This one is the mavic 3 classic. Now, when I heard the name classic, I was kind of like hey its an its a new, the New Classic and Im trying to figure out why they were naming a classic and the main reason. Why is because of this guy right here, which is the mavic 2 Pro, if you guys have been in a drone space for a while? This is the staple drone, and this one is the Classic. This was released back in 2018 and its probably been since then one of, if not the best drone, so behind that word Classic. This is the classic staple drone or Flagship drone from DJI and DJI now hopes and believes that the mavic 3 classic will be that Next Gen mavic 2 Pro now. I do believe that this will probably be in very high demand, because this is probably one of the main drones that people were waiting to upgrade to, but when they did release the mavic 3. Initially, they came out with the mavic 3, as well as the mavic 3 city, which I have here. This drum right here was released with a dual camera camera setup. It had the four over three inch, sensored bottom camera, as well as the tele camera here. On top, the one downside I would say with this release is the fact that it was a pretty big jump as far as price goes. If you were going to go upgrade from something like the mavic 2 Pro, as well as the air 2s or air 2.

, and now with the release of the mavic 3 Classic, this is probably most likely the one that most people wanted to get either after owning The mavic 2 Pro or wanting to upgrade from something like the Air, 2 air 2s, or even something like the Mini 3 Pro now, with the release of the new mavic 3 classic, you are able to actually buy the Drone in three different packages. You can actually buy the Drone by itself and if you did that the Drone by itself, of course, with a couple extra props and those things like that, but no remote control that comes up to 14.69. The next package after that is the mavic 3 classic. With the RC N1 remote control, this comes out to 15.99 and then finally, we have this one, which is the classic and the DJI RC. This is one with the built in screen. This is definitely the one I would recommend getting as far as this combo goes. This comes out to 1749. I do like the fact that theyre releasing the Drone by itself. So if you previously had another drone like the Mini 3 Pro air 2s – and you had one of these other remote controls, you are able to buy the Drone separately and pair it with one of these remote controls and, of course, if you guys did have it Will be compatible with the classic, so those are the packages that will be available for the mavic 3 classic.

So, if youre on the fence and just kind of waiting on the sidelines waiting, because you didnt need to spend that much money or didnt need that tele camera that originally came out on the mavic 3. Now you have this one here, the mavic 3 classic, but in this video I do want to focus on these specs and differences between these three cameras right here, because if you are out there shopping or looking at upgrading from one of the previous ones. This is your main current lineup now the first well talk about, of course, the size and the mavic 3 classic is the same size as the other mavic 3s. So if youre familiar with that, one just know the body. Everything is exactly the same, but this compared to the Mini 3. Pro, of course, a huge difference, Mini 3 Pro, of course super small pocketable compact. Then we have this right here, which is the air 2s. As far as weight of these three drones, we do have the Mini 3, Pro of course, coming in under 249 grams, extremely important for those people that are flying in areas where they have a little more restrictions on drones that are over 250 grams thats. The reason why this one is so popular 249 grams and under on the mini 3 Pro as far as the air 2s were at 595 grams and then with the mavic 3 classic 895 grams. Now so as pricing goes, I did talk about the pricing for the classic with this remote control.

But let you guys know there are multiple packages for these drones and you can either get them with the rcn1 remote, where you actually have to put your mobile phone here up top or you can get packages with the RC remote with the DJI RC remote for Each one of these, as far as a combo with the RC, the Mini 3 Pro and the RC comes up to 909. Dj, has recently releasing some pricing for this combo right here, which didnt actually exist. But if you were to buy the Drone by itself, which is about a thousand dollars and you were to buy the remote control, which is separately for about 300 little over 300 youre about thirteen hundred dollars for this combo right here and finally, with the mavic 3 Classic we are at 1749 line for the mavic 3 classic and the DJI RC next well talk about sensor, size and cameras, because thats the main difference with these drones is that when you start moving up in camera, specs camera size, you of course have a heavier Camera you also need a heavier platform to carry those cameras on the DJI Mini 3 Pro we do have a one over 1.3 inch CMOS sensor with an aperture of 1.7 on the DJI air 2s. We do have a one inch sensor with an aperture of 2.8. A fixed 2.8 that one inch sensor same size as what we had on the mavic 2 Pro thats reason why I say that the Air 2 has has been such a solid drone for the past couple years, because it had that wedding sensor like we previously had And that brings us over to the mavic 3 Pro we have a much larger camera, much larger sensor, a four over three inch CMOS sensor on the mavic 3 Classic.

This drone also has the adjustable aperture 2.8, all the way to an f11 where these we do have fixed apertures when it comes to flight time, depending on which battery you have on the mini 3 Pro you have anywhere between 34 4 to 47 minutes of flight Time on the air 2s, we do have a rated 31 minutes of flight time and then on the Maui 3 classic. We have that insane 46 minutes of rated flight time on the mavic 3 classic. When it comes to video resolution, we do have 4K 60 frames. A second on the mini 3 Pro on the air 2s. We have 5.4 K up to 30 frames, a second and on the mavic 3 classic were at 5.1 K up to 50 frames, a second but one of the biggest benefits of this one right here. We do have 4K 120 on the mavic 3 classic. The one thing I do like about this lineup right here is that all of them do have quick shots as well as intelligent flight modes, and, if you are that solar content creator that wants the Drone to follow you, all these drones do have Focus track and The reason why we are able to have those intelligent flight modes is because we do have sensors on all these drones. On the mavic 3 lineup, we do have eight Vision, sensors, which a little bit different than these sensors on the mini, as well as the air.

2S, this allows the mavic 3 to have the updated a pass, as well as a more reliable return to home on the classic. Now, with the release of the mavic 3 classic, they actually did add in a couple new features on this drone. Now the one thats different with the cruise control on the mavic 3 is that now you can actually just use it when youre shooting standard video and to set up the cruise control pretty straightforward. All you do is set up one of your shortcut buttons here on the back either the C1 or C2. You can set that to cruise control. So when youre pushing your right stick whichever direction, whether its uh, you know forward back, left or right. Whatever speed you like it to be at so, if Im pushing forward the drones moving at say 15 miles an hour once I like that, I just hit C1 and it automatically will keep that in cruise control. Now. The reason why I do like that is that you have one less thing to worry about as far as controls go so if youre in cruise control moving forward, you can now focus on doing like a nice smooth tilt up with your gimbal here or, if you Wanted to turn the Drone slowly, you can actually do that with your left stick, so it just takes away one thing to worry about as far as getting some Dynamic movements in here with the Drone and the camera and the next Edition we have all the mavic 3, classic is night shooting, so if you are out there shooting in really low light conditions, all you do is flip it over into night mode.

What it does is it allows you to have a higher ISO all the way up to 12 800 ISO. Now one of the limitations of that night mode is that you can only shoot at this point in 4k, 30.. Im, not sure if were going to open that up or change it later, but youre not able to shoot in 5.1 in night mode. You only have 4K 30 at this point. Also, as far as the image processing goes, it does have a little bit of noise reduction processing thats happening when youre in night mode. Now, even though this drone doesnt have the full tele camera, like the other mavic 3s, do it actually does still have digital zoom on the classic? You do have three times digital zoom. On the air 2s. You have anywhere between a two times to eight times. Digital Zoom depends on what video resolution youre in as well as the Mini 3 Pro you actually do have a two to four times: digital Zoom, also depending on which resolution youre in on the air 2s and the Mini 3. We do have a rated 12 kilometers distance between your remote control and the Drone with ocusinker 03 plus we have up to 15 kilometers on the mavic 3.. As far as color profiles go on the M3 classic, we do have normal. We also have 10 bit d log as well as hlg, if you need more flexibility than that thats.

The reason why we have something like the DJI mavic 3 cine. This one does have prores on the cine version, as well as an internal one. Terabyte SSD drive speaking of internal. We do have eight gigs internal on the classic. I kind of wish that we have something larger than that. I feel like memory is so cheap now that just having that peace of mind that you do have a backup on here – and you know, 16 gig 32 gigs is enough to get some footage. The one thing I really like about the DJI mavic 3 lineup in general – is that once you put this thing up in the air, it does feel and sound extremely smooth, even compared to these drones right here and having that name, a DJI mavic, 3. Classic definitely has a lot to live up to, because this guy right here is a classic. The map 2 pro, has just been an absolute Workhorse in the bag, like I mentioned for those that were waiting on the sidelines and hoping for a more affordable, mavic. 3. This is what we have here. We have that mavic 3 without the tele lens, or that 28 times separate camera tele lens on the original mavic 3 version, as well as the cine. We have just these standard four over three inch, CMOS sensor on this one with that three times: digital Zoom, but if youre, looking at upgrading from something like the mavic 2 Pro the Air 2 air 2s or just looking for that next professional drone.

On top of one of these, that is the reason why they are now releasing the mavic 3 classic. As always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated. This is ultra instasio with Ill see you guys.