Mavic 3 waited three years for an update to the 2 pro, and in that time, of course, the air 2 s has been released and proved to be an incredibly capable kit. The new mavic 3 has got a much larger four thirds or 1.33 inch sensor. That is practically twice the size of the two pros. One inch sensor, larger pixels means better quality pictures, especially in low light, and especially with its longer flight time. I genuinely am hoping that the mavic 3 is a major step up, rather than just a minor tweak on the two pro and frankly considering how much it cost me. I really do hope. So anyway, look lets, get it unboxed, Music Applause, Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones and clearly tonight i am playing with the new mavic 3 kindly delivered at 4 30 p.m, just as it was getting dark. So look for now all im going to do is take a quick look at it, get it charged up and give some first thoughts on it ready for flight first thing tomorrow morning say: in my opinion, this model has been one of the less polished releases of Late from dji, uh, yeah sure the usual slick stream of tweaks were there, but this time its overshadowed by frankly, the uh incredible price. Still, the lack of c classification for those of us in europe uh the lack of smart controller support and the surprisingly long list of functions that are still not ready and wont, be ready until a major update uh early in the new year for now, weve got No active track, no panoramas, no master shots, uh, no 200 frames per second and no hyperlapses and a few other bits and pieces, but digressing ive gone for the middle option.

The flymo combo priced at two and a half thousand pounds or three thousand dollars. Youve got the cheaper basic option of the drone plus a battery in the remote control uh for 1879 pounds or 2 200, and, conversely, youve got the cine option with this updated smart controller, one terabyte of onboard storage and a whoppingly significant price at 4279 pounds or 5 000 now remember the standard and the cine versions are the same drone with the same camera and the same specs. The only difference between the cine version is the onboard one terabyte of storage, its ability to record video in the pro res codec and, of course, the updated smart controller, and for those of you that still dont know, the existing smart controller cannot handle the high resolution Of the uh transmission of the video transmission and dji are not and will not be supporting the mavic 3, with the existing smart controller. Theyve made that quite clear many people, very understandably quite miffed about that, especially given the non cine versions like this ship. With the standard, remote control, pretty much the same, one that you get with the air 2s, which is ocusync 2, so just like the smart controller, but look there. We are lets, take a quick look at what you actually get for your money. So, like i said, with the combo youre going to get the travel bag, youve got two extra spare batteries charging hub. You get some nd filters as well and you get an awful lot more spare props.

Let me have my first look at the the new okay. How do you get it off its like a little balaclava? Okay and there we are right, obviously very very different. Uh gimbal youve got the main camera and then youve got this tele photo lens with a much narrower field of view, only 15 degrees, the equivalent of a 126 or 164 millimeter lens, either way its the equivalent of seven times zoom. On the main camera, like i said in another video, i havent actually got very high hopes for it. Its only a half inch sensor, as opposed to the four thirds sensor. Um its got no functions. All it can do is pretty much shoot. 4K at 30 frames per second and take 12 megapixel stills, but my first impressions are um. You know im always impressed when i have a new model drone to fly and try arms, much thinner, right, ive got too much stuff in here. Let me just clear away some of this stuff youve seen the bag, the incredibly significant heavy duty bag that it comes with much bigger than the fly more combos that you get with the other models lets get rid of a little balaclava, so the two side by Side pretty much the same size body ever so slightly smaller arms are a little bit uh i dont know i mean lets, have a look at the build quality as solid as anything im twisting that and not a lot happening there mind you, the uh 2 pro Was uh similarly robust, so apart from the obvious, as i said, the extra additional camera on top uh, what else its obviously got: uh bigger batteries so battery slot in the back, uh, similar to the fpv and uh 46 spec max flight time now in the real World, of course, thats going to be about 35 to maybe 38 minutes flight time, but that does mean that youre still going to be knocking on the door of two hours uh in the air flight time.

If you get the combo with three batteries. So i know when i was flying the auto evo 2 pro had a 40 minute battery life and the battery just seemed to go on forever and ever so. That should be a a real, real big bonus for me. Um, like the two pro its got: uh omnidirectional, uh, obstacle avoidance ive, got the sensors at the on the corners and up top and down the bottom, its got the landing lights. I can see here the led thats going to come on there, precision landing sensors as well. Otherwise, you know at the end of the day, it is very similar to the uh, the 2 pro anyway. Look for now. My first impressions are: it is uh incredibly solidly built, funnily enough, its not actually as ugly as i thought it was going to be. I wasnt a fan of the dual lens gimbal, but lets get it charged up and um set up, update the firmware and uh. If theres an update and wait for the morning and get it flying nice and early, so lovely sunny brisk breezy morning for its uh made on flight, all the batteries charged up and the firmware has been updated to the latest version. Uh giving us a few more bits and pieces, but not the full list. I bought out the old 2 pro to compare as well. You can see they are pretty much the same sort of size.

The arms on the mavic 3 are a little bit longer and a little bit thinner. They look quite slender, but if you theyre, very stable and very firm, you can do a bit of a twist and they do not twist at all. So ive got no uh. Doubts about the structural integrity, if you like the gimbal, even bigger, lets, hope i dont hit a tree or anything like that. In fact, lets get it up in the air and see what it sounds like and see how it handles. Okay, slightly different sound there. We go lets wait for the connection to happen. Okay lets just do a couple of checks. Go in here. Obstacle avoidance change it to bypass. Why not max altitude? 120 meters dont really need quite that level of return to home altitude. Okay without further ado lets, uh get the boy up in the sky teddy down. No no obstacle avoidance is making him misbehave slightly. What a nice deep, purr yeah very different to uh, very different to how the two pro sounded. I do like the odds of avoidance on screen display as well. If i kind of go a little bit towards the tree, you are getting wow hes, quite jumpy Applause Music. So i can see that it is very, very sensitive to the stick movement, a bit more sensitive than the other models, um ill chuck it into cinema and certainly hes a little bit more gentle right right lets, compare the sound with the old two pro ill, just Fire that up quickly, Music, all right, just uh with the collar mic, compare the two sounds, and i can flip them.

So: Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, right, thats, a little sound comparison, lets uh get out and actually take some photos and videos Music. I like that. He flew around the tree. I like that very good lets switch on the look at the camera settings while ive got a video and just head down into this section here, dont really need 60 frames per second, so stick to 25 frames. Thank you. 4K is fine by me. Lets start recording and off. We go can hear him quite noisy little set of propellers on him, because i can still hear him whirring away over there bit of a breezy day. Admittedly, yeah very uh, jerky movements gon na, have to knock down those uh nice and fast, though sound almost reminds me of the fpv growling away in the distance okay, i like that im in sports mode, and i still seem to get a bit of obstacle avoidance There thats interesting flying into the sun: okay, very, very responsive, very fast um. The sticks very, very uh, very jerky, uh. Okay, so lets chuck it into normal mode. Uh stop hooning about still very fast for normal mode. So what speed is he going at? If i go into full whack 14, almost 15 meters per second breezy day, admittedly, of course this is one of the differences. Mavic 3 is using the fly app as opposed to the go4 app, and you used to have the exp settings where you could alter the sensitivity of the sticks, which i found very useful.

If you have quite clumsy fingers uh, you could actually slow down the initial movement of damping out the stick movements you havent got that function, unfortunately, in the fly app, which is a bit of a shame, so sensitive touches are going to be the name of the Game with this one, so on the video mode, you have got the following options. At the moment you can choose 5.1 k and if you choose that you can go up to 50 frames per second, which is quite a lot. Lets have a look at uh. What 5.1 k in 25 frames looks like, so you get some nice smooth movements. Okay, man, aircraft lets, have a look. Lets have a look thats cool. I like that, and i can actually hear him so. The uh edsb is definitely working thats, a minor little plane up there. So at least we know the ads b works nicely and that was actually quite good because thats quite a small little aircraft, so nice to have that show up well over 500 feet. So not a problem right just want to take a little bit of video, so this is in the uh 5.1 k mode and just have a quick change to sydney 4k and lets go with some cine 4k. So youve got a few nice different might pop it into cine mode, get some slower movements. Those stick movements were a little bit see. Look at that battery. I dont know how long ive been flying for, but uh 55 remaining.

I like that 46 minute flight time. In practice, i guess were going to get about 35 38 minutes, as i said earlier, but uh even either way, thats really nice uh extra flight time, weve got going on there. So, obviously, are you looking forward to seeing this on the big screen below when i get back inside, but for the time being looks very, very smooth. Colors, not over saturated greens can sometimes come out a little bit. Uh too green on uh on some of their uh settings. This is the default setting very small, very nice lets uh have a quick look at some photo options. Now weve still got a fair few, so no master shots. As i said, no quick shots feature coming soon. No hyperlapse feature coming soon. No panoramas feature coming soon, so um lets be looking forward to that big update thats coming next year. Lets go to photo mode. Okay, so again, here we have the default. Lets go back down here, jpeg and raw and stick in auto stain, auto lets see how it looks nice right, so lets bring them back. The last thing i want to do is just check out the telephoto lens, because that yeah thats the big unknown isnt it so lets just bring him back a little bit, because i want to do ill zoom in on the pylons in the very far distance there And we can um come on thats, not very good is it all.

I did was turn around supposed to have a 15 kilometer 10 mile range turn around put my body in between it and the remote, no okay. He seems a lot happier this time so unsure what that was all about lets, bring him back and that little uh refractive effect is very, very cool, very, very prominent ill ill. Get the right uh term on the uh on screen its its a german sounding and basically, what youre seeing there is where the uh sun, so the sun is directly behind the camera and uh its reflecting off all the uh blades of grass, its a very dewy Morning, heres a lot of uh, all the grass in the field is very wet, so you get this collective bright spot of reflection when youre looking away from the sun thats, basically where youre getting maximum reflection of the sun back. And you end up with this little ghost like thing that uh follows you around on on the field tend to only get that on bright sunny days when youve got a lot of reflective surfaces. Anyway, we are digressing again. What i want to do is have a look at the pylons and go into this. Explore mode, then go into explore mode: okay, not quite 28 times zoom. Of course, youve got the main camera, which has got a fixed field of view, and then you have this uh telephoto lens. That is a very narrow field of view.

15 degrees, its the equivalent of something like 106 64 millimeter lens. So that is the equivalent of a seven time zoom over the main camera, but uh its its, not a variable zoom its fixed and if we try and go into things lets just have a quick look. So youve got the little one times there. Youve got two times so this is a digital zoom off the off. The main lets just get right up there, so its in the center that lovely pylon right so two times his digital zoom. On the main camera. Now weve got the four time: zoom thats, still digital zoom off the main camera. Then we can go to seven times. Zoom so now this is using the secondary lens, its in a lower resolution, its um its much its much smaller sensor. Now we can just try the digital zoom, so this is digital zoom on the secondary and then we goodness me. Okay, we are getting up close im, not thinking thats, going to be a very good quality, but what i am impressed with is how smooth things are, so there has to be a little bit of digital um stabilization going on there, because when you have got a High powered zoom, it can be extremely difficult to get steady shots on video and uh thats, not bad at all, so lets just jump back to seven times, so this is using the uh. The telephoto lens. Now look on the map.

I think that pylon is a good kilometer away well over half a mile away and thats, not really bad Music. Well, ive got to be a little bit careful of the old obstacle avoidance there. It can be a little bit jerky, so there we go uh. My first flight my first thoughts. Well, it is an incredibly impressive beast, no two ways about it: uh i say it about every new model that comes out very, very well engineered. It looks very smart, slightly darker gray. You can hear the little fan popping near this mic here. The little fan has kicked in um. It seems extremely sturdy, like i said these legs theyre thinner, but they seem theres, absolutely no twist whatsoever there um yeah, my first impressions are a very, very capable uh model when obviously price is a significant factor here and if youre buying your first prosumer drone, then This will be an incredible model for you. I do want to do some comparisons with the air 2s, which i think is considering its half. The price is its closest competitor. Um ill also do some side by side comparisons with the 2 pro in another video, but for now you know theres some significant improvements on this. If youve got the cine version, youve got a terabyte of on store on board storage. If you, even if youve only got the standard version, youve still got 46 minutes max flight time, youve got 35 minutes actual flight time.

Beautiful huge big sensor, like i said, a full third sensor, is twice the size of the two pro sensor. So, even though its still 20 megapixels each pixel is getting on for twice as big, which is going to mean a better quality picture, especially in low light and thats. Another little bit of testing ill do later on ill. Do some low light comparison. Ive already said, im a little bit skeptical of the telephoto lens on it, but my first impressions on the small screen was that its actually uh quite impressive. What i was very impressed with is the image stabilization that seems to be spot on and, like i said, when you are zooming in quite far shaky images are very common. So again, i want to have a look on the big screen on that. By now you will have seen it because ill have edited it in but um. My first impression is that actually its probably not a bad feature at all, so there we go my very first flight, my first impressions, um yeah, leaving aside the money. It seems to be an absolute top spec bit of kit, so i will be putting out quite a few more videos over the next week or so, as i put it through its paces. Hopefully, the weather is going to stay good for me until i get a big storm and i can do a wind test, because you know how much i love doing those but um anyway.

Hopefully you have found this very helpful and useful. Give me a little thumbs up always helps the cause sub ding, the dong etc.