos, so i went outside again and was finally able to catch some good light, which is extremely rare during this time of the year dont mind that its raining right now and snowing there is wind, hail, but Still, the weather is so much better than in moscow because its always overcast there these days look how beautifully the light plays. Once the sound is out of the clouds to me thats, the most important thing is to have beautiful lighting. Now we can finally appreciate the quality of the video from this drone and, to my surprise, its dynamic range is amazing, but there is a little, but in the presentation of this update, dji said that they added a new d log lot: conversion, which means that the Drone will record everything to its memory and the image will appear dissaturated in order to be color graded later. Basically, just a log and the app is supposed to convert this image on the go so that you have an idea in the field. What your video is going to look like while filming it, but it seems that this feature was not added.

After all, and in this beautiful lighting, its almost impossible to me to know where the sun is or how the shadows or bright areas are distributed across the frame, and it is like trying to film while being half blind its almost impossible. Despite the fact that i can film in 5.1, k, 48 fps and the quality of the image allows me to zoom in and post without any quality lost. I still have to rely solely on my intuition because they did not added the lot conversion. The next thing, dji was supposed to add, is active track for this task. Lets move to a more dramatic and harsh place, Music, so lets turn on the d. Log mode select an object and the app says spotlight unavailable in d log. It means that we cannot use active track and shoot in high quality lets. Just choose normal mode, then select my object and now the app says that spotlight im available when recording high frame rate mode. Okay, whatever lets lower the resolution to 4k and as you can see, everything works even in high frame rate press go and the drone performs great. So basically, i guess this is the um translation problem from dji side, so you can actually film in higher frame rate. You just cant film in high resolution, so essentially this mode keeps the object always inside and you can change the altitude or the direction of the flight as you wish, and the drone will turn the camera towards the objects.

Youre filming it works really perfect. Next mode is active track same here. We just select an object to track, and then we can add on which side we want the drone to follow it. Here you have to keep in mind that this new mavic 3 accelerates super quickly and now, in my case, you can see that the person isnt moving very fast so its better to turn on cd mode on the remote controller. So the drone follows our character smoothly. Without this yanking and it works very well Music, and besides that im filming in 4k and 48 fps, which means i can slow down the video in post next, i change the direction of the active track. I pick follow in front of the object and the drone automatically switches its position as needed, and still it keeps the track of the object and even if an object will start moving faster. The drone will keep up the same distance and keep up with the pace of this object. So its really nice, following from the side, works a bit weird though it feels like the drone is moving back and forth like it. Doesnt understand the distance from an object, but i have to say that even if you fly a bit higher, the drone will still track our object without any problems. So, in my opinion, the tracking on mavic 3 is exceptional. Yes, there are some limitations in terms of d, log and resolution, but the tracking itself works really good and now for the final tracking poi mode, its a point of interest ill, tell you about it outside lets.

Go outdoors. The home point has been updated all right and we are outdoors right now, im filming in 5.1 k, and this is a test flight. I always recommend you guys do test flight before you actually track your subject. Sometimes you get the interference or you know. Sometimes you might have a problem so its always best to spend couple minutes just to fly around and see if everything works, perfect, selecting our object and as we see spotlight is again unavailable. I forgot about it. So now we have to check in this mode as well. We have to change it to the normal mode, which means we cannot do advanced color created in post. If we want to use this mode well, either way. Lets just change our iso to correct the overexposure. Okay and now we select our building again and it says that spotlight and available in high frame rate, but actually its a mistake, so its available in higher frame rate its not available in higher resolution. So we need to downgrade our resolution to 4k and we can film in 48 fps without problems, selecting our building and its ready to go. We just tap go and you see we have to just adjust the speed and direction of the drone and it is done by simply moving this circle. If i move it towards the right side, then the drone will follow to the right. If i move it to the left, then, as you probably guys guessed it, the drone will fly to the left and the further away.

I move the circle from the center, the faster the drone flies and also you can adjust the altitude of the drone if needed. So right now im pushing the joystick up and the drone elevates you can see in the left corner. The height is changing, so its really easy and it takes away all the pain from you. You dont have to control much here. You just change the altitude. Sometimes, if you need you can go a little bit forward or backwards. I think its really easy to get these cinematic shots. This easy parallaxs without actually knowing how to fly so. The drone does it all for you, and here you guys, can check the quality by yourself, of course, its not d log, but still its recorded in 4k 48 fps. If needed, i can slow it down in post production and editing. Let me know down in the comments what you think of the image quality right here and in case any of yall were wondering how the image will look like if i do not touch any joystick on the remote controller. So this is the parallax achieved by the drone flying itself: im not touching joysticks at all. Also, i shot this all using freewell filter for mavic 3.. I believe that this product is essential for filming good quality footage. Here i have not only nd filters, but its an nd hybrid, with polarization effect which allows me to control also reflection on water, glass and other shiny surfaces.

Its super essential and all links are in description. I also had questions from you guys on instagram about this drone and zoom lens at first. This drone allowed me to film and log for some reason, but i have to say that lock is a bit different from the main camera footage um. The image from it is still a bit too contrasty, but its not the you know: rec 709, so its really easy to fix and post and match with the main camera d log. However, after a few days, the drone stopped recording lock with the zoom lens. I have no idea how and why it happened, but here is me: color grading the log footage from the zoom camera. I guess another problem with the mavic 3: the drone has lost focus many times and that can really ruin your flight. So, keep that in mind out of focus isnt, always great and you might want to use manual focus. To be honest, i dont always use these fancy drone modes or cameras, and this drone is no exception. I like to fly in regular mode and film just in high resolution and sometimes turn on 48 fps, when i need a little slow motion this way with the right lighting. My image will look perfect. However, if you love smart tracking and things like that, the drone got them all and they work really well, but with some weird camera limitations, but when it comes to tracking itself its great its really good.

So thats my take on the new drone.