Dji has just released a new drone called DJI, Mavic, 3. Therere, two versions, standard and Cine.. I got Mavic 3 Cine here and Im gon na review it.. This is the drone.. It comes with this protection cover and I like this, a lot. You can lock and unlock it quickly. And your camera gimbal is well protected.. The design has changed a bit.. The battery goes in from the back.. This is the camera, and the sensor is now 43 inch CMOS sensor.. You can see two lenses, here. one is the main lens and the other one is 28X zoom lens.. This is the controller. Sticks are at the back. Turn it on and its ready to use.. These are the batteries.. This is the charging hub.. You just need to put them just like this. Theres, a USB C port here and connect to an outlet. Then it starts charging.. Its got smaller. Theres another USB port here, so you can charge your controller at the same time.. This is the data cable. Theres, a built in 1TB SSD in the drone.. So if you record footage into the built in SSD, You need to take them out through USB port., Connect it to your PC and turn the drone on.. It comes with a full set of ND filters., 4. 8. 16. 32. 64. 128. 256, 512. Its literally a full set. DJI never cease to amaze me every time they release a new product.. This new Mavic 3 is no exception.

. They put so many new features in this.. I dont even know where to start.. Anyway, the censors got bigger.. Now its 43 inch censor from previous 1 inch sensor.. The camera is co created with Hassellad. Obstacle. Detection sensors are built in all direction. front back sides and up and down., So the possibility of crashing into obstacle is now pretty low.. One of the amazing new features is definitely a new battery.. Its got a bit bigger, I guess.. The maximum flight time is now 46 minutes.. You heard it right. Its 46 minutes. DJI AIR 2S has been my go to drone lately. DJI AIR 2Ss flight time is over 30 minutes.. If I fly DJI AIR 2S at one location with one battery and after recording enough footage, Its still got 30 to 40 battery left., But with Mavic 3 after flying, recording enough footage. Its still got about 75 battery left. Mavic 3 Cine combo comes with 3 batteries. So I brought all the 3 batteries and hiked a mountain, then flew the drone, but I only used just one battery. Battery life is much much better than previous model.. The other important feature is codec.. It can record up to 5.1K50fps 4K120fps and FHD200fps with PRORES HQ., But these are pre production model and the app doesnt allow me to shoot at the highest codec as of today.. So I shot all the footage Im showing you in this video with 4K60fps 10 bit D log with PRORES.

, The image has just been becoming better and better. Its, not that hard to shoot beautiful, drone footage with Mavic 3., Despite of tons of new features the size And the weight of Mavic 3 are pretty much the same as previous model. Mavic. 2 Pro.. I really like this new design.. This is probably my favorite design of all the DJI drones. These front arms. Look like Inspire 2.. The arms of Inspire 2 are bit lower. It has nothing to do with it. all right.