They pretty much cover the space in terms of different types of drones. You could buy whether its the affordable compact size, dji mini series or the air series, which is more of that mid range segment. Theres a drone for everyone, they cover the gamut, like i said, but one area that they kind of have it really focused on was in the professional range. The high end space – and that brings me to this video guys – the dji mavic 3, its real its here and its probably its best one. Yet Music – hey guys its john velasco here with digital trans, and this is my quick hands on video review of the dji mavic. 3. theres a lot to unpack. Obviously, but there are four things that really stood out for me. But before i get started this video guys, i want to ask you whats most important to you in a drone for me its a combination between portability and features, which is probably why the dji mini 2 still is my favorite drone. Let me know whats yours in the comments below Music. The first big thing you got ta know about the dji mavic 3 is the 20 megapixel camera on board its a hasselblad dual camera system, a four thirds cmos sensor, so a fairly large sensor and a drone and its capable of shooting video at 5.1 k at 50 frames per second and also 4k at 120 frames per second, but in my test, the firmware that was running it was only able to top out at 4k at 60 frames per second now.

The hasselblad camera system provides the best of both worlds because, instead of having two flagship drones like what we saw in the mavic 2 series before this one, we now have just a single drone that could do it all thats, because it has a telephoto lens. With a 20 times hybrid zoom, so when you use the drone, it starts off with the main camera, and that gets you to a digital zoom of about four times but its when you get to seven times, zoom thats, when it switches to this telephoto lens, and It actually delivers sharper looking clips out of it, its actually quite usable, but if you kind of push that beyond seven times, zoom even up to that 28 times thats when you start seeing some grainier and fuzzier looking footage. Despite that, though, the overall results look wonderful, especially if you have some high contrast scenes where theres a lot of lighting mixed in with some shadows. You have great dynamic range and theres a lot of information stored in the footage, so that in post with your video editor, you can help to draw out those details. But out of the drone, the results look pretty spectacular its evenly balanced nice, natural colors, not too over saturated. The next thing you should know is that you have a smoother safer flight thats, because you have the same controller as before. Weve seen the last few drones from dji, but what makes the mavic 3 safer is because it features omnidirectional obstacle, sensors around it with apas 5.

0. That means its better equipped to sense whats in front behind its sides, and even the top and bottom theres also active track 5.0, and i like it because it allows you to easily choose a subject and track it on its own. You get a top speed of just under 47 miles per hour in sport mode. One of the big upgrades for me here is djis o3 plus technology. It was previously called occusync. This is basically the technology behind the transmission between the drone and the controller. So what you see on screen is in real time and theyve improved it tremendously here, because now you have the frame rate of 60 frames per second at 1080p and what youre seeing on your smartphone azure pilot drone is incredibly smooth. So that translates to really good controls. The return to home function is also smarter, more efficient than ever before. So if the battery is running low or if you just simply want to return the drone, the mavic 3 will automatically determine the shortest safest and also the most energy efficient route back to its home point. I like this, especially if you havent flown a drone before or if the connection somehow disconnects the drone will always land itself safely. Music. I like it that you could fly the mavic 3 for far longer than other previous drones in the lineup. You get 46 minutes of flight time with a single charge, and if you get the fly more combo, you get a total of three batteries for even extended time.

You also get a maximum range of 15 kilometers with the transmission thanks to the o3 plus technology in play. So that means you can count on the transmission to work even farther. Now i really didnt put that range limit to the test, but still when you think about it, 46 minutes of flight time is pretty impressive, given that youre going to have more time spending on covering whatever you want without having to swap out batteries frequently – and yes, You could charge the battery via usbc, which is handy, especially if youre traveling on the road. No longer do you need the dedicated charger. You just connect the drone to a usbc charger and thats it Music. This last thing that im going to talk about is probably going to surprise you, but you really need to know. Not only did dji make its best pro level drone in the mavic series, but they also made one of the best drone bags ever because not only does it look sweet but also converts into a backpack, you get space for the drone, the accessories controller and the Batteries and its made out of this really tough fabric material that i like. If you need even more space, you can convert it into a backpack to fit your clothes laptops and other gadgets, and for me, someone who really loves backpacks different types of backpacks, especially camera gear backpacks. I love the versatility that this offers, so the dji mavic 3 starts at twenty two hundred dollars for the standard version.

While the fly more combo will set you back three thousand bucks, but that comes with the bag. Two extra batteries and nd filters, theres also the mavic 3 cine premium, combo that i really didnt talk much about, but it adds support for apple prores, video recording you get one terabyte of internal storage and it comes with the dji rc pro controller. Now that drone is for the serious drone user alright. So that was a lot to unpack. Obviously, but the question is: who is this drone for? Well, the dji mavic 3 has so many features, obviously, but i think its for the user thats really serious about their videography and photography. They want to get the best results, best quality with a lot of features. This is for them, especially when you consider how much versatility it offers with that telephoto lens and all of the gi shooting modes. You could make some really cool content without a lot of effort, and that is it for my quick hands on video review here of the dji mavic 3.. If you guys want to learn more about any of the stuff, i talked about this video. You can check out our website digitaltrends.