I mean it was a great drone, but its pretty terrible today, standards right now, look youve, probably seen a lot of content creators all over youtube. Talking about this new drone. In fact, a lot of content creators were even sent this new mavic 3 by dji themselves. Probably a pre production unit, but guess what im apparently not big enough at the moment for dji to actually send me one its a bit of a shame but were going to be doing something special. Nonetheless, because were going to be on their website. Doing kind of a live demonstration, as i scroll down with my wheel, its kind of an interactive website and theyre, basically showing us. You know bits of this and bits of that very interesting information. So look were making videos every single day here guys and were on channel two as well as channel one. If youre interested all alright come join us. Do the thing: do the thing getting to what were talking about, of course, which is the brand new mavic 3.. Now scrolling down well do a pitch and picture. Seeing is believing so weve got four thirds cmos sensor: hasselblad camera uh, still scrolling down, weve got 5.1 k, apple, prores, codec, pretty sure thats, thats, awesome and weve got omni directional obstacle, centering uh avoidance system. So when i remove my head for a second, you get to see all these individual little areas right are basically sensors that determine hey youre about to crash into a tree and youre a dumbass drone pilot.

Now, to be fair, i crashed this bad boy in a tree and i made a video about it, but i havent dropped it out yet it actually. I actually made this video two years ago. Ive lost ive, still not released it. Its a bit of a personal video youll see why, when i, when i originally drop it right, but itll be on channel one right, but anyway uh this has got the very bare minimum of of sensors. This one has a lot more sensoring and it should do for the price which well get to at the end of this video, all right, its uh, its a little pricey. Let me just be the first to say that now i mean i dont want to just toot my horn too much, but the thing does look kind of sexy like im, really digging the look and the camera, the hasselblad camera right. Well, its obviously two cameras in one well get to that in a second, but i mean it looks, it looks chunky, it looks solid. It looks like it was meant to photograph and video things with beautiful quality. I mean it does look kind of beautiful doesnt it. So anyway, getting away from the looks for a second lets focus on what the thing actually does so capture stunning imagery with a legendary hasselblad camera and enjoy smooth flight with omni directional obstacle, censoring obstacle avoidance kind of thing right now. Every improvement on mavic 3 sets a higher standard for aerial photography, fly with mavic 3 and discover imaging above everything, now theres a video that we could watch but were not going to, because youtube can be mean.

Sometimes i dont know why. But this light keeps turning off ill turn it back on its my goku dragon ball z, light, but it keeps going up for some reason. Uh now it just went off again it just went off again god damn it anyway. Two cameras, unlimited possibilities, so they say. Look at that thing, god you could almost put it next to you next to your bed. Next to your pillow at night and just sleep with it. Couldnt i mean it does look kind of sexy, um, yeah, hasselblad, l, 2, 2d, 20c camera and the light just came back on. I dont know why it does that uh and its gone off again were going to not talk about that anymore. Thats really annoying but anyway so yeah its basically a f 2.8 lens, and, of course this one, which is a zoomed in lens uh, is 2.4. Is that right, no, its an e dot? 2 4.? What exactly does that mean? Well, i dont quite know at the moment, but we will get down to that in a second right, uh, so old, legend new chapter, so the iconic swedish brand hasselblad designed and built the new lens. Well just say what it is. You know the new camera uh aerial camera just for dji, mavic, 3 right now, embedding a professional grade, four thirds cmos sensor in an unbelievably compact space. Now rigorous hasselblad standards are applied to both hardware performance and software algorithms, bringing imaging quality to an entirely new level.

So they say so getting to the actual specs right. Weve got. You know: 20 megapixel photos thats all right its, not bad. We got 12.8 stops of dynamic range. Weve got 24 millimeter equivalent focal length; weve got f, 2.8 to f 11 adjustable aperture. All right and weve got f. Sorry, weve got v d af, which apparently stands for vision, detection, auto focus technology, so thats pretty interesting all right now. I think that this link clicks to this. The reason – the reason i say i think is because if i click on this, it kind of takes me off this website and it takes a while to load. So ive already got these pre things already loaded. That makes any sense, but uh going to the top of this thing. If you guys are interested in any of this information about this new sensor, which is honestly quite a big sensor for a drone which you know obviously, would be great for low light situations. Not that youre allowed to fly a drone at night time in most countries, just saying but hey if its sunset or sunrise and youre just about to do it kind of thing. Well, youre going to be getting less noise in your pictures, less noise in your video, because the image sensor is quite a lot bigger, so yeah scrolling down. If you see something that you like, please pause it and that will continue right now. So hasselblad natural color solution, so they say this was actually a photographed photograph photo with the actual drone.

Apparently so. The mavic 3 features the hasselblad natural color solution, the culmination of decades of photographic experience that delivers vivid natural colors with the simple press of the shutter. Now i think this one leads to this one. I think it does so were going to scroll down and show you this once again. If any of you are interested in reading any of this, then please im going to get rid of my face for a second. Then please absolutely pause it and you can read this right now. Of course, okay thats pretty much that getting back to this again now the results that speak thats interesting so yeah were going to zoom in and show you how good or bad this image looks at night time so were moving it around. So we can see a bit of a bit of noise. I mean its not perfect, but thats actually, not too bad. I mean weve, just zoomed in you know hugely significantly right there. How about over here? How about the corners well go to the very bottom corner? Maybe just the near the bottom, what the hell is that i dont know were getting a strange siding on the picture im, not too sure what that is. You see that theres like a strange line on the photo, not too sure what that is well check. This side does this side: have it well zoom out a little? No its, not on this side check the color up there in the picture, its not too bad, i mean thats, the best weve probably had in a while right for a consumer.

You know for a consumer drone like this right, thats, actually pretty good anyway. Well, get rid of that so going down uh behind the scenes. Is this the one this could be the behind the scenes picture link so well. Just quickly show you this. If youre interested in looking at this right, obviously uh pause that if youre, you know wanting to read that this looks like something out of mars, looks like something elo musk plans to build on mars in 10 years uh. There we go anyway, going back to the actual web page. The higher dynamic range allows for natural color transitions between highlights and shadows, so preserving rich visual information with a greater sense of depth, all right awesome! Well, we can zoom on this one as well. My birds have been too noisy, uh zooming down on there and yeah. I mean its not too bad, now, im, not a protect im, not a professional photographer. Obviously, but i think that looks alright a bit blurry, but i mean you youre, basically zooming in all that way, right its, not bad its, not bad uh behind the scenes all right. I believe this is this link right here. So once again, if you are interested in reading any of this, then pull, oh god i cant even show you properly. Then please do right there we go. Oh pretty mountain, pretty mountain everybody! Look at that awesome, wow, wow, im yawning going down so professional video specifications.

All right, so there we go at 5.1 k. Video recording dci, 4k 120 frames per second, i dont know what dci means, but anyway, apple prores 422 hq. Now we get 10 bit d log now 10 bit in video is awesome. Most video cameras these days use 8 bit and i should have showed you an example, but i havent got it ready for you, but basically 8 bit is when it comes to the colors in the picture. Instead of the colors being slowly changed from red to to blue to green, like instead of theres, a nice transition, theres like lines of color and you can see the lines of the color in most digital cameras, these days right but 10, bit kind of has a Lot more color range in a camera, so theres. None of this you know really noticeable lines of color 10 bit is definitely the future of where cameras are going, and the fact that this drone has 10 bit is awesome. 100 right, so mavic 3 not only records. Aerial videos at high resolutions, but it also captures up to 1 billion colors with 10 bit d log color profile, so this delivers more natural gradations of sky coloring. With more details retained for greater flexibility in post production gradations, i dont think ive ever heard that word before mavic 3 cine, so mavic 3 cine supports apple prores, 422 hq encoding now with a maximum data rate of up to 300.

Sorry, 372 per second. For you, people that want to know the exact exact specifications all right, thats a little bit over my head this one 100, but it also supports a built in one terabyte. Ssd, solid state drive hard drive pretty much in your drone, so thats awesome and 10 gigabits per second light speed data cable to further facilitate professional, filming and creation. So you know in the past, if you had a drone and you didnt have a memory card installed in it, because you know you these. These memory cards are, what are they micros micro, sd, pretty sure theyre called and they go in my gopro 9 gopro 10 and they also go on the drone right. So sometimes ive got the card in the gopro. It should have been in the drone and im like ugh, and now. What am i going to do? Ive quite literally got no card on my drone. Now, to be fair, i think that this drone, the mavic air first generation, did have eight gigabytes of internal space, and i think i have utilized that once or twice, but i mean it honestly runs out pretty quick, but you know when youre getting a terabyte of Space in your drone outright without a card in it i mean thats, obviously awesome im, just hoping that it doesnt add excess weight. Well, i mean it obviously would add excess weight, but how much obviously the less weight added inside of the strong the better, because then its going to last longer in the sky right interesting food for thought, though nonetheless, so scrolling down now the tele camera.

So this tele camera has 28 times hybrid, zoom, 162, millimeter, f, 4.4 aperture. All right now explore mode, so activate explore mode to unlock mavic. 3S. Second camera a unique tele camera that lets you effortlessly scout and plan your shots. Weve got a couple of climbers on the rocks kind of thing, so when scenes or subjects are far away, use the tele camera to zoom in and save time or record from a distance without disturbing the subject. So i mean its awesome to have a telezoom lens on your on your on your on your device right, obviously, with iphones these days when weve got, you know, three cameras, all right ones, the ultra wide ones, the zoom and ones the normal right and yeah. So this has obviously got ultra wide and ultra zoom kind of thing. Awesome awesome, im really loving that so enhanced safety, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, so mavic 3 helps you enjoy collision free flight. So you can focus on getting the best shots possible. All right, multiple, wide angle, vision, sensors, work seamlessly with a high performance vision, computing engine to sense, obstacles in all directions, precisely and of course, plan a safe flight route that avoids them when, of course, you need to get back to home very quickly right, thats, great. The more safety features in built in this thing, the less likely your thing is, your drone is going to be crashing and then you may never get it again or of course it needs to fix okay, thats great now by scrolling my mouse up and down.

We can see this kind of thing popping up, so thats really cool there. We go so advanced return to home so always end on a high note, with advanced return to home. So this updated auto return function. Can you guys actually see it there? We go enables mavic 3 to automatically determine the optimal route back to its home point and execute it quickly. Get it done. Get it done now, kind of thing right, whether activated by the user or triggered by signal loss. Mavic 3 can easily return to home point safely in adequate lighting conditions, so it just goes to show at the moment the sensing capabilities on these drones only works within a given range of light from you know the sun or if it depends how big the stadium Lights are, i guess, i think, in the future when it comes to drone technology when it comes to sensor of you know, avoidance systems, i think well be using using uh radar systems, the kind of stuff that us military uses, radar or it could be of course, Said that they use sonar basically little sound waves, that bounce off objects and come back to the ears of the bat or, of course, the ears of the listening drone kind of thing. The sensor listening to the thing i i think this will be a future thing that will be done at some point. Who knows when but its something to think about all right, so dont just fly enjoy they say so apas 5.

0 uh is the obstacle avoidance system. I think i dont know what apex stands for, but anyway, mavic 3 makes flight more fun than ever, while recording that is no longer interrupted by obstacles along the way. Now, when flying mavic 3 constantly senses objects in all directions and bypasses them quickly and smoothly, so yeah were basically getting the fifth generation of this technology. Now the first was okay, but it wasnt perfect. The second was okay, it wasnt perfect. Now, look, you know where im going with this? Okay, will the fifth be significantly better than the ones that have come before well, have to do tests and see what happens right, but its interesting that theyre doing better obstacle avoidance thats great, enjoy every flight even in complex environments, its kind of cool. I record smooth footage, even when encountering obstacles, great so 03 plus transmission and beyond so okay. What are we actually getting here? Are the actual great specs, again right, different version of specs this time were getting 46 minutes extended flight time were getting 15 kilometer. Video transmission range, which in miles i will check right now, 15 kilometers in miles its, not speaking but its showing me its were basically getting 9.32 miles of uh video transmission range, which is not too bad at all. Thats awesome. All right now were getting 1080p 60 frames per second uh through the live through the live feed on on your on your controller right get into the controller in a second, because this, this controller is a is a 2.

0 version. This is a newer controller right. Uh 4g transmission with the dji cellular transmission, dongle, extreme precision, interesting im, not going to click on that, but if you guys want to check it out, come to the website, okay, additional features so, okay, this is the controller. This controller is not new. Well, it is, but it is, you get well get to that in a second. This controller, like there was a 1.0 version of this controller. Now i have an actual. Where is the old old controller? I dont know where it is, but i have the old controller without a screen. I had to put my phone in that controller. I and it was a good control im, going to continue speaking and im going to try and find it for you guys right now, and it was a good controller, but i always wanted to get the controller with an actual screen in it right, and i didnt Really have the money to get it, but based on a couple of reviews based on a couple reviews that ive heard that uh the old controller, this old controller with the screen inbuilt wasnt as good as one of these things now theres a bit of dust on This dont mind that, but you know the phone goes in there right. So apparently the signal was a lot stronger on one of these type of controllers than than one of those ones. Now, having said that, like i said, this is the 2.

0 controller. This is the newer uh ins. You know screen inbuilt controller. We obviously you dont need to connect your phone to it right, so, hopefully, the problems that were with that controller with maybe dropping of range from a distance from a certain distance. Hopefully, that is no longer an issue right, so active track 5.0 and master shots, so yeah were getting better technology tracking us, hopefully its better. All right so flagship were the accessory. So these are the things you can get with the new drone right. You even get nd filters, which is awesome uh. We can get what we oh theres theres, the cellular transmission dongle that we just talked about now. This is a wide angle. Hang on. Can you see there we go thats better. You guys can see a bit better. Now this is a wide angle lens, so uh dji brought out that new uh action cam recently i cant remember the name, but we just did a review on it. Last week i dont know what it is, but dji have just released new product after new product. After new product this past few weeks, its been pretty interesting to talk about and to read the technology thats come from this company, obviously a great company right. So this is what were talking about right: the dji action 2.. Now the dji action 2 actually has a bit of a lens attachment situation, kind of like this, where you can attach a lens to the front of the camera, and it makes the the camera makes the picture you know wider angle than it already is well, if You wanted an ultra wide accessory for this drone.

Well then, you absolutely can get it right. So those are some of the things you can get, but there you go theres the price, its three thousand and ninety nine dollars. Australian lets see what that is in american. All right three thousand one hundred dollars australian in american, so its around about two thousand two hundred and ninety four dollars, but it probably will be a little bit more, but i dont know the exact cost. So look! What do you guys think about this new drone? Now its this new drone is obviously for professionals. No matter, you know what kind of professional are you. I mean theres many different kinds of professionals, right, theres professionals that make money from their video from their craft. All those professionals who just like to make you know professional travel, vlogs or, of course, there are people that just like to get simple little aerial shots, which is fine as well. And if you, if youre one of those people that just like to get you know beautiful, yet simple aerial shots, then maybe consider getting one of djis. Cheaper range of of of drones potentially get one of these ones, but the newer version right, the mavic air. Is it the second generation or third generation? I dont even know what theyre up to anymore, but this is my first generation, obviously youre going to want to get the current mavic air drone. I do highly suggest this little drone, theyre, very tiny, very small and very capable, but obviously the picture quality isnt going to be as good as something like this one that weve just shown you right.

What do you think about this? All right, well guys were making videos on this channel every single day, so give us a like subscribe. If you found it fun and interesting, you can also find us on instagram facebook, youtube tallboygareth hoped you had fun. I had fun, i love you guys ill be seeing you tomorrow.