You know they wanted out of the box, but of course, dji did say that they had to delay some of these updates, but now we should have a pretty complete drone with this newest update and with that update, they actually do have quick shots in there. If you guys havent seen my quick shots, video make sure you check it above as well as down below in the video description, but in that firmware update. They also added things like the photo panoramics that we we didnt have and d log is now added in here. We also have master shots been updated. Also, some zoom functions updated. So this video. I want to walk you through those updates that require the drone to be up in the air, so lets take this thing outside and ill show you all of the other new features in this latest firmware update all right lets go ahead and test out the new Panoramic mode thats now in the latest, firmware update on the dji mavic 3., all right, so the drone is up in the air and on the right hand, side. We click on that photo, icon and scroll down and at the very bottom here you can see panoramic and we do have a few different panoramic modes sphere 180 wide angle and we also have vertical so lets go through each one of these right now. This is the latest firmware update on the dji mavic 3. and lets go ahead and perform a sphere and see what this one does go ahead and hit take and they go its going to start performing all the photos needed to take a sphere little a little Planet type of photo, alright, so sphere is done its now processing that photo stitching everything together.

Next one well jump into now is 180 degrees and, as you can see, we have photo type jpeg or raw. So if i want full flexibility on this thing, i want to shoot in raw just for the demo im just going to shoot in jpeg and thats. All we have here as far as the options tap there. Okay, 180 degree is processing and ill of course show that on screen once thats done lets go to the next. One wide angle lets do that one now whats interesting is that it does shoot pretty fast and its good and bad depends on when youre shooting, because, if youre shooting right now on a bright day, shutter speed can be really high. Easy not going to have many issues, however, youre shooting on low light youre going to want to take manual control of that which you could do at the very bottom of the image here and switch it from auto to pro, and that was uh. Wide angle. Lets go in vertical mode here we go vertical, quick little three shot thats about it. Next, up that we have is burst, shooting so lets switch. This out lets go to photo and, as you can see, we do have that burst option here. On the left hand side now, so we can switch that on lets. Just move a couple of angles here: change that up and lets go into burst so hit burst. You have options with three five or seven photos.

Lets just do five and lets test out, burst mode and press that, and there you go okay, five different photos in burst mode. Next, we have is the added digital zoom in normal video. So if i switch over to video mode as you can see, on the right hand side now, we do have the option to hit one times or two, and let me see if i can actually change it if i press and hold yep. So if i press and hold on the screen, i can actually adjust that that way. Let me see if i can actually zoom in with my scroller yep, so you can actually use your scroll on the rc pro you can use. Those scrolls next were going to test is d log, because now a lot of people complain about this one. Now they added color, assist when youre using d log, something that they had on their previous drone, which is a good thing. So it kind of gives you a little preview of what it might look like with a little bit of a lut on there. So right now, as you can see im in d log – and this is what it looks really really flat. But if you wanted to preview it, what it might look like you just hit that color display assist click on that one, and it kind of gives you a little bit of a grade on there. So it kind of gives you an idea of what it might look like.

What i also want to check to see is, if i can do that in prores, is there a color system, d, log, prores click on prores there and, yes, we do have color assist with prores, so thats a good thing there all right. The next update we have is 4k 60 frames, a second as well as manual adjustments when doing master shots. Okay, so its up in the air lets bring master shots up. So, on the right hand, side, as you can see, i have master shots and at the very bottom of the screen, i do now have 4k 30.. I click on that and now you do see. 4K, 60 frames a second right there, as well as the ability to go from auto into pro mode. So i can adjust all of those manual settings, so i do like the new menu system really nice. So at the very bottom you see thats a whole new menu system on how youre changing your settings, which is pretty cool you can see. I can change that there white balance. I can change the settings. If i want to adjust my aperture here. I can switch that from auto and, as you can see here, if i change my aperture and close that down, you can see my image getting a little bit darker, but my iso is on auto. So i need to switch that too. So there you go. If i go auto there now you can have full manual control when doing your master shots so for now, im going to throw back in auto mode.

Select me as my subject and its actually gon na take two minutes. You know what lets go ahead and run it, and here you go lets see the lets, see what he got me. Music, great thing about master shots. Is that, like i mentioned before in my first video, is that it does record in 4k and it does make its own independent clip. You dont have to use all the templates in here. So if you wanted to take some of those shots out of master shots and use them into your story easily, do that just gives you a way for you to do all these kind of little more dynamic shots in one and its all automated all right. So heres one that i know a lot of people were interested in doing, and that was the ability to use active track but be able to zoom in when using aftertrack as well as be able to shoot in d log. Select me as a subject: okay, there. You go like i said i always like to move around switch it to active track and now that im inactive track lets actually go into my settings. And now, as you can see here, i have the ability to shoot in d log, which is nice as well as i can zoom in yes, i can look at that, so you can zoom in up to two times and still do active track spotlight. It looks like point of interest as well: okay, so its inactive track right now, back uh from behind and im shooting indie log, and i am zoomed in a little bit.

So let me just walk around just a little bit just to see if it will attract me. Okay, so its now going from behind me, because i did switch it from behind and lets test. It lets go in front and im just walking. So its not shouldnt be too too much of a problem here, zoom back out good circle here, go into spotlight now, im in spotlight and what im going to do is actually just move. My controller around and im just using my right hand right now, just to move the drone forward and, as you can see its automatically moving the drone and the camera to keep me in the center so im not turning the drone, its doing it by itself. Im going to push it over to the left and spotlight is doing all of the movements itself and lets test out point of interest here. Point of interest hit: go recording, move my angle down a little bit. I can zoom in lets. Try zooming in yep. I can zoom in as well zoom back out. I can speed it up. I can slow it down all right. The next one that they did update is increased sharpness when using the tele lens switch that over to explorer mode all right so lets zoom in over. Here on this little bridge, its got some bricks here on the side lets see if we can kind of see how clear those are from this distance, there you go now.

The one thing i dont think people realize is how steady this is remember. This is a drone up in the air shaking and vibrating around, and what youre seeing on camera is that how its fixing that thing digitally to keep that thing, as still as possible, so very very impressed in general, with the ability to keep that thing. Pretty sharp for zooming in that much digitally Music and there it is just some of the features added on the new firmware update on the dji mavic 3.. As always, if you guys got some value in this video, a big likely much appreciated, also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, if you guys want to see more dji, mavic 3 videos make sure you check above as well as down below in the video description, this is aldrin strasse with ill see you guys.