This is the premium combo weve been waiting years for this. My video on the mavic 2 pro was what, over three years ago, i sometimes hate doing the math on these things. It makes me realize how much time has passed still when i was living in that apartment. Ive moved like four times since then i used to have less of a double chin too. I should probably start hitting that treadmill again, oh interesting. It looks like this converts into a backpack as well, so well have to try that out lets go ahead and open this main compartment and there it is now. This has a ton more capability than the mavic 2 pro, but still maintains a very similar size and shape when its folded down like this. Instead of that lens cover, it looks like its got. This whole harness on it. Now here is the beautiful new dual camera up top is a telephoto lens, its a half inch sensor 161, mil equivalent and under that is the four over three inch 20 megapixel sensor and we got sensors in every direction. All around this thing, they told me that the obstacle avoidance is supposed to be improved on this, so well have to try that out. The big old battery slides out the back here, its 77 watt hours and its supposed to give us 46 minutes of flight time, which is pretty insane folds just the same, and let me see if i can figure out how to attach this harness thing on.

It seems like its going to take a little bit of getting used to, but it does tuck away all the propellers and camera pretty nicely. We also get instruction manuals, three bay battery charger and a ton of propellers nd filters. They give us eight in total. This bag is pretty nicely designed, theres space for all the batteries – and this is the new pro controller – looks pretty similar to the previous one. We will be able to fly this with a regular controller with our phones as a screen, but i just love having a screen built into the controller thats, just one less thing to plug in and turn on and set up im gon na get this all charged Up and i wan na test out that prores 5.1 k so lets, try that out, while dylan tells you about todays sponsor, ah the end of the day, and while it seems like this time runs out, you know it. Doesnt run out the story blocks. Unlimited all access plan allowing you to have an endless summer with everything youd ever desire with one affordable, subscription storyblocks offers unlimited royalty, free downloads, thats incredibly easy to use and wont bug you like all these bugs in my face right now. Unfortunately, after this shot, we ran out of light, but luckily storyblocks has over a million royalty free stock assets, so we use their videos as a transition to the next day, but its not only videos that storyblocks offers but music, like you here now images like of This frog and graphic templates that say stuff all these features in just one affordable subscription makes it better than a fast food value menu looking to level up the quality, your own videos click the link below and start telling your own story today, all right, howd that Footage look hopefully pretty good.

I was hoping wed get a little bit more sunshine, but its been a little bit cloudy here. How many gigs was the sponsorship segment, like probably 150 gigs, or something like that? Probably you got to be careful with prores 422 hq now when it comes to flight performance, we get slightly more power, 21 meters, a second opposed to the 20 meters. A second we got on the mavic 2 pro thats, the difference of just a little bit over two miles per hour. You know not much but hey ill take. It seems like 21 meters per second to me, but it definitely feels a lot punchier when were trying to ascend at a faster rate. We get eight meters, a second opposed to the five meters, a second we used to get so that is actually really impressive, were able to climb straight up at almost 18 miles per hour. But heres the thing this video isnt going to be that in depth because theres, a huge firmware, update coming and its gon na come a little bit after this announcement happens. So im definitely gon na have to do a follow up right now. The features were missing. Is like 4k 120 hd, 200 frames per second and dylan youre like standing awfully close to the edge there. You sure you want to just be right with my life now, when its folded up, it seems pretty comparable in size to the mavic 2 pro, but when its opened up it does seem to have a wider wingspan, and i do really like the amount of clearance That were getting here.

It has that taller stance. So, if youre trying to take off from dirt or rocks youre going to have more clearance for this gimbal, so youre not going to get that motor overloaded message that you sometimes get so the top lens is locked in at f 4.4 on that half inch sensor. But the bottom one does give us that f, 2.8 to f 11, which is what we got on the mavic 2 pro so its nice to still see that we still get that aperture control. That definitely gives it an edge over something like the air 2s, where its a locked in aperture. So instead of adjusting our exposure with shutter speed or iso, we can now adjust a lot of that exposure in the iris if we want to now. This is the new pro controller seems pretty similar to the previous. One does seem a little bit bigger, but we do seem to get better performance out of this. Now we have this charging hub charging these three one at a time, but what i also thought was really cool is you can also just plug this straight into the drone and charge it with this usbc port right here, which is great if youre trying to pack Ultra light or youre going backpacking where every ounce counts, you can also just take this little brick right here, which is not too big its like this size, throw that in your bag, and you can also charge your drone did.

I also mention that the cine version has a terabyte of internal storage, a terabyte all right so heres a question. How long does it take to turn on the drone and the controller and get it up in the air? So lets start the timer, and here we go Music. I had a few issues with the app and all that here. Let me let me try one more time round two and there that was better right now. One of the things i like about djis newer drones is that they tend to go up in the air faster and easier. They dont ask you for compass calibrations, all the time and all this other stuff, so its always nice to be able to just get it out of your bag and get it up in the air as quickly as possible. Now lets talk about the telephoto lens, which is something i was really excited about, but im starting to have some mixed feelings about it again. This could all just be because its early firmware, but here let me just show you what i mean now heres, what the user interface looks like and in order to access the telephoto lens, i have to enter something called explore mode. So once i enter that few things happen, i now am in 4k 30. Instead of the 24 frames per second, i wasnt, i actually cant change that frame rate or anything like that as of now but right now, if i try to manually control that exposure, it says right here, explore mode only supports auto mode.

So the only way to really adjust it is to adjust the ev. I could underexpose or overexpose a bit, but i want to control that shutter speed now lets go ahead and start recording and i can zoom in were at 2×3, x4 and notice. It goes from four to seven and when that four to seven jump happens is when it switches between lenses at 4.4 youre having less light hit that sensor. So i typically feel like i get the best results. If i just pull off the nd filters off the telephoto lens, which can be a little bit of a hassle, because sometimes i want the nd filters on the bottom lens, but not the telephoto lens now we can also digitally zoom up to 28. So lets see how that looks. I mean i personally wouldnt really go this far. I havent been able to get much good results. I mean this is what 12x looks like, which is just a little bit of digital zoom. On top of the telephoto lens you can see dylan in here and actually its kind of cool. I do feel like a spy right now like target acquired, so i really love having this lens, but without that manual control and being able to adjust my shutter speed. I just dont know what its doing and a lot of times i feel like the shutter speed is just left open too long to where everything looks kind of blurry and mushy.

With that motion blur all right. So i just got some pricing information. You guys ready for this mavic 3 cine combo, 4. 900, basically, 5 grand whole more than i was expecting, but i knew it was gon na be a lot. I mean youre, getting one terabyte internal got that prores 422 as well. As that you know new. Smart pro controller, so i knew it was gon na add up about five grand. Oh, i mean like how much is an inspire inspire two x5s standard kit for 5300 bucks, so this is basically on par with the pro grown. So this is no longer a hobbyist drone. This is a pro drone now. The question is how many of us really need the cine version in that prores 422? Well, i feel, like dakota kind of speaks for itself like if you know you need pro res, then you know this is your option here, but the footage is always really great to work with no compression issues and its just easy on your computer, and it has Lots of flexibility, although the file size, is something you really have to remember. 5.1 k pro rs 422 hq is pretty massive. I wonder if theyll just give us just standard pro rise, 422 or even 422 lt on here, eventually thats something. I would like to add on my wish list for the firmware update, because i like prores, but not always for to do hq. Is it worth that 5 000 price range? I think if youre a professional – and this is how you make your living and youre its gon na make its money back like having a pro res drone.

Thats not huge could be a good tool for the arsenal, but i definitely think were gon na be seeing a lot more of the standard. Mavic 3s go off the shelves and without prores, were gon na be dealing with h.264 or h.265 and, i think, were gon na be seeing a lot more ht65 going forward because were dealing with much smaller file sizes with better image quality. The biggest problem is how much load it puts onto your computer itll, lock up your premiere, your editing software and barely be able to play back, but with the newer computers coming out that are more optimized for hd65, like that macbook m1x, that im still waiting for Cant wait for it, but thats supposed to be able to just blast through h.265, so i think were gon na be slowly switching some workflow over now i did shoot some hd65, but for whatever reason, its not compatible with this version of premiere. So im gon na have to do further testing once the compatibility gets sorted out through updates or whatever now heres a few shots. I got in h.264 in d log and color graded it and for the most part it looks really good, but there were sometimes a few signs of the codec not being able to keep up with the fast moving image. Like you see this blue bag kind of bleeding into the dirt – and you see a little bit of red where there shouldnt be off the bike and check out this shot here, you can see that green kind of bleeding off this plant right here as were moving In you see that green kind of bleeding into the right here and check out this plant here also its green here, but then it kind of bleeds into this area like there should be no green here and im.

Pretty sure. This is because the fast motion on top of the d log is just pushing that h.264 past this limit now, of course, with prores. You dont have to worry about any of this and, with h.265, its most likely going to be better, but if im shooting h.264. I think im most likely gon na stick to shooting in normal color, especially if what im filming is fast moving action. Now, of course, normal color does not get as much dynamic range or flexibility as log, but it still looks really good. Just straight out of the camera theyre saying the colors are new and improved by using hasselblads natural color solution, but yeah as far as i can see, everything seems pretty pleasant and natural im not going to color grade any of this. So you can see it for yourself getting into the darker hour. Heres a shot. Iso 800 looks pretty clean and heres a shot at iso 1600. A majority of us arent really allowed to fly at night anyways. So low light is not as crucial in a drone, but it looks pretty decent here at 1600 iso you can access iso 6400 and pro res d. Log, definitely some noise, but it still looks pretty sharp and clear. So i think around january is when ill be able to get the upgraded firmware which is going to give us active track thats one of the things i really really want to try out and pretty excited for with these new sensors, like here im just flying around For like 20 minutes trying to crash this into things – and it definitely sends to everything, so i definitely think that there is improvements in terms of the obstacle avoidance.

You know the mavic 2 pro had sensors in every directions like this, but it was still pretty easy to crash into things. If you wanted to, i was tempted to test out the limitations of what these sensors can see, but im not ready for that. Quite yet, especially now that i know that this thing is worth five grand, maybe when the new firmware update comes out ill, put it through a few more riskier situations, but not yet one thing worth mentioning is that you can still go top speed in sport mode On this and keep that camera looking straight ahead, which is nice one thing i didnt like about the mavic 2 pro is once you hit a certain speed, the camera gimbal wasnt able to continue looking forward and would eventually dip down. So that is not an issue here, so that is good to see and were also able to tilt up 35 degrees. Now. One thing i will miss is the ability to pan the camera left or right. So you could be flying straight, but then still have the camera look over to the left, i think just over 70 degrees, but here we are limited to 5 degrees. That was a feature i used to like a lot. If i was flying parallel to something and instead of having to fly at that perfect diagonal angle, i could just fly it straight and just turn the camera anyways. I need to upload this video in probably like an hour or so so i got ta start wrapping.

This up, overall, i think, whats, really impressive, about this mavic 3. Pro is the four third inch sensor on such a small drone. I mean were getting bigger and better cameras in every mavic that comes out and its actually kind of surprising youre like 20 feet. Above us right now, and we can actually kind of feel the wind its moving a lot of air, but in terms of the aircraft, i think its really amazing because were getting over 40 minutes of flight time, which is insane i mean i remember when they first Went over 20 minutes, we were like whoa. How are you gon na fly for that long, even now, its like over 40 minutes and its faster, its stronger and the obstacle avoidance is better. So everything is just like yes, yes, yes, cool new things, im still waiting for this active track, because i dont want to manually have to follow myself like this feels like im a caveman or something we need this thing to follow us by itself, which we will In the next firmware update, so follow up. Video when that comes out were also getting more range. With this 03 plus transmission and theyre saying up to 15 kilometers of range thats crazy. I was not expecting that yeah and the return to home. In case you lose connection with your controller is supposed to be smarter, so its less likely to crash into things on the way back its supposed to be able to navigate back better in a smarter direction check this out telephoto mode.

So we can see ourselves, even though its all the way out there, which is pretty impressive im, convinced dji, is going to eventually give us access to that manual, control and all that stuff which would make this lens so much more useful. Because, right now, i feel like its more of just a little for fun lens and its cool having it and when youre on this telephoto mode, they make these sticks way less sensitive. So you have more precision, control and the region perspective. Youre able to get out of this lens is really cool, but right now i still kind of feel like its more of a toy rather than a tool, because i dont have those manual control im, actually convinced that dji will eventually give us full manual control of This lens, i mean why wouldnt they i mean the hardware is already on there. You just have to just allow us to adjust a few things, all right, thats, pretty much it. I got ta get back and edit this and upload this so see you guys later go cuddle.