If you want advanced features like prores, video early footage shows that the camera is as good as wed hoped, but users have also complained about the overly basic fly, app and key features like active track. 5. That wont be available until a january 2022 update. The question is: should you lay down that kind of money, keep your existing drone or get something else all together, ive had the standard model for a couple of weeks and been testing it with help from professional drone pilot samuel de jour heres. What we found there are two versions of the dji mavic 3, the standard and the cine. The cameras and drone are the same for both, but the mavic 3 cine has a built in one terabyte, ssd and apple prores 42 hq video support, thats highly desirable for professional film shoots. It also comes with a screen equipped rc pro remote, while the standard model includes the more basic rcn rcn1 that requires a smartphone. It also costs five thousand dollars, so you need a good reason to have. Those features were testing. The mainstream standard model in the three thousand dollar fly more combo, which includes three batteries: a charging hub, a set of nd filters and a fancy bag that converts into a backpack. As with other mavic models like the air 2s, it falls into a compact easy to carry size. It weighs almost exactly the same as the mavic 2 pro so owners of that model, wouldnt notice, any difference.

The arms are a bit longer to accommodate slightly larger propellers. So it has a slightly bigger wingspan than the mavic 2 pro. The camera module is bigger too, because it houses a larger four third sensor, camera plus a second telephoto camera. As a result, it protrudes a bit leaving it more exposed to damage in a crash. Unlike the mavic 2 pro, it doesnt pan at all, but it now tilts up nearly 30 degrees, which can come in very handy. The camera locks when the drone is turned off and its protected by a muzzle like harness. That also covers the propellers at 5000 milliamp hours. The mavic 3s battery is much larger than the 3850 milliamp hour cell on the mavic 2 pro that, along with some aerodynamic tweaks, gives it a huge 50 boost in range from 31 to 46 minutes. The 65 watt charger now powered by usbc can fill a battery in about an hour and 50 minutes. Flight time does depend on the temperature and operation in sunny skies and low ish 45 degree temperatures with a mix of sport, cinema and normal flying. We were getting about 35 minutes of range with no sweat thats, not as well as you do in the summer time, but its still really good. As a result, samuel didnt feel the need to rush, as he sometimes does, with his air 2s for storage. The standard model has 8 gigabytes built in with a micro sd port for expansion.

That 8 gigabytes is too small to be useful for anything, but an emergency Music now lets get to the cameras. Well start with the main one built in collaboration with hasselblad. That features a 24 millimeter lens and four thirds sensor for reference thats, a third bigger than the one inch sensor on the last model and the same size as panasonics gh52 sensor. You can shoot video at 5.1 k at 50 frames per second or 4k at 60 frames per second using the entire width of the sensor with video extremely sharp 4k at 120 frames per second is also possible, with some cropping. A bit of cropping is a small price to pay to have such high speed footage, though its just so useful on a drone, whether youre, shooting action, wildlife or scenery with moving water. For instance. The large sensor offers better low light performance, more detail, improved dynamic range and just a more cinematic look in general. At the same time, the variable f 2.8 to f 11 aperture, can better handle different lighting conditions. If you shoot in really bright sunlight, a lot id recommend the neutral density, filter kit, iso 1600 and 3200 yielded clean footage, except in shadows and dark areas. However, the noise isnt bad, so its easy to tamp down with some mild noise reduction. Iso 6400 is pushing it a bit, but its still usable under the right conditions: dji boosted, the h.264 data rate from 100 to 200 megabits per second or 140 megabits per second with h.

265. As a result, quality is improved under most circumstances. The mavic 3 uses hasselblads profile thats supposed to improve color accuracy in general. It performed well across the color spectrum, even for human skin. Dont laugh because this drone could get a lot of use for weddings, documentaries and even films, its so smooth that it can replace a crane or dolly for certain shots to max out dynamic range and editing flexibility. You can shoot 10 bit d log footage. Taking that footage into the editing suite. I was able to bring out extra detail in highlights and shadows. One of the key new features of the mavic 3 is the 162 millimeter equivalent telephoto camera with a half inch sensor. Theres some confusion about zooming on the mavic 3, so heres how it works. The main camera with no digital zoom is equivalent to a 24 millimeter full frame lens. When you go into explorer mode, zooming up to four times is done digitally with the main camera, but anything past about 2x starts to look a little janky. The 162 millimeter 12 megapixel telephoto camera kicks in at a 7x zoom offering 4k at up to 30 frames per second, it can digitally zoom up to 28 times, but again, quality really suffers for the best. Looking footage youll need to stay between one and two times. Zoom or go up to seven times exactly the mavic 2 pro by contrast, has a 28 millimeter lens with a two time: zoom the mavic 3 7x zoom is more extreme, but does open up some interesting creative possibilities.

However, the optical quality on that camera isnt amazing, given the smallish sensor size. On top of that, you can only shoot jpeg photos in terms of professional use. Then it has limited value. I was a bit disappointed when i heard that the mavic 3 had the same 20 megapixel resolution and less dynamic range than the mavic 2 pro. However, it more than compensates for that with the improved light sensitivity that effectively reduces noise. That said, youll want to make sure your footage is properly exposed and possibly shoot using the raw dng format. Doing so will give you a great deal of latitude to adjust images in lightroom Music. The mavic 3 is certainly djis easiest drone to fly thanks to some new, automated tricks as before. It offers three flying modes, including cine, for capturing smooth footage, standard and high speed sport mode you fly with djis simplified fly app rather than the go4 app used with the mavic 2 pro camera settings like shutter iso, video resolution and so on, are adjusted at the Bottom right for more advanced settings, you go to the three dot menu at top right. It plays a jaunty tune on startup and is ready to go in less time than the mavic air, 2s or 2 pro it maneuvers smoothly and predictably helping pilots easily capture smooth footage under manual control, its not quieter than the mavic 2 series. But it has a slightly different tone: thats a bit less annoying, so you can fly closer to people or wildlife without disturbing them as much its also faster hitting speeds up to 42 miles per hour in sport mode to avoid obstacles, its covered with omni directional sensors.

All around the fly app shows potential obstacles, making them easier to avoid the apas 5 system. Meanwhile, lets you program the mavic 5 to either stop or bypass obstacles. We ran it through a gauntlet of hazards, including gnarly trees, power lines and more it either stopped or dodged them, depending on the option we set. They can also be disabled in all modes. If you dare, the return to home feature brings the drone back when the battery runs low, though many pilots will prefer to return manually as its quicker still its nice to have the option. One key feature thats, unfortunately, not coming until january, is active track. 5., as with previous systems, its designed to follow you around, while you bike windsurf or do other activities, the latest version can track subjects, no matter which way theyre moving and continue tracking, even if they move out of frame. Obviously, though, we didnt get a chance to test that it also lacks panorama mode to create stitched photos and quick transfer for rapid video or photo transfers over wi fi Music. The mavic 3 delivers where it counts, the most, with professional image, quality and stabilization that allows for insanely smooth shots. Its not perfect, though those same users may find the telephoto camera to be pretty useless compared to an optical zoom. They may also wonder why the standard model comes with a basic controller and limited fly app, considering the relatively high price are these factors is that important im giving the final word to samuel the professional photographer and certified pilot who owns multiple dgi drones? Yes, its a very interesting drone and yes, i would be interested in buying it because it has a sensor, thats, larger and performs at higher level, so its a big step up in terms of image quality.

The drone is also extremely stable, even in wind, so you feel, like you, have a tripod in the sky, which is really impressive. It has some flaws for sure, but those are outweighed by the image quality benefits thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please hit like and subscribe, and for more on technology check out: engadget.