Now we will be live tonight with rotor talk, live at 8 oclock eastern and were going to talk about the firmware update much more in depth. But i wanted to pass on some critical information, because ive had quite a number of questions regarding this. So without any further ado were going to get to this now you know this firmware update was one that you should use dji assistant 2.. While i was getting a lot of questions bill, i cant find dji assistant two or uh dji assistant two wont work: okay, um dji, tutorials dont really cover this. So i wanted to take just a couple of minutes and go over this because i think its some critical information that you need to know. I know a lot of guys like to do their firmware updates by by the app and thats fine, but im always one and ive always been in favor of doing it through dji assistant 2.. Now, one of the things that i got like i said one of the things that i wanted to go over was you know: oh well, its just its, not its, not right its, not working. I cant find it. You know i i plug in dji assistant two. I i plug in you know the usb port to the drone and to the end of my pc and its just not showing up. Why is that? Well, this is why okay and let me go ahead and im going to share my screen here.

I was going to share my screen lets see if we can get this taken care of here, and we are why im waiting. I am sorry about this here folks. I do not know why. This is why this why this is happening here? Okay were back here and um hopeful lets see if i can. Okay um were gon na. Try were gon na. Try this again here, okay, i want to go ahead and share my screen here now. One of the things that i said was a lot of guys were having problems getting dji assistant 2 to work uh. You know they would plug in the drone. They turn it on. Do everything you should and its not showing up well theres a reason for that and im sorry. I just had to had to reboot and get on and let me go ahead and bring that up here, real quick. Now i did this information im about to share with you. It is out on build a drone reviewer uh facebook group uh facebook page and the mavic 3, if, if youre, if youre, if youre a member of that, i would highly recommend checking that out. Lets go ahead and get to build a drone reviewer here and lets. Go ahead, and hopefully this time i can share my screen here all right. I am okay, you. What you need to do is out of the download center. You need to download dji assistant 2 consumer drone series.

Okay, and you can see right here. It will list the supported products here and you can see the mini 2, the air 2s, the mini se and the mavic 3 okay, uh and its just it just came out 124 2022.. Now, if you look on the other dji assistant 2, for example, you know updates discontinued. It lists all the products here, but it doesnt have the mavic 3. And if you look at dji assistant 2 for mavic again, it lists all the products and it doesnt it. Doesnt have have the three so and again, this is consumer drone series. There is a link in the description and it its the same way of doing a firmware update. Okay, you, you know, you um hook your drone up to your pc. You open up the app it shows up at the app and then you run the firmware update. Like always, nothing has changed regarding that, its just a lot of people couldnt find this and how i found it was. When i looked on djis tutorial it would it had dji assistant 2 and then it had the parentheses consumer drone series on it, so thats how i initially found it, because i i initially wasnt able to get mine to work and then i looked, and i was Able to do that, so i just want to go ahead and get this information out there to you um. You know just just to just to make it known.

Um. Well, dji always did this. Yes, they did its through dji assistant two, but they they they call. It now consumer drone series which is different. That is something that that is new, and i did get a lot of questions on this, and i did want to pass this information on to you be sure to tune in tonight to rotor talk. Live were going to talk about the mavic 3 update in depth. The firmware update, theres, also a dji, fly update that you need to do as well. It is out there for both android and ios, so this is going to be very interesting to see if it is going to go ahead and take care of things. So be sure to stay tuned tonight for rotor talk live at 8 oclock eastern. I want to thank everybody for putting up with me here for a few minutes, especially for my technical difficulties, but i hope you uh. I hope this helps and if you know somebodys having having some issues, please share this with them: either the video or go out to build a join your facebook group or page, because that information is out there as well hope everybody has a great rest of the Day, see tonight at 8, as always its a great day to fly, take care.