Photography today were just going to be doing. A quick, unboxing and setup of the new mavic 3. were going to take a look at what all comes inside. The box were going to get the firmware, updated and ready to fly now. The other thing i will be doing in this video is getting the mavic 3 paired to the rc pro. I did order this separately. It came in yesterday. Ive already got an unboxing a bit on my youtube channel. For me, i decided to go with the regular fly more combo and the reason being is. I dont really have an interest in prores at this point in time: im just a youtube content creator im not doing anything professionally or commercially, not yet anyways. Now that may change down the road, but i do all my editing on an ipad and i just really dont want to deal with all those large file sizes. Anything that i do. The 5.1 k resolution or 4k is perfectly acceptable, but i did want the smart controller, so i did order it separately now. Some may say thats kind of a waste because youre going to have a controller in the box that youre not going to be using, but the way i look at it is, if i ever decide to sell this drone, i can sell it with the original controller And keep the rc pro not to mention if i ever have to send this back in for warranty work, i still have a spare that i can use and im not grounded so lets go ahead.

Well, get right into things here. Well! Take that cellophane off! First, theres a little pull tab there and well pull out the case now that box is empty. Everything is contained within this case, so here we have the new case and its actually a really nice case. Ive seen pictures online, but really they dont do it justice, its kind of a canvassing material here at the top and kind of a matching leathery material here at the bottom on the back here you can see we have a zipper at the top, and you know This thing can act like a pocket, but what its really for is, if you unzip the bottom, you can see now you can put it on the back of luggage. So thats kind of a handy feature so lets go ahead here. Well, open it up. We have two latches on either side. We have another pocket right here. It looks like its closed magnetically well now, unzip that flap and start taking things out so well just take everything out one at a time and then well take a closer look at all the equipment. So there is the drone here we have one box there. You can see here we have a flap and it has a pocket in it as well. Right now, all thats in it is some silica gel down. In there we have one battery two batteries, we have the charger and below that we have the stock controller, and that looks to be about all thats.

In there we have all our literature, quick, start guide safety guidelines, usbc to usba, cable im, assuming this is the charging hub and yes, indeed, thats exactly what it is. We have two extra data cables depending on what kind of phone youre going to be mounting. We have our nd filters and theyre using the same case they have in the past. I actually really like this case. Its nice and minimal doesnt take up a lot of space. It comes with an nd4 nd8 and d16 and nd32. We have an extra set of sticks for the controller, and here we have two complete sets of spare props. Here is the charger and its really nice. This year, nice and minimal. You can see at that end theres a usbc, connector and theres also a usba for charging the controller. One nice thing that you can do this year is: you can actually plug this directly into the back of the drone and charge your batteries via the drone on the side of the charging hub. There is a usbc connector and we just plug the charger directly into it, and it will charge each battery one at a time similar to how other hubs have worked in the past. So we have our two spare batteries here. The third battery is installed in the drone. The batteries are not quite as big as i thought they were going to be. I thought they would looked a little bit bigger in videos and photos, and here we have the stock controller weve seen this controller already.

This is the exact same controller that comes with the mini 2 and the air 2s, so in theory they should all be compatible with one another. Okay, so weve looked at all the bits and pieces so lets take a closer look at the drone here now. The first thing youre going to notice it has this interesting new kind of gimbal cover. It also somewhat holds the propellers in place and protects those front motors. There ive read a lot of feedback on it. Some people are on the fence about it. Some people, like it some people dont lets, go ahead and well take that off its just held on there magnetically and theres a little bit of a clip there, and then it just slides off the front so lets go ahead. There lets take a good look at that camera thats, the new hasselblad camera thats included with the mavic 3. theres, two cameras there. The bottom camera is the main camera and its the really important one, its the micro four thirds sensor. So if youre going to be shooting in any kind of complex lighting environments, low light environments in the night time, its going to perform really well above that is the new hybrid zoom camera. And it has a half inch sensor and it is capable of up to a 28 times zoom, now its kind of a mixture of digital and optical, but definitely its kind of interesting. I dont know if its kind of a little bit gimmicky but ive seen people do some really interesting things with it already so im actually looking forward to testing that out and playing with it lets go ahead here well unfold it.

So you can see here they have a new two tone design and the battery is quite a bit different in the past. Weve always seen batteries that clip on the top or clip underneath and the battery is part of the body. But with this one, the battery slides into the back very similar to how the mini 2 works or the original mavic mini, except it doesnt – have a door at the back theres two buttons on the side there to release it. The power button is there on the very back right above that we have a flap and thats, where we insert our memory card and theres a usbc port right above that thats how we can plug the drone into a computer to update the firmware transfer files and Thats also how we charge the drone, if you just get the base package, youre gon na get a charger and youll just plug it directly into the back of the drone there to charge it and thats actually kind of a nice feature, because this is the first Higher end dji drone that you can actually charge from a power bank now, of course you could do it with the mini series, but with the mavic pro series or the air series you werent able to do that at the back in the front. We have these new obstacle avoidance, sensors, theyre, angled out to get a better field of view and, as you can see, there, theyre bubbled kind of like a 360 lens.

Of course, we have two more there at the very top two more at the bottom. We have two led lights and, of course, theres some sensors at the back, all in all its actually a really nice looking drone. These arms are quite a bit thinner than what we have seen in the past, but it just fits the look of it actually looks pretty aggressive. So at this point lets go ahead and well get it powered on well connect it to the fly, app and well get the firmware, updated, so well. Go ahead here! Well, get everything powered on new, sound there! Now right away! You can see! It comes up that we need to activate the drone, so were going to go ahead and do that now. If you dont have a dji account, you will have to create one and log. In now its asking me to activate the dji care refresh, i did purchase it so well, go ahead and well activate it. It went right into camera view, so lets back out of there and you can see there that it is showing us that there is a firmware update. If we click on it, it will show us some information about whats being added, so lets go ahead and we will update it now and its starting to download. Now now this updating of firmware can take upwards of five, sometimes even 10 minutes depending on the size of the download. You just have to sit back and let it do its thing.

Sometimes the drone will restart a few times. Sometimes itll ask you manually to restart it, so you just have to follow the on screen instructions. So there we go there. You can see the firmware has updated successfully. We get a check mark saying that everything is good, so we can exit out of there tap on, go fly and now were in the camera view. So now, at this point, im going to bind it to the new dji rc pro now theres, two different ways in which we combined it. We can use a series of button presses to put it into binding mode or we can go into the camera view and do it that way. Thats, probably the simplest way to do it. So lets go ahead and well do that, go to camera view so were in the camera view here were not going to see anything because were not connected yet well. Go to our settings. Well, go over to control and well scroll down to the bottom. You can see it says, repair to aircraft, so well, click on that and then well press and hold the power button on the back of the drone until it beeps and you can see there. They are now paired if youre interested in the mavic 3 stay tuned to my channel, as i will be doing a lot of testing of it over the coming weeks. Ill do some comparisons against some of the other drones currently available.

Some simple tests like return to home, well check that out. Maybe a simple hover test to see if we can get close to that 46 minutes and a few other things along the way and then, of course, at about 30 days ill make my full review after ive had a good amount of time to fly it. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.