The little word cine on the side, i think thats, why they brought me in Music – were gon na get to talking about all the features and specs coming out in this new drone. But first we got ta. Show you some footage. Music dji has been releasing a bunch of new products, a new action camera, a new array of microphones, a new cinema camera and now a pair of new drones, the mavic 3 cine and the mavic 3.. So whats new in these ones theres a number of features in this targeted at cinematographers, and also a lot of features that arent that different from the standard edition of the mavic 3. lets talk about. The improvements across both editions of the drone first and foremost, is the larger sensor. We have a four third size sensor in the mavic 3 drone bigger sensor is gon na, be better quality images, better low light performance, better noise performance. Getting that sensor size up, brings the image closer to that of a professional camera and farther away from that of the camera in your pocket in your phone. Maybe our favorite small change. This new startup sound weve got improved omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, a 28 x zoom capability, which does have a ridiculous ability to zoom in, but not at a great resolution and a 46 minute flight time up from the 31 minutes on the last mavic 2 pro drone, the Cine package comes with a built in screen having remote controller its actually running android on this screen, you just tap the dji fly app and thats the way youre launching from here versus having to plug your phone in.

This is a welcome edition and something that, when youre running stuff on set, you dont want to have your phone be integral to make the system work, because you need it for other things. While working on production resolution wise, we can get up to 5.1 k at 50 frames per second, and in the slo mo category we can get 4k 120 fps in terms of codec. We finally have prores in the mavic line super important for cinematographers super important for people who want the highest quality. Video h.265 was a welcome improvement over h.264, but prores is just an industry standard, its a codec, its a video file, type created by apple and it being in these drones, just unlocks a way easier, post, workflow side by side. Zoomed in you can tell the difference between prores and h.264 or five, especially in banding, in situations with high dynamic range, a lot of different colors, darks and lights and in terms of editing machines, can handle prores a lot better. Its no surprise that apple computers can handle the apple codec a lot more efficiently than they can h265. Another cine only feature is the one terabyte ssd thats inside the drone itself. You can add an sd card on top of that and storage capacity wise. You can easily have a two terabyte data capable drone flying around its great to not have to fuddle with sd cards, but you still do need to plug the drone in somewhere, its not a removable ssd, which is what i think would be even better.

The package comes with a two in one capable bag, you can carry it as sort of a more briefcase style bag, and it can also be a backpack converting. It is relatively quick and it now opens you for storage on the top part of the bag. For your other camera or other smaller drones, you want to fit in there. This bundle also comes with a set of nd filters, which are a lot easier to change out than the previous versions of changing out the front facing element to get more of an nd attached to the face of the camera. Doing no small part to how much larger this camera array is for you to get your fingers onto it and twist and replace those pieces. Its also got a significantly increased range to go along with that longer battery life. So you can fly a little farther as youre also able to fly for a little longer, so thats all the stuff on paper. But what were our actual experiences overall flying the drone with this new remote is great. Both me and seth immediately remarked. This screen is so nice and it is not just nice to get your phone in your pocket and be able to fly, but it is nice to have a high quality resolution screen built in to that controller. It just feels a little more professional and its meant to do so. The runtime we didnt exactly push it to get 46 minutes, and that is going to depend on which mode youre in how fast youre flying – and i assume at what data rate youre recording im.

Not sure how much that impacts it, but we did notice a longer flight time in general, it was the kind of thing that you were flying around and checked your value percentage. Oh, i still have 50 battery. Oh, i still have 60 battery and it was more noticeable that way versus measuring it exactly. How long is this lasting comparing size and weight? Its no surprise that this is heavier than something like the air 2s, but it is lighter than the mavic 2 pro, although it is slightly bigger. Its footprint feels a little bit more similar to the original mavic, but its not as heavy, nor are the batteries as heavy. So it makes the whole experience its just a little bit larger to fit in a backpack, but when youre using the backpack designed for it, it fits right in too no surprise at time of recording the master shot and 4k 120 frames per. Second, options were not available, dji have told us. Those will be coming in a launch day. Firmware update that 4k 120 frames per second is a feature that im most excited to get to use and having it in prores in a drone of the size is just a leap forward. It feels like this thing does also just take. You know pictures, not ones that are moving. It is the cinema version, but it does have your photo capabilities and they are really really nice images that are taken out of this thing.

Its got all the features i want as a cinematographer in the easiest to use package, ive used from dji its a lot of stuff that people who are camera people first and our drone enthusiasts or drone users second have been asking for when it comes to professional Features prores a longer battery life better built in storage options, but to justify the cine over the mavic 3 is going to be a hard decision for a lot of people. H.264 looks really good for a lot of content, especially if its only going to be watched on the web. I noticed the prores stuff, but maybe the viewer doesnt, and that hurts me to say, but im not sure how to justify the three thousand dollar price increase for getting prores having an internal ssd and getting the remote control to come with it. I think this one is more suited towards small production companies who do want to get into professional drone work and not so much owner. Operators who use things for web content or for smaller level productions, h.264, a good set of nds and knowing how to compose your shots, is going to do a lot of the work for you and for the price of the mavic 3 cine. You can just get the regular mavic 3 and get a bunch of other things that are important like a microphone and a regular camera. Maybe the new action from dji or djis new mic system.

You can get those types of things and have a more well rounded production capability versus dropping a lot of money just on a cinema friendly drone. This feels like something thats a little more on the high end side of things and does a good job of being a small size. High end product theres, a few things i wish we were seeing. That would just take it that extra level i wish the ssd was removable instead of having to plug in the drone. It would be sweet if i was able to take a cfast car and put it into the back of the drone. So i had a high quality recording format, but i was able to swap them out and hand them off to a dit or someone that was assisting me to download that footage. While i put a new memory, stick in and get back in the air, i also wish the nds were built in dji. Has other systems like the ronin 4d that do have built in nd filters and those are going to help us get the kinds of exposures we want without having to bring the drone down depending on how the light is changing? When i was flying at sunset, i had to bring the drone down to swap from a nd4 to a clear md just so i can get that last 20 minutes of sunset, where i dont need to reduce the amount of light hitting my sensor.

Those little things would take it just that farther bit to make it feel like a no brainer for cinema professionals to upgrade, and the other small thing id like to see is how we change these things. These little joysticks are great that theyre able to be stored in the back here, but my cold fingers when im flying even just in fall, have a hard time taking things out and screwing them in its just a little frustrating. I do wish. There was a way you could disengage the joystick and it folded into the side here or some other solution. That was just a little less fuddly when i wanted to get up into the air quickly. So thats first look thats. First, impressions thats first footage with the mavic 3 cine from dji ive, been george michael walking. You around my experiences with it, which have been relatively positive and also a lot of fun. So do appreciate you checking this out if youre disappointed in this drone. You should also let us know in the comments below what would make this more of a cinema.