Now this drone is rated to fly for 46 minutes now, thats in very specific conditions that dji sets out in real world scenarios, youre not going to get that kind of flight time, youll be able to get fairly close to it and, of course, theres all different Types of environmental factors that can affect that, if its a windy day, the motors are going to draw more power to keep the drone stable if youre an aggressive flyer, again youre going to use more power. But i did do a simple hover test and i was actually pretty impressed with the results i was able to hover for about 37 minutes. That is definitely by far the longest ive been able to hover any drone, and there was a little bit of wind. That day, so the drone was trying to keep itself stable. So if it was a windlass state, definitely it would have been able to hover longer so lets go ahead and well take a look at some of those clips now good day. Folks, today were just going to be doing a quick hover test with the new mavic 3. Just to see what kind of hover time we can get out of it. The drone is rated to fly for 46 minutes now, thats in perfect conditions, theres, actually a formula that they use. It has to fly at a certain speed constantly and thats where they come up with that number in real world situations, youre never going to get that kind of number.

But you know if a drone like this, if you can get 35 minutes even upwards of 40. youre doing pretty good. So it has been hovering there already for about two minutes. So im going to keep checking back in and well see what the progress is. So, as you can see by the timer, weve been flying for about 20 minutes so far, according to the controller we have 12 minutes until return to home is initiated 15 minutes until its forced to land in 18 minutes until the battery is completely depleted. So well just keep letting it run and ill check back in a few minutes. So, as you can see, there weve been in the air for almost 30 minutes. Exactly itll be 30 minutes here in a few seconds, so there we have it 30 minutes. If we take a look at the information there, you can see it says two minutes until return to home five minutes until forced landing and eight minutes until battery is depleted. So far, thats pretty impressive were just going to push it as far as we can once it goes into an automatic landing ill cancel that and well push it as far as we can its gone into a forced landing now at 35 minutes, but were going to Keep it up in the air as long as we can, it says: weve got two minutes and 50 seconds until the battery is completely depleted and we have seven percent left on the battery.

There were at 37 minutes there. I dont know if you can focus in on that, but im not gon na push our luck anymore, so were gon na go bring it in for landing. We have two percent left on the battery, so yeah those results are pretty impressive. 37 minutes hovering. This is probably the first drone where you definitely can get by with two batteries, even myself when ive been out flying doing my testing. Normally, when i get down to about 40, i kind of stop what im doing, because i know i dont really have a lot of battery power left to do what i need to do, but in the case of the mavic 3, when i was down to 40, I still had ample amount of flying time to perform tests and to capture content. Now, when it comes to batteries, i am definitely not an expert i have read in the past and whether this is true or not, im not 100 sure. But i have read that these lipo batteries need to be cycled to get maximum performance. So after a few charges and discharges, you should see your battery improve even more again im, not a battery expert. I cant verify that its just things that ive read over the years. Well folks thats, basically it for this video. Hopefully you enjoyed it and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up if you did its always greatly appreciated dont forget to subscribe to my channel, so you dont miss any of our mavic 3 videos that will be uploaded over the coming weeks.