. Now its not good weather its windy, its overcast, its gon na rain. Soon so, im gon na get this in the air and see how it performs as like as an initial kind of flight test out zoom test out this camera and then see how it performs in the uh get my initial reactions and then, hopefully of the next Couple of days, shell get better. Whether then i can test this out in better locations, but lets go first. Things you need to do is then install a new firmware update this isnt. The big update were looking forward to, but this will give you some extra features than it did have out of the box once thats all done. You can then go out and fly so i cannot wait to get this in the air, but look at this. This is one hell of a beast: just looks aggressive and powerful. The motors have a nice hum to its like a hmm. It just sounds like its just preparing waiting for your command, so just before i take off im just going to set it now to bypass for the obstacle avoidance. Dont want to crash on my first flight. The video resolutions are on the bottom here: 4k cinema 4k, which has some cinematic bars at the top. So does 5.1 k quality as well, and this goes from 24 fps up to 50 fps. Cinematic 4k goes from 24 to 60 fps in normal mode, but you do have slow mo modes as well and in 4k.

That goes all the way up to 120 fps cinema 4k is up to 120 fps and 1080p. Currently is at 120fps as well, but in the next firmware update thats, going all the way up to 200 fps, which is going to be outstanding. This drone also has a massive 200 megabits per second max video bit rate and in comparison, the dji air 2s at 120 and the mavic 2, 100, so 200. That image is going to look fantastic, but to look at it. This is a tank once its got used to that wind and its high winds. Today it hovers in place like an animal and because of its size. You can clearly see it, and that is a huge advantage when flying a drone like this, so lets get that drone in the air and get flying this thing. I cannot wait so im in h264, im just using auto, no indeed filters no promo settings. This is literally just quick flight out of the box, its also pretty dull meh weather in the uk, its going to rain really soon on this video. But this is the worst it can possibly look and it looked fantastic, so ill save all the different settings for a different video but youll notice. A lot of the features arent ready straight away. This is going to be coming in a huge firmware update in january, and i dont mind this, because it just means that dji are working on this and making sure that all these features are going to be ready brilliantly in january and not just bring them out.

Now and therell be problems, so everything like quick shots, master shots, even active track is going to be coming soon, but its not a problem. We can mimic that ourselves right now, Music. If we just look at this wind turbine now, im not going to use the full 120 fps, yet this is just going to be 60 fps, so ill, just change this now to 4k at 60. As we fly towards this wind turbine and then we can just look at the slow mo on here, im just going to slow it down by half, and then we can see that that quality is razor, sharp and it looks fantastic doesnt it. If we just move back now to 5.1 k, as we climb up now, theres no active track on here, just yet so were just doing this manually, but that looks stunning doesnt it even on a really overcast poor day, like this, that looks really nice. So thats great to see there that quality is exceptional Music, so im just using the basic settings shooting in h.264 youve also got h265 or d log, but you can just fly this just like im doing right now, straight out of the box with no fancy settings Im now going to fly over to these boats and test out the second feature, which is that telephoto zoom camera Music, so im not just going to update my home, pointing to get into the habit of doing this and then were going to use.

The second best feature on this, which is the second lens that youre going to get now. This is called explore mode its these two binoculars here and then, when you click on this, you can zoom up to 28 times now up to seven times its optical. So this is two times zoom here, but youll notice that the seven times zoom i mean this zoom camera is absolutely mind. Blowing lets just get straight to the points. This is four times zoom. Okay from this drone bear in mind its 28 mile an hour winds. This is pretty bad look how stable it is seven times zoom, now its just exceptional isnt, it 14 time zoom. It goes from an optical to a digital zoom, and then it goes all the way up to 28 times. Zoom now did i say this is for exploring okay. This is not for looking at your neighbors, but this is to explore and to say actually thats quite a nice aerial for that ill go out and fly over there into that area, but this zoom camera or explore mode camera. A lot of saying well its not very good, but i can only say good things about this right lets. Look at this. This is going to blow your mind in the distance. There youll see a roundabout its dead on in the center of the picture and im going to use this explore mode to punch in so were now at one times, zoom in 4k.

30. You can see that round about there now in the center two times four times zoom, but lets go a bit more seven times. Zoom. Look at that! Look. How close we have gotten and weve not finished 14 times zoom. Is that going to be enough 28 times zoom, you can pretty much make out preston on that sign. There im absolutely speechless lets zoom back out thats how far away we are. That is one hell of an exceptional zoom lets. Just look at these boats in a bit more detail, so im just going to descend a little bit and decrease some of that altitude. So it comes down really fast as well. The increasement of speed and decreasement is just mind. Blowing its an aggressive drone. So now were here lets move on to that explore mode again and then from here im just going to punch in two times four times now. It goes straight up to seven times, zoom 14 and 28, its its a fantastic tool to have, but look at this 5.1 k quality. The colors out of this drone are exceptional. Ive, not color. Graded ive done nothing to this, no luts no nd filters. This is as bad as is ever going to look, and that is scary. Just a couple of pictures. I didnt get a chance to do a lot, because now it is actually raining so its the same features. You can change it to 16.9, its a 20 megapixel sensor, but in low light, especially thats going to be so much better.

So you cant really tell on here, but the rain is coming down quite a bit now, so i dont want to ruin the drone on its first flight, but lets just have a bit of fun to finish off, put into sports mode and lets just see how Fast, this drone goes in these high winds and brilliantly theres, a car just to head there to the right hand side. So no problem at all. This is gon na outrun. That lets go also. The sounds have changed on this drone, not only the startup sound, but this sound as well for the obstacle avoidance landing. So there you go first flight test done. Rain has stopped play, unfortunately, typical england, not good weather, but i want to try and keep it in the air as long as i can. Its actually got some rain droplets on the actual drone um, but i will be testing this out. More get it charged again and as soon as the rain stops, it will be up in the air again, but initial impressions. What a beast this is its! I can only imagine how good this is going to be once weve got all the full features once this is unlocked with the firmware update in just over a few weeks in january, thats going to unlock the active track, the new active track performance master shots. All the different frame rates is going to be an animal, and i think this is what dji will keep on doing: keep on adding and enhancing this with firmware updates at the moment.

What weve got, though, is an impressive piece of technology easily hands down the best drone. I have flown the flying performance, its really hard to put across to without flying it yourself, but its its so responsive and fast. You saw on that sports mode at the end. How quick this is, but its so quick at turning as well. The second – and i was doing 360 or 180 degree turns on this, something which would take seconds about five six seconds on the mini two. This is an absolute animal to fly. Cant, wait to show you more once again. If you do have any questions about this anything ive not covered on this just initial flight, i will go through all the different settings like a first set up on a video coming soon, but any actual comments youve got about about this anything youre curious about.