So back in 2018. Dji like to mavic 2 Pro with that one inch sensor, then in 2021 we saw the mavic 3 with the 5.1 K, camera omnidirectional, sensors and a seven times optical zoom. This year we have the mavic 3 classic, which shares the same 5.1 K, hasselberry camera. The same 46 minute battery life and the same omnidirectional sensors on here and the same ocusync, 3 plus transmission, but with a cheaper price point. So I took these mavic 3 classic to the Balearic Islands, fully testing out the features on this drone Im going to be showing you that in the next couple of days, so stick around for that and its going to be like my full test on this. The first time flying it in loads of different scenarios and to show you the potential of this drone. So in a nutshell, the mavic 3 is a mavic, 3 classic 3 features. So if we take off the one terabyte of storage and the prores from the five thousand dollar cinemodel – and we also substitute the tele camera, so theres, no tele lens on the mavic, 3 classic, but literally every single other feature is inside of this classic Model, which I think is really impressive, but it also has two new features. This has night video and it also has cruise control and crucially, for European Flyers. It now also has a C1 label as well on the Drone itself lets talk about now.

What actually is the classic? Whats on this version, and should you go out and buy it? The mavic 3 classic shares this same micro, four thirds Hasselblad sensor from the mavic 3.. This means it shoots at 5.1 k at 50 FPS. It can also shoot 4K up to 120 FPS and 1080p up to 200 FPS. This means its perfect for slow mo for fast moving objects like cars, bikes or waves, slowing that footage down. It also shoots photos at 20 megapixels and just look at these photos. Here. Look really nice and sharp and crisp loads of detail even cropped in now. You can see these photos look beautiful, but the video for me is the biggest advantage of this drone. That 5K video just looks really really good. Look dynamic range, look at the details in the sky. It is beautiful. The camera coming from this compared to any of the other DJI drones I have flown the camera is a massive advantage and because its a hasselbad camera you get Hasselblad colors. So all the colors coming from this in photos and videos, really nice and vibrant not too over processed or too sharp. Just look really beautiful and this shoots in three color profiles: normal d, log and hlg – and it is a variable aperture, which means you can shoot in F, 2.8 up to f11 and you can change that. So you have full control over the camera and the settings on this youre not fixed to like a 2.

8 aperture or 1.7. You can change this fully. You have the control so on. The back of this drone is one of the biggest advantages and that is to do with the battery life, so this is a 46 minute, 5 000 milliamp battery. So this was getting me real world about 40 minutes in really windy and challenging conditions over the last couple of weeks, and it meant I could use all the features on this drone with one battery like Master shots, hyperlapse active track photos, videos, everything I wanted to Do without having to rush, because I knew I had the backup and all of that battery life there. So a massive advantage to this drone compared to other drones, is that battery life, which is phenomenal now the mafic 3 classic, has omnidirectional sensor. In the same as the mavic 3., so youve got a full 360 degrees of Center and protection when flying this drone, which means, if youre flying it normally, it will detect objects throughout it all the way around and the air 2s and the Mini 3. They dont have sideways protection, so this is a good advantage and kind of an upgrade for this drone, and you can use this in active track as well. So if youre, tracking yourself or a car or something this will detect objects as its fine and keeping you in the frame, so its really good and its just that extra level of protection that youre going to have with this drone.

And it also does it really nicely you see when the mavic 3 first came out, it worked so its a bit too aggressive in the way it detected and avoided objects. This was a lot more calmer and I found from the testing Ive been doing its work. Really well now the mavic 3 classic has the same arcusync, 3 plus transmission from the mavic 3., and what that means is youre going to get says 15 kilometers of max range now youre never going to use or need that. But what it means is crucially, when youre filming in different environments, so Landscapes or cities, youre going to have really strong ocusync signal, thats whats the most important. How strong is that signal? Now I was using it with the DJI RC in different locations. Youll see on the next video and from Landscapes mountains and to a really really populated city where everyone was competing for that Wi Fi signal and the signal on here has been excellent, so really impressed. I find it seems to be better than the Mini 3 for sure overall signal wise. It is really good but Ill. Do a full video explaining that and but youve got four antennas built inside of the Drone as well. So yeah signal on here is brilliant and remember when the mavic 3 came out and about the GPS lock of how long it took to get an actual lock. When you first turn that drone on before you could go off and fly Ai, and sometimes it could take minutes that has got better and its been improved, but on here it was an interesting point.

I wanted to find out. How long would it actually take me to get this drone in the air and start flying, and I was getting full GPS lock in about 30 seconds and thats, we returned to home home Point locked as well, so not a problem there much better on here. So GPS, lock sensoring signals spot on and something a lot of drone Pilots have been wanting, especially in the European area is the C1 certification. When you unfold this, you will see a nice new label here on the side with that C1 stamp. Now this means that this now can be flown in the A1 subcategory, so you can now fly it in all them places that you want to fly. You couldnt fly before this is a massive massive Game. Changer. It means you dont have to do that. A2. Certification. Now as well, you can pick this up and you can fly it in all the places you couldnt before Im, really impressed with that. Now, when you look at the difference between like a small drone and these bigger drones, something which this is going to bring, you is power. You see this drone weighing at 895 grams with the battery and it will fire over 40 miles per hour. This means it is like a tank in the skies and its going to give you so much more confidence when flying you see youll see in the video coming the next couple of days.

I was over 800 meters above sea level. I took this drone off thinking its quite windy here, its going to struggle not once you see it was able to get me really good photos and videos without any jerkiness whatsoever, and this is what I love about these bigger drones. I can go to literally any location, no matter how windy it is and it can perform all the time and if things do get quite bad or the wind picks up youve got over 40 miles per hour in sports mode to get it back to you. So this is a massive Game Changer and it can also get to places quicker. So if Im flying something like the mini drones to the bigger drones, is a completely different flying experience, so power performance on this really good. So two new features on the mavic 3 classic are night, video and cruise control. Now, when I first read these, I was like these are just basically a bit gimmicky, but when Ive tested them, I really do like them. You see night video what this does in a night time environment. This will raise the iso and it will also imply some noise reduction. So lets look at these shots here. This is all with night video turned on. You can see these shots. I think look really good, so theyre, nice and sharp still so normally when you apply noise reduction, it makes that image. Look quite soft, but these look quite sharp, still Im really impressed and theres not much noise at all.

So the Night video on here does make a big difference compared to without it turned on whatsoever and the cruise control. Again, I thought Im not really going to use this a lot. I love it. You see cruise control what you do on the controller you just set off going you just literally push forward backwards, left to right, whatever Direction you want, the Drone to go in and on the back of it. Youve got these two customization buttons, the C1 and the C2 button. So I made this button here my cruise control button so as Im flying in any direction. So just say I push forward so the Drone starts to fly. I press this button and then automatically. It will then continue to fly on its own in that same direction and same speed, which meant I could have the Drone a bit further back from me. I could get it going flying towards a really nice landscape and then I could then walk into the frame without having to concentrate on fly. That drone and I could get in this shot, and you can do this in loads of different framing examples. But you can also do it with like circles and orbits as well. So if you start an orbit on your controller and the Drone starts to say orbit around something, you then just press this cruise control button and the Drone will automatically continue to orbit round on itself, and it will carry on doing this until you press that button And it will stop, you have full control over the gimbal tilt and also full control over the height as well.

Whilst its doing cruise control, you can use it in photos and videos. So I really do love cruise control feature on here. I wish every single DJ. I dont have this cruise control now I really do like it and its great Im going to think of some more like creative ideas of how to use this, but yeah. Two really good features that are new on this drone and Im really glad theyre. Here the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 classic look identical. They have pretty much exactly the same feature if tele camera on the front is important to you then pick up the mavic 3, which is still an option, and if you want to spend a five thousand dollars on the cinemodel, then youre gon na get prores on The one terabyte of storage, but unless you really need that tele camera, which I think is the biggest reason to get the mavic 3., then this is a fantastic option. You see this still has eight gigabytes of internal storage. You still gets some storage in here, but most people are going to stick a memory card in inside of it anyway and the camera you can still Zoom at three times in digital Zoom, so it still has some Zoom, just not the same. So when you are considering which one to get do you need the tele camera or not, if you dont really need it that much, then this is a fantastic way to go and the mapping 3 classic now comes in three different options, and this is important.

You see the Drone itself, doesnt change, no matter which option you get inside of the Box, youre going to get exactly the same things theres only going to be one change, youre going to get the same one battery youre, going to get the same extra propellers youve Got the same charger, no matter which version you get and the three options are one the Drone only so you can get the Drone itself. So if you already have like a DJI air 2s and Mini 2 mini 3 with one of these controllers, then this is basically the cheapest and easiest way of getting this drone in your hands. It also comes with this package as well, so the DJI classic and the DJI rcn1 controller, and it also comes as a third option, which is the DJI mavic, 3 classic and the new DJI RC. Now this would be my preferred option if I didnt already have this controller, because this now has a built in screen. I think the control is brilliant. I think its nice and lightweight and easy to travel with. So if you do have like a Mini 3, I would just literally get drone only and pick this up, but those are the three different versions you can get and its also going to have a fly Market available as well and thats. Going to to give you two extra batteries, the charging Hub and a bag, or you could literally just pick one of these separate batteries up as well that work on the mavic 3, so the mavic 3 batteries, the mavic 3 classic batteries are exactly the same.

So should you actually upgrade to the mavic 3 classic? Well, if you have a mavic 2 Pro, this is a perfect upgrade now its at a cheaper price point: its got a better camera, better performance, better features and a better battery. If you have an air 2s again all the same features, everything is better on this and if you have a smaller drone like the Mini 3, the Mini 3 has a ton of advantages to it because of its size and weight, but also has a disadvantage, which Is the ability to fly in strong winds and also the camera isnt as good as on this? So I would find that this is a perfect addition to a smaller drone as well. You can take this in pretty much any place. You want and fly this especially now weve got the new A1 subcategory in for European flights as well thats great. So I think this is a perfect way of picking a really good, pretty much hero drone with all the same features of the mavic 3. Just without that tele camera, so Im really impressed with this and the price points better its going to be a more affordable option for people in Korea, creators professionals to get literally the best drone that DJI have got at at the moment. So, overall, what a drone you know: Ive had a lot of fun testing and flying this out. Cant: wait to show that Majorca, video Flying this in challenging situations and just trying to get the best out of it.

So I cant wait to show you that in a couple of days so make sure you subscribe if youre new around here, so you dont miss out on that. If you want to go and buy this drone Ill link it in the top of the description. If you buy it through those links, I really do appreciate it and it doesnt cost you any more, but it helps this channel out a lot Im going to be creating my own lots for this theyre actually working on them right now. So if you do buy this drone through those links, just drop me an email and then Ill send you a pack for free as soon as theyre done. It wont be too long. I promise and overall really impressed. Let me know in the comments down below what do you think about this drone now the price point is a bit better to pick up. You know its got all the same features its got. The C1 certification label on the Drone really really really good, so Ill.