So i got three batteries in here. Remember this is the fly more combo, so this is probably going to be a long one over an hour, so just be ready, but were gon na go through everything possible. Also got my son over here im gon na be tracking ken. My son can thanks for coming over to help out hes gon na be riding a electric skateboard around the path here and also gon na. Do that tracking so anyway, guys get ready for the mavic 3 in depth flight test Music, all right guys! So what i usually like to do is just from unpacking it in the field to booting it up and starting to fly. It uh. I usually like to do that in my videos, so were gon na. Do that whole process right here now, if youve seen my unboxing or if you havent, go ahead and check it out ill, have the card pop up here and also be down in the description down below. So you can check out the products im reviewing here, which is the mavic 3 and also the unboxing, where i really showcase the bag as well. You can actually turn this whole thing into a backpack im. Not gon na really go over that right now, as you can see, we have backpack straps and everything you know youre getting what you pay for. This is not a cheap drone, its pretty expensive. This was like three thousand dollars for this entire fly, more combo, so uh, you know im glad they have a cool bag like this.

Just by looking at the bag, it did come with three batteries, but it looks like you could put three four in this little slot here. Next to the controller, five have one in the drone and then you have extra room on top, so you could essentially probably take like you know up to like almost six or seven batteries. I dont have the home charger in here because i have so many batteries already charged up, but if you did want to have the whole charger and everything in the bag, youre probably going to be limited to about four or five batteries, heres the controller ill. Take out one battery for now and the drone thats really all i need to get started here. I really like to use the ipad mini for drones because its the nice, you know, media in between too large of a screen and too small of a screen. This is that little lightweight clamp extension that i really like to use on my controllers. So the controller pops up like this and all this does it enables you to put in a larger ipad, mini otherwise youre only going to be able to put in something like a regular phone. The mavic 3 comes with this cool like muzzle type of camera guard. It basically protects the whole drone locks in all the propellers so really liking. What they did here as well, just basically a clip that clips around the back holds all the propellers in, so we unclip it there pull off the top part here and the front.

You can see how that whole thing just comes off nice and easy, and i want to open up the legs first, so the top front go open first and then we pull open the back down bottom, just like the old drones and there we go. So you can see how that mavic is looking fantastic. There is that big old dual camera remember the top is for zooming way in and then the bottom camera is whats going to give you that high definition, pictures and video i like to use these sandisk extreme pros. I got a 64 gig in here and you just pop it right in the bottom. Here looks like it goes in upside down and just want to make sure that clicks in. If you dont have the fly more combo in the multi charger youre going to have to charge your battery through the drone with that uspc port, usb c port right there, when you have the battery in otherwise, you can use that multi charger. That comes with the flywhere combo. Now we just have to put our battery in here, so inserting that with the connector down, so it connects into the craft, give it a good push, and you hear that snap and click and that thing is ready pretty much to power up. I just like to open my propellers up just to give it a little less stress on spin up. You know what i mean, so it doesnt like vibrate those motors unnecessarily you dont have to, but i think its good to do that.

Take our connecting cable push. It towards the back, take our ipad mini and just go ahead and push this up and in center it take our sticks that are in the bottom of the controller screw. Those on nice and tight. The button on the back were going to just do a press press and hold thats going to turn on just going to be watching the gimbal there, and you could hear that boot up chime and lets just wait for that gimbal to do what it needs to Do now this does have the latest update. If you watch my unboxing, i did the whole update, so you can see that process as well go ahead and check out that video, but the drone is booted up now. All we got to do is boot up the controller, so press press and hold – and you see this – these lights here are just blinking. That means theres no connection just waiting for them to turn on solid, and that means its connected to the drone. Since i already have the dji fly app installed here, all i need to do and ive connected previously, as the unboxing uh well go ahead and just plug right in. I hear it chime on my ipad and it takes us right in to the interface as you can see here. Thats, the storage location switch im just going to confirm it to go to the sd card: hey hows it going uh thanks for tuning in and lets fly this mavic 3.

before we fly, of course want to do the uh compass calibration right guys so up here On the top, we have these three little dots just in the safety tab up top go all the way down to compass. I know it says normal, but i want to calibrate it. I did calibrate the imu at home on a level surface. You might want to do that im just pressing start here and im just setting the ipad down, and it says im going to pick this drone up and look at the ipad to see what its telling me to do, and i just want to basically rotate it Counter clockwise in, like a level plane, okay, that was quick. Now i turn the face up. You just follow the pictures on the screen of the tablet or your device, and i want to keep turning it counterclockwise, while its facing up and thats it look at that. We are all set to go. It doesnt tell us anything like restart to after calibration, so im not going to do any of that, basically leaving everything. This is all from the factory guys how it is from the factory its saying. I have 51 minutes and 14 seconds of 4k 60 video. So if you wanted to change that, you just press on that 4k down there and then you can scroll through you know we could change it to 30. If you wanted to save some storage so lets see if we went 30.

watch how our storage changes now we have one hour and three minutes of record time. I think what were going to do is just just have it at 4k 60 from the factory. If we run out of storage during this whole review ill just go ahead and pop in another card. I have a few with me so im going to go ahead and start recording by pressing this button over here since were in video mode, so recording in 4k. 60, there and, as you can see, im using this roller here on the top left of the controller and thats how we can roll our gimbal up and down okay im going to take off just from the screen here so im pushing on this arrow. All the way on the left and im just going to hold in take off, and here he goes so launching up there. We go okay. Well, the sensors are look like theyre active now, so im glad that kind of uh fixed it, and i can hear some beeping and as i move away, that beeping has stopped cool so a little bit of different sounding on the beeps and all that stuff. As i get closer, you can see how it launched lets see what it thinks its at 3.9 feet, so just about four feet: high its launching at im gon na pick it up just a little bit, so i can bring in my hat cam view and lets Really check this thing out its always cool to kind of see these things in the air flying.

You know getting kind of later in the evening now, so you know might be a little bit. Uh yeah, right into the sunlight, were not going to be able to see much with this whoa well, at least, we know that those uh rubber tips on the propellers are working. I just hit it with the camera and it seems to have helped it a bit. Go ahead and get a bottom shot: cool, oh and the drone actually kind of was trying to avoid that lets, get it from a top shot. Thats. How that thing looks when its flying pretty cool mavic 3., as you can hear, its super duper quiet. So this has got to be the utmost quietest drone that dji makes at this point, ive never heard a quieter drone than this. It just has a really low buzzing tone to it, not annoying at all, and maybe those rubber tips actually help that a bit like dampening that vibration wine. You know inside of the propellers, so really looking good. You can really see from this angle too, how those motors are really tilted like this way, and this way from the back and then from the side, the front ones look pretty straight up and the rear ones are pointing just into the back a little bit. So man, this thing is rip gosh, its just looking really great right now, anyway, gon na do a little walk around to the front check it out actually im gon na spin, this thing around so the suns in the right direction and remember guys this is 4k Uh 60 frames per second – maybe actually this way this would be better.

So, hey thanks for tuning in really appreciate you guys, tuning in to the channel and watching my videos remember. This is going to be a long one because were doing a whole lot of stuff on the mavic 3, so lets continue flying so its looking great its maintaining its position perfectly and were also going to test the return to home and the life of this battery. So its saying on the top, if you look at this over on the very top right of the screen its saying, i can fly for 34 minutes. Okay, so thats gone down. You know we did the compass cal on this battery im just going to go up to give it the benefit of doubt, go up about 30 feet or so, okay, and let it sit there for a second and what the camera should be doing. Are you know really kind of assess the ground, and so when it does have that precision return to home it kind of knows what that area is its gon na its gon na land in so wouldnt have thought any different. This thing is flying just fantastic and, as i walk around it, you see on the screen there. It has this red reticle on the ipad screen, so it knows exactly where an obstacle is. As i go around im seeing the red in the ipad screen, i will have that recording, for you make sure yep thats all recording for you guys.

Okay, so lets fly this thing around im gon na do a punch up were gon na, go straight up, see how fast its going man, its just so like precise whats, our mile per hour 13 going up and ill have that video up guys. So you can see that im just gon na take it like. You know a couple hundred feet and you can see how stable the video is when i full throttle up and now im full throttling down its going. The same speed coming down negative 13 miles per hour. I like that little negative there. You know what i mean that negative is a good indicator that its losing altitude, so i was holding it. It just started to slow down and now its really slowing down gradually letting off right there and yeah thats. Just fantastic super precision deviated a little bit from its home point, but thats okay were gon na test that when we return to home right lets, give it a little forward back in normal mode. Speed test here well go up so its not trying to avoid the ground at all wow. So when youre turning it wants to try to face up a little bit thats interesting, you see that let me bring it lower, so you can kind of see what its doing. When i turn hard. The whole drone kind of tilts up see that feeling a little jerky there, but youll be the judge of that video whoa.

It saw me and it kind of just stopped so were going to do obstacle. Avoidance testing too. I just want to see how fast its flying in this normal mode. This is how fast its turning pretty docile and slow just saw me there and was going to adjust so in the a pass. I do have it to set to stop right now. If you look here in the safety, you can also put a pass to bypass flight assistant, so well just do break for now, thats how it comes out of the box and lets just do a little breaking right now. I always i know this is not the smartest thing to do. I always use myself as a test subject. I can always dip out of the way if it doesnt stop so im going to come right at me here. Full throttle forward kind of at the the suns to the side here go yep sees me and thats as close as its gon na go. I have my thumb. Stick all the way up and its not gon na, come any farther forward. So thats what the stop um option is lets. Try reversing in same thing, well go out a little further, so it can pick up some speed. So just going to come right at me. Reversing in here trying to get in front of it yeah, so those sensors are working great still holding back and it is not going anywhere.

So the real test now is, if itll do that same thing when were coming in sideways right guys, so lets go farther away sideways! Okay! Here we go never done this before lets, go sideways right at me, nice looks like it gets a little closer and then stops, but i have my right: stick pitched all the way to the left and it is not going to hit me so these 360 obstacle Avoidance, sensors are working very well very, very well. Lets try the other side just to make sure we do a full test here and pushing all the way right now coming right at me. Gon na try to walk right into it and it is not gon na get any closer than that. Okay, fantastic, so thats, just its about four or five feet away. So it will stop great. So lets see, if were just racing around going kind of fast and come right at me as fast as it can go. I just have full stick forward, come down a little yeah, so theres no way its not going to hit awesome all right now. What i want to do real, quick since were doing this, is go into the obstacle avoidance bypass and what thatll do is itll automatically fly around the obstacle. Okay lets. Try that again, so well, do the same thing: weve been doing itll come right at me. Full throttle forward im, not touching anything its going around me on its own.

It sees me no problem whatsoever. Lets try that one more time well come around. Come down. Try to point it right at me: theres no way i cant, even if i wanted to steer it at me, itll it just takes over controls and goes around so thats fantastic. Well, flip it around here and well come straight back all right same thing: using the rear obstacle avoidance sensors see how good it is here so pulling back full throttle trying to steer it into myself, and it just keeps going that way. Yeah it just wouldnt. Um steer into me so thats great lets, try that kind of into the sun here and then its going to be against the sun kind of low boom full throttle back its already going to yeah. I just cannot run into myself so itll basically take over controls to go around objects really like that, so that a pass is working, fantastic. Well, do one side! One remember: you got ta test the sides as well, so flying sideways right into me. Trying to make it hit me no, its just gon na avoid awesome. Okay, so all that stuffs working, fantastic guys all right. So what do we want to do now? We want to how much we got. We still got 23 minutes on this battery. Let me see if my cameras still even going this – might be uh testing my camera equipment to see how long this can uh record for lets go ahead while were doing this lets.

Go ahead and switch into cine mode. Remember this button right here: im gon na press to cine and lets see how fast it goes in cine mode full throttle forward here. Okay, it almost goes the same speed 10 miles per hour, but the turning is super slow, see that ill come down. So you can see that so the up and down is super slow and the forward isnt much slower. But look at that yaw. Turning watch this cine mode boom really slow there. Okay and lets punch it up. Whoa it tried to get away from me when i was punching up that was interesting. Mile per hour is only two miles per hour, going up two miles per hour, coming down Music and about 10 going forward and back in city mode. You know what we didnt test in normal mode. I didnt quite catch the speed, so lets try that again! Well, it is quite a bit faster lets, see well just go straight. Yeah, so were going like 30 32 miles per hour. Lets come back. I dont really want to fly over any houses and stuff full throttle back here. Wow. Did you hear that interesting? So its hitting like its speed, limit and then kind of stopping as it comes back that was interesting, so well come down again, and so that was city and normal mode. Well, do sports mode, speed flying and now i would assume see im pushing trying to push into myself.

It did that on its own, so yeah a pass is working just great okay, guys lets switch into Music get over here, so were not facing the camera into the sun. Lets switch into sport mode. So on the top here we still have normal sensors as soon as we switch into sport. Look at that turns them all off. You see that on the top right, all obstacle avoidance sensors are now off. It will not go around me. Watch lets just do that forward. Nope doesnt even know im there that wouldve hit me if i didnt move out of the way. All right lets do a punch up sorry about my crazy flying im. Just trying to do this as quick as possible lets do a punch up three two one punch Music 17 18 miles per hour, just about going up turn over here. So you can see the west maui mountains. Maximum flight altitude reached okay that got up to 400 feet, quick huh Applause, so 17 18 miles per hour, going up and lets see coming down, theyre limit, limiting it sorry coming down uh to 13., so remember in the normal in the cine it went the same Speed up and down it can go faster going up, but it its going slower coming down in sport already slowed down on its own, and i just let off the controller so fantastic. It looks like theyre just getting more tuned in more precise, with each model that dji releases, so looking really good guys gosh.

We still have 18 19 around 20 minutes to fly, usually id be like freaking out, because the battery would be um running out right now, but this thing is doing fantastic, okay and uh lets see the turning speed in sport. So a little faster. You know thats going to get you dizzy, quick and, of course, the um side to side speed, thats going to be much faster and all the stopping and all that stuff right is going to be take longer. To stop lets see how fast this thing can go. Music, try to fly over that golf course. Maybe so were not really flying over much houses right about there and lets just see how fast this thing gets going its going with the wind a little right now looked like he got up to about 40 45 46. About 46 miles per hour, guys thats sort of 47. sort of going with the wind im just going to pull the stick directly back all the way and lets see how fast it starts going same direction. Full stick back going a little slower because its actually a couple miles per hour against it up there. Okay, so like with the wind, were, were going wow. Look at that flight time up there. It really calculates on the fly real time there. We are come on back here right above me, and that thing is coming down quick and its so awesome, because the cameras see the ground right at about 10 feet and it just slows way down.

Doesnt get out of control, so i dont know if you saw when i was coming back full speed like that it was calculating up at the top corner up here. Oh there we go, it was calculating if we um kept going at that speed, using that much power id only have like seven minutes left of flight time and now that were hovering. Look at that time up there its going up to 17 something 17 and a half minutes we have left. I like this new feature here its telling us on the screen um until rth. How long do you have to fly? Can you fly at this speed until its going to ask you to return home and then weve got 13 minutes until force landing and then 16 minutes until battery is fully depleted? So i guess thats until its gon na really force wont, let you control it land and then just shut off, so its really showing you that top number up here is really showing you the ultimate time you have to fly, but ive pushed ive pushed these even Farther than that in some of my other tests so well see on the range test on this, i am going to do a range test, guys so dont miss that make sure you subscribe to the channel and you uh hit that notification. So you can see the ultimate range test on the mavic 3.: okay, going to switch back into normal guys.

We still have 16 minutes to fly, so man youre, going to be able to do a whole lot. With this drone lets try to run into key in here im gon na try to run into uk. It wont hit you because it has, it has uh. It has a pass. It will not hit you so im gon na come back here. Its trying to avoid me as i come back. Thats funny were going to get really low line. Kians chair up see if it can do a pass around an obstacle when youre this low so full stick forward. Yeah, it just went up immediately and then, as soon as it got over him, it looks like its just maintaining that height until you tell it to come back down, so it will not hit kian putting the kids in danger. I cant even yeah. I cant even fly into him its just its locking me out of the controls as far as going right at them, so thats thats, just fantastic now awesome lets see how low we can fly before landing so getting down here. You see how i can reach this minimum height of .7 feet. Cameras are looking at the ground. It knows that if i hold this down its going to try to land, so i dont want to do that. I just want to be right up there 1.7 feet. Now, im going to hit forward – and it goes up on its own a little bit because it has that a pass on all that obstacle avoidance.

Okay, so it will not be able to fly super low in a pass mode. Okay guys! So if you want to do that, youre going to have to turn off a pass and youll be able to fly really low and heres. How we do that, so we go up here, turn it off that stopped all the beeping, but also all the obstacle avoidance is off right. So now i can go that same height right now. It thinks its negative 0.3 feet for some reason, but the sensor should be seeing the ground and thats why its not letting me land unless i hold the controller down okay. So now, if you want to get some cool like shots on the ocean, going really slow and over the ocean or fast over the ocean or over the ground, that bottom sensor should still prevent it from hitting the ground, but its not going to avoid it from Hitting anything else right so dont get in the way, so just kind of cruising really fast over the ground and it seems to be doing really good. Its not letting itself get too low shoot fast right here, yeah. So i have the a pass off but im in normal mode, so you can do a nice, stable flight really low without worrying about hitting the ground, of course other obstacles its going to hit right. So probably a good idea to keep that on lets. Just try. It and break since we have so much battery power lets, try to put brake on instead of going around obstacles and see what it does.

So if im this low Music pushing full throttle forward theres one way to do it, but its super slow, you see how slow thats going doing a full turn its in brake mode. So sees me its just gon na break, see that so, unless you have that um bypass on it will not go around objects. So i put bypass on im going to push forward. It went up and to the right to avoid me awesome. What i really want to do is see if it avoids me, if i get too close to it, when its sitting still hands off the controller nope, so its not gon na avoid obstacles coming at it. When its stopped okay, only when its moving or if something is underneath, it yeah see how thats going up on its own, because it thinks my hand is probably the ground or something: okay, thats how that thing works okay, so we got about nine more minutes to Fly maybe well just shoot up here, take some pictures and then well kind of get into those advanced modes, all right tracking and all that stuff with the other two batteries. So im gon na fly up here get a good view of the west maui mountains. Pretty high up here vision, sensors, blurry wow, so for some reason it thinks the sensors are blurry, but i know theyre clean so make sure you wipe those with cloth. You know just in case okay, guys lets go up here.

Well well, go ahead and just do kind of like a manual panoramic shot of the surrounding, so you can see how this camera is working remember. This is 4k 60, all in auto mode, auto camera mode im just going to do a full 360 really slow up here at 176 feet here in the park and lets see how well this camera like auto, adjusts its lighting and everything. Okay, so im just holding my left, stick at kind of a steady left locked in there just to give it a consistent rotation. So when you get better, of course, you can do all this stuff manually. You dont have to count on these. Those auto features that were going to go into in just a little bit looking pretty good, okay, so thats all the way back around to the mountain, so that was like a 360 panoramic and now i want to get into camera settings so lets see if, while Were recording if i just press this camera button wont let it switch still, so they still havent, let you switch until you stop recording so now, im going to press the stop on the screen on the right thats going to save that clip to the sd card. In the craft, then im going to press this button to go to camera. Okay lets take a couple shots, so i can either use remember this little button up here or i can just press it on the screen.

Well, try the button! First, just one click and its all auto focus right now. Remember if you wanted to adjust your lighting or the area of the screen you want to focus in on, you can actually press parts of the screen. You see how the camera is auto. Adjusting for this, wherever im clicking on the screen, so pretty cool, just clicked on the clouds clicked on the mountain. All right wants to return home. Pretty soo pretty soon were going to cancel that, because i want to do a return home but see how im clicking on the darker portions and its auto brightening and im going to take a photo on that kind of auto bright kind of go right into the Sun here and take a photo in the sun clicking on the brightest part of the sun, taking a picture there. Okay, how about the mountain and remember we can push our camera up even higher if we want to 35 degrees. Look at that! Look how high up we can go, so you can take pretty cool high up photos if you wanted to im just going to take a picture of the mountain up here and photo how about one just straight down at the park where we are or how about This park, since its a little greener low battery return to home promptly. Okay, i think thats enough photos, you guys will get the idea of how good this thing is in auto mode.

Maybe the skate park right here clicking on it lets take a photo there. Okay, guys so im gon na return to home real, quick and im gon na switch to video and just go ahead and start recording video im gon na go out here and do a quick return to home. Okay, Music boy. That video looks really good. So im. Just gon na press and hold the hardware button, the uh ipad just said: go home, so its going to come on home lets see what we can do, while its coming home, we can rotate the camera up and down cannot move the head left and right. So you only have camera control theres. Where we are, you see us there, wow cool it started actually coming down. It was coming down as it was um coming in because it has those sensors on right lets see if it avoids keying there and still there. The camera just went up to level on its own when it was probably about six feet, high adjusting itself going very slow. I just dont want to get too close to mess up its precision and there we go man that was as precise as ive been in a long time, so that was great and lets see. Weve got 11 battery left and ill have the flight time. Of course, as i usually do pop up on the screen – okay guys, so you can see all that you guys just booted back up.

We are back in action. The sun actually came out. Finally, its a little bit um getting evening time here, but uh were gon na put this up in the air and if we cant do any of those um advanced features because apparently theyre maybe not available right now, well just start going into the tracking and hopefully That works and well do some tracking key and running around and then well get them on the skateboard there and see if we can go around the park and see how well it avoids these trees and stuff so were gon na. Do a manual launch this time and thats going to be both sticks down and in okay, and you want to check your propellers, which i already did check complete, so wont launch after it tells you that you got to do it again starts the propellers up. So, im not going to go anywhere until you launch okay, so im just going to push up slowly, whoa. That was weird for a second there. It just had to like adjust itself. I think it was seeing those little spikes in the uh the launch pad, because i couldnt push them in all the way because the ground is so dry today. All right so were up. Im gon na go into the video and i wan na. Do the quick shots all right so with the mavic 3 guys cant do any of these quick shots like you can with the other drones.

So this is a little bit of a negative dji always does this. They release a drone early to get it out by that year of christmas and they dont finish the software. So if there is one con right now on this thing, its that incomplete software can i do hyperlapse. So this is all the stuff that i showed you earlier on the screen. You see how its saying feature coming soon, so i cant do any of this all in this right column. Here at all, i can do slow motion. It seemed but were just going to do tracking with kian see if that works at all see if we can even do tracking im, not even sure if this is going to work again, so just stay there still for a sec feature coming soon. So you cant do anything except fly it and take pictures and photos manually man what a disappointment so guys. Sorry, if you ordered this mavic 3 youre not going to be able to do any of these functions if youre a newbie at all. So what a bummer! The one thing i didnt test, though, check this out man – i totally forgot about this lets spin it around lets start recording, remember the mavic 3. Has this incredible 28 times zoom function, which uses that other camera right up in here see here on my hat cam. This camera right here does the zooming that does the picture in video, so lets get up here and since we cant do any of the features were supposed to be able to do.

Lets get up here. Kind of high maybe well use this shed here. As a point of interest, i want to show you this 28 times zoom feature so while recording cant switch to the zoom lens okay, so i guess thats. If you want to use the zoom, you have to stop recording. I want to make sure my ipad is recording all this for you guys. Yes, it is, and so you have to not be recording and then you go into the zoom, see how it um switch to explore mode 28 times. Zoom popped up on the screen there. So now it switches to the lower quality zoom camera, and here we go so you can either take your fingers like this, and you can stretch to zoom in see that and just look how far this zooms in now it does that skip. Did you see that, between, like four times and seven times, look at that that jump so thats kind of to me thats a little bit, you know to be desired, you want to have it smooth transition, so maybe they can work on something in the software, but If i keep zooming look, how close i can zoom in here, i can also move my gimbal just pushing up on that roller to get right to the corner of that shed and then im also turning the drones head just to really center in there and thats Maximum right there you see on the right over here.

It says 28 times, zoom, auto focus, and this is in the binocular mode. So pretty awesome. If you didnt didnt, want to use your fingers on the screen like this to pinch and zoom, what you can also do is you can hold function here on the controller hold it down in and then, with your left finger, rotate that gimbal control to the left. Zooms out, okay holding it all the way you see a little skip, jump kind of lame, still holding the function button going to rotate that roller to the right and that zooms in so you can rotate that as slow as you want see how its going slow Or push it all the way, and it goes thats as fast as it goes to zoom in so it looks like its a digital zoom when it gets to a certain point. It might have like four times optical, something around there. I dont know the exact specs on that, but um at least. We know that it has this cool zoom feature. Let me test this. Some of the um other dji drones. You can actually hold your finger on the screen, so im going to hold my finger right in the center and im going to move my finger from side to side that doesnt work does it. Yes, it does im. Sorry i was. I had my finger in the focus area, all right cool, so with this drone also like other ones, you can hold your finger on the screen and then you see that horizontal and vertical gauge show up, and then you can slide your finger around and what this Is doing guys is its its uh tilting the gimbal whoops cant track, tilting the gimbal up and down by just sliding your finger and lets see if itll go left and right.

That was all the way left it could go. So we have a total of a certain amount of degrees left to right, which is pretty small, looked like it was only about 10 degrees. Did you see that okay, so youre not going to be able to tilt left and right, barely at all with this camera, but at least you have that ability to do it partially in the gimbal, so the drone could just be sitting there and we could be Moving around lets see these guys skateboarding, since we cant do any tracking or orbiting or any of that stuff which im kind of disappointed about, because they need to update their software lets see if we can do some of this cool stuff um on this skatepark here. So actually i wasnt even recording lets see if we can record in this binocular mode. Okay, there we go press and record and lets see what happens if it records this to the sd card ill go ahead and have that up im just using the function key and zooming in option right now and just kind of zooming in to the skatepark. Once you get your zoom remember, you can either touch and hold the screen and move your gimbal around a little bit left right. Remember thats only like five degrees on both sides or six degrees left and right, and this is without moving. The drone at all. The gimbal is just going left and right or you can push up and down with your finger on the screen, so pretty cool that you have that option or, of course you can just use the roller without pressing the function, button to move the gimbal up and Down when you do press the function and hold it then youre, zooming in and out so lets zoom all the way in and see how much from this height of 134 feet now thats pretty zoomed pretty far in there, man thats, pretty amazing, thats, pretty cool.

Let me get a little higher so that we dont really hear this thing buzzing over. Our head, get out of the audible range of everybody. Go all the way up there and keep that um skate parking view. Remember were just hovering right around us were not were not over. The skate park in any way were just basically hovering right here in the grass directly up. So all right lets see lets zoom in here again zooming in thats cool and if you wanted to kind of zoom and move the gimbal around. At the same time, youre probably going to use let off the function and use the gimbal with your left roller and then just use your fingers. You know what i mean to like zoom in really quick, like that: okay zooming in a little bit too far, and we cant really see this guy doing tricks lets just watch them. Do a couple tricks manually kind of track them cool. So i am recording this uh. What is it what its recording in i dont know? I dont think it is the 4k because its using the other camera cool man, zoom back out and so thats. The zooming feature guys on this thing. I dont know if you guys can see that as i move my finger to the left, see that thing moving just barely and then, of course it has a full up and down control. If you wanted to use your finger Music thats all the way up, using the finger still dragging on the screen here and then you can go all the way down.

You want to center that gimbal. You double press the function button, so im going to double press. This one and look at the camera and see if it completely centers it double press, went all the way down double press all the way up, and it also brings it to center in all directions. Okay, so were going to do this guys were going to manually. Try to track kian, since, unfortunately, i know i keep saying that but kind of a bummer, the uh tracking modes, arent, even active, so im, just gon na keep it up like right in the tree tree view right here. You know, and just kind of manually do everything if you look at the level im at ill be running into those trees. If the a pass doesnt work. So here we go im just going to keep it at this height and im just going to track him manually. The best i possibly can, okay guys so lets see if it works, hes slowing down there ill tell you what im going to do im going to switch into cine mode here. I just switch the button over to cine mode and lets see what happens im, trying to track him over the tree. Its going up on its own awesome, oh thats, him way over there isnt it okay, so i didnt have to worry about the height there. It just completely avoided the obstacle, on its own, looks like somebodys wondering what hes doing im gon na come down a bit and try to see if it avoids these trees and kind of keep following him.

So its turning left and right on its own im, pushing full forward here, trying to keep up with him, maybe city mode, wasnt, the best to track him in im gon na switch back to normal and lets go down and try to hit this tree. Okay there. He is im just pushing forward its turning left on its own, not going to hit that ill. Try to get a little closer awesome get in here. Okay, im just pushing forward guys its doing everything else on its own, this isnt no skydio there. He is okay! So it did the up and down left and right all on its own, and all i had to do was steer the drone and track him, basically just pointing the head left and right as im pushing forward and moving the gimbal up and down. Ah right there. I just turned around guys. I was pointed all the way in the opposite direction of where the drone is, and i didnt see any video hiccup whatsoever. So lets continue to track him. Hes, just gon na do a loop, basically doing good ken doing good seems a little washed out to me. I dont know you guys be the judge of this, but um. I think it turns this way there. He is speed up a little bit. So remember: im not touching any height right now. If it hits a tree, it hits a tree im just steering the head and going straight its moving up and down on its own.

It looks like it went under those trees on that hill coming up a little while ago, it went under those trees on its own because it was already pretty low okay. So this is kind of a steep hill hes going down ill, try to go to the right a little so im not so. This is where the uh talent comes in. If you can fly diagonally manually and track somebody because come on dji, your tracking is not working on your new mavic 3. Yet, can you get that working cool so not gon na fly over those people? Okay, awesome, oh looks like he might be done, keep going. I guess ill bring it a little lower. This time into the tree level looks like he wants to just keep going its moving up on its own a bit. It senses the obstacle and its going up on its own can kind of see him through the trees. There there he is, that was a pretty good track, so definitely want it in normal mode. So i have the speed here to track him. There we go. That was a good track, just gon na kind of keep it at this height. It looks like he just wants to keep going so kind of keep letting them go. I went down a little bit just want to see what this thing will do, so you can hear that beeping. That means it sees. Okay, thats starting and stopping is just my right thumb yep, so it went up into the left a little on its own cool, so thats thats.

The reason why the um, auto tracking, is so cool when its gon na be working, see what it does with this tree, yeah its just sensing everything now its going way up on its own up and over and i lose them there. He is let him get a little ahead and well do more of a sideways track like this cool. So what i was saying was, with the auto tracking guys, im, not sure how it would have done through the trees, but it may have tried to keep them in sight and got around so it could see them. But with the auto tracking, you have the ability to do orbits and track at different angles and its really hard to do that manually. I mean ive been flying for years and i cant even do that. You know what i mean, so this is kind of as good as i can get just kind of clicking on him, making sure the focus and the exposure is as good as it can be so im just gon na maintain gokey and go just doing the same Route, i watch. If i pull down here, i have my stick all the way down and it is not letting me run into this tree. Okay, so hes gon na go on this other track. It seems i dont really wan na fly over any people, so ill. Keep it kind of high do kind of a high track? Okay, there he is remember normal mode and now theres no really obstacles to avoid right now, but im just trying to see just really how precise and smooth i can track him.

Of course, hes slowing down for people, which is always good and courteous. You know if youre on a walking path and youre on a skateboard or a bike, its always good to just give the people that are walking um the benefit of the doubt there. He is so im just keeping it kind of high and not flying over people in this area. You know what i mean just out of courtesy: nobody in the tennis court there bringing the gimbal back down to center on him, so just a manual track guys. So i hope dji can get their act together and get these basically all of the advanced features working at least the obstacle avoidance and everything seems to be working good, but uh. You know they really need to get that other stuff working lets maintain a track on him there. He goes well try to do a frontal track manually, so just trying to keep that its kind of cool. How that focused reticle. That orange thing is right in the middle, so at least you know where you want that to be on the subject. You know, even if youre kind of manually tracking anyway, so the suns coming down and the suns really shining on him right now its about. I dont know 5 p.m. Sun is setting in the sky. Well, he looks like hes done so awesome man. What well do is, i think, were gon na finish it up and im gon na just do a um im gon na fly out here a ways wow.

The camera came down on its own when i went forward. I put it all the way: high well theres, the sunset everybodys watching, looking pretty nice good job kian. That was awesome. Man was it fun mats in your throat insect problems, maximum flight altitude reached okay, so man we oh geez. We only have like three minutes left to fly, probably because im going out there so hardcore all right, im gon na press return to home, guys um. I think i pressed the hardware button here last time: im gon na press the software button there and then you just have to hold in return to home here until you hear the beeping so lets not let this thing return to home and i think thats going To wrap it up for this long review, i know that was probably over an hour, but at least you guys know how this things working. They do need to update to make a lot of these advanced functions, work actually pretty much. All of them remember. I can tilt the camera up and down when its returning home and i like how, when the a pass is on it, comes down at an angle instead of just going super high and then coming straight down. It actually comes down at a cool angle, wow. So really, okay doing all that stuff. It got kind of tweaked off of its launch point, so you see where its gon na land that time landing in the grass okay guys so well, stop recording and i guess thats going to be it well test the slo mo when they activate those other functions.

Uh, so we have more to do on the uh. I guess well call that advanced function, test of the mavic 3 video. So as far as deviation from its launch point, i know i did launch what could be influencing it is. I did launch manually and remember. I didnt go up to a height of like 30 feet, so the cameras were just kind of right here, looking at the landing pad, and then i started to move away. So it looks like that. Might impact it quite a bit. So if you really want to have that precision landing work really well make sure you fly up about 30 feet, and you know what i want to do. I want to test that one last time i want to try manually launch again, like i did last time and see if yeah, maybe it has problems with the obstacle avoidance or something could have been the a pass but im just gon na fly up to you Know 30 feet, like i did before when i auto launched right here: bring the camera down im. Just gon na fly. Um fly straight back to that park where theres nobody at over there right about here so were not in the road. Okay and it auto initiated return to home perfect, you see that pop up on the screen so im just going to leave the camera pointing down and lets see if its any better at precision landing.

Now that i went up that higher altitude in uh manual launch mode sd card, full, perfect timing brings the camera up on its own there we go well thats better. That is exactly where it lifted off. Maybe just a couple inches this way, just barely okay, guys. Well, there you have it fantastic um lets, go through a little pros and cons with the mavic 3. things that are really awesome. Super quiet, its got these rubberized tips here on the propellers, so itll help from injury, and i think possibly these are actually making it. Maybe a little quieter that rubber is is acting as like a sound dampener. Maybe, and so you dont hear that higher pitch buzzing, its like a very low pitch, the sensors worked fantastic, so all of the sensors one thing we didnt test is the upward sensors. I didnt really go under any trees and try to go up, but it actually did on its own when keon was riding on the back side of the park over there, and it actually went in between that fence. The trees and those houses were on the left. It chose to go under the trees, and so it would have been using these top sensors here to check if the trees were in the way. While i was just pushing forward that a pass was doing all that on its own, so that would work fantastic. The zoomable camera here that was pretty cool uses an entire different camera for the zooming looks like most of it is digital zoom, but it does have a little bit of optical zoom.

That skipping remember between like four and seven times, zoom was kind of irritating. Hopefully they can smooth that out with some updates. You guys be the judge of how good that camera looked in auto mode, actually, both of them. I was just auto doing all that really cool how you can zoom move the gimbal left and right with your finger on the screen, pretty cool drone. I think the most intriguing feature for me is how long this thing can fly, how quiet it is and how compact and kind of lightweight this whole thing is getting just extremely stable and it just seems like every drone they come out with. It. Just gets more and more precise as far as hovering landing stopping speed, how the a pass works, avoiding obstacles and all that stuff i like how they you know, change the tone a little bit. This one has a little bit of different tones even in their app. The tones have changed a little. It seems like its a little more pleasing than um the past mavics and the phantoms. So anyway, the big con guys was that none of those advanced features the quick shots, the active track. None of that tracking worked even the panoramic time lapse. None of that stuff worked yet for the mavic 3, so were gon na hit that in the uh next review, when they enable those, but in the meantime, were gon na do a full on range test.

With this thing, where i normally do my range test take, it way the heck out there and since this thing can fly for almost 40 minutes now, and it has the new ocusync on this thing, i imagine that were gon na get probably as far as weve Ever gone with the mavic 3.