Gon na be my first experience with the mavic after using uh several variations of the phantom the last few years and really excited about it and cant wait to give it a test: spin, Music Applause down, Music, Music, Music, all right heres, your tablet, holder, awesome. First, look at the brand new released mavic 3 Music ive been playing phantom for so many years. No, its really easy. What would you call the maverick like everybody else? Its called a drum just call it a drone. Oh, the mavericks are side by side and they cost about 10 times what this costs anyway, before i open this and give a uh shout out to uh to farm space, got guys from farm space here they who i have done all my grown business with over The years they provide sales support, most importantly, service and uh definitely utilize the service part, because i tend to be part of my drones. No were located in friendship, tennessee, you all want to yall interested in the full support or full customer support on drones. Give them a holler whats, a good phone number Music. Oh just check the website at fss.ventures, fss dot ventures been like christmas morning. Im wrapping a present here, all right after unpacking everything and sorting through everything. I guess were ready to begin review uh before that. I just want to state im, not a professional drone operator im, just a farmer from west tennessee. I do have pretty extensive experience with the phantom series.

I think ive had five different phantoms uh, going anywhere from the phantom 3 professional. All the way to the phantom 4 v2o ive used the uh, an older mavic air, a little bit too so basically were going to be comparing my experience with this to those. So i havent operated a lot of others so when making your purchasing decisions, just keep that in mind im going to give you an honest assessment of what i of what i like and dont like about about this drone. But again i have limited experience with a bunch of different types of drones, all right to get started here. What you see on the table is what is all is included in the fly more package available for three thousand dollars: a controller drone. Three batteries battery charging hub nd filters, ranging from an nd4 all the way to an nd32. This is what is considered the portable charger uh plugs into any standard. Usb outlet. Weve got several different cords here. That connect the controller to your phone or tablet got two extra sets of propellers here. Extra set of control sticks. This is the gimbal holder to me, looks more like a dog muzzle, but it is what it is and also we got this carrying case here, which is really neat, really looks like high quality. I mean heavy fabric. Everything Music has its own own compartment in there, and i really like this, and this actually got backpack straps, so it transforms into a backpack too.

So uh looks like most. All of this stuff is pretty high quality and really everything that you need to get started, except for one thing there is no sd card included in this package. I dont know why i mean youre paying three thousand dollars for a drone. You think they could include a 20 or 30 dollar sd card. Also, this drone uses the dgi fly app, not the dji go app. The fly app is more of a. I say its a stripped down version of the go app. I played around a little bit with it here, while i was waiting for stuff to charge up its going to take some getting used to. I dont really like it as much as the go app. I think the go app gives you more options. More functionality. I mean im just used to navigating it im sure with time and experience ill get to ill get pretty good with this fly. But my initial impression is, i dont care for the fly app as much as the go lap, starting out with the controller here. Uh. Several things i like it doesnt have any external antennas that can bang against stuff and get broke off. You got your control sticks nice. Little storage compartment here keeps them from getting broke off uh. The controller has a pretty good ergonomic, feel uh feels solid and sturdy and then uh. One other thing that i do like about this controller uh, this switch here, you can go from a tripod mode to normal to sport, which, on the phantoms to go into tripod mode, which we use a lot out in the out in the field youd have to Tap on the menu and scroll through to get to tripod mode, whereas right here i can quickly select that switch and its in tripod mode, which i like now thats, where my likes of this controller end for your device mount.

You got this right here, which will only support a phone. Uh no tablet will be can be supported. I did get this accessory here for my tablet and yeah i mean it works okay, a little its a little clunky, but now i can have my full full size tablet here, but my tablet right now is dead. So well just leave. Well just leave this off. One other thing i do like about this controller is: it comes with a supplied cord right here say and when you and when youre, just when youre transporting the controller, your cord is always in here, so you dont have to remember to bring an extra cord or, Like me not always having to hunt for you know an iphone cord whatever now to get your device in here, its kind of cumbersome its not too hard, but you cant necessarily do it with one hand like i could, with my with my phantom pull that out, Then plug this in now, what i do like about this notice im just on my home screen on my phone power up, your controller, have it plugged into your phone, and it automatically brings up the app you dont have to scroll through your menu or whatever it Automatically brings up the app, so i definitely do like that part. It makes it a little bit more speedy, whereas you had to waste time wait, whereas you had to waste a little bit time getting your phone into the holder, you plug it in and it brings up that so that does save will save a little bit of Time there and when were shooting out on the farm and out in the field generally were trying to get set up to go real, quick to get a specific shot or whatever.

So anything that saves us set up time to actually get up and flying and taking video uh ill. I like so once i get the phone in here i mean i like i like the way it looks, and everything is just actually getting my phone mounted into the holder im, not too crazy about now. These batteries here supposed to offer is advertised. I think 46 minutes of flight time, i think around 40 or 42 minutes of hovering time, thats uh significantly more than the phantom, the phantom i was running advertised. I think around 30 minutes of flight time in reality about 22 to 24 minutes, is what we got so ill test the the flight time on these uh the charging time. I went ahead and ive already ive already charged one battery on this hub right here and the hub right here definitely charges the batteries a whole lot quicker than the mobile charger. Here i have not tested how long it took to hook to charge with a mobile charger, but i have charged a little bit with it and it is definitely a lot slower compared to the hub. But this battery right here was completely dead. No lights would even blink up from from from the factory, and it took uh right at an hour to go from zero percent to 98 charge level. So uh not really a whole lot longer charging time than what the phantom batteries that i was used to an hour charging for 46 minutes of flight time.

I dont think is very unreasonable at all. Now, of course, straight out of the box, there was a firmware upgrade as soon as i powered all this up. There was firmware upgrades you had to do. I think 327 megabytes took about 10 minutes to get the firmware upgraded. We got one battery charged and then we got the app installed on our phone had to go through all the different promotions of asking me. If i want the dji care package, blah blah blah the offer tutorials, all the crap that i dont need took a few minutes to get through all that junk and get to the actual app and start playing around with this. But anyway, weve done all of that. Weve charged one battery, i think its time to take to the skies and see what this thing will do all right just a few hours ago when they showed up with this drone, it was drizzling overcast, but anyway the cold front has moved through and uh beautiful Day we do have some wind picked up, which is probably picking up on the microphone a little bit so lets. Try it out and see what the see what the picture looks like all right guys, im back, i had to go put on my wireless mic because of the wind out here: didnt wind noise on the video, but anyway uh one of the problems i knew i Was going to have with this uh mavic 3 compared with the phantom series, is the ground clearance with the legs? As you can see, you dont have much in the way of legs and ground clearance.

So right now i mean right here. Right here were on gravel. No problem at all, however, were typically out in the field with these, and we have crop residue grass other stuff. So we got some grass right here. You cant take off right. There i mean the propellers would be turned into a lawnmower. So definitely one thing i dont like about this. I know you kind of got to have it for the compact folding package, but uh its different. Its definitely going to be a negative, a little more, but its definitely going to be a negative were going to work around. I think they do make leg extensions for this, so im gon na have to look into that all right. We got our drone here, got a freshly charged battery, see four lights blinking on the indicator, and another thing i like about this drone over the phantom is the battery its got a really positive feel on the engagement, whereas my phantom, not necessarily so sometimes it just Didnt want to engage good and you get a warning on the screen that the batterys not installed properly. So do like that part. All right, i think, were ready to go. Do some flying part of my controller here, the app automatically pops open shows were at 97 percent battery time lets see what the time is. 2 13. pre flight check, everythings normal. We are ready to take off, got all my camera settings all right lets see what well do all right, probably just another warning pop up check, propeller installation, its getting a guide on how to make sure its all done.

Theyre all good check complete. Finally, take off all right its pretty windy out here id say: we got winds between 10 15 miles an hour, this cold front that just came through Music. All right, i want to check and make sure the sensors are working correctly. Yeah thats, as far as it is thats as close as itll get to the building. All right, i got ta say just based upon what im seeing on my phone here. The video quality seems great. The gimbal is very, very stable. All right were getting a max speed of 33.5 miles an hour with the wind lets fly into the wind and see if that slows it down much. The now im recording everything in the normal uh dji color, whatever ill, probably normally record in d log, to be able to do better, color, editing in adobe premiere, but right now what youre seeing is the noise is a normal color mode. All right lets speed. It up to sport mode and see what kind of speed we get almost 44 miles an hour in sport mode now, thats flying with the wind, though lets turn around and fly against. The wind in sport mode were getting 33 miles an hour flying into the wind. Also, we do not have an nd filter on this right now were just using the ive got the ev value set at the negative 0.7, but everything else shutter, speed iso is all of that is set to automatic lets.

Get a video of this maple tree. In my front yard, all right lets turn it to tripod mode, which is city mode, thats, a slow speed, very smooth, controlling now tripod mode. On the phantoms, i think i was limited to about five miles, an hour max which trying to keep up with equipment in the field wasnt fast enough. So then youd have to go to normal mode, which your control is not near as fine tuning. Now, in this tripod mode looks like we can get up to about 10 miles an hour, but still have real good control of the camera to make nice even movements, which should allow us to keep up with the equipment in the field but still be able. You know considering im, not a professional operator still give me plenty of you know good, find control to get real to get really smooth shots. All right lets test the uh altitude, all right, heres, the view at a thousand feet and im just taking a quick panoramic view and going to drop it right back down stunning quality, very happy with the video quality and the trend, the transmission quality from the drone Back to my controller seems to be quite a bit better than it was over. The phantom model now im going to test out the range on it between the controller and the drone uh were in west tennessee, so theres plenty of uh theres plenty of trees. That can block transmission signal, so were gon na fly over to a neighboring farm.

That was just at the maximum reach of my phantom controller and see if we can get a little bit farther with this before we start losing signal. All right were at the neighboring farm right here were showing three bars on the rc controller, and this was this was at the absolute maximum range of my old phantom. All right were starting to lose a little bit of video transmission quality, so i think the distance between this controller and the mavic compared to my phantom controller and the phantom 4 vto, probably got a little bit farther realistic distance being able to control the drone away From where youre at not much farther id say, maybe a 10th of a mile more, of course, this is all dependent on conditions. The wind is blowing away from us, which might have some kind of effect on the radio transmission. So i definitely say you get a little bit of greater distance with this than over the phantom, maybe not significantly greater, but definitely a little bit better. Now we raise the altitude on up to 400 feet and were able to go out quite a bit farther id say right now, im about two miles away from my present location. All right right now were over two miles away from my present location and video transmission is fine, were flying at about 400 feet and the controls. Fine. The video transmission is find with the wind blowing away from us towards the drone.

So i think the i think the range on this is definitely better than the phantom all right. I can still control the drone. I can still go farther away, but uh i dont want to push the limits on the first day, all right flying back home into a pretty stiff wind im, really impressed with the gimbal. The gimbal is rock steady, whereas, when faced with strong air resistance, the one on the phantom just would not hold this position. Itd get a little jittery, uh might even uh tilt might even tilt down, whereas this one is rock steady. This is the most smooth fluid video ive ever shot with a drone. I mean its just absolutely beautiful all right. I want to play around with the second camera on there, which is the zoom camera right here right now. The drone is a distance of 676 feet away from me. Im right there in the center of the screen 676 feet away. Lets try zooming in here. Let me reposition a little bit all right, thats zoomed in at four times right there, seven times reposition a little bit more 14 times, zoom 28 times zoom, so its looking uh zoomed in 28 times with the telescopic camera is a little a little grainy on what Im, seeing here on here, i dont know what the actual video is going to look like want to download the footage, but still the zoom capabilities are extremely impressive. Lets try playing around with the focus any see if that has anything to do with it.

Im just gon na leave it on automatic focus, thats the better and then zoom back out. So this is where we are right now, thats, where the drone is and then zoomed in so definitely very impressive on the zoom capabilities there. All right right here were just going to try that tripod mode again cinematic see how steady i can be again im, not a professional drone operator by any means. I got trees behind me that im worried about hitting i dont, i dont trust the sensors when it comes to when it comes to leaves on the trees, all right, the storage space on board. The drone is already full. We were shooting everything at 4k 40. We were shooting everything at 4k, 60 frames per second, and so were at uh 24 battery level, like i said, weve been flying in high winds today, weve been in sport mode, a lot testing the altitude and the distance range of it. So i mean all those are going to eat up battery, pretty quick id say really only about 10 percent of our flight time has been shooting under what i would consider normal conditions so were going to let it hover here until it gets down to 20 percent And then land it Music. So what just watching that gimbal man, that thing is rock steady. You see that wind really buffed into the drone a little bit there, but the the image is. I mean rock steady on my phone here all right, thats, a 19 battery level lets go ahead and land it Music Applause, all right.

We took off at 213, it is 2 35. So we got 22 minutes flight time out of that battery. We could go on a little bit longer if we pushed the push the battery drain a little bit more, but i dont i dont like to do that. So we got 22 minutes of flight time under extremely strenuous flying conditions. So not bad, i mean uh. We would only get about 22 to 25 minutes out of just normal flying conditions out of our phantom, so we definitely got an extended flight time with the mavic 3. uh dont know if ill be able to do were going to have wind for a few days. So i dont know if ill be able to test out the normal flight time before i uh make this video, but overall im really impressed so far. So its a little bit chilly out here, i dont – have any zoning sleeves lets, get back here in the office and ill do my final conclusions on this drone all right after sitting down and taking some notes just to get all my thoughts organized here, uh give A summary of my likes and dislikes of this drone. I start off with the start, with the good news. First uh i like that its always got a cord with it right here, uh, never having to remember to bring a cord or hunt for a cord that works its always its always in there.

I really like how this camera and gimbal is recessed up in the frame. Gives you a little bit more protection in the event of an accident, whereas the one on my phantom was just hanging down and if you crashed, that was the first thing to go and obviously thats the most expensive thing to replace. You know almost the cost of a drone to get the gimbal and the camera fix. So i like that added added bit of protection protection there overall the fit and feel of everything i mean it feels nice and solid and well made, which is what i would expect from my phantom, whereas the uh my experience with the earlier versions of the the Mavic or mavic minis, just it just kind of felt, flimsy and cheaply made, but the fit and feel of this really feels good and solid uh. I love the carrying case here. Real heavy really well designed gives you multiple configuration options, carry everything you need out in the boondocks. I love the fact that weve got a longer flight time, even though we werent flying under ideal conditions. Today we were flying under very stressful conditions. Uh. We still had what i would consider a definitely a longer flight time over the phantom. Still, i still really dont know the true capabilities of the of the battery, because we were streamlessly testing out the testing out the drone today. But i was impressed with a you know: 22 23 minute flight time under high winds and high speeds the batteries.

While they give you longer flight time, they really dont take any longer to charge than what my phantom batteries did. I do love the option of the dual cameras here. You know the regular camera and then the telephoto one, even though we probably really wont use the telephoto one much for what we shoot. I still like the addition of it. You know you never know when you might need it uh. I love the fact that we dont have any external antennas on here, like we did, the phantom controller less liable for damage break off, whatever gives it a more compact design, a better feel the range on this thing. I love the range we really didnt test out. The full capabilities of the range, but the range definitely seems to be improved over the phantom which all which it already had a very good range. So when youre in the topography like what were at a lot of hills, tree lines, whatever uh getting range for shooting, far off and the train video transmission back to your mobile device, i thought was excellent. I love the fact that when you hook your mobile device up and power, your controller up that uh, the mobile device automatically opens up the dji fly app, which can get you up and flying a little bit quicker there. I love the fact that this one now shoots 4k at 60 frames per second uh. Its actually got a five. Its actually got a 5k camera on it.

My main hold up on switching to the mavic series earlier was that the mavic 2 would only shoot 4k at 30 frames per second and well. We need 60 frames per second in order to be in order to do slow motion so thats. Why we stuck with the phantom series for so long, but now that uh, that limitation is removed, and this one gives stunning video quality at the resolutions and frame rates that i need im really pleased with that. Now on to the bad news, what i dont like not a big fan of the phone holder here, or at least im – not a big fan of actually getting my phone into the phone phone holder once its here, its uh, its fine. I like it, but with it being spring loaded, its just kind of cumbersome getting it in here. I cant do with one hand like i could, with my old phantom uh controller, so really not a big fan of that. I dont like the fact that, with what this comes with, you cant fit a tablet in here you got to buy a extra accessory like this in order to be able to in order to be able to fit a tablet on here which uh you know for Three thousand dollars you kind of expect something like that to come with it, not a fan of the dji fly app now granted. I dont have very much experience with it.

Uh functionality is okay. I just dont feel like that. Ive got all the options that i that i would like to switching between your different frame rates and trying to adjust shutter speed to your iso. All that kind of stuff is a little bit more cumbersome than with the dji go app and i havent been through the complete menu or everything and some of the stuff that maybe im expecting maybe its maybe its there, and i just havent, found it yet. But im just not a big fan of the of the fly app again im: im 42 years old now and im and in my advanced age ive gotten to i dont like change as much so maybe thats, maybe thats part of it but uh. The flab just feels like a stripped down version of the go app and for me i, like i like more options and i like easily accessible options. So my opinion on the fly up may change with more use. But at this time im just not a big fan of it again, not a big fan of the ground clearance. Here you see, you know you can take off from pavement. Fine, you can take off from gravel fine, but anything other than that got ta figure. I dont mind to carry a bucket around with me or a flat pad, or something im, probably going to look into some leg: extensions for this uh, so out of the box for where were shooting at, like, i said on the farm, finding good places to take Off and land this thing is gon na, be a little bit more difficult than it was with my phantom and my last gripe, its a minor one, but it doesnt come with an sd card.

I mean paying three thousand dollars for this. They couldnt throw in a twenty thirty dollar sd card. In there i mean really it just doesnt make any sense in this day and age. Now it does come with. I said eight gigabytes of onboard storage, but you know eight gigabytes its only gon na get you about 10 minutes worth of footage and just me just testing out the drone on one flight. We used all that up. So i like, i do like the onboard storage, but i mean come on djis put a sd card in there. They dont cost that much, but over overall i love this drone. So far, i only got one flight time very limited experience with it, but i like what i see and i think its going to be a very good drone for us for a long time as long as i dont get stupid and crash it, which ive done With my other drums, im im im hard on my equipment. I use it well overall, if youre looking for, i mean really good, really good video a well made product. I think this is definitely a good drone to go with there theres. Definitely a lot cheaper options out there, but i mean if you want quality, you got ta, you got ta pay for it and i think thats what we got right here in this uh in this pro in this product, so anyway uh, hopefully this uh.

I know this drone was just released, so theres not a lot of stuff out there about the mavic 3, but uh. Hopefully, after watching this, you got a little bit better idea of what youre actually getting and what you can expect from the performance of it and hopefully itll aid you in your buying decisions. So i know this is a little bit different video than what we normally put out. You know normally its just agricultural farming videos. So if that kind of stuff interests, you be sure to check out our other videos on the on the channel again, i cant – i cant, recommend farm space enough for the quality of service that they for the quality of service that they give me. When i crashed my last drone, the phantom 4 v2o, you know i talked with them about about my options and they said that the mavic 3 would do everything i need to do and it was being released in about a month. So they thought that that was my best option and they got in touch with their supplier and as soon as this drone was released, they had one shipped out coming our way, as you saw they actually drove out to my shop and uh. Helped me help me get it set up kind of explained a few things about it and theyve always been real great on on any kind of service that i needed, or any kind of technical expertise that ive needed with my drone so again go to their website.