So this is what happened. Instead, i went to fly my drone and set it up. I unfolded it. I did all the things that you do with the new drone. The battery was charged. The new controller was charged everythings good to go, but then here in the software – and let me share this with you – real quick inside the dgi – fly app uh. My intention was as a drone pilot and also as someone that gives coaching consulting on how to run youtube video ads and how to set your business up and essentially become a video marketer of sorts. My intention was to combine a couple things into one setting which would have been this video. It would have been a live review and a how to broadcast from your drone on youtube going live because, frankly, those of you that are drone pilots that are videographers that are taking great aerial shots at some point. Youll want to be able to set up your youtube channel and go live and do it while flying and i used to be able to do it with my original mavic pro and when i was setting up my new mavic 3. I learned a few things by now: youve watched a whole bunch of other mavic, 3 reviews im sure people that are more popular than i am that have much larger following and youve learned that theres going to be a firmware update in january of 2022.

Well, i hope that they include in their update the youtube broadcasting live functionality, because the way that you set it up, let me just jump right into it. How do you go live from your drone on youtube? You go into the live settings on youtube and you set up the rmtp uh protocol and then you go into whichever app your dj. Your your drone flies from and in this case itll be the dgi fly app and then you hit the little three buttons in the upper right hand corner, and then you go to transmission settings in the transmission setting youre going to click on live stream platform and The way that this is currently set, when i click on live stream platform, although its right here it bounces over to live stream settings and in that youre supposed to punch in the actual url for your live streaming through your youtube account which you get inside your Youtube channel, and then you plug it in here, but the issue is that this is not set in the proper uh format. So what happens is once you once you punch in your numbers? It gives you a code that its an error, and so it doesnt work. So hopefully that will save those of you that are mavic 3 pros out there flying today. It will save you, the aggravation of trying to figure out how to go, live on youtube because you cant until they fix their firmware at least thats my impression and if im wrong – and you can show me what im missing comment down below ill, definitely be watching.

For that, so that said, um ill ill end the youtube section. Now let me tell you about my first flight with this, though, so, obviously i couldnt go live with it. So i just went out, and i did what i did. The cameras are awesome. The flying time is sensational. I literally went out to springfield massachusetts and i flew my drone for a good 40 minutes. Before literally i i got tired, it was freezing cold out when i went out because it was last night and i did a nightscape of springfield mass above mgm, where all the lights are and everything and the drone was a beast. It was windy out. It was cold out and it just hovered perfectly and when i went to zoom in with the video camera and everything it it just tracked, everything beautifully. It was really a nice shooting, uh camera set, and there are a lot of things that arent available on this. That have to happen after the firmware updates, so im not going to keep giving technical reviews and stuff theres plenty of that out. There im just letting you know what me joe, the average joan pilot uh. My experience was with this. It was awesome, is so much better than my original mavic and i highly recommend getting one of these, and but just dont have your heart set on all the fancy. Software uh practices that were in the earlier versions and what the new uh updates will be until january of 2022.

But if, if youre, i mean its ready to go right now, if you want to get out there and get videos, and you want to do video production for clients – and you want to take great sky shots landscapes, nightscapes or whatever its going to do really well For you – and you know frankly, i love it uh its a lot of fun to fly too one other thing ill say is be careful in sport mode. This thing goes fast and it it maneuvers. So if youre not very handy and youre, not paying attention, youll run this thing into the side of a building real, easy real fast, and you dont want to do that. Uh, the two settings of cine or normal. You know it. It really produces a great flight. A great video, great pictures and just as youd, expect for spending two thousand bucks on a drone, youre gon na get your moneys worth. That said, thats all i got for you now, oh ill finish with one other thing. For me, this remote is incredible. Uh. The reason why i say that is because, with my original drone, they had the smaller remote and every time youd have to put your android phone on it. Youd have to fight with the arms to squeeze it together and its just a real pain in the neck. This setup and this pull out and the way that the phone just slides in and uh and the cord is plugged in its just so convenient and so solid feeling that its a really nice improvement.

I know many of you already have these updated remotes, because youve bought every new drone out there. Probably before you got your mavic 3.. I, on the other hand held on to my original mavic pro and i didnt upgrade until today, so ive been flying. My old drone for years now with that old, remote and what an improvement incredible and also distance wise. I flew this thing, probably three miles away from me and had plenty of visible. I could. I could see it for a great amount of its flight life um and i had no problems whatsoever. The distance was nothing to it. It it responded. There were no delays, uh at any point and when it was time to come back, i just put it in sport mode and i flew it back quick. It was awesome all right, thats it uh. Hopefully some of you got something out of this. That was helpful. Otherwise, im signing off for now, thanks for coming by my channel and watching this video, i will definitely have some shorter videos in the future that are really on point. If you want to see some of my drone flights theres a playlist here on my channel, you can just go see what ive videotaped videotaped, what ive recorded with my drone over time. Hopefully you like some of it and youll, get some ideas for your own.