We got the fpv r4d air 2s, and now we have the mavic 3 cine that were going to be reviewing today doing a fun little shoot with my buddy, stefan a bunch of other guys, but i know theres going to be some of you guys that want Just like the sit down heres, the specs were gon na. Do that at the end of the video im gon na sit down in the studio so hold tight until then well touch on anything that we miss today, but regardless its gon na be a fun shoot. Definitely worth the watch dont skip ahead, its gon na be fun yeah. This looks like a good spot. It all looks the same. Okay. Let me put this thing in park this isnt. This is my car, so dji released two versions of the mavic 3 theres, the mavic 3 thats it and theres the mavic 3 cine thats, the one that they send us. The only difference is that the mavic 3 cine has a built in ssd and you can shoot prores 422 hq and, in my opinion, thats a huge plus, because that was a huge problem with previous drones is h.264 h265 theyre super compressed theyre hard to edit, but Prores definitely opens that up easier to edit much smoother. The mavic 3 is actually just a little bit lighter and a little bit smaller than the mavic 2 pro when its folded up when its unfolded, it is a little bit bigger, has just a slightly larger wingspan.

You notice they also changed the plastic, so the gray is a little bit darker, the the motors, the gimbal. Everything is black, so black and dark gray. I think it looks really nice, i think its a really nice redesign. They also have a nice controller. This is actually the same design as the previous, all in one controller that dji has been using, but they have updated it, so it has ocusync 3.. That means it has just better connectivity. Some nice updates with the new mavic, 3. Music. So what were doing, and by the way, i would not recommend doing this to your drone. I found a spot where you can actually like clamp. One of these small rig things onto the uh, the arm with some cushion on it and itll actually hold itself up. Like that im gon na clamp this mount to it and then were gon na put it all together on the c stand: Music all right, cut, im gon na stop the propellers just yeah! Well, that was probably the most stressful shot of the day and the weirdest. Looking one well see, did you get that on camera me walking around and once again i have a storyboard, my rudimentary drawing pretty crappy, but hey its uh, its effective. So now were just gon na get a bunch of various drone. Shots were gon na, throw them all together, nice little montage, Music Applause, Music. What the it just disconnected completely! Oh my gosh, i almost had a heart attack i disconnected, and then i look over and theres like a black thing on the ground.

Im, like crap, were good, its actually its hovering. It was there. It is. It was its hovering over there. Like i dont know, 300 yards so were good lets. Uh lets get back to it: Applause, Music, okay, so thats doing 5k at 50. Fps itll also do 4k 120.. I just didnt have the firmware update available for me while im doing this, and if you remember actually the last mavic had a one inch sensor. This one has a micro, four third sensor, so a little bit bigger a little bit better dynamic range micro. Four thirds is a huge sensor to fit in a drone of that size, which is nuts. It also has two lenses. It has that main lens which is operating on the micro four thirds, and then it has a tele lens that is operating on a half inch sensor were going to talk about that more in just a second Music, so the telephoto lens, i wouldnt, really recommend it For like filming a lot of things, itll only do 4k 30., its only using that half inch sensor, its mainly for exploring its called explorer mode thats how dji has branded it, so you can turn it on and then you can actually zoom one times two times. Four times, seven time, fourteen times twenty eight, so its mainly theres, stefan right there, we got a nice nice shot of steph. Look at you look at all of us, its really not that great, its probably only passable at 1x and maybe 7x.

It gets a little bit better. You probably saw the difference between four and seven so cool mode to have if you need to like scout areas out, but its really, in my opinion, not the most professional lens. I would definitely prefer the micro four thirds with the the wider angle lens over the tele uh yeah. I dont know if you can see this look at all that salt, hopefully uh. Hopefully we make it through. Hopefully they improve the weatherproofing on this thing, just a little bit. This is the ultimate test. Lets be honest: this is the test for this drone Music, so dji rated this drone at 46 minutes of flight time, which is nuts because the last mavic 2 was quite a bit less. I think around like 26 27. Is that about right, um so were gon na pop in a brand new battery? This is fresh okay, im gon na put it in and im gon na start. My start watch were gon na see exactly what it can do so, like most drones. This has multiple shooting modes. We got cinematic c n for normal, and then s for sports on sport mode is obviously going to drain more of the battery cinematics, probably going to be the least drainage, so were going to flip between the two Music. Okay, so were at 24 minutes 12 seconds 11 battery left to be fair. I have been doing mostly sport mode because were getting a lot of quick shots here.

Oh critical, low power, okay, its forced landing here we go 25 minutes, not what i expected. To be honest, were going to throw this in normal mode once were back in the studio, i imagine were going to get high 30s, maybe low 40s, but for right now, as far as i can tell in sport in normal, just kind of ripping it around again Were pushing about 25 minutes so not bad, but not great Music out of frame Music, yes, Music! Well, that only took like 300 takes, but we got it. We had to end it on a high note. My shoes are soaking, wet yeah, i think, were about ready to wrap up lets talk specs. My heart is literally pumping like this, so its pretty obvious that the the real standout feature that were seeing this year with the mavic 3 is the 5k50 and obviously the much larger sensor. Everything else is honestly, just like pretty much any other mavic weve ever seen. Every year they make minor updates, so we see some updates with the image transmission occusync 3.0. We get some vision, sensor improvements just for obstacle, awareness, all that and then just a slightly updated design. Like i mentioned earlier, its kind of a darker gray, some black trim. I think its kind of refreshing, also the smart features that we know and love are slightly updated. This ones going to have active track. 5.0. Unfortunately, i didnt get the firmware update in time for this video, so im still on active track.

4.0. I cant really show you what 5.0 is like. As far as i know, though, its the exact same it just has better performance, because i know you definitely did not skip ahead to this part of the video, and you saw the little battery test that we did on the salt flats. Youll know that it actually didnt do very well, so i talked to dji after we filmed that and they told me that i was using an older firmware. So i did the test one more time again in my studio, new firmware cinematic mode, no wind just hovering there and we got just over 35 minutes now. Remember the advertised flight time is 46 minutes and we barely got 35., so theres a pretty big gap right there and again. Maybe they can fix it in another firmware update. Maybe it has something to do with the elevation here in utah. I really dont know and i wasnt expecting to get 46 minutes. I was hoping for at least around like 40, but im just giving you a heads up. If you end up picking one of these up. Hopefully, it flies for a bit longer than mine, but regardless just not exactly what i expected im gon na. Let it slide, though, because the camera on this thing is actually amazing. Again, if you didnt skip forward to this part of the video. You already know that this thing has a micro, four thirds sensor.

Itll do 5k, 50. itll actually do 4k 120. again. The firmware update is not available for me to do that, but it is capable. Apparently itll also do 1080 200 frames per second, so i dont know why youd ever want to use that, but its there, its also the first drone that ive ever wanted to shoot anything. Past 30 frames per second that one shot where the drone flies through the water and it sprays up. That was a shot where i was super glad that i even had 50 frames per second to work with, because normally im shooting drone footage. And if i have a shot like that that i want to slow down, i could only slow it down by like 80, because im shooting at 30 frames per second, so having the 50 frames per second was actually one of the best things about this new drone And again, obviously, dual lenses: we got the telephoto up here. We got the normal lens right here: 24 millimeter on the normal 161 millimeter on the telephoto telephoto is using a half inch sensor. The main lens is using the micro four thirds looking at the footage. After the shoot, i wouldnt say that the telephoto footage is terrible, but when you compare the two i mean clearly, the main lens is better. If you do happen to need a shot that requires zooming in really far to like that 7x zoom then yeah. I think the telephoto is an option, but again youre only doing 4k 30.

theres no option for 5k. 50. 5K. 24.. You cant even do 4k 24., its just 4k 30.. Now we didnt have a chance to shoot in low light because we were on the soft flats, basically in the middle of the day, but i did do just a quick test here inside the office and, to be honest, they both seem to perform almost identically. Actually, i think the mavic 2 might smooth out that noise even better than the mavic 3. kind of surprising, because i thought that the bigger sensor on the mavic 3 would increase low light performance by a pretty good amount. But i guess not so i dont consider myself to be a photographer, but i did snap a few photos while were on set. This thing is still a 20 megapixel photo sensor, but remember this is micro, four thirds so the background blur between this and the mavic 2 pro theyre going to be different. Its got the wider field of view. Overall, though, i dont think its going to be a very big upgrade in the photo department if it had more megapixels, i could see that being a thing, but besides those differences with the sensor and the lens really not much has changed now i do have pricing From dji there were some rumors floating around about what the price was going to be, and those are actually mostly correct. So the standard mavic 3 is going to go for 2199 us dollars and then the fly more combo is going to go for 2.

999. Us dollars and then the mavic 3 cine combo is going for four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars now to put that into perspective. The air 2s goes for 9.99. So that means that the baseline mavic 3 goes for more than twice as much as the air 2s and then, if you did the cine version of the mavic 3 thats literally five times as much as the air 2s. So is this worth five grand for me personally, i rarely if ever pick up a drone like 99 of the shots i get are on the ground, with my camera, like its pretty rare, that im pulling out a drone, so five thousand dollars definitely not worth it. For me, even if i was getting the baseline mavic, 3 200 still, that price tag is really hard to justify, because again im rarely using a drone. When i need to im pulling out the mavic 2 im pulling out the air 2s. So, unless youre doing like real estate, videos or wedding videos or any other genre, where you need aerial footage from a mavic, i really dont think this is going to be worth the upgrade for you as much as i love prores and the 5k sensor, the built In ssd, all that good stuff, i really dont think that the jump from like an air 2s or mavic 2 pro going to a mavic 3 like thats thats, a pretty big price gap.

I dont think its worth it now. I dont want to like think for you. I want you to decide if its going to be worth. It definitely like. Watch this whole video watch. Another couple of videos formulate an opinion for yourself really decide if thats worth it to you, thats honestly pretty much it though i had so much fun flying this drone huge thanks to dji for sending it out with a ton of fun making that intro sequence. Hopefully you guys liked it too. As always, we talk about how gear is important, but its also not the most important thing. Far more important are the skills behind the gear. So, if you need a boost, you need a jumpstart into the filmmaking industry. Go ahead check out full time, filmmaker ive linked it below. You can learn from people like me from jake from parker from nate. We go in depth in a bunch of different industries, tons of stuff that youre not going to find on our youtube channel plus. We have a huge facebook group with i dont, even know how many like 15 16 000 tons of filmmakers, where you can go and ask questions and get help and feedback. So if that interests you even in the slightest click the link below check it out, weve also got a free one hour, filmmaking training again its totally free, no strings attached, just sit down with a pen and paper. Take some notes.

I guarantee its gon na be worth your time and thats pretty much it as always.