. Now this drone is packed with some amazing features and an even more amazing camera and i think, really thats going to be the bit all of you, photographers and videographers out. There are going to be dying to hear about so lets start by telling you all about this little thing. This is actually a dual camera, but the main one is the hasselblad l2d 20c, which is a 20.3 megapixel. Four thirds inch cmos sensor camera now that has a 24 mil uh sort of equivalent focal length. So in terms of shooting its nice and wide, you can get some beautiful landscapes, but its not so wide that you kind of lose some of the detail. Some of these ultra wide lenses that you see, although they look cool for some shots, you can lose a little bit of whats happening in the scene. So i quite like that 24 mil equivalent focal length. It also has the vision, detect, af system in here, which i found to be really accurate now in terms of flight time, with this ive tried my best, but they released it in winter in britain. So what youre going to do weve had some pretty windy conditions. We have had some lovely sunlight coming through and that gave us a chance to shoot some of this video and images, and they basically show off the incredible dynamic range you get from this, which is 12.8 stops now in terms of the video spec thats, very impressive, Too, you can shoot 5.

1 k at 30p or you can shoot dci, so cinema 4k and thats up to 120 frames per second. So that is really really nice. You get some beautiful footage. I think its far more likely were going to be shooting in that 4k. So many computers cant even deal with things like 5.1 k at the moment, but the 4k 120 frames per second thats. I think thats really nice. You can also shoot in 10 bit d log as well, which is their very flat profile, and it just allows you to do a lot more with the colors in post. If you fancy grading everything, instead of just letting the camera, do its thing id like to point out which version of this drone i actually have now, i was given the fly more bundle to test which has this drone in it, which is the standard mavic 3. It also has the standard controller and the nice rucksack bag ill. Show you all in a minute. The important thing to know is about what is actually inside these drones, because there is also a cine version. Now the drones themselves are exactly the same things like the avoidance and the you know how big it is and all that exactly the same, no difference the difference comes with the type of recording you can do, and some of the features that are built in to Make that easier for you now with the cine version, you can get apple, prores, 422 hq encoding and that generates files at 3772 megabytes per second, which is a huge huge data transfer rate.

Now, bearing that in mind, the cine version also comes with a built in one terabyte ssd and its a good job. I think, to be honest, the port that is with it and it comes with a special cable as well allows you to transfer data off of the drone at 10 gigabytes per second, so those huge files, although you may have a nightmare processing them getting them off Of the drone is not going to be a problem for you, in contrast to that, the standard version that i have here has just an eight gigabyte built in memory and you can use microsd cards now. Ive never found a problem with this, but to be honest, that gives you an idea of how youre going to be thinking about these two drones. There is a significant price difference between them, so it just allows you to judge what youre going to want. Theres. No difference in the camera its just about what you can do with it in terms of the filming capability, i did say this was dual camera and both the standard version and the cine version are exactly the same in this manner. The second camera is an explore. Camera it gives you up to 28 times zoom when youre in the app. All you have to do is click the little binoculars which enables explore mode, and you can then zoom in up to 28 times to kind of scout your location. Now the the quality is questionable up at the 28 times, but it does allow you to see whats about heres an example of the church behind me its very far away.

But it did allow me to zoom in quite far, and i think this is a really good mode for if youre trying to scout wildlife – and you dont want to get too close, because we know that can be really disturbing, not great for wildlife at all. So it does allow you to do that without getting too close, and if this is used at all in search and rescue, i think it could be really good for that as well, because it does mean you dont have to fly the drones over. It can actually just sort of be in the air and pivot around at 28 times, which is great now in terms of the quality i found seven times, zoom to be kind of the best quality in that zoom range and thats still quite a lot to work With so, i think its so useful having those dual cameras just makes this drone incredibly versatile. Just like a lot of the other dji drones out there, this one is feature packed. You can set flight paths in the app you can set it to active track. You theres a ton of different things. You can do to get really beautiful, looking footage without having to do too much. However, do remember sometimes with a drone of this size, things dont always go smoothly. Things can go wrong at the drop of a hat, so i would suggest practicing so that if you dont have any of that help turned on, you can still fly this safely to get it home, as always with dji.

Their drones have a massive focus on safety, and the mavic 3 is no different. Weve got an advanced return to home feature, which basically means if you lose signal. It should return to home, to the exact point that you set as your return to home. Ive always found this great in the other drones theyve done not sure how it could get much better, but apparently it has so good times im not going to test that because thats stupid im not going to drop the signal out, but the return to home when Ive actually clicked it and let it come back to me its worked perfectly well now. This drone is covered in sensors and the object avoidance is fantastic. Now. That is something i will test on these drones. You can set in the menu system of the app whether you want the drone to just break or whether you want it to actually go around the object. Now, on this one, i decided to put it as break, and i did the highest risk thing that i could do, which was to fly at my own head now in normal mode. That worked fantastically well. It breaks as soon as it got close to me and my thumb was fully on the throttle pushing forward and it would not go good. However, i did forget it doesnt work in sports mode. It turns off object, collision avoidance um, so i had to duck so im telling you now object.

Collision avoidance, doesnt work in sports mode, dont, try and use it dont be as stupid as i am, depending on which version of the mavic 3 you buy. You get a different remote now with the standard and the fly more bundles. You just get. The rc m1 remote were very used to seeing this its been with loads of dji drones, its the one where this pops up you put your phone in there connect it up, use your app to fly the drone to see what youre doing its a nice remote Charge it by usbc im pretty happy with this, but the cine version comes with a remote which has the screen built in which id love to show you, but they didnt send it to me. So sorry about that heres, a stock image for you to take a look at. I think that would be quite nice to have. Personally, however, i wouldnt have the usage for the cine drone. It wouldnt be worth the money for me, so i really think the difference ones not better than the other right, the difference between the cine and the standard versions, whether you get the standard or the fly, more bundle whatever you fancy is really about your need for The drone, what you actually need it to do, what you want it to do and i think, to be honest, im really happy with this type of remote. I like that. I have the phone separate if i need it, so there are pluses and negatives to both but its something to be aware of, because if that annoys you already, the cine version might be something you want to look at.

Ive had some pretty wild weather whilst trying to fly the mavic 3. I even took it on my actually my own holiday to scotland to try and get some footage, and i got it up once without there being a terrible weather for it to contend with the last time i took it out, it was at the beach. It was a really nice day. It was really clear and open, but it was quite windy. Now the mavic 3 does have level 5 wind resistance, which is great thats up to 26.3 miles an hour and the speed the drone can actually fly out is 47 miles. An hour so when i took it out the other day, it was really blowy and i didnt really have any issues. There was a few times where i could see it fighting with the wind a little bit which, when i put it back and took it down, but most of the time it was really still and even when it was being buffeted, and it was struggling a little Bit those motors and that gimbal works a charm and the footage is beautifully smooth. So i think, depending on your usage for this youre, going to have quite a few times, you can fly it because the weather is going to be less of a problem than weve. Seen in other drones, however, do bear in mind. You know you do need to keep visual line of sight, especially on a day when its a bit blowy, because its the only way for you to figure out if a gust of wind is fighting with it.

A little bit too much the thing im, probably most impressed with with the mavic 3, is the flight time. Now these batteries are fantastic. The flymo bundle that ive got came with three of them and it also comes with a charger that you can just plug into the wall and it has space for all three of those batteries. So when you come home from a shoot, theres no getting up halfway through the night to swap your batteries over its plug it into the wall, and it will charge all three which i love now, the flight time you get out of. One of these is 46 minutes, which is brilliant, so with those three batteries in your flywheel bundle, you can go out shooting for ages with no problems at all, and i really really like that. Let me give you a quick rundown of whats in the fly. More bundle, obviously, you can find all this info on the website pop links in the description, so you can find this the standard version and the cine as well but ill just show you the bits im impressed with so obviously came with the drone and controller id. Be a bit annoyed if it didnt, but it does also come in this really nice carry case, which you can either have a shoulder, strap working on, you can carry the handle or you can do a bit of unzipping and turn it into a rucksack these straps Come round the front here, it has a zip at the top and you can fill this with a jumper or whatever you need, and then you just unbuckle these and then here is your drone, its fantastic.

I really really like the design of this bag. I mean ive had drones in the past that the bags have just been dire, but this one is lovely, and i really really like it now in here. Weve got a really nice area for the drone to sit in its padded, but its not too tight. So you dont have that thing of every time you put it in youre a bit worried about if youre doing any damage, and then weve got a couple of compartments where weve got our extra batteries and, more importantly, weve got this not more importantly, its not more Important at all, the batteries are way more important, but i do like this in this little case. We have the nd filters which just snap onto the front of the camera and that all comes in the fly, more bundle, which is really really nice and it all fits very neatly into this bag with a bit of spare room. So you can pop your breakfast in here if youd like to find out more information on the new mavic 3 then make sure to take a look at our website ill pop, a link in the description, so its easy for you to find it can do so. So much we couldnt cover everything in this video, hopefully well get it back in warmer climes nearer the spring, when we can get some lovely footage for you guys. If youd like to ask me a question, then make sure to put a comment below id love to know your thoughts on this drone or anything dji related.

Hopefully, you found this video helpful.