Here hey. I have another mavic 3 video for you today, but this video isnt so much about the mavic 3 as it is about what we can do with it. Uh the folks at freewell sent me the all day. Eight pack filter set for the mavic 3 so were going to mess around with it a little bit. Try a couple of things and see if we can show you what these filters can do for you, but in the meantime, lets take them out of the box and take a look at them. So what do we get in the all day? Eight pack uh. We get an nd4 with a circular polarizer uh, an nd8 with a polarizer 16 with a polarizer, a 32 with a polarizer, a 64 with a polarizer and then just a clear polarizer, uh lens cover and then for really right work. Where you want to show some interesting effects, youve got a really dark: andy 1000 and an nd 2000. So probably for 95 percent of your shooting situations. Uh freewells got you covered with the all day. Eight pack lets open up the box, so weve got the usual zip opening at the top of the box here and that worked about like i expected. Okay, so theres two different jewel cases within the box and, as you can see, theyre covered in plastic. Let me get that off real quick. So what we have in the first package is weve got the nd 1000 in the bottom, left there nd 2000 right next to that on the bottom and then in the top right, thats, the clear circular, polarizer and right next to that is the nd 64.

With a circular polarizer attached to it, so we have the nd4 with polarizer the nd8, with polarizer nd16 with polarizer and then right here in the bottom right, the nd32 with polarizer. I suspect these are the nd filters that youll use the most but yeah looks pretty good and lets take a look at how these fit on the drone itself. Okay, lets take a look at how you put your freewell nd filter onto the drones camera itself, so ive kind of got the drone propped up against the mavic 3 box here to hold it up, so the camera can see it but im going to take this Little frame thats over the camera im going to turn it counterclockwise and it simply lifts right off and this frame does have glass in it. Previous uh dji drones. It just was a clear frame uh, but this one does have glass in it. Okay, so then, to install your freewell filter onto the drone. In this case the nd16 were going to put the label where it says nd16 in the bottom left, as were facing the drone set the lan the lens on the camera. You can feel those tabs go in and then youre just going to turn it clockwise pressing in as you turn it and itll go right on hey, okay, theres one thing left to do and thats to get the drone out in the field and try out the Freewell all day, eight pack of filters, so what were going to do is were going to go out and i have some ideas.

Its kind of an overcast day today were in mid december, so its not ideal. In other words, if we had really bright sunshine, we could do a better job of testing out how that polarizer reduces reflection on water etc, but were going to give it a shot and then also im hoping that we can get into a spot that we can Show you how an nd filter can help you induce motion blur into your video to make it look more natural, so lets quit messing around lets. Get this bird in the air. Hey im out at kleiner park in meridian and were going to take the mavic 3. Were going to first fly it without a filter on it and im going to go out over the pond out there and im going to see if i can get up close to the fountains and with the drone just set in automatic. It should have a fast enough, shutter speed that we wont see, motion blur in the fountain and then were going to put a an nd filter on there and slow down the shutter speed, and i may even try and slow the shutter speed down uh. Even more than the 180 degree rule, and so that we can see the the the motion blur that an nd filter can provide and give you that more natural look in your video, so the other thing were going to do is i also have the dji mini 2 with me today so were going to put the mini 2 up im going to hover it and then were going to get the mavic 3 above it were going to look down on it without a filter first, and it should in theory, uh stop the motion Of the blades of the of the drone, we should be able to see the blades as theyre spinning around and then were going to put an nd filter on there and were going to slow down that shutter speed and youre just going to get that blur.

In the blades hey, so one more thing before we get this bird in the air, it is a cold day today, its about 38 degrees. So if you see me kind of shivering a little bit youll know whats going on theres a theres, a cold breeze as well so theres just very few days. We can get out and fly. This is just you know, barely one of those days so anyway, lets quit messing around lets get this bird in the air. Okay, the drone is reporting ready to go, ive, looked over the safety menu and were good on everything with calibrations and so forth. I have set it to 4k 24 frames per second, so that means, when we put the filter on, were looking for about 50 frames per second or excuse me, a shutter speed about a 50th of a second so, but we may even go lower than that to Show that motion blur uh, so i got to tell you my fingers are really cold. It is cold out here and there is a breeze blowing lets start recording now and lets quit mess around and uh and lets get this bird in the air were gon na. Do a take off on the app auto take off there we go. My fingers are so cold. I dont think the screen is uh is uh is responding. Normally sorry, i knew i could get that out. So im going straight up to about seven meters.

I want to try and get that that look for the uh precision return to home im, not sure that is completely up to date on the drone, but in any case uh lets uh boy. We got some sunshine coming out now, so i think we should uh yar around here and go right out over the pond out there and you can see the uh, the uh fountain off in the distance. So lets go out there and take a look so theres. The fountain and uh boy weve got enough uh that were showing some glare on the uh on the water here too. So hopefully, that will continue and well have that when we put the nd filter on there and give that a try. So but in any case, lets move it forward and lets get down here. Uh see how close we can get to the fountain here and let me drop the gimbal down hello. We got a lot of waterfowl here so lets hope we dont disturb those guys and get anybody flying into the drone or anything so anyway, thats one of the risks you take when youre making these videos so theres the fountain right there and thats the fountain uh. Well, just kind of do a little manual rotation around it here and uh and get you a look at that and uh. Maybe we can even get a little closer. I im a little nervous with uh with all these birds here but uh, but lets try it whoa boy.

The drone. Really. This drone descends really fast and uh it. You know i saw it going down there and i was a guy got a little nervous uh, but we we have all of our apos and everything on. So i think we should be okay, although it is a reflective surface, but uh lets see how close we can get here and uh and i can see uh. You know on the screen here, the uh. You know i can see the individual drops and so forth. Uh so uh so lets go ahead. Im gon na put it in cine mode and im going to see. If i can do a rotation around and then boy im overdoing it there sorry my fingers are so cold. It is so hard to to do anything. Precision on a day like today, let me tell you so uh so well move around here and this this. This will give us a lot of uh motion of the fountain, so uh yeah thats. What were looking for and uh boy look at the the the geese. There theyre not even theyre, not even worried about us at all. Are they theyre just floating in the water? Okay? So lets pick it up now and lets uh lets bring the drone back into us. Okay, so ive got the mavic 3 fired back up and were going to go into manual settings here and uh. We are going to change. Our ive got an nd32.

I should have said at the beginning on the drone and and were going to see if we can slow that shutter speed down a little bit here so uh lets go. I want to go to iso 100 whoops iso, sorry about that. My fingers are cold. Take it off auto were going to put it on iso 100 here and then we are going to go to uh shutter speed and we are going to uh yeah its giving us about a 40th of a second shutter speed at iso 100. So thats about right. Well, with that nd 32, i wonder if we can. I wonder if we can slow it down. Even more lets go to it. Lets go to a 30th heck lets. Try 25th! I think thatll work so were going to put it on a 25th of a second im. Still getting that vision, system error, so im going to go back into the safety menu well lets just click on it and see no thats, not giving us anything. Let me see so okay that should be hovering long enough lets. Uh lets go up and lets go back out over the uh uh, the pond out there im gon na put it back in normal mode. Here i had it in cinnamon mode, get a little speed up and yar around here and folks, im telling you it is cold this afternoon and theres our pond, so uh lets uh and you can see the sun is out a little bit.

So this should. This is good. This should help us uh. Take a look at that polarizer as well, and i just had the polarizer set in the standard setting with the uh, with with everything lined up so im. I am seeing some glare off the water here but uh, but i dont it im sure its less than what it was uh earlier. So lets get down and lets get close to the uh. The fountain here, like we did before im telling you you know: youre youre, always a little reticent to and im going to go back into cine mode and lets just rotate around the fountain. Here i think we can get closer than that heck. I think i was closer than that before so were going to move closer im, going to be very careful because were seeing that that vision, system, error and uh, so i what i dont want to do is you know, have the drone get confused and drop into The water, or something so were going to be, were going to be ready on the sticks. If we see anything odd but were gon na were rotating around here and and what we should see on the video off the sd card is a nice amount of blur in that shooting at a 25th of a second in that water as its spouting up there. So i still, i think i can get a little lower im nervous because ive got that vision, system error, but but i want to get i want to get as close as i can so that we can demonstrate this as best we can, and you see those Birds flying around there boy, the last thing you would want is uh, is a bird to uh to fly into the drone or something so thats a little nerve wracking as well.

But i think this is kind of a good example of how to show motion blur in the video. So there we go thats a good shot right. There were kind of getting a complete 360 around this time and i can see glare on the water. So you know in theory what you could do is you could adjust that polarizer and reduce glare? You know you just turn the ring on the polarizer to get glare reduced as much as you want, but – and i only put it back in normal mode here, so we can get a little more speed and then im going to launch the uh. The little uh mini – or we might just put it on the on the pad – and actually you know we dont even really need to get it off the ground. If we can get it on the pad. With the propellers spinning, we should be able to demonstrate what we what we want to show here. So there we are down there. Lets move over here so were not over the top of those folks and uh get right out back over the top of us here. Thats me dropping the gimbal down and lets bring this baby down boy. This drone comes down so fast im telling you its on it just amazes me how fast this drone will descend. Okay, im going to let the drone hover there for a second. While i get the the little mini two get the props spinning on it and well see if we can get some pictures.

Okay, so ive got the uh the little mini two and a hover here right above the landing pad so were gon na come straight down. Im gon na put it back into cine mode, so we can slow down here Music. I thought about just leaving the drum the little mini on the pad, but uh. I want it to be continually the props continually spinning so im trying to center up right now. Over the pad, so we can just get a look straight down on this guy and yeah. This is working okay, so i can tell you that uh with no filter on the drone uh on the mavic 3. I cant see those props spinning at all so uh. So im gon na land, the uh, the the drone now and and well put uh an nd filter on there and well see if we can see some movement on the props on the little drone. Okay, so i put an nd uh 16 uh filter on the uh. Excuse me and uh were gon na see if we can get some motion blur in those props, so uh firing up the uh, the uh starting recording now so lets look down on the uh on the little uh mini two lets see if we can get over Im gon na go back into cine mode when you start it up, it always goes into normal, so lets see if we can get right over the top of it here, go forward just a little and come down some im getting a vision system error.

So i presume that is uh with the apas system, so were going to be careful here, but lets get down here and we just should see a blur on those props. We shouldnt see we shouldnt see any stop. Motion at all so ill be interested to look uh without the filter on. If we got some stop motion, but but at this low uh shutter speed, those props should just be a blur and we shouldnt be able to see them at all. Let me see if i can get a little bit lower, yeah so uh. That should be enough of a demonstration there. Let me uh, let me pick the drone back up and im going to land the mavic 3 and the mini 2 and im going to check and see if i can figure out what that vision system error is so im going to move it back over the Picnic table here and see if i can land that guy im going to double check everything on the drone because uh it gave me a little bit of warning to check the arms on the drone and so forth. So we are going to see if i can land it here, trying to get centered up on the table. Yeah, we got it here. Okay, let me get the mini. 2 landed Music. You know, i got to say the mini 2 just did its job perfectly there. I had no mobile device hooked up to it because i just had it hovering a couple feet off the ground and it just hovered perfectly it just stood there in place.

For i dont know several several minutes, so pretty cool good job dji were going to go up in altitude and im going to pick this guy up and and bring it back to us. We uh what i dont want is uh uh. What im a little concerned with all the waterfowl here, put the drone into return to home and were just going to do a little experiment here and were going to see this? Has that uh uh intelligent return to home? I cant remember what dji calls it. Smart return to home or or anyway, but where its supposed to come in a straight line and and well see, im going to lower the gimbal as were coming back here and lets, see how close it gets to uh to our landing pad here and we we Messed around with the drone a lot so im definitely going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Uh. On this one and its coming down from about 30 meters, high uh im gon na im just gon na, let it land this grass is pretty sure. Now. Look at that its its zeroing in on the pad so looks like we got it. Im gon na uh, im gon na stand in front here. Yeah it picked up the camera. There we go uh yeah its gon na hit the pad center on so yeah. Its kind of moving around there yeah im going to click, ok and then, as soon as i clicked.

Okay, the drone the drone landed right on the pad. My theory that i had early on about the first few times that i flew this guy about precision landing not being active, was clearly wrong because i, the last several flights uh its landed right on the pad, so thats just something fun to mess around with okay. Heres, the heres, the mavic 3, so im going to go home, and i want to look at the footage before we do the conclusion: hey. Okay, so this is the next day after i filmed the video with the uh freewell all day, eight pack nd filter set, and one of the things i noticed is that at one point there i got a vision system, error uh with the drone i this is The next day, ive got, i put that same filter back on the drone and im gon na. Try it out again and just see if that was just an anomaly or did it have anything to do with the filters i dont think it did now. I i was, i had the drone setting on a picnic table that had some dirt and stuff on it. So i suspect – maybe i had one of the uh i just didnt. Have one of these obstacle avoidance cameras clean is what i think, but in any case lets just fire it up here real quick and give it a quick test. Okay were ready to go. Ive started: recording im going to im going to take off here and fly it around a little bit and its asking me to check propeller installation, which it did the other day too.

I think that does that every time you try and do a manual takeoff, so uh thats kind of interesting, uh, interesting little uh thing that they do there so lets go ahead and pick the drone up and yeah weve got weve got no issues so, like i Said i i wondered if it was uh something to do with uh with yeah and im, seeing the drone here its already detecting this uh. This tree in front of us here, yeah and its its just gon na fly right around it uh. So you know all the obstacle avoidance and everything is working as it should so uh anyway, that was just a little. That was just a little check. Lets uh lets just do one more one. More little check here lets bring it back and facing into the sun. Here lets uh lets, bring it down and boy. Does this baby drop in altitude when you, when you come down, lets get it behind my truck here and bring it in lets, see if i can get it to a lower altitude and im going to bring it right on down and thats? That was me im going to go in cine mode here, because im having a i just was a little bit too quick on the sticks there and im going to go im going to go down even further and i bring it towards my truck and it should Go right over the top, and that will give us a good idea of how that vision system is working and it does im watching the drone rise over the top of it.

Okay, so lets do uh its right here lets. Do it lets see what happens if see if we can get a good return to home here, im hitting return to home right now and its just simply, it knows its close to its landing spot, so its turning around its rising in altitude and uh. I didnt. I didnt give the drone a good look at its landing spot, so i dont expect a precision landing, but, as you can see its going to be pretty damn close, i like the way it does that you know it uh. Well, you know it might be right on the pad here. Let me get out of the way thats a little off so its right in front of the pad okay. I just wanted to do that just to prove that whatever issue i had yesterday didnt have anything to do with the filters and clearly it didnt. So yeah thanks, hey, okay! I just got back from the field uh from flying the mavic 3 and and trying out the uh freewell all day, eight pack uh nd filters uh. So one of the things i just noticed – i just was messed around with the gimbal here and i accidentally unlocked it. Youll see the gimbal kind of flopping around there a little bit. Let me show you how to lock it again, and this is what dji told me to do. I got i contacted dji about how sometimes youll find the drone with the gimbal unlocked.

They just basically said to fire it up so im, just turning it on and then well just shut it right down and youll, see that gimbal lock and i dont know if you could hear that, but but that gimbal locked in place and its you know its It you know, you can see me moving it around here, uh and its locked now now, as with regard to the uh, what we did with the filters out in the field so uh, i just went up and looked at the footage. What i was hoping to see when i did the shot over the top of the mini 2. I was hoping that without the filter on, we would see more stop motion in the props. There might have been a little difference there, but it was pretty subtle, and i think that was my mistake. I think if i had gone into manual mode instead of leaving the drone in automatic, uh and and uh turned up to a really high shutter speed. I probably could have uh stopped the props and seen some stop motion uh there, and then it would have been a more dramatic difference with the filter on and the way the filter shows motion blur, but im gon na. I included that anyway, as you guys saw uh, but then i think what did show a pretty dramatic difference was when we went out over and and did the kind of a semi circle around the fountain in the pond uh with the drone in automatic settings.

Uh, you definitely could see individual water, droplets and and so forth, on the fountain and when we put the filter on there in this case an nd 32. It definitely uh showed more motion blur more natural look looking motion blur in the fountain. So then, with regard to the polarizer ill have to go back and look again. I didnt see a whole lot of difference, but the thing is, you have to kind of adjust the polarizer too. So i had it just the i dont know. If youre going to be able to see this on camera, the white, the little white lines i had those lined up so i dont know if that was the perfect adjustment for the direction that i was coming in there. But what you can do with that polarizer is. You definitely can reduce uh that amount of glare that you get off water and glass and those kind of things. So i want to thank uh freewell for sending me the all day. Eight pack pretty just neat little kit, and it should help you in any kind of a situation that youre in with your mavic 3, so again, uh nothing but fun uh. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content uh, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i really appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and, of course, well see on the next one.