today were going to talk more about how this camera and this system will be a game changer for drone pilots around the world. Breaking it down here in this video, so make sure you stay tuned by this point. You guys have already seen all of the reviews youve seen the different features. You know all about the mavic 3, but what you havent seen is footage like this Music weve been putting the mavic 3 through its paces here in hawaii, filming in the highest sun, shooting in low light shooting at sunset, shooting at sunrise, and you can see just How impressive this footage is in all types of lighting conditions, the new sensor, the new camera and everything about the mavic 3 with the faster processor. This thing really is just a machine when it comes to producing very high quality cinematic images. Now youve seen the 5.1 k footage right, youve seen it everyones seen it already, but lets talk about why the mavic 3 is going to be a total game changer in the drone industry and really offer a totally different perspective for drone pilots around the world. The mavic 3 has the two camera options with the larger camera for wide format and then the zoom camera. For when you want to zoom in now, whats amazing about the zoom camera. Is you have 28 times zoom and for some reason i dont know why? But i found that the seven times zoom really is like the highest quality from four times to 12 times and in between there the seven times zoom really is the high.

I feel like the crispest image now im shooting normal. I havent adjusted any of the settings. I dont have decenny or anything like that. I havent put a color grade on this footage as well, so you guys are seeing exactly what youre gon na get from the camera when youre shooting at seven times zoom, and what this allows me to do really is create very dynamic shots i can create foreground. I can create a very cinematic looking image over having just a super wide drone angle. Thats really pulled back and far away from the subject with the surfing shots, im able to punch in at seven times zoom and almost create this cineflex. Look and ive been amazed to see some of the angles that really were not possible before when youre shooting, with just a wide camera angle. Having the zoom allows me to really move around my different angles to be higher, to be lower and really create that look almost like im filming from a cliff and thats, something that a lot of people just have never seen before when it comes to filming. With a tiny drone, but now we have a two thousand 000 drone that i fully believe can compete with some of the most expensive camera systems out there on the market. Today, now, obviously theres always going to be a better camera out there, but for most videographers and most drone operators around the world that are looking for a viable option to be able to shoot very high quality cinematic 4k video.

The zoom feature really opens up a whole new frontier and especially with the 5.1 k. Having that ultra maximum resolution, you can combine the wide angle shots for establishing you can then punch in with the zoom feature and its very simple and easy. You do it all right there in the app you just press the button boom, youre filming zoom and another really nice thing about having the zoom feature is i dont need to be right in the action i can be more pulled back. I can be safer when flying, i can be safer around other people to have the drone 100. You know 200 yards away from the subject and out of harm out of danger with the waves is really such an amazing feature, and i fully believe that were going to be seeing a lot of amazing footage shot with the mavic 3 over the next year or So as more and more people get their hands on this drone, the mavic 3 zoom isnt only going to be useful for cinematic reasons, but youre also going to be able to use it for mapping for inspection, work for search and rescue. Having that zoom feature really gives you such a versatile drone, you can quickly change from a wide view to a zoomed in view. Within a matter of seconds, you dont need to pull the drone down change the lenses and then have to relaunch. You can continue to film so if youre on a film production, if youre filming a video, youre filming a movie things like that, you dont need to waste any time.

You dont need to come back change the lens and then go get a different shot, and i know theres going to be a lot of people on the internet that are going to disagree, saying that the mavic 3 is maybe overpriced or that its not what people Wanted, but you guys got to think what youre getting with this camera, what youre getting with this drone for the price really is such an amazing deal compared to what we used to pay for a 4k camera. If i wanted, like i said if i wanted to fly and shoot zoomed in footage, id have to buy an inspire too, and inspire too is what three or four times the price of the mavic 3, and i can shoot. What i believe is pretty much footage that is right in line with an inspire 2. At this point, when i buy camera equipment im looking for equipment thats going to make my job easier, i want to have drones that are easy to use. I want to have cameras that are easy to use and the mavic 3 is across the board, easy to use and with all of the safety features, with the new controller and everything you really have such an amazing package from top to bottom and the image alone. Really is the big selling feature, but all the other features that dji has included with this camera with the double camera. Well, it really does make it such an amazing package, as you can see from the footage in this video.

The mavic 3 is going to open up so many different angles in so many different ways of filming with the drone. Having that very cinematic look being able to zoom in being able to change my zoom on the fly not having to change lenses and still having a very high quality image, its really going to change the game and thats. Why im making this video to not just talk about hey, look at the new drone. The new feature is opening boxing, but to let you guys see like this really is such a game changer, and that zoom feature really is the holy grail of drone features being able to get such high quality footage with this zoom im amazed and ive been flying. Drones for what feels like at least 10 years now and well, im excited to see what everyone out there around the world will do with the all new mavic 3.. If you guys, havent, already check out dronenerds.