Oh, we should have splurged for the booty. This is like five degrees out here. Water is freezing im, really dreading falling it Music. My feet are free anybody else. Dont have a go. I started thinking youre, probably getting a bit tired and cold out there. Those foodies would have been well worth it, but the beanie worms your head at least yeah. I forgot it was great its proof, uh theres, a lot of comments about how uh they didnt show my crashes. You didnt edit, my crashes, but i didnt have any crashes on the show. Oh wheres, the drone Music in the air, its got 47 minutes of battery life. You can just keep it up there forever thats nuts, Music, its so cool. I couldnt press the button anymore. I had to use my left hand to put it down. Do i feel the hand anymore Music? The mavic 3 is the first ever dual camera consumer drone, and let me tell you that main camera is nuts, its a four thirds inch sensor, so its like having a gh5 in the sky 5.1 k up to 50 frames per second 10 bit 422 and with The cine version you also get pro res hq and thats, not all in a future update theyre saying in january, or so youre gon na get 120 frames per second in 4k and in 1080 youre gon na get 200 frames per second. So the main camera is like a 24 mil equivalent, and then you have the second camera, which is a tele zoom, which is a 160 mil equivalent thats a seven times optical zoom, its like they took the previous gen mavic 2 pro and zoom, and just put It into one now that camera only does 4k up to 30 frames per second, so its definitely not as good as the main camera.

The obstacle avoidance has gotten better now theyre saying that you can fly laterally and backwards also and have some nice obstacle avoidance. Now i dont rely on these, but if you do, youll probably be happy and get this a 15 kilometer transmission range and thats in 1080, 60 frames per second, which i think is a first for these consumer drones. I dont really need 60 frames per second, but maybe you do but 15 kilometers is absolutely nuts thats. So far now, unfortunately, we didnt really get to test that at all, because the firmware that we were on right now was very buggy. If you didnt know, when we get sent these drones early, theyre, usually pre production, and especially the firmware is like still being figured out and our firmware was very buggy, the controller and the drone they were just disconnecting from each other, and it was returning to home And then, finally, if we figured out if we just set it manually to 5.8 gigahertz and basically weve got it to work but not optimally, we couldnt test the range at all. It was. It was still really buggy, but i think dji lives up to their word and 15. Kilometers is more than i i would ever need, but i hope that also means that were just gon na have a lot more stable connection, especially if youre flying through trees or whatever, like that. But with 15 kilometers youre also going to need crazy battery life and we have that 46 minutes of battery life on one battery thats, absolutely nuts.

I think the previous consumer drones are all around like 30 35 minutes 46mm minutes. That is a huge upgrade and i love that 72 kilometers per hour max speed and with the cine version we have a built in one terabyte storage that i i thats like one of the best features for me, theres so many times where i just forget. Those little micro, sd cards or weve offloaded footage and its on the computer table and its not with us its just so nice having that built in one terabyte, thats huge, even with the prores hq youre gon na have a lot of space for filming, so yeah Thats one of my one of my favorite updates. This really is the greatest consumer drone ever made by quite a bit, but that also comes at a cost. This is quite a bit bigger than were used to, for example, this is the air 2s. This is the new mavic 3. mavic, 3 mini 2. So this is a lot bigger just in terms of the drone, but also the batteries are quite a bit bigger. So this is an air 2s battery and this is the mavic 3 battery, so uh yeah its gon na take up a lot more space in your camera bag and im, seeing this trend of companies starting to make their products a little bit bigger and putting in More performance, more features, whereas for a long time, companies were just trying to make their products smaller and smaller, and so i i like this theres, definitely a time and place where i dont care.

If its a little bit bigger. I want the best quality like if im in norway on some crazy epic trip. I want this. I want the full quality, the best quality i can get, and this is gon na deliver. Even though it is a little bit bigger in size, and if you like, the music in todays video, you will love todays, sponsor epidemic sound. They are the best place to get music for your videos. They have over 35 000 tracks, 90 000 sound effects and best of all at an affordable price. They have an affordable plan if youre making videos for other clients, it is the best place to get music pro tip. Ive said this: before: if youre searching music, you can actually use the arrow keys to really quickly go through skip songs and then skim through and listen to them. That usually takes the longest trying to actually find the right song for your video, and, if you didnt know their sound effects are incredible. We use them all the time over 90 000 sound effects pretty much anything you can think of just type it in download. It use it in your video. Thank you. So much epidemic sound for sponsoring this video and when are we going on the next epidemic? Sound trip we got ta do something epic, i dont know what. Where should we go me peter epidemic, sound something really cool? Okay, so lets get back to the cameras.

How are they? First of all, i want to hear your thoughts. What did the footage look like to you uh comment down below. I really want to know. Could you guys see much of a difference? What did it seem like to you to me its much better than ive had in any of the other dji drones, which are already pretty much the best? I think yeah theyre the best in terms of video quality. This thing packs a punch to have a four third inch sensor in the sky, with pro res 5.1 k its more than we could ask for, and the image is, in my opinion, a lot nicer than im used to on the dji consumer drones, especially in terms Of the colors, the dynamic range seems to be a little bit better in my opinion, but the colors are much nicer and way easier to correct and get to a nice place. Usually, we kind of we struggle a little bit with getting the colors really nice. Out of the drones and with prores hq youre, not gon na have any issues with that now i did notice that the footage seems to be a little bit too sharpened. In my opinion, i couldnt find anything in the settings to turn down the sharpness. I assume thatll be added later in firmware so thats, something that i hope is going to get changed, but overall the image looks really nice. I love having pro res.

It works really well for color. Grading works super nicely for editing, usually dji codecs are a little bit a little bit tricky in the editing programs and theyre skipping a lot and stuttering prores no issues ever, but of course, you are going to have a lot of data. Just from that one day we had 866 gigs of footage, which that adds up really fast, so im hoping they do enable some of the other flavors of prores. I would love to have prores lt when i dont need all of that data. I probably never really need prores hq prores lte would be really nice. I think thats half the data, so that would really help im also really curious about the low light performance. I didnt have a chance to test it out, but my friend peter lindgren, incredible filmmaker youtuber. You guys should definitely check him out. He tested it out and he was filming at iso 3200 and the footage looks pretty great, so uh from what im seeing so far. This might be one of the best, if not the best low light consumer drone out there, either way its definitely the highest quality video that youre gon na get out of a consumer drone and then lets talk about that telephoto zoom lens camera and that one uh Im a little bit perplexed by i i just it doesnt, look very good to me. We had a bunch of issues, it just doesnt.

Look that good and then the autofocus was just like it felt like it. Couldnt focus most of the time, especially comparing it to the main camera the telephoto zoom lens camera, just its not that great. It also just feels way too zoomed in seven times. Zoom is like a crazy amount of zoom, and so it just it was a little bit awkward to use and was really hard to figure out how i could get some cool shots with it, and its 4k 30 frames per second it just didnt. It doesnt really match, and then i started thinking. Maybe this isnt for filmmakers. Maybe the zoom lens is, for you know more practical uses of a drone, for example youre some like construction person. Sorry this is not my field of expertise, but maybe you need to do some scouting and you need to zoom in on something to see whats happening. I feel like thats what the second camera is made for more, so not really for us filmmakers. I i assume, i i hope its not to be able to just say that we have a seven times zoom, because i think i think its kind of i dont know kind of pointless, even just zooming in 2.5 times on the main camera. The quality is so good still, especially compared to that telephoto zoom lens, and you have a smaller sensor on that camera, its just not as capable so yeah im a little bit confused on that.

I would love. Maybe you guys have some feedback, maybe have some ideas for what it could be good for, but im really struggling to find like a good use for it, and this review is kind of short, because a lot of the fancy features we dont actually have yet on This firmware the new firmware thats gon na have a lot more features is coming in january, were gon na have that 4k 120 frames per second master shots, hyperlapse, quick shots panorama, quick transfer, 4g transmission and the new active track 5.0, which is supposed to be really Good, none of that is in here yet so were gon na have to wait around and im really curious to try some hyper lapses, because this is a bigger drone, so it should be more stable in the air plus 46 minutes of flight time. Youre gon na be able to do some really cool hyperlapses, so im excited for that, but were just gon na have to wait uh for january to get all of those fancy extra features for this drone theres two different versions: theres the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 cine, the only difference, is with the cine youre gon na get prores hq and the one terabyte storage built in, and i feel like thats totally worth it. I i think, if youre gon na go for the mavic 3, you might as well just go for the mavic 3 cine. That being said, i have no idea what the prices are right now i havent been told what the prices are.

I assume its going to be quite expensive. Do not expect this to be a cheap drone, especially the cine version, because even just a one terabyte ssd is gon na cost, you quite a bit. So this is not a consumer drone for the masses. It is for the people that want the best of the best, the highest quality, the professional filmmakers im, not sure what that telephoto is for yet. But this is not an entry level drone by any means. This is like top of the line, but you dont want to go inspire massive drone. Yet this will be your guy and its probably going to cost you. I dont know how much dji has dominated the drone space for so long and they are just continuing to dominate uh well done, dji and uh. We survived tectober tech septem way too much tech products coming out. We were a little overwhelmed, but its been fun testing out everything. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know if you guys have any questions, comments and uh ill see you guys in the next video bye Music. Are you feeling better about not being able to ride the jet board? Look at this thing just ripping we decided that tyler gets to drive the the speed boat because he didnt get to drive the jet board. Well, we got some footage. There was no crashes.