So this is very exciting to open up this secret mystery, to show to you guys, of course, by the time you see, this youll obviously know what it is. So at the time of filming this, its a secret shh, so theres going to be two versions of the mavic 3. So theres going to be the regular version and then theres the cine version, which will allow you to record directly to the drone with a one terabyte solid state drive and youll be able to record prores 422.. The other thing to note is these will now fly for about 46 minutes, its kind of crazy to think about where we started from with dji drones and drones in general battery life was such a crucial part of it, and the fact that we can now get All of this technology inside of this drone and be able to fly for about 46 minutes im excited. Oh, this looks like its got like a nice little case, whoa, look at you Music. This is a big case. This is like this is this: is nice hello? This is a nice fabric. What the heck look at you! This has got like these nice little clips on the side. This is premium whats in here theres all kinds of secret, little compartments – oh my god! Oh my! This hold the hold the roll. This turns into a backpack what in the world? What kind of magician nonsense is this? Oh – and this even has this little zip right here, so you can put this onto like your luggage im already impressed with the bag.

I havent even got to the drone. Yet oh whoa, look at this what the heck this is. So this looks like something out of star wars like this looks like darth vader like if he had a pet. This would be his pet. Its got this cool little interlocking system to keep the blades all in place for travel. Okay, weve got a couple more boxes here. Just gon na take out everything. Look at this incredible bag im so impressed with this bag. I cant get over. It looks like we have a new battery design, all right, that is everything out of this incredible modular bag. What a great idea wow, whoever designed this freaking, give them a raise. Let them know that they did a great job and i appreciate them and if you are a part of that team that worked on the bag, i need you to send this to your boss and be like justine says we need a raise and, if theyre not Going to give you a raise at least demand, they buy you dinner pizza, something anything give them a gift. Give them a trophy. Send me their address ill. Send you a trophy! Oh look at this new little charger. I like this a lot it has the built in adapter, just like so usbc. This is freaking. Nice i feel like dji is killing it recently with all of their new innovations, keep up the good work Music, what the heck! Why does this look so good? Look at this its like got a little its like a little belt like a little suspenders like little overalls.

This thing looks vicious look at this beast. Mavic 3. You have really outdone yourself. Oh my goodness! This has two cameras on it. Look at this okay! This has a dual camera system. This is wild, so the four thirds sensor is the hasselblad camera, which can shoot up to 5.1 k. But then you have the telephoto lens, which can shoot 7x optical 28x with digital and 4k 30. holy moly im, not even sure how to process this, but im currently processing it, and i cannot wait to take this thing outside and fly Music also have a few Other accessories here in this box, oh my gosh weve got some extra props. Just in case, you never know additional cables depending upon what type of phone you have weve got: the micro usb and the usbc additional usb c cable for charging and the multi battery charging dock and heres. What the new batteries look like. I feel like these are kind of closer to what the fpv drone batteries look like love that they have a nice little docking station. Oh look at this. I almost threw this away theres nd filters. Dont forget about those. These are crucial to your droning experience. I wonder what these look like, because we have the dual cameras. Like look at that freaking color me impressed. I forgot i cant wait to go outside the one thing that i wish that they would have done with this controller. I actually really do like this.

Newer controller design, but man they really had a missed opportunity to match these dark grays, its okay, no fault, just you know, maybe for the future, like a darker gray version, awesome, wow, all right time to charge and lets get out there. Music, so were out here for the first flight. I cannot wait, theres a lot of surfers and i know that surfers dont really like drones, so im gon na try to stay away from them, but the morning is perfect. I love it im so hyped, and this thing just looks like a beast like look at this is vicious its so cool. This one does come with some nd filters. This whole piece will come off and ill be able to pop on a new filter heres. The little filters like look at this cute little case, thats six, four thirty two eight were gon na do 32. and you go oh man. After all, the first flight is always so exciting, but also terrifying, oh my god, its so pretty out. This makes me want to go out on a drone adventure, so bad Music, the fog, is rolling in over the mountains. Oh shoot the best thing about this is the flight time. Weve got about like 46 minutes like thats, just absurd Music. So now, im going to test out the c4k were going to be shooting also at 24 frames. A second lets take off Music. I think im going to switch actually into the explore mode.

This is going to go back into 4k, but i want to test that. Zoom, oh, my goodness. Okay, this is crazy. This is wild Music. I get so nervous like flying through things, even though i know i have so much room whats in there. Oh theres, all sorts of trash Music gps. Signal week. I dont, like that Applause Music, its so crazy, because i have not been concerned with battery life at all. I mean right now, im at 30 and im like i guess ill come back, but i dont have to like. I havent been worried about it. Slings, a beast im so excited lets, go to a new location, Music, so Music, Music. We just went and filmed at a second location, and this time we decided to shoot in the pro settings. So when we filmed this morning for sunrise, we were just shooting on auto, wanted to see how everything worked watched that playback and then made some changes. This time we switched up the nd filter to an nd8, and then we also alternated between the 32. Just to see how they would play changed, a bunch of settings and im so happy with the footage, like everything, looks incredible. Ive been having so much fun with this drone, but the one thing that i will say at launch. Some of the features arent actually readily available, which honestly like im upset about, but i would rather them hold off on launching these features and then theyre, terrible and everyones complaining like this doesnt work.

Something has failed. Why did you guys launch this? Well, they launched it because you were complaining about it not being there and then it wasnt ready. So the fact that they are holding back on it. I feel like actually says a lot so im just double checking some of the features that arent going to be available at launch, but they will be available. In january 2022, the hyperlapse master shots the focus track, including spotlight, active track 5.0 point of interest, quick shots panorama, quick transfer and 4g transmission thats a lot of features that arent ready, but honestly shooting. With this thing, i was very impressed with the footage we ended up, just shooting at the best possible quality shot in d log and its pretty awesome. The one thing that i am excited to see – i know some of my friends have the cine version of this is being able to shoot in pro res and having an internal one. Terabyte solid state drive inside of your drone, recording internally pretty freaking awesome. So the city package does come with some additional nd filters, but for what we were shooting going all the way up to 32 seemed to be perfect. Also the battery life. On this thing, when youre flying a drone, you dont want to be like up in the air. For literally two minutes and by the time you get to get your good shot, and then you got ta come back again.

I didnt even think about battery life. It never even gave me an alert by the time. I got all the incredible shots that i wanted to get. I was like im bored. I filmed everything that i needed to film and i brought it back. I did get one notification that said that the wind conditions were really really windy and i ignored it and continued to fly and never once did. I actually noticed that it was windy at all. This thing kept stable. It was flying like a champion and even just flying felt so smooth ive also been used to flying the dji fpv drone, so ive been very used to flying just super fast erratically and wild, so its kind of fun to go back to sort of a cinematic Drone and get some really fun slow shots and really kind of focus on getting something that looks cool two freaking lenses on this okay lets. Just can we just go back to that? It was very shocking because, when i was flying with this thing, zoomed in i was like i dont even know how to explain it. It was such a weird feeling because it felt like i was so close to things and i was afraid to even fly, but then i would zoom all the way back out and realize that i was absolutely nowhere near the thing that i was filming was kind Of cool, you can go all the way up to 28x zoom, and some of that is digital.

So you are going to be seeing some quality loss, but whats, so cool is youre able to kind of just go and see. Is that somewhere that i want to go? Are there any obstacles, and then you could actually fly the drone there and get that crisp shot, but the telephoto is actually pretty impressive. The fact that youre able to get these crisp shots when youre really nowhere near what youre trying to film its pretty cool. So this is really just a first look at this drone since a lot of the features, arent really ready, but a lot of those features. I have used in previous drones and im really excited to test them out in this one. This is definitely the higher end as far as prices are concerned, so the mavic 3, which is the basic package, is 21.99 and then, if you want to get the fly more combo with extra batteries, thats 29.99 and the mavic 3 cine premium package is 49.99 and Im honestly pretty excited about this drone just because it is so light and being able to shoot in 5.1 k im so used to shooting at such a lower quality with my drones, because i usually prefer a smaller drone to take with me. But this like i, this is still a small drone and im not gon na, have to sacrifice the quality. So thank you guys for watching. I look forward to testing out these features when they finally launch.

So, if theres anything that you would like to see me test out, please leave it in the comments below and i will see you guys in my next video. As always, if you havent subscribed click that subscribe button hit the bell so youll be notified. When i post a new video – and i think that girl over there needs to subscribe, im gon na go, ask her shes into drones.