One drone two variant models. Three options to buy the dji mavic 3 is out, and here is what its all about Music, Music, mavic 3 features a stunning hasselblad camera with a four third cmos sensor with its powerful camera performance, intelligent safety features and some of our most advanced flight technologies. Ever the new dji mavic 3 is a must have for professional content creators. This is imaging above everything. This is dji mavic, 3., hello, im ian and i play with drones, and i have a fair few to be honest. But today i am talking about the new dji mavic 3, not the 3 pro mine that has lost its label. Now. The new mavic 3 has been launched by dji and is very much aimed at the top of the prosumer market, perhaps a little bit more by its price, rather than its actual specs. Anyway. Lets go through the main details, its definitely an upgrade from the 2 pro, but in truth, i think its more list of improvements, rather than obviously a complete redesign. Despite the new gimbal first off youve got the two variants: two models: youve got the standard, mavic 3 and the cine version and of the standard version you can buy. The basic package of drone plus remote plus single battery its the cheapest option, still in at an incredibly hefty 1879 pounds or 2 1999. You can then take that up to the fly more combo, giving you the carry case, two extra batteries charging hub nd filters and some extra props, this bumps the price up to an even heftier 2549 pounds or almost 3 000.

Then finally, youve got the cineversion, which i think dji are frankly aiming at those who simply want the top model, irrespective of the price and the reason i say that is because the city model is precisely the same body and camera as the standard model. Apart from the following three points, its got: an internal one, terabyte ssd its got the addition of a 10 gigabit light, speed, connector and its got the ability to film in apple pro res. It also comes with an updated smart controller as opposed to the standard remote, but with these extras you certainly pay extra for the cine package comes in at an eye watering 4 279 pounds or almost 5 000 now look. I will be going through the main specs of the mavic 3, but to be clear, the cine version is in every aspect the same model as its the same hasselblad camera, the same physical specs. You are literally paying 1700 pounds or 2 000 more for one terabyte of internal memory, apple prores, video format and a different, remote thats it so each to their own. To be honest, but for me you can pick up a half terabyte ultra fast write, speed, sd card around 9 800 pounds or 130 dollars. Half a terabyte gives you recording capacity for around five hours of 4k video at 200 megabits per second, the new smart remote looks disappointingly similar to the existing smart controller. That is now over two years old.

I was really looking forward for a larger screen and a radically different smart controller, and this hasnt given me that so for me, i am really struggling to see the justification for the cineversion at all, and that is why i will be going for the standard fly. More combo to review on this channel. That gives me the main drone, uh itll, give me the extra batteries and the nds and the net little carry case to store it all in, but anyway, look thats the money. Uh lets do a very quick run through of key specs, because there are some changes. The most obvious feature is the twin camera, which is the first for djis folding drone range, but i said i think, its more an improvement rather than a huge leap. The main camera is a hasselblad camera sporting, a four thirds or a one and a third inch – 20 megapixel sensor. It still shoots 20 megapixel stills, so it can easily be argued that theres very little upgrade at all for still photography. Apart from the larger sensor, video does get a bump up, though it can now film up to 5.1 k at 30. Frames per second can do 4k, video at 120 frames per second, and it can do 1080 right up to 200 frames per second for ultra slow mo. You get the h264 and the 265 modes for up to 200 megabits uh bitrate, which is a huge jump in bitrate to be honest and therefore the quality of each frame of video and on the cine version.

As mentioned, you get a pro res 42 hq option with its impressive 3760 megabits per second bitrate, hence the need for the internal ssd. Now the camera is a slightly wider field of view on the on the mavic 3 uh, its an 84 degree field of view. Thats, a 24 millimeter lens, the old 2 pro was 77 degrees or 28 millimeter lens, so things are going to appear a little bit further away and again, like the 2 pro, you get. The variable aperture between f 2.8 up to f 11, making things easier to adjust in mid flight, often without nd filters. So, coupled with this wider field of view main camera, you now get the secondary tele camera, and this is probably one of the two biggest features and improvements of the mavic 3.. The tele camera is an extra lens and sensor situated above the main camera, its been given an extremely narrow field of view of just 15 degrees, giving the equivalent of 161 millimeter lens. That is going to be the equivalent of a seven times zoom over the main camera. This is, i think, a significant zoom to be clear, its an optical zoom, even though its a fixed lens, it is only a 12 megapixel megapixel sensor, its a half inch sensor. So, whilst you can get 12 megapixel stills and 4k video, i personally wonder how the quality is going to drop and as such, how useful will this feature be.

That said, i think the zoom will be almost certainly a useful feature. Each of the two cameras offers a two or four times: digital zoom as well, meaning you can do a four times: digital zoom on the tele camera, giving you right up to a full 28 times zoom. As i said, though, its a digital zoom on a smaller sensor, i doubt it will be a great picture that youll end up with, but anyway some testing will tell, but i think yeah, maybe a bit more of a gimmick than a genuine feature. Youre going to use anyway thats the main camera features ive gone through lets run through the physical specs as well. The biggest feature upgrade is the flight time thats. The second of the two big uh improvements. I think the specs are now quoting a whopping 46 minutes max flight time all be under ideal conditions down to zero battery in practice. That still means youre going to get probably a good 35 to 40 minutes of real world flight time, which is a massive increase. Even beating the auto evo 2 pros 40 minute battery life, top speed has been marginally increased, its up a couple of miles per hour to 747 miles per hour or 21 meters per second, but it does have significantly faster ascent and decent speeds. The ascent speed has increased from five to eight meters per second and the descent speed has doubled to six meters per second, so youre going to get some pretty decent shots increasing in height and also the other thing that always floats my boat is its wind rating.

Has slightly increased too? This is always useful to know, and most of you know i do love my strong wind test, so i will definitely be putting this through its paces in the next storm that hits the uk, but my words. The two pro was very, very good in in strong wind, so ive got high hopes for the uh, the mavic 3.. Now another big change is charging charging is now handled via usbc and, in my opinion, long overdue and its a huge benefit, because it means that any high powered usbc charger is going to work in charging up your drones battery, my laptop uh charges via usbc, as Does my phone, and even if the charger isnt the rated 65 watts uh, that the official dji charger is, it will still charge the batteries for you, it all be a little bit slower, but that means uh chunkier power bank, like the omnicharge, will be able to Recharge your batteries out in the field, without a mains adapter. So to me that is a its a really really good improvement. What else uh omnidirectional obstacle avoidance? Is there protecting you from hitting things in normal and c mode, but not in sports mode? We also get uh prominent with sorry, also promised active track, five and master shot, but strangely those two items along with wi fi, six fast picture transfer wont be available until early next year, after a firmware upgrade so a little bit rushed and a little bit unfinished In my opinion there, but anyway good things to come, physical, specs size and weight is barely changed, although, interestingly, the standard model comes in at 895 grams and the cine model comes in at 899 grams, comparing to the 920 grams of of the two pro.

It looks like they have tried to future proof that for the european and uk markets, which significantly restrict models that are over 900 grams in weight. But, of course this is where we have the huge missing feature here, and that is the absence of the new sea classifications required to keep flying models in urban or congested areas after december 2022. I have to say i am genuinely staggered its almost a year after the introduction of the new essa based rules. We are yet were still yet to see a single model drone being sold in europe with the new c markings, and i really am left wondering and hoping to be honest that either the ca are going to change their stance and either delay the transition period or Better still simply base the new rules on weight. Alternatively, of course, dji could offer a return and swap you pay a small fee and you get your drone replaced for an identical model with a c marked model, but either way, i think its crazy that we still expected to pay over 2 000 pounds for a Model that could be a uh, a very restricted paperweight in a years time i dont know maybe thats the true reason for the inclusion of the tele camera, because well only be able to fly it far away from anything at all after next year. Anyway, look thats! It for now i tried to make this as short as possible.

Hopefully thats, given you the facts and figures, you need to make your mind up. Look, in my opinion, its a lot of money for what is clearly an upgrade, but nothing groundbreaking, larger sensor, longer flight time, theyre. The two features that are going to affect most people so um anyway. Let me know your thoughts below uh in a comment good or bad. I think its a bit of a slightly contentious drone. Frankly, its got some interesting features: sky, high price and possibly limited use in europe and the uk after the end of next year. So a fair bit to uh to think on. In my opinion, anyway, as ever, if you like, the video uh, give me a little thumbs up, always helps uh dont be giving a thumbs down for the drone itself, because all thats going to do is tell youtube that you dont, like my videos, which i dont Know may or may not be the case, but look either way. I hope you uh. I hope i will be getting hold of it in the next day or so and ill definitely be uh putting it through its paces uh. As soon as i do ill get.