I have the brand new dji mavic 3. So join me as i take a look here in the studio and out in the field. Music. All right so lets open up the box. One of the first things youre going to notice is that we have a storage cover now for the mavic awesome. Next, we have the controller so a bit bigger than the mavic 2. We have our charging cable and then we have a bunch of other cables in here as well, depending on which phone youre going to use with the controller and then last we have a few extra propellers in here. So two extra propellers all right lets uh take a look at this drone all right, so some of you guys are obviously wondering what are the differences between this new drone and the mavic 2? Well, for starters, we have the protective case so im going to take this off its elastic really excited about this, actually because im going to feel a lot more comfortable, just putting the drone inside my bag without worrying about the lenses getting scratched up or getting dirty. So im going to unfold the arms here and also the placement of our batteries now here on the back side, so heres the battery indicator and really happy about this feature. We now have the usbc port and microsd slot right here on the back, which is going to make it much easier to get to. As you guys know, on the on the previous version.

We have it right here on the side and you have to unfold the arms every time you want to access that card. Slot really happy about that. Another great thing about this battery is mentioned. Is you can now shoot up to 46 minutes according to dgi? The added benefit of having a battery that lasts 46 minutes is that you can now capture all of golden hour without having to rush back swap batteries and get your drone back up in the air, hoping that you didnt miss anything another thing youre going to notice Is the propellers have a slightly new design, so we have a rubber, flexible tip right here, thats said to actually help with any accidents that might occur, its going to cause less damage, but what im most excited about for that is that its actually going to be Quieter and youre going to get actually 50 percent less wind resistance as youre flying, which is going to result in a smoother more stable flight. So what im really excited about? Is this dual camera ill talk a little bit more about that in a minute, but looks beautiful also really like the new color thats, a matte black feels a lot more sleek. Even a little more aggressive looks beautiful. So, as you guys probably know, dji usually has several different configurations for the drones they release. The mavic 3 is no different. The first configuration is the standard drone and thats the one that i have here today.

It features eight gigs of storage here internally on the drone. The next configuration is the fly more combo, its the same thing as this drone, but you get a few extras like a carrying case, nd filters, two extra batteries, extra props and a couple other little accessories. And finally, the third configuration is the mavic 3 cine, believe it or not. That version comes with a one. Terabyte ssd drive cannot believe that you can pack a one terabyte drive here on this drone, but they made it happen. What thats going to give you the ability to do is youll be able to shoot now in apples. Prores 422 hq kodak. The pros are really going to appreciate this because theyre going to be able to really push the limits in post processing and one of the things im really excited about with the new dji mavic 3 is the controller. Let me give you a quick little comparison, so you can see its bigger and my favorite part is, as you guys, probably remember, the mavic 2. I have to put my phone down here at the bottom and a lot of times. My hands would get in the way, so im really excited that im going to have a controller now where the screen of my phone is up top. So im gon na pop this up – and i can just have my phone sit right here and now. My my hands are completely clear blocking that screen and like the mavic 2 controller.

I also have my control sticks right here, so i can pop them off quickly. Put them in and be ready to go all right guys. So one of the things im most excited about is this dual camera, so lets talk about it. The first camera right here, this bigger one features a 20 megapixel micro, four thirds hasselblad camera. This is going to give you 12.8 stops of dynamic range which lets you capture so much detail in the highlights and the shadows. This bigger sensor is going to allow you to shoot raw images and works beautifully in low light conditions, because it reduces noise. Okay, so thats the main camera. The second camera on here is the tele camera and heres. One of the reasons why im super excited about the new mavic 3.. Before with the mavic 2, i had to choose between having the camera that had the hasselblad between the camera that had the zoom lens, and now we get both right here on the mavic 3.. This tele camera allows you to shoot jpeg images with the 28 times. Hybrid zoom lens, and a couple of the benefits of that is, you can basically use it in explore mode which sort of is like scouting a location. So, instead of having to fly way over in the distance and waste battery life, you can check out the scene right there by just zooming in another added benefit is if youre near a no fly zone.

You could possibly capture the scene from a great distance away and then youre not so much a nuisance as well to what might be happening beneath where it become a distraction because of the noise of the propellers all right. So those are some great photo specs, but lets talk about the video now im really excited because for the first time ever, we now have the ability to shoot 5.1 k, video here on the dji mavic 3, and we can also shoot up to 50 frames in That mode, you can also shoot 120 frames per second in the 4k mode. This is crazy because were able to capture beautiful imagery. That would only have been available with an upgrade in the dji lineup and im really excited about this, because you didnt have the ability to do those kind of shots with the lower end drones. You had to always upgrade to something like an inspire, and now i can throw this in my backpack and get silky smooth footage. Another thing the dji has done is they have improved the transmission signal, so what you can do now is you can actually see your video live in 1080p 60 frames per second, so thats going to allow you to actually see a better closer image to what the Camera is actually recording as a professional drone pilot. One of the things that frustrates me is when im flying and im getting distracted by the video signal cutting out thanks to the mavic 3s upgraded transmission signal.

That should be an issue of the past. I can now stay present in the moment and capture smooth dynamic scenes, alright, so thats, our quick look at the mavic 3 lets now take this out into the field and put some of these features to the test. Music. A super cool little feature of the remote controller. Is it has these angled cushion holders right here? So when i put my phone in like on the mavic 2, its not pressing down on my power button and my volume buttons all right guys, so i made it to the beach. This is actually one of my favorite places to shoot. I love the open sky. I love the crashing of the waves, the textures of the sand and the water, so lets go. Take it for a spin Music. All right! So we know the mavic 3 has a dual camera setup im now going to put the 28 times zoom to the test. All right so now im going to give this tele camera a try. Im gon na hit this one times button there. I am at two times im gon na hit it again four times, seven times, fourteen and then 28.. That is really far away, thats impressive. So this could actually be a really cool feature for saving battery and scouting a location. So i could go fly over there and waste a bunch of battery to see if theres surfers or i could just come over here to the tele camera mode and switch it over to see.

If i can find any surfers before, i ever even move the drone saving a bunch of battery and time in the process – Music, all right, so i got the mavic 2 and the mavic 3. im going to take both of them up and well do a side By side comparison and check out the footage, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music – i just checked out the footage and i can say that im impressed this camera performs beautifully. Im excited to test it out even more, but my first impressions are. This is a great upgrade Music. So, Music, all right! Well that wraps up todays video im dirk dallas with adoramatv. I would love for you to leave a comment down below letting us know which feature youre most excited about on the mavic 3..