The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The day is finally arrived when i was able to take my dji mavic 3 up for its first maiden voyage, so without any further ado were going to roll that clip in its entirety plus ill. Give you my first flight impressions lets roll that clip. Okay looks like were ready to go for the main voyage of the mavic 3, so lets give it a go here. Take off the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map got to say this uh this triple tech tablet in the sun is incredible, is absolutely incredible. Lets take it out here, averaging around 32 miles an hour looking really good here: okay, wow thats, really good im impressed lets, go ahead and bring her around here, and it is so quiet. Folks, dji has really done a great job, with noise reduction on this cant say enough about that. So theres just picture perfect out today here guys wow, okay, were gon na go ahead and turn around here, see the construction in the development where i live and heres the entrance to the development lets go ahead and adjust a little bit there Music. You can hear it pass overhead, but its not very loud. I like that dji like i said they did a great job with this about 1200 feet.

Looking really good signals really good here around 2000 feet and were gon na go ahead and do our first return to home here. Everything looking good right around 25 miles, an hour 115 feet and its coming in pretty slow here, uh its slowing down, which is, i think, thats part of the new uh return to home feature landing and it looks like were gon na get a picture perfect landing. First time guys wow all right. Well, there we are. We have the maiden voyage in the books for the dji mavic 3., all right that first flight is in the books. Folks – and here i have five initial impressions that i have from the first flight now, the first one that i got was it was quiet. I was very impressed, especially flying overhead at 100 feet. Usually when i was flying the phantom 4, it was pretty loud. This was almost like whisper quiet, so i was real impressed with that. I was also impressed with the rapid ascent and decent when i was going up to 100 feet and coming back down it. Just it was very rapid and i real and smooth – and i really like that – and you know you can number three – is agility again, you know when you get a dji product, you get what you pay for, and one of the things that really impressed me is And it always impresses me with dji products is when i point it in a direction.

It goes in that direction. It doesnt veer from it and its something that i really appreciate, and it was very noticeable, and i really like that number four is the video quality. I was shooting in 4k 30 and of course this is my first flight, but all the details look sharp crisp, clear. Absolutely beautiful really really enjoyed that video and number five is the new return to home feature. I was very impressed with that and noticed how it slowed down right when it was getting ready to get overhead of the landing point. And of course it was a picture perfect landing. A couple of bonus tips here for you or bonus impressions is um. One of the things that i wanted to share with you is the amount for the mavic air 2. Well, it works well for the controller itself. It does not work with a triple tech tablet, so i wanted to let everybody know that so im going to be returning this to dji. The other tip that i have, or the other impression that i have is the triple tech tablet, its pretty bright and sunny. Today and im going to do a review on that because ill tell you what it is worth its weight and gold, it was absolutely stellar out there could see in the bright sunshine without any issues whatsoever. Question of the day.