. Specifically speaking, weve got the cine version of the mavic 3 here now by the time that you watch this video and it gets uploaded to my channel ive already been flying the mavic 3 here for a little over a month. In fact, just yesterday i uploaded my full review on this drone and if you want to learn a little bit more about everything that it does everything it has to offer, go check that video out i go into more depth, but today i figured itd be cool To just capture my very first flight and share it with you guys, because this is such a highly anticipated drone – and i want to give you my first impression, so we will go ahead and take this bad boy off start a recording for you guys, alrighty. So definitely quiet it has a very low pitch to it. Now we are recording in prores here, as you can see at the bottom, on the internal one terabyte ssd. We can hold about an hour and a half of prores video, so not too bad thats. A pretty decent amount of footage that we can hold, but remember, thats, one terabyte. Now we are also shooting in the normal color profile and we are uh just recording with automatic camera settings again. Today is a good way to get a preface for what to expect from this drone. I can just say right now, looking through the smart controller, the colors are beautiful and look at the estimated flight time in the top right corner ‘ minutes now really quickly about the smart controller.

Before we actually fly the drone, i really enjoy everything that they did to upgrade the smart controller, the feel of it its a little bit more lightweight. Now the controls, you have a little bit more room on the sides to grip the controller i went over. All of this im going to go over this all of this in my review, but everything about the smart controller is great. I mean you swipe down. You have this brand new ui. Everything is just so much better about the smart controller i found so lets flip. It in sport mode, we will buzz down the river here, as always. The first thing we always do in these first flight videos now something that im really excited for with the mavic 3. Here is the increased flight time and the better battery or the increased flight time and the better camera. The image quality is going to be great, now were flying into the sun here. It gives us a sense of the dynamic range, because the sun is almost directly in front of the camera were pulling about 46 miles an hour. The top speed of this drone is 49 miles an hour. Its very quick lets test the horizontal speed so lets try to fly upwards here. Yeah. Look at that wow 17 miles an hour. We are ripping right now, thats awesome. I mean im almost at im. Almost all the way up to 400 feet, just that quick all right.

So with this new remote with the new smart controller we have o3 plus, which gives us 15 kilometers of range thats like what eight nine miles so thats a decent amount of range. We still have a full five bars lets push it just a little bit further well head down near these trains here now. I can tell you right now that the video, on my end, just looking through the smart controller, the colors pop so much and i cant wait to see what they look like when i actually get this video off on. My computer were shooting in 5.1 k right now, so its just a little bit longer its a little bit more cinematic. It has a wider aspect ratio, i should say, were pushing almost a mile here and we still have perfect signal. No lag, no breakup. This is great and it is a little bit windy today and the drone feels like its handling very well all right, so look were at about a mile here, lets spin it around and bring it back. Now you see up in the top left corner. It says manned aircraft nearby thats, because this drone does have adsb built in so it will tell you when theres a manned aircraft near you that is emitting an adsb signal, so it has a receiver and its able to receive those. Those signals which is great now were flying a little bit into the wind here, so were only flying at about 38 miles an hour but again lets test that horizontal speed and fly straight up.

Yeah. Look at that! Look at how fast you can climb with this drone 17 miles an hour. Okay, now lets try diving down to the ground, lets see it all right, negative 13.. I wish we could dive down to the ground at 20 miles an hour thatd be pretty fast, but still i mean look at how quickly you can get down to the ground. Now. I do see these wires here. Dont worry, i wont hit them. The transmission feed is just so clean and so clear, coming from o3 plus now, with this drone, it is going to ship with two different remotes and there is two different versions of the aircraft uh, so theres, just the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 cine. The only difference between the two drones is the one terabyte ssd inside of the drone, as well as the ability to record prores so with prores youre recording at a bit rate of like 3700 megabits per second um, and because of that, you need the ssd inside To write to it, you cant write prores to a sd card. It just wouldnt work, so were cruising pretty good right now, uh again were only using automatic camera settings. Im really excited to put this drone into d log and really get it into post and color grade it. Something that i really enjoy doing is getting a nice reveal, shot up and over manayunk here or up and over the trees to reveal many yunk.

This drone just feels so nimble like where you want it to go. It goes no matter of the no matter how windy it is all right, so well get low down here lets see, so we just flew a mile down a mile back and that only drained 20 battery. So if we look in the top right corner after it kind of adjusts for us just totally ripping it still expects that we have what 28 30 32 34 35 37. Okay, so its expecting that we can get 37 more minutes of flight. If we just do what were doing now hovering so the battery life in this drone is incredible: they advertise 46 minutes. Well, you get 46 minutes, probably not well see what we end up with here. I really do want to try and drain this battery. All the way down until theres, nothing left well keep it in sport mode. Here i want to try to drain it down until theres. Nothing left, but again the battery is just so great that we might be here for a while yeah look at this. It feels nice and smooth by the way i do have a nd, 16 filter on here now, with this go around just from the feel that im getting not from the drone, i should have pitched the gimbal down a little bit faster, and i think, if i Was shooting in d log? I could pull a little bit more dynamic range out of that all right lets spin.

It around well go ahead and fly down the tracks that way like we usually do. Ive got this set up here this pace or this uh, this route that i like to fly down, the river back up, reveal maniac and then fly and cruise down the train tracks here. The only issue at this time of day flying down the train tracks is that theres a little bit more uh or were flying into the sun, so its a little bit more shadowy than id like so anytime that dji releases a brand new drone. I always get a sense that its like a better flying drone than the previous one, even if they come out with a brand new mini drone like the mini 2.. That drone, in my opinion, felt like it flew better than the uh, the mavic 2 pro. Just because all right lets see well slow down a little bit here, just because its its new and improved flight software and the same thing is true with the mavic 3 here it feels so incredibly refined now ive been flying the air 2s as of recent, and I love how nimble that drone is, and this drone is giving me that same vibe. The same nimble feel now im in sport mode here, so i got to be careful. I dont want to go crashing this drone. There is some wires right above me here. All right, so we lost signal there and i want to make sure im, not above the wires yeah.

The wires are right there. I would have ran right into them. All right lets, move well, move move, move. You know what every first flight video that i do. I always encounter an issue with those low hanging wires, those right there. You think that id learn all right lets go ahead and reveal the entire hill here of manayunk and roxboro. The fall colors are coming in very nicely here. This is more for you guys, because i cant tell what the footage looks like as of right now, but hopefully you guys are just going gaga over the video weve got a full micro, fourth micro, four thirds sensor inside of this camera, and it can zoom its Got a secondary half inch sensor that has a 7x optical zoom. The one thing is i cant zoom, while im shooting in the full resolution of 5.1 k id have to stop the recording id have to go into explorer mode, so were not going to do that. For today we wont talk about the zoom were just going to continue to fly around and get a first feel. I mean look so ive been flying now for about eight minutes, and i still have 68 battery left thats incredible. Well, put it back into sport mode! Buzz down the water here lets go ahead and do a reveal around that water tower. So you know its so great to get to fly the drone for the first time and give you my impressions, and you know my first impressions of that, its just its insanely solid.

When flying it like its everything that you expected it to be and and maybe more because again it offers that great flight time and no matter what i do lets see, i mean even im ripping in sport mode right now and i can pitch the gimbal upwards. Remember how, with like the mavic 2 pro, the gimbal would shoot downwards. So we get about three degrees of upwards motion when going almost full speed forwards, which is great because if you guys remember the gimbal on the mavic 2 pro would like knock down. If you tried to fly in sport mode and that really killed a lot of the shots that i would want to get so lets get a little bit closer here. I have to say also that the smart controller is a lot better than the first version, its a lot more lightweight. It feels more comfortable to hold the controls feel a little bit more precise. I do have to dial in some of my settings. I havent really taken the time to do that yet yeah. This is great. It just feels like a drone is supposed to feel you know you get, you get a brand new dji drone, it flies great and then they somehow make it better than next year, and in this case, with the mavic 3 weve been waiting for how long two And a half years since the mavic 2 pro came out all right, another reveal shot that i like to do as you can tell.

I really enjoy doing real shots. I like to reveal up and over the trees, to kind of show the houses up here, and especially with this lighting i feel like it could be a little bit more dramatic because of all the shadows, so lets see. Lets use that vert or the vertical speed to our advantage fly up up up up up nice yeah, you see when i fly the mavic 2 pro it. This thing makes the mavic 2 pro feel like a snail, because the horizontal or i keep getting messed up. The vertical speed on the mavic 2 pro is limited to six six and a half miles an hour, and with this we can get 17 miles an hour. I mean thats 11 miles an hour faster now i started my first flight videos here. My first impression first flight videos with the mavic mini and, if you remember this place was under construction, i think that theyve now finally finished it well go ahead and do a quick little spin around here now something thats great about this drone is that the obstacle Avoidance has been improved, so theres only two sensors on the front and two sensors on the back theres, no side, sensors, but theyre kind of like if you look at them, theyre angled to the side so that youre able to get sideways obstacle avoidance so lets see. Well put it into normal here lets test it out. Lets fly into this building here, go ahead and buzz forwards.

You can already feel it starting to slow down as it approaches im pushing forwards and it stops cant go any further see how youve got that radar displayed all the way around. So even if im looking to the right, it sees the obstacle to my right. So if i push it to the right, it doesnt go im not able to fly to the right at all, so thats, really good that the obstacle avoidance has been improved. I think that thats, the one thing the mavic 2 pro was lacking, especially if youve got a drone like the mavic 3 sydney. That is a little bit more expensive lets. Put this drone up were gon na rip down to the right lets, see if we can keep up with traffic here. Ah, you know what i dont think so were fighting a little bit of a headwind, so lets try to keep up with traffic to the left. Instead, this way were going with the wind all right, you kind of keep up with it lets pitch up a little bit cool yeah. You know what this is such a great spot for a first flight, because theres, so many different places to fly around the automatic camera settings are kind of killing me adjusting the exposure on me, but lets see weve been flying now for 12 minutes. Weve got about 50 battery left lets say that we continue to fly the way that we are we land with about maybe 10 remaining were probably going to be around 24 minutes left with our or 24 minutes of total flight time, which is great, obviously not the 46 minutes of advertised flight time, but definitely is better than previous drones, lets, take it a little bit further down.

I just saw my first little jump. My first little lag spike there now the benefit of o3 plus is that youre, just gon na get a much better signal from the controller to the drone, no matter what distance youre at so, even if youre flying within two three thousand feet. That connection is going to be rock solid and at the current time i dont know much about it, but there is also going to be a 4g dongle included that you can plug into the drone, which i cant even imagine being able to fly over 4g. I i still dont know how that works again. This is my first flight, so if you want to learn a little bit more, the review is linked down in the description. Lets, go ahead and just fly adjacent with these tracks here, slow down just a little bit. The wind is definitely blowing me around. You can feel the wind but its nice that the the mavic 3 here is strong enough to withstand the wind. So if it pushes you around, you can kind of push back and still fly through it. The air 2s was a little bit squirrely in the wind awesome, thats gon na be a cool shot. I can just tell, through the smart controller screen, that the video is gon na, be beautiful, awesome, great yeah, its its such a joy to fly this drone all right so lets push it down to these uh lets push it down to these bridges.

Here were a little over a mile away down river. I really enjoy shooting these bridges uh, not only just for first flights, but also just coming out here and taking photos and videos with whatever drone im flying because theyre, so intricate theres a lot of movement with the traffic you kind of have like a foreground and A background element, so the foreground is kind of like the bridges here. The background is you know the city or or the homes, so lets go ahead and do a nice little shot here. I cannot wait to see this video its going to be a massive file size because of prores. I better make sure i clear some room on my ssd be nice if a train came through right about now. Those are two uh train bridges right. There kind of below, where the cool all right. Well, you know what great first flight here weve got about. 44 lets rip back. The image is just fantastic and its incredibly smooth again its a pretty windy day today were flying against the headwind. Here were getting 38 miles, an hour which isnt the maximum speed, but the image qualities, image quality just looks phenomenal were at 403, someone called the faa now were under 400., so my first impressions of the mavic 3 look. I was really digging the air 2s, and now this drone almost makes me not want to fly my air 2s anymore. You know the air 2s is such a perfect drone and its interesting.

How dji kind of took what the mavic 2 pro was and put it into the air 2s with the improved camera? The one inch sensor and now the mavic 3 has almost taken on like a phantom level of of of drone right. The mavic 3 is now with a micro four third sensor, this really long flight time. It is a little bit bigger than the mavic 2 pro, but with that said, theres a lot to like about it, and i cannot wait to shoot with it. More so were doing 31 now estimated five minutes of flight time remaining with our current flying habits, so weve pretty much already fully drained this battery down, which ripping in sport mode youre definitely going to do. I know that in a lot of my first flight videos, people will always mention like oh well. You didnt hit the advertised flight time but thats because im flying like a maniac in sport mode up and down the river. I pretty much never take my drones out of sport mode, so i never expect to get that estimated flight time and especially with all the wind today forget it. So one of the things i really enjoy about it is how quiet the drone is. I mean you can just tell as soon as you took the drone off. It was like a really low pitch. You can see right here. Well fly directly above us now at 245 feet. You guys might not be able to pick it up because im using the lapel mic, but well get a sense of just how loud it is now heres.

The thing its like with 30 battery id, be like all right. Im gon na have to bring this drone back, but with how much flight time you have on the drone and how much how long the battery lasts, i feel like i could still fly a little bit more, which i think we will. I think, well push this. A little bit longer so lets see listen. So when i was flying in sport mode, it was really easy to hear it, but if its just hovering there, i cant hear it at all now granted. I do have 76 here the traffic there, but its a nice low pitch all right so lets see. What can we do here? What can we do here? What can we shoot? It is a nice shot here nice. I love when i just am flying the drone and i implement a couple moves and go yeah that could work awesome. 26. What can we do with 26? You guys want to take another trip down the train tracks. Here you see the one biggest gripe i had with the mavic 2 pro, like i said, was the slow speed up and down in sport mode, but also like in sport mode. The drone just felt like it was really jerky and it really wasnt as smooth to film with, but now in sport mode. I feel like i can. I can actually film, with this drone, its very quiet i mean i was actually just flying my fpv drone.

So anything is going to sound quiet now, but that is really quiet and i mean look from what i can tell all right here. You know what lets focus on a little bit more detail here from what i can tell again through the screen. The colors look phenomenal immediately when im done this video im going to fly the same exact area with d log, but im not going to film it not going to capture it on camera, just going to fly nice all right. Im im gon na give myself like a grade of a c for this video just because my flying definitely could be better its a little bit chilly. So i got to get used to the weather. I mean you can just tell the clarity from the video through the smart controller screen here. All right so lets bring it back were at about 20 weve got about 20 minutes of full flight time here, thats when i started recording so give or take 20 full minutes of flying man. Im gon na wait to land it and then ill kind of go. A little bit more in depth about my first impressions, but overall it just does everything that you want it to like theres, no area where i feel like theyve skimped with this drone you know sometimes theres, like you, know the air 2s when you buy that drone. Okay, it doesnt have side obstacle wooden sensors, uh lets see it.

Doesnt have side optical voiding sensors, it doesnt have the variable aperture, but this drone has all of that Music all right its going to be a little bit tough here with the sensors lets, bring it over here. Yeah. It just feels really responsive and that camera looks gorgeous. So look my first impressions of the mavic 3.. Its everything that i wanted, and probably more i didnt – expect them to go with a full 46 minutes of advertised flight time again were sitting here with about a little over 20 minutes of flight time, which is more than i typically get on like an air2s or A mavic 2 pro so im happy with that. I want to comment on the camera right now and say that its its beautiful, the dynamic range is awesome. Everything about it is great, but i cant really make my full comment until i get this card on the computer or get this footage on the computer and dump it all um. The overall responsiveness of the drone is great: well land it. So we dont listen to all that the overall responsiveness of the drone is great, like i feel like again anything that i wanted to do it just does Music. I love how the arms swoop down on the front too theyre like slanted so overall, the mavic 3 cine, is incredibly promising. I think that just kind of off the top of my head thinking about it, the mavic 3 cine – is really going to be reserved for the professional, whereas the mavic 3 might be for somebody whos more of a prosumer.

But it really does feel like with this drone, the feel of it. The quality the uh features that they offer in it theyve almost pushed it now into this fully professional level where the mavic 2 pro was kind of like that pro zoomer and now the mavic 3 cines like what do i need an inspire for so look. This is all reserved for my full review, which is already up. You guys can go and watch it, but i still have to script it and shoot it because you know, of course this was about a month before im uploading it, but i hope you enjoyed the video.