Let you know everything you need to know about this drone foreign. So this drone is the actual successor of one of the most popular drones weve ever seen from DJI. The mavic 2 Pro will know with the release of the mavic 2 Pro and the one inch hasselblast sensor. It was pretty much game over for any other portable drone as up until this point, nobody had ever created such a powerful but tiny and compact drone, and now we have the mavic 3 classic, which aims to replicate the same success by introducing a four thirds hasselblast Sensor with a single camera, so unlike the regular mavic 3, which comes with a wide angle, camera and a tele camera, this one comes with just one camera. The wide option, which is in a 35 millimeter equivalent, is a 24 millimeter wide angle camera, and that is a massive difference compared to the mavic 2 Pro, which has a 35 millimeter equivalent camera of 28 millimeters. So not only this camera has a bigger sensor. It also has, as a wider view before I continue with the rest of the things you need to know about the mavic 3 classic. Here is a comparison between this drone and a mavic 2 Pro. So you can appreciate how much things have developed over the years and what difference you can expect coming from the mavic 2 Pro to the mavic 3 classic lets check it out, foreign, which comes with two cameras: a wide angle, camera and a tele camera.

This one comes with just one: the wide angle, camera, which still has the same four thirds CMOS Hasselblad sensor with 20 megapixel photo capabilities and 12.8 stops of dynamic range. Of course, we still have the adjustable aperture between F, 2.8 and f11, just like on the regular mavic 3, and we still have that same flat d, lock, color profile, which shoots 10 bit video and is amazing to color grade similar to the regular mavic 3. The classic also shoots in 5.1 K, 50 frames per second thats, the maximum resolution you can set and, of course you still have 4K 60 and 4K 120 frames per second. If you need to shoot something that needs to be slowed down when it comes to the design you can see, DJI continues to experiment with the way they produce these straps to keep the propellers tucked in and also to keep everything nice and secure when it comes To protecting the Drone, the sensors and the camera, so we can see that new design of that strap, which now buckles here on the back of the Drone instead of the top, which is what we have here on the regular mavic 3.. So its an interesting new design that Im not really sure if I like better than this one, this one, maybe Im a bit more familiar with it and I tend to lock it in a bit a bit quicker compared to this one which, like I said, closes Here on the back, but I still think they keep tweaking the design, meaning that they are trying to make it better.

So that must be a good thing. I might prefer this one a little bit better but well see how this holds up its, not a huge deal anyway, but yeah Ill. Keep you informed about this design whether it stands uh as it is right now or it keeps improving, in my view, at least on the outside. Nothing really else has changed besides the camera and the strap design, so the props are the same. The berries are the same. Everything else looks exactly the same as the regular mavic 3.. Well, there is a small difference actually, and that is that, if you want to buy just the Drone itself, you can do that you can buy it without any remote controller. You can buy it with the DJI rcn1, the regular flat, boring looking remote controller or you can get it with the DJI RC, which weve now seen on many other drones, such as the Mini 3 Pro. The air 2s has been recently upgraded to work with this remote as well, the regular mavic, 3 and now the mavic 3 classic they all work with this remote. So if you already own one of these, you can just buy the Drone itself and just bind it to this remote and it will work just fine now, like I said, since we have the same batteries as the mavic 3, you can literally expect exactly the same Battery life on this drone as well, something between the lines of 35 to 40 minutes depending on your flight style, would be something being realistic that you can expect.

And of course, we have the same O3 plus transmission technology available on the mavic 3 classic, which promises up to 15 kilometers of flight range and FCC mode, which is amazing, of course. And although I never pushed the Drone that far away from me, its great to know that the signal will be Rock Solid, even when flying in urban areas, when I fly in areas where there is a lot of interference, I have zero problems with the mavic 3 And the mavic 3 classic so its great Peace of Mind, knowing that the Drone will be able to perform well, and you still have that 1080p 60 frames per second feed on your remote controller, giving you great feedback as soon as you do something on the Drone. You will see it on the remote, so its very fluid very smooth and you dont have any problems with the signal whatsoever, even in dense urban areas. So, as you can see, pretty much everything is the same as the mavic 3.. However, there is one new feature that Im really excited about when it comes to the mavic 3 classic, and that is cruise control, because control is a feature that can be enabled by going to the bottom customization options and setting it to a custom button. So lets say you set it to C2, which is the button on the back of the remote controller in any given point, while youre flying the Drone youre moving the sticks in any direction, you can press the C2 button or any other button that you have customized To start the cruise control feature and the Drone will continue going in that direction, so lets say youre going forward and youre gaining altitude a little a little bit by also using the left stick to go a little bit higher by pressing the C2 button.

It will lock these commands and the Drone will continue to gain altitude and it will continue using the same speed as it was using before you press the button, and it will just keep doing that same movement until you either press cancel. You press the button again to to stop cruise control or you reach an area that is the maximum flight altitude, for example, or you enter a note, fly zone or something like that. This feature will not only make long distance flying more effortless because you dont have to do anything, but it will also help you reduce some shakiness during manual control. That sometimes happens when youre pushing the sticks yourself. Finally, this drone also supports apas 5.0 to sense objects. In all directions and bypass them quickly and smoothly, you have active track. 5.0. You have Master shots, quick shots, hyperlapse and Panorama. All of these features that weve seen on the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 cine, which are a lot more expensive, are now here on the mavic 3 classic, which I think is a great thing, especially coming from the mavic 2 Pro, for example, which is their Previous big Flagship drone its a massive upgrade with all of these camera improvements. All of these new features that, during the years DJI have has developed and has, I would say, perfected slowly but surely now you can have them too at a much more reasonable price tag. So speaking about the prices Im currently looking at the different price tags, depending on which bundle or which version you want to go for so the regular mavic 3 classic, which is just the Drone, comes in at 14.

69, the mavic 3 classic with the rcn1 comes at 1599, the mavic 3 classic with the DJI RC comes in at 1749, and the mavic 3 fly more kit, which is sold separately, comes in at 649 dollars. I know for a fact that many people dont want to spend such a high amount of money for the tele camera and the built in SSD and the prores codec that the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 cine versions have so the mavic 3 classic. Is the perfect middle ground for people looking to upgrade to, I would say one Beast of a camera which still has all the cool features and all the cool automated modes, that the mavic 3 has so pretty much a win win for anyone looking to upgrade to A much much better, looking camera if theres anything specific you want to know about the mavic 3 classic dont hesitate, drop a comment down below. Let me know what you think about this drone and, while youre at it drop a like subscribe for more videos like this one. This is Mike from grow Supremacy.