. First up our controller okay battery. So now were all here for our charging cables. It looks like actually uh, so you got cables. Connect to the um. Remote looks like a charging cable here even has an extra charging brake. It looks like it looks like a set of extra rotors and then, of course, the main attraction. So it looks like you got this hard plastic front cover here kind of protect it and thats a nice locking mechanism, and then you can of course take this out. So then, if i remember correctly, these should fold out these back ones should fold up like this, and that should be it full uh drawn right there. So it looks like this is, for the controller here charge this you can charge both at once, which is very nice, Music, so Music, Music. So, to start off with a couple things that i guess are important to mention is ive been able to get battery life that exceeds what theyve promised, which, if you look online and any of the comparative uh reviews of people talking about stuff theyre, pretty much always Less they get less um. I found that i got like a good couple minutes after the battery was supposedly completely deleted, uh depleted, sorry and uh. I found that was very interesting as well, very impressive on the hovering camera quality uh, the hovering is, you know, great camera quality is quite exceptional. I dont have the center version, but um definitely a very nice uh camera quality, even with the h24 and h25 codex.

I did have had a lot of issues recently, however, with um the camera just like appearing to lag, and then you lose video. It almost seems, like you know, i thought at first, the sd card might have been a little bit slow or something but im im, not having uh ive swapped out the sd card, and it appears that, like when youre recording, sometimes um, when the drones only maybe Like 30 meters away, youll lose complete video output and youll be unable to stop or pause the recording and just uh. Luckily, it hovers um and im not actually too far away. The testing im doing is not too far away. Um but thats kind of an issue is it when you know you lose video output and you know youre only 30 meters away. I i really have issues trusting this its such a. You know what its supposed to be advertised as which is like 700 or 7000 meters, when youre only 30 and youre losing video output thats, not something that can happen. It should happen when youre out that far so something to consider, hopefully its passions and future updates. Um but im writing this at pretty much posting this at the first of january and theyve already had a couple months to work on this. I believe so um yeah overall, i mean i know. A lot of people gave a lot of flack about the controller um, and i mean for the most part i understand, but like and yes, its such a nice drone.

They should include a nicer controller, i mean for the most part. I just find this kind of semi recreationally. I dont have much to complain about the control i would like to have. You know video output to put on a bigger screen and have that ability. You know having the programmable buttons, of course, but i dont have much complaints. I guess my biggest issue, of course, is just the fact that you lose video output if youre, recording at very, very very small distances should not happen um, but yeah overall um. You know, since this isnt, technically mine um, i mean, would i buy it? It depends, i think, its already very pricey at the moment. The active track on this was surprisingly a really good um. The obstacle avoidance helped out a lot, and the um active track did do a good job on the road. I was testing it on a couple of things, though, is i do not. I absolutely do not trust this to go through trees, um. I think a lot of the other people that have been reviewing drones, like this, have been saying that they really would like the return to home feature to include uh. You know going to the correct altitude and then coming back down at the correct altitude, uh or coming back down to the same spot rather than flying through trees, especially because, like in the winter, especially here theres a lot of twigs, a lot of trees and the Trees are bare and thats really hard um.

You can tell that this drone doesnt actually pick up some of these thin twigs. I think the return to home feature um. I personally still dont trust it, especially in the like places im flying it uh. You know underneath the trees and stuff. I really dont think that you know i really just dont trust it. I really do think that the obstacle avoidance can be used in return to home in the sense of you know, if youre below the trees navigating to you know navigating upwards, but i do not think that it should be used instead of or primarily for um. You know returned home return to home. You want to get the drone back safely and i think that, while i think the obstacle avoidance is probably the best you can get on a drone um, it simply does not theres no reason to put you know unnecessary risk to fly your drone uh through trees. Uh, when you could easily just have it fly through um, you know the sky, where its pretty much clear now obviously keep the obstacle avoidance on when youre in the sky, because you know you might run into i dont know trees or something. Obviously, if you said its pretty high distance return home distance, you should be fine. I just dont see the reason to put the drone through unnecessary rest, its clear that this obstacle avoidance does not pick up small twigs um and in the winter there are plenty of small twigs on all these different trees.

Um, i almost flew into one. I did actually fly into one um. That was my going to be. My next comment is i broke a prop by just barely hitting a twig, so obviously, since this isnt, my drone ive got to buy a new one. Obviously, thank you for my friend for letting me borrow it for this review, active tracking features. You know the spotlight all that stuff was really really good um. I know the obstacle avoidance its not perfect. I would not be using any of those features where theres fine twigs, because you will find out very quickly um how fine twigs or how big twigs can be to knock your drone down um. I think you know there are some places that i would be very careful with um and i think like using it in roads and stuff just to kind of, like you know, go up and down the road i am going to be using it, for you know, For some drone shots for some uh, you know stuff up coming shortly, but its its its its quite pricey. I dont know if i would necessarily go through and buy it for myself or not, but i do think that its definitely flies smoother than any of the other drones ive flown um, the obstacle avoidance when you have it on um, does pretty good um. I still ive, you know seen some people theyve talked about how you know the follow me functions and stuff um and i live in a very wooded area, so it would be.

You know it does see a good bit of the trees, but i dont think it sees enough um that i would trust that there has been plenty of times where ive almost flown into sticks, because it hasnt seen it. Obviously, the sticks are probably the less than the thickness of my pinky, but for the most part, its its done good enough, where it needs to be um, and i would just avoid areas when youve got all these little thin sticks, especially in the winter. Overall. As i said, what i buy it, i dont know um its expensive. Its definitely probably the best drone youre gon na get best obstacle avoidance, and i mean logic – is if youre gon na put all that money into a drone might as well get something thats kind of semi smart, its not going to. Let you crash it its easily. Well, thank you very much for watching and i hope you enjoyed my little review of uh. This drone.