The drone on and theyve changed it like its, not a big deal, but i love the original sound. So by this point, youll have seen all the videos about the mavic 3, so im not going to make some epic intro, Music and im also not going to bore you with the specs. But what i am going to do is tell you why this drone is not what i expected look at this, though so this field, thats, usually full of corn, has been all chopped down, so ive got access to this whole thing. Right now, which is great so were gon na, go and test the drone plenty of room to play with nobody about perfect location. Dont know, if i can film here or not just hopefully, nobody will come and tell us Music right. So, as you know, crashed my drone if youve not seen that video go and watch it its a fun one but whats in here is very exciting its the new. You know what im gon na get some scissors. I did an edc, video and kind of took the make out of people that use knives to get into boxes. I kind of see what i mean i might have to get one here. We go scissors, oh im, so excited i mean you already know whats in here, because youve seen the title, there are no surprises here for you. Crikey me, mavic 3 already seems like yesterday i got.

The spark spark was my first drone what a great little drone that was, but theyve come such a long way, bringing one out all the time i dont want to ruin this. This is just the standard version, not the cine version and also not the fly more combo version flight time, something like 45 minutes thats plenty for me, im in the air for about 10 15 minutes max. Look at this i mean so i wasnt going to show you this yet, but i feel like i have to. I actually got the mini too videos on this coming soon, its actually like my hairs, wet because ive just been outside to film some stuff. With this, as soon as we got it up in the air started, chucking it down. So look at the size difference anyway, its not about that love. The color, though, that dark gray, looks really nice with the orange tips. I guess we just got to go and test it out flat enough Music. In all honesty, i didnt know what to talk about when it came to this drone in this video, because theres a lot of videos out there already. I didnt want to repeat anything and other than a few obvious upgrades from the previous drone. I wasnt entirely blown away by the specs on paper, but then i saw the image as soon as i started flying and i was looking at the image on the screen. I knew there was something special about this drone and the image and when i started editing it, i was right.

It was fantastic now, djis mission statement for this drone was image above everything and theyve definitely achieved that the best image from a drone yet hands down, and this sensor has made all the difference. Now i said, im not gon na bore you with the specs and stuff, but im just gon na point out the most important thing. The reason why the image is so good is because its capturing twice as much information so before it was 100 megabits per second and now its 200 megabits per second. So your video quality is going to be twice as good. I know thats not how it works, but you know what i mean thats, where the difference lies in this drone, and you can definitely tell when it comes to colour grading. The d log footage is amazing to work with. It looks very similar to the lumix s5 image, so what i started doing was color grading it the way that i grade the lumix footage because of the dynamic range and how much information is being captured. You can push and pull this image wherever you like. Color grade it, however, you like ive, tried a bunch of different styles, a bunch of different grades, and they all work really well. Its fantastic 12.8 stops. The dynamic range apparently dont have to worry about exposure too much youve got full control over all the settings. You can get filters for this as well, so thats, even more control, its just so good to work with its the best drone ive ever used.

I mean i was pleased with the mavic 2 pro which ill talk about in a bit, but this yeah yeah. I like it more than i thought i was gon na, so tell you what im? Not a fan of this strange, muzzle thing like, for a few reasons, really its just one extra thing to do when youre getting set up and when youre putting the drone away. I like the fact that it kind of protects the gimbal, but i feel like youve, still got the blades on show and youve got to sort of grab it at a strange angle. They can still pop out. I dont know i dont really see the point. I feel like itd be better if it just was an all in one slip, cover type thing like a little sleeve and also, if you want to plug it in or get the sd card out, you have to undo that anyway, so its not the best design. So i feel like when youre in d log i mean it looks amazing i like filming in log profiles. I love it but its a little bit difficult to see whats happening because the image is so flat, so itd be good. I mean there might be ive, not really messed about with it properly, but it would be really good if they had a lut type thing that you could view the image back on when you film it Music. I also did some tests in low light because a few people were asking what thats like and i have to say its no, its no sony a7s3, but its still fantastic in lola.

I was blown away super good, but i didnt use the mavic 2 in the in the dark before because theres just no point very grainy. But this is a massive step up. Im really impressed – and you can also still because sometimes even if you can get away with shooting in low light situations, you struggle to color grade it. You cant really get the colors that you want without messing the image up with this, its not too bad for a drone more than happy now these shots were filmed in d log profile. I did try the standard profile and um. I wasnt blown away ill. Try it ill give it another go, but what i did notice when filming a low light on the d log profile is youve only got two options for iso 400 or 800., whereas on the standard profile, your iso range is between 100 and 6400. So i love filming in cinema because its nice and smooth you get some really smooth shots, but whats really handy is the normal mode. It goes really quick. You can go up to the higher altitudes really quickly. That just means you can get to your destination quicker and start filming your shots from there yeah, rather than like spending half the battery life climbing up. You know what i mean the handling is really responsive. I dont know that the stalks feel a little bit longer. I dont know if thats got anything to do with it or if its the fact that its got these three modes cine normal and sport, you can kind of be really agile with it, but at the same time, really smooth and precise with your movements.

So its definitely the best drone ive ever used for responsiveness and handling in that respect, love it right. Okay, watch this! I wanted to test the obstacle avoidance im gon na fly it straight at me and its gon na miss you ready. There we go so in straight round. Youve got two different modes. You can have it to stop when it senses an obstacle or you can have it move around the obstacle and keep moving in the direction it doesnt work in low light situations, but the remote will warn you on the screen. Itll flash up on the screen and say that the obstacle avoidance isnt going to work so just be mindful of that, as you can see when its coming towards me, it moves upwards and around to avoid me and its the same thing with these trees, it works Its amazing i love it. I dont know what speed itll work out. It might tell you, i think it all depends really, but different. Sensors on the different sides have different distances, basically that it can recognize objects at. So you still obviously take precautions while youre flying and be very careful like me, Music, if they could change one thing on this drone. It would be this where the sd card slot is its very hard to get it out. You cant get your fingers in there. Its really fiddly look at that. I cant you like no its annoying. I cant get it out, so i have a right nightmare every time i want to get my sd card out.

I can need a pair of tweezers or something how you meant to get that. Come on there you go eventually so yeah thatd be one thing. I would change the sd card slot being a little bit more accessible like it was before, and also they make them different on every single drone from example on this one. It goes in with the label facing upwards and on this one, its the label facing down its just like why cant they all be the same. I want to put my sd cards in exactly the same way on every thing that im using. So i guess, like the main question you probably want to know the answer to is: if youve already got the mavic 2 pro, should you upgrade to this one? My answer would be. It all depends on what youre doing, if youre getting paid a lot of money and the image is absolutely essential to be spot on, then it would be worth the money to upgrade to this if its not essential. The image is plenty good enough. On the mavic 2 pro youre fine with that drone, its absolutely fine and if you do just doing youtube stuff doesnt matter, so dont worry about it. If you havent got a drone at all and youre thinking between the 2 pro and the mavic 3. Definitely go for the maverick 3 youll be blown away its amazing. If you want to hear my thoughts on the mavic mini 2 stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to the channel and switch on notifications, because ive got a video coming very soon.

Looking forward to sharing this one, its a fun one, so yeah thanks so much for watching this video. If youve got any questions, please leave them in the comments below, because ive got plenty more videos coming on this, and i want to answer anybodys questions on it.