Everyone knows that DJI announced these drones a while back as the most anticipated drones since the mavic 2 Pro yes, but the devil is in the detail, as the mavic 3 classic will be the first drone in the world to carry the long awaited class identification label Right out of the box and Im happy to inform you its classified as a C1 drone under the new EU drone regulations, no one will doubt that you will get Superior camera performance with the mavic 3 drone, as we have seen countless examples so far and with The same micro, four third sensor at 20 megapixels, the mavic 3 classic – will deliver the same. So the only real difference is the lack of the half inch sensor, telephoto lens, so you have to settle with digital Zoom with the mavic 3 classic. A C1 classified drone makes a big difference in urban areas, as you dont need to deal with safety episodes as long as youre not deliberately flying over people. This opens up for some great possibilities and you will not have to wait until the transition period expires in 2024 to take full advantage of this, you can fly in the A1 airspace as soon as you get your hands on the Drone to be C1 compliant. Pgi. Have been forced to reduce the noise level of the Drone to the required 83 decibel, as well as limit active track to 50 meters between the Drone and sub gate.

This 50 meter limit for active track is not without issues. You very easily lose the Drone and then it just sits there while youre driving off in the sunset, but I take that any day to be able to fly a drone like this in the A1 airspace. I still have my mavic 2 Pro its mainly reserved for client work and for taking photos, but lately I havent been flying it so much in urban areas, because this is classified as a legacy drone and its only allowed in the A2 airspace, where horizontal safety zone Of 50 meters is required, which often makes it quite difficult to to do what Im set out to do. I normally end up bringing my Mini 3 Pro instead because its below 250 grams, the DJI Mini 3 Pro – is a brilliant drone, with unprecedented performance in the sub 250 gram segment, but listen its like a trusty family car. And if you want to win the race, this might not be the right choice when showing up for cardboard. The metal finishes is more like a full blown classic sport car that is faster, better looking more stable and has a variable aperture that will allow you to adjust the amount of light while youre in Flight. With a high resolution of 5.1 K High video bandwidth, it will take something like an Aspire X5 to outperform the video performance, the size matter. Yes, according to the weather girl, if the storm is coming having a drone with a larger propeller span and stronger will help, you produce more stable footage in windy conditions and it minimize your risk of losing the Drone.

The mavic 3 classic is listed as a level 6 win performance on the Beaufort Wind Scale and itll probably perform even better when you fly it in real life, as we have seen with some of the other DJI drones. If youre, upgrading from the mavic 2 Pro its basically a no brainer as the weight is slightly less and it occupies around the same space when they are folded, the camera and the Drone is very well protected by a harness its not as small as the mavic. 3 Pro, but the foldable design still makes it compact, so it should be easy enough to bring along for that purpose. The back of the fly more combo is really nice and roomy. You can leave the sticks on the remote while you store it and theres still plenty of space for the rest that you want to bring along. The next thing that I want to share with you is so cool with the mavic 3 classic DJI introduces something that they call cruise control, and this is exactly what you think it is its like cruise control on your car, where you simply set a certain speed And then you can let go of the gas and the car will continue. You just start by flying in One Direction, then you press one of the custom buttons, let go of the sticks and then the Drone continue to fly in that direction. Cruise control helps smooth out the footage like a professional, dolly or cable cam.

I have been missing this feature since corslock was a part of the intelligent flight modes, and the most cool part is that it also works. When you fly in circles, the camera is the Crown Jewel of the mavic 3 Series. The sensor is the 20 megapixel micro, four third, with the maximum resolution of 5.1 K with 24 millimeter equivalent Optics, which is a tad wider than the 28 millimeter that we had on the mavic 2 Pro. The construction and position of the gimbal ensures that there are no props in the shot, even if you move the gimbal above horizontal level, the bigger sensor offers good low light capabilities and provides a night shot mode that will stretch the sensor to the max. You can record in t lock that is a 10 bit flat color profile, High video bandwidth of 200 megabit per second, that provides 12.8 stops of dynamic range. This will be absolutely candy for people that likes to color grade as well as help help preserve the highlights and dark areas. In your footage, this will, if you know what youre doing make your footage stand out. The camera has amazing slow motion capabilities in 4k or 220 FPS. This is, of course, super cool. If you want to slow things down a bit theres, no doubt that the smaller drones from TGI offer really good consumer level video quality. But they are all fixed aperture drones without the ability to perform in flight adjustment of light, in combination with slower shutter speed, as well as depth of field.

Every Pro camera out there has variable aperture, where you can open and close the iris to control the amount of light entering. This is one of the things that I really like with the Mami 2 Pro that you can do tweaks when you are in flight and youre not forced to land. The Drone. In case you need to switch an indie filler. The obstacle avoidance will help protect the Drone and even guide the Drone around obstacles, plugging its path with Apex 5.0, with full 360 Degrees obstacle avoidance. You will have a blast with Focus track because, because the Drone is fully protected, the focus track controls are different than what Im used to from the Mini 3 Pro no more parallel or track options. You select everything from a single control Focus track is not available. Above 4K, 30 FPS, the obstacle awarding system works really really well, but dont rely on this 100, its better to put yourself in situations where you are avoid using the apps. Also, I need to point out. It requires quite a bit of light for the sensors to be active, so be careful and check the UI when you are flying in areas with close proximity to obstacles. This means that the obstacle avoidance sensors are disabled in night mode. I dont own the RC Pro, but with the Mini 3 Pro the DJI RC was introduced, its a budget smart controller with a built in screen, so theres no need to whip out your phone to fly.

The Drone separately tdrs is locally compatible with the mavic 3 classic and you can buy the RC as part of some of the configurations that you can see here on the screen with O3, you have a very stable low, latency connection between the remote and the Drone. You have a theoretical range of 15 kilometers. This is of course, U.S range, as it would be significantly lower in Europe because of the reduced broadcast power on the CE. This is not something that I want to test out and its not important to me, but what is important to me is that I have a stable, drastic connection between the remote and the Drone when Im flying in a heavy Wi Fi polluted areas, you never have Enough flight time, when youre out filming on a job so having a theoretical flight time of 46 minutes seems like a blessing. We know that the real life results. They differ a lot and you should not expect more than around 70 percent of the theoretical flight time. At least this is what Im getting with mixed usage, but its still a huge Improvement compared to some of my other DJI drones. So why would I upgrade from my trusty mavic 2 Pro the mavic 3 classic is a real C1 drone and it follows the new EU drone rules. Mavic 2 Pro requires A2 drone certificate to be able to fly it in EU and right now you need to attend on an actual course on an approved drone school to obtain that certificate with the added time and cost involved to make things even worse here in Europe, when the transition period Ends by the end of 2023, the Drone is no longer allowed to fly in the air 2 airspace, its being abandoned to A3, where you have to keep a horizontal distance of 150 meters away from urban areas and youre not allowed to Overfly uninvolved people that would put some serious limitations to the use of the mavic 2 Pro mavic 3 classic offers even better low light performance with the larger micro, four thirds sensor, Sharper Image and better colors right out of the camera.

The mavic 2 Pro 4K footage. Always looked a little bit mushy due to various limitations in its camera design way longer flight times almost twice as long and no more pregnant batteries, its a known flow on the previous design, but batteries tend to swell and pop out mid flight support for the new Generation of smart controllers, the RC Pro and the DJI RC improve real time 360 obstacle avoidance that will help protect your investment with Apex 5.0. According to my information from DJI, the price will land around the same level as the mavic 2 Pro. The pricing was not available when recording these videos. I will list it here on the screen and in case you want to pick one up, as course, a link in the description below if youre interested in more information about the mavic 3 classic. I will be flying this drone a lot over the next couple of weeks. So let me know if theres anything particular that you want to know about the Drone, and I will see if I can include it. So what do you think about the mavic 3 classic? Let me know in the comments below just so were absolutely on the same page. Dji did reach out to me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to do a collaboration and a review of the mavic 3 classic. They have provided the salmon that Ive used in this review, but otherwise they have not interfered in anything.

What I had to say around the Drone. Also, this is the first time Ive had a chance to fly a premium product like the mavic 3.. Seen in that light, my Impressions might be Amplified, but it is a really really cool product if youre new around here Im Henry Goldson and if you find Value in anything that you have heard here today, then consider subscribing to the channel. If you like, the video feel free to give it a like if you didnt, like it, feel free to press the dislike button twice.