Okay, here we go sometimes its not about what is added to a new product, sometimes its about what is taken away. I mean think super legera cars. They take away your radio, your electric windows, your sunroof, just to make the car light and wait so its faster and then bump up the price. Then theres also leggera Peters, lower calories, lower taste, so whats the deal with numeric free classic then well, they say it hasnt been compromised on juiciness, nor is it lighter in weight. In fact, quite a lot of it is the same as the mavic free. Think of the four thirds hassleblad camera, which is good for 12.8, stops of dynamic range with the F 2.82 f11 adjustable aperture. I mean you kind of have to forgive me for not being so surprised by the specs, because Im just Wheeling off the same specs as a memory I mean I can fake the supplies. If you want me to take 20 megapixel Stills wow amazing. Getting that burst of them, you know seven seven burst Music 5.1 K Corbin almost packed my pants there or k60 whoa and um yes, slow motion, 4K 120. Its a little bit cropped in there. All right sit back down again in terms of the image. It should look pretty much exactly the same as Maverick weve got yeah well, youve got normal here, normal picture profile, uh d, log, fiber, log, gamma, uh, h.265. Sorry Ive got the fake surprise there holy crap magic Wow, but also because its exactly the same aircraft – shell as the mavic creep.

It has got the same battery so 46 minutes of flight time, also exactly the same Im just going to give up with a fake surprise. So, yeah same same so it also has the omnidirectional eight Vision, sensors, which means it should be very difficult Im, not going to say impossible to stack it into a tree, thats teamed with a pass 5.02. What else youve got 15 kilometers Transmissions just once? I know I think these controllers really cool the ones with the integrated screen on it, because then I can have my iPhone free, perhaps stuff, like ordering deliveries deliver to a bench in the middle of a random place. Okay, perfect, so I hear you as well. I cant actually hear you because youre Overland Im over here, but lets just pretend: how exactly is it different? Well, look here: youve got your Zoom here, one times two times Im, suddenly picking up some Wyclef Jean Vibes there. No so Zoom three times that right there is a digital Zoom. This doesnt have the optical zoom the Merit creep and thats pretty much it. Okay, see you later bye, no, not really so it is cheaper. This is more accessible, its more affordable, of course, than the Maverick creep, not by much. You know, just a few hundred pounds still cheaper isnt it I mean for drone. Only this is 1300 pounds compared to the 1700 pounds of the numeric cream. Also, this doesnt have some of the perks of the silly version of the mavic free like the internal storage.

But then the Maverick 3 doesnt have those perks yeah. It doesnt seem like much for a new product, but I think taking away the zoom and saving 400 pounds thats a pretty good thing I mean personally. Do I ever find myself using my Maverick free and going like this? Oh, I must see my face. Ive got to zoom in no, never, which is why this is just right for me, fix focal length and fixed focal length. It does have the 24mm focal length of the Maverick creep same same wider than the 28 millimeter of the mavic, 2 and thats. What DJI are trying to appeal to current mavic 2 owners who might think that the Maverick freebs a little bit too expensive and they dont really need the zoom feature so essentially its most of the goodness of the Maverick free with less of the priceless thats? It see ya.