You can buy right now. If you can afford to buy it at 4999 dollars. It is an expensive option with the combination of image, quality and size itll be hard to find anything better, but that doesnt mean its a drone for everyone. This is the mavic 3 cine. The mavic 3 is essentially the same size as the mavic 2 pro. If you look closely youll notice, its a little bit longer about the same height and just slightly heavier, basically, it is the same footprint as before, and you wont notice much of a difference carrying it in your bag. The wingspin and therefore the arms are a little bit longer, which adds more room for these slightly longer. Propellers too. The new camera module is big and it houses the main camera, the 24 millimeter lens, and also this 28 times hybrid zoom lens, which ill talk about later. The whole camera sticks out a little bit, which is both good and bad, its bad because it leaves the camera exposed, so any potential crashes might be catastrophic. Luckily, i didnt find myself in that situation yet, but its good, because this camera can also tilt upwards by quite a bit almost 30 degrees. Oh also, one neat little new feature is that the gimbal locks itself after flight, meaning it will not dangle ink transport, and it makes it easier to put this uh muzzle on and im going to call it a muzzle, because i dont know it just feels.

Like a muzzle anyways dji released two mavic 3s, the biggest difference between the regular mavic 3 and the senate is that the cine has one terabyte ssd and it can shoot 5.1 k. Prores 422 hq video up to 50 frames per second other than that. Everything else is identical well dive into the camera quality real soon, but out of all those improvements over the mavic 2 pro the one i noticed the most was the battery life, its rated for 46 minutes, and you dont always get. You know 46 minutes of flight time, but compared to 31 minutes that the mavic 2 pro had. It is very noticeable once you start flying around im very used to trying to maximize battery life with each flight, but every time at a glance over id be surprised to still have around 70 75 battery left. If you buy the 5 000 bundle, which, by the way, is the only way you can buy the cine version, its not sold by itself, you get three batteries and plenty of flight time. Also, this might be minor to most, but its kind of a big deal. For me, the charging hub is now usbc, meaning you can charge it basically on anything that supports usbc charging just know that each one of those batteries takes a while to charge on a 65 watt charger so plan. Accordingly, it took me about an hour and 45 minutes to charge from 11 all the way up to 100, all right camera time.

So we showed you all the specs before, but the most important one is the sensor size. This sensor is four thirds inch of a sensor, which is to say it is third of an inch larger than the mavic 2 pro. It is also a 4×3 sensor, which means your photos are no longer in 3×2 aspect ratio. So, with increasing sensor size, you get better noise handling, richer detail, greater dynamic range, reduced, diffraction, better depth of field, which you dont really notice on drones, effectively better image quality all around so lets. Look at some of the clips. All these clips youre looking at right now are shot anywhere from iso 800 to 6400, and they look extremely good to be fair. This whole scene has a good amount of light coming from the buildings and theres some real life ray tracing happening with the reflections on the ground, but if youre really looking for noise, then you should look at the dark blue sky here. This is at 200 percent. Its definitely noisy, but its really not that bad. Overall. Everything from that night looks extremely good. Now lets take a look at the locked off shot for more direct iso comparison. Traditionally, drone cameras have a really steep decline in quality, as you keep adding more iso and thats the case here. But the downgrade isnt as steep as before 3200 is pushing it. 6400 is really pushing it and in all seriousness, you really wont need to shoot at 6400.

As often i tried doing it here and it doesnt. Look that good all the shots were shot in perez, but you are watching this on youtubes player after it was exported to an h.264 format and then compressed again by youtube. So youre not really going to be able to see every little detail here. I am including links in the description where you can download those files yourself and take a look. The built in one terabyte ssd on the cinema model has enough room for about two hours of 5.1k 24 frames per second press footage. Unfortunately, the ssd is not user. Replaceable, but there is a micro sd slot here too, which you can use to store your h.264 and h.265 clips, but not prores, but the differences between the two codecs are really not that noticeable. So, looking at the clips in the premiere timeline, its actually really hard to notice much of a difference and just overall clarity and sharpness so for the sake of this demo, were gon na start, manipulating clips by lifting up the shadows. All the way up. Overall exposure were gon na, add some saturation. I know this looks ugly, but looking back and forth between these two clips, i dont really see much of a difference, so ive duplicated this clips and started adding more color to it, especially in the sky, adding some blue and you can sort of tell that the H.264 isnt holding up as well as the prores in the top right corner, but those differences are so minor if i were to do a blind test and try to guess which is which i really wouldnt know the bottom line, is you dont really notice any difference Between the two codecs, but some of you who do drone, work professionally and work for production houses or on big productions, you often need to shoot and deliver files in prores.

So now you have that option. I also think its just remarkable with living the age where youre able to shoot pros videos on our phones and now the drones of this size, but most who arent using drones professionally, will still reap the benefits. Just from this larger sensor, higher bitrate and more frames in the standard, mavic 3 for far less money, this new camera can also shoot 4k up to 120 frames per second im over the moon. That we can now shoot 120 frames per second in 4k, but there is a little bit of propping and dont get me wrong. The footage still looks really good. Just know that youre not using the entire sensor when youre in this mode and honestly i cant get enough of these silky smooth waves. Its 60 frames per second is enough for you. Then there wont be any cropping there when it comes to photos. The differences between the two drones are not as obvious at first. You might find it surprising that the mavic 3 dynamic range is rated for 12.8 stops compared to mavics two pros 14 stops of dynamic range, but that doesnt tell the whole story. First lets take a look at that dynamic range that you get out of a single image with some very quick live room adjustments, so heres a more challenging sunset photo shooting straight into the sun. We kind of start by adjusting exposure, lifting shadows, dragging down the highlights, and you can get a really nice photo out of it.

Lifting those shadows does reveal a lot of noise, but its really not that bad. You can clean that up manually, so yeah you can still get a good photo without it. Looking too artificial, so looking at the side by side photos taken with the mavic 3 and the mavic 2 pro, you will start noticing the differences, but only if you look really closely first, the mavic 3 is a little bit wider, because that 24 millimeter lens and The collar straight out of the camera are widely different here, so im just gon na match the white balance values. First, both of these photos are shot at relatively high iso at 1600 iso, and if we zoom in at like 300 percent youll, see how much clearer the sky is in the background and also how much smaller the noise grains are too ill. Give you one more example here: both of these photos again were shot at 1600 iso and it just looks so much cleaner upon hearing the photo specs for this camera. I was a little bit worried that were not getting much of an improvement between the mavic, 3 mavic, 2 pro or even the air 2s. It was still just 20 megapixels and it was rated for less dynamic range than before, but theres a lot more detail available. Even if you have to go hunting to find it okay. Lastly, this brings me to the final thing i want to talk about, and that is the hybrid lens.

So, okay, i dont love it. I understand why it exists, but im not convinced its entirely necessary, its fun sure, and sometimes you can find some cool things or just look around, but dont expect miracles in terms of just pure image quality, its a separate lens with a separate half inch cmos sensor Sitting above the main camera, it is capable of 28 times zoom or 162 millimeters in focal length. You can shoot in progress with it, which is understandable, and you cannot shoot in d log, which is a little bit less understandable and youre locked in at 4k or 1080p at 30 frames per second. So when you enter the explore mode by tapping on these binoculars here, you enable digital zoom, okay at first that digital zoom is happening on the main lens, and i think that the 2x zoom looks really decent. Once you get the 7x zoom thats when the switch happens and the hybrid lens takes over and the 7x looks pretty good too see how much clearer the wells fargo sign is over here, but once you start going to 14 times or 28 times its really, not Something you just proudly post on your portfolio. Oh also, you cannot take raw photos while in the explore mode, just 12, megapixel jpegs and some of them look pretty good. Okay. Few last quick things regarding photos. The minimal shutter speed is two seconds long. Exposure drone photos are often hard to pull off, but i do wish that shutter speed was a little bit longer and, lastly, aperture is adjustable from f 2.

8 all the way to f 11, which works for both photos and video. Of course. Alright, i threw a lot of information on you, so what i want to do next is go through my notes, app and just read some of the key takeaways that ive written down as i was reviewing this drone. So video quality is incredible. 5.1K is a decent resolution. Bump prores is really not for everyone. 4K60 without cropping is fantastic. 4K 120 even with cropping, is incredible. Photos on paper didnt get much of a spec update, but that sensor does make for a big quality pop battery life is noticeably better vertical. Descent is much faster than before. Apas is also better, and thus the return to home is improved, but 99 of the time. I just fly back manually because its just faster, so djis lightspeed, usb c cable is actually amazing and sort of necessary when transferring these big files, the provided nd filters are okay. I did notice some green color cast, especially with longer exposure photos, but also the mavic 3 feels a little bit unfinished. A lot of the features werent available, active track, wasnt available master shots were not available, panoramic photos which i use all the time they were not available during my testing. Hyperlapse is also not available. The wide angle lens attachment apparently is coming down the line. Im very curious to see how that works also not available. So all the core features that were available during my testing worked exceptionally well, but the list of things that is not ready is quite long.

Theres, the new remote controller in the sena bundle. It is the dji rc pro, which is very similar to the smart controller that came out a couple of years ago. It has a great screen operating system built on top of os has decent but not exceptional battery life. I can get anywhere from three to six hours, depending mostly on the screen brightness, so their new obstacle avoidance sensor on this drone, theyre, still omnidirectional and theyre. Finally, not as sensitive or as obnoxiously loud in the software, as before. Also controller numerically tells you how close you are to objects, so that really helps when youre flying near trees or buildings and stuff, like that, okay, ocusync, 3 plus is fantastic. I didnt anticipate a big change here, but i really did notice the difference, not in range but overall steadiness of the connection, especially when going behind buildings or trees. It wasnt as big of a problem as before, and i would not lose signal whatsoever. Okay. Last two things apas 5 and active track. I didnt actually have time to test these because these features were not available during my testing period. Apas got enabled a few days ago, but active track is still not ready and its probably going to be ready in january. From what dji tells me, i still fly with sensors off, but when i did turn them on, they were far less aggressive and annoying than before. Im expecting some major improvement from dji in this category.

Everyone is waiting for them to catch up with skyrio, and that is a very high bar, so were just gon na have to wait and see. So there are things i was hoping to see with this drone after years of rumors, one which was built in nds. Its done here, thats fine, i guess part of me – was hoping for interchangeable lenses and i still think those would be far more useful than the hybrid lens, but i do agree with a lot of the choices that dji made here. Increasing the sensor size. Instead of simply increasing resolution for one enabling 4k up to 120 frames per second and adding protest, video is gon na be tempting for a lot of people. This drone is now very close to being an inspire too and its just this big. So do i recommend this drone? Yes, i set it on top. It is the best drone you can find and if you can afford it and know what youll use it for just go for it, five thousand dollars is a lot of money and, if you add warranty on top of that, and if you live in a place Where you got ta pay high sales taxes, that price can go up really quickly if youre, a hobbyist or consumer, mostly posting on your social feeds. You can probably get away with an error: 2, a 2s or even a mini 2.. If youre a bit more sensitive about image quality, do this professionally want the best of the best in a relatively small package and have enough computing power to edit these massive files and storage? You really cant go wrong with the mavic 3 or the mavic 3 sitting, but i still strongly recommend that you be honest with yourself and see if youre actually going to benefit from those prores files or built in storage, and you likely save yourself a lot of Money: okay, everyone.