com here and today weve got the mavic 3 with the wind test. The winds right now are gusting at about 30 miles an hour, so between 50 and 60 kilometers an hour depending on the gusts thats, measured both on my lower hand and the wind sensor, as well as the wind sensor, at the top of the pier just right. Above me, there – and now i dont – want to waste your time starting to get this thing right in the air uh first off this video is definitely not sponsored. I bought this aircraft just a few hours ago, got it all updated. This is actually its its first and hopefully not last flight well start recording on the actual aircraft itself. There we go and up we go so not too bad. Its holding roughly uh, give or take steady ish ill, get it back out. So you can see what it looks like here so right now, its in normal mode and its going to use its ground proximity sensors. If you can go a little bit forward there, there we go. Hopefully, you can see that on the camera there, its kind of hard for me to tell, but it can use its ground proximity sensors when its this close to the ground, to keep right above it and then once we go above at least eight meters or so Itll use gps from that point forward. You can see ive got full gps signal right there uh, so at this point were ready to roll uh.

The wind is coming from behind me. So were gon na try going into the wind out along the pier. Normally, i would do these videos from the pier itself, but in this particular case the pier is actually closed because its too dangerous, because its too windy so well go and turn this around and see if we can get out there, not too bad. So this is a normal mode, pretty smooth at this point. Uh no issues in terms of maintaining height im gon na bring it up a little bit higher. Here there we go. You can see, looking really really nice right now recording in a 5k. I got the strong wind warning, thats just going to be the norm for today, so recording in a 5k 30 uh onto an sd card there. This is the regular mavic there. We go well just hang right here for a quick second and see how this looks now we can do is we can bring it over the pier and ill use the gimbal and move the gimbal down to show how stability works on the gimbal itself and ive Got the auxiliary lights turned on as well, but the mavic 3 is a beast to be honest, like it is so big and so easy to see compared to something like the mini se or all the other drones there. So at this point, uh well just get over here over the pier and ill point it straight on down.

Here we go: go up a little bit just gain some altitude. There we go pull back, so you can see theyre super smooth im just going to go ahead and just stop pause. It right there for a second uh. At this point, you have no idea that the winds are gusting upwards of 60 kilometers an hour and above uh. In fact – and so i mean this is astounding – it looks like its just simply hung there uh perfectly still, if i bring it back and really center. This frame right out there we go thats. What were talking about. In fact, we can go now into the slow mo mode if we want to and capture some video there. So, im going to stop that recording im going to change modes into slow motion and well go down to the bottom here, and we have a 4k 120 uh, 1080p 120 or cinema 4k 120.. In this case, im just going with 4k 120 filled that entire screen there we go just hold that for a couple seconds, get some nice pretty slow motion right there and then well go ahead and were going to turn this around uh. Now, in fact, actually ive got something i want to go see. Youll see this in a second ive got a looks like a harbor master boat coming in so im going gon na go catch up with him. Im gon na bring this into sport mode.

Get this back on the view here. Let me get this wind warning out of the way see if i can catch back up to him: full sport mode right now. This point 20 meters, a second im screaming, but hes moving, pretty darn, quick, thats, pretty impressive right. There so im going to turn this back around and i want to get back out to another heart master boat way out there, as well as the uh one of the towers, the light towers coming in the harbor. So bad. Now you may be asking what is the maximum wind speed on the mavic 3 and im glad you asked uh, so the maximum allowable wind speed? According my notes, right here, is at 43 kilometers an hour. Yeah were beyond that uh, however whats more important is the maximum allowable speeds want to plop this right there just uh. Well, hang them out right there for a second, the maximum allowable speed of the aircraft itself fastest, it can go, is 68 kilometers an hour uh when it comes to drone testing thats. What really actually matters bring this down a little bit lower im gon na. Do some nice 120 frames per second stuff right here uh, so we can get that and see how that looks. But what i want to do right now, though, is to go ahead and show you one of the tracking modes, one of the automata modes uh so were gon na go ahead into the quick shots and quick shots is not there on the mavic 3.

Yet this is one of the obscene features of the mavic 3 that is not going to be available until january. I thought they leave the old quick shots mode in there, but that is not the case. Can, with these two master shots nope, no master shots. No! No nothing its like this thing: wasnt ready to ship or something so im gon na do by hand im gon na hand fly this right now ill see how my hand fly. Skills are with this uh, the first flight. So normally i just you know, you know tap that, but i cant do that so im gon na go ahead and record this and lets see if i can pull this off in this wind by hand here we go. My hands are so cold right now, by the way, this isnt too bad cause im making this work. This is not bad for being hand flown with frozen hands right now, uh, cracking voice and uh. You know 60 kilometer wind, so it is not as perfect as the aircraft can usually do out here in these winds. Usually it is flawless, but none of these features are here like this is crazy, youre paying. I paid 2 100 bucks uh this morning euros. So its like, i dont, know its a lot of us dollars for this uh and i its not quite perfect in terms of my my flying its definitely on me. This is not the aircraft im over committing a little bit because my hands are like shivering right now.

There we go. I think that that is pretty decent. That looks pretty good, uh im just going to get some shots, though a little bit closer, bring it down. In fact, actually lets go ahead and use right now that zoom lens so im going to zoom in here there we go im going to bring it in to bring up the frame rates thats, the max i can do. I guess there we go. So this is a 4k 30 with the 4x zoom and if i go to 7x, which is the max optical zoom, this is where it switches into the secondary lens at that 7x point right there. So there we go. How cool is that thats thats an awesome shot? I could go higher than that. You know i could bounce uh into uh. Basically, what is digital zoom if i went now to 14x or 28x, but honestly that doesnt, i dont know it. Doesnt look really too great to me. So the way this works from a zooming standpoint is that 1x. There means that youre on the main camera lens 2x is digitally cropped on the main camera lens 4x is digitally cropped on the main camera lens, uh and then 7x now jumps to secondary zoom lens. But just look at this. You would never know right now that i am in 60 kilometer winds. This looks like its on a tripod up there. This is insane uh, so im gon na back out a little bit fix the gimbal.

I mean look at that im not gon na lie thats. That is incredibly impressive and incredibly cool right now to see that, like that is that looks awesome. I just feel like leaving it there and were only in weve used that 55 of the battery in 16 minutes uh. So i mean we can stand it for like 15 minutes and we will because theres another cargo ship coming in there, that i want to try to capture uh coming in here and by the way. This is a good time to know if youre, following this video interviews, well simply whack that, like button on the bottom there or subscribe for plenty more sports with my goodness, including plenty more and mavic free stuff, ive got a number of tests coming up where i Really push it like this thats. What i do im not like stop kid loving any sort of products uh, so youre gon na see how they actually work in real world conditions. Okay, so this point were gon na go and catch that freighter over there im gon na cut in front of him uh again im all in sport mode and all this right now and ill be on this side of him once i film him just so, i Know where he is tracking wise there we go just doing that nice, slow, pull back of that looks pretty incredible, ill, go ahead and ill pop this right there, and at this point like from a stability standpoint, usability standpoint, i am easily moving around here as if Theres no wind at all, it doesnt feel like theres, any wind from an aircraft control perspective uh.

This is super. Super easy right now again well, go ahead and well pop into the spotlight mode to zoom ourselves out. There lets just go all the way down to 7x on the bow im trying to match his speed to see. If i can pull that a little off there. We go, though, were going to do a pretty good job for matching speed right here, controlled now. Well, go into a nice slow pan of the boat itself, as i keep on going there we go. This is all on the secondary lens and kind of its like a base level of zoom, not just for fun lets, go ahead and zoom all the way. In 28x into that there and see whats going on the bridge tough to track this right. Now now for the last act, i see the pilot boat coming in there. So im going to go swing back out to him and see if i can get some great shots of him down a bit lower here, in this case, to really kind of emphasize these waves. Now, of course, normally if hes going out its a little more impressive uh, so well just have to deal with the fact that hes coming in but thats fine, okay. So one of the things to keep in mind when looking at sort of stability, the drone itself for the most part in all my testing, with dji drones over all these years. Doing this many many years of testing uh the actual aircraft stability is fine as long as youre below the maximum aircraft speed itself.

So in sport mode in particular, thats. The speed of the number youre looking for uh still a couple of general tips for safety and kind of like getting your growing back standpoint number one always fly ouch into the wind and then always have a buffer to get back. So the wind is coming towards me coming towards the beach, so the worst i just go and end up on the beach somewhere and have to walk aways and get it no big deal. Second, always give yourself a little bit of buffer uh. Today, ive got about a 10 kilometer or so buffer between the corner, wind speed about 60 kilometers an hour and a maximum air speed about 70 kilometers an hour of the mavic 3. So im feeling pretty comfortable with that and im also comfortable with these conditions, and i understand how it works so im not too worried about it and then, lastly, is a tip. If you get yourself in trouble, one of the keys is to get low to the ground. Uh the higher up you go, the higher the wind speeds, the lower. You are uh, the better chance you have getting back. So at this point it really wants me to get back, so i will go ahead and bring this back on home uh you know were at uh. How long will we out here now ways were gon na hear a while, so well bring it on back im gon na pop it out of sport mode, bring it back in the normal mode here.

Just make this a little bit stable, coming in a little bit of a drop there, so you can see there. We go no problems at all this little buddy. Look at him! Hes crazy! Now i got ta get a thumbnail photo, so one second okay, this juncture, this guys pretty upset about his current situation. So ive got two options for getting them down on the ground. I can bring them down and have them land, or i can just simply yank them out of the air. These props are beastly by the way so im actually going to try to bring it down to land there. We go and its going to confirm, running low battery, and this should uh should land just fine lets see if it does that that was easy, peasy not even a hand to drop oh theres, an awesome cargo ship coming right now, bummer uh, oh well! Well, get it next time with that hope.