So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live, and i was joined for part of the show by mr marcus crawford and mr ron braun for the better part of the show. We discussed a brand new update regarding the dji mavic 3., so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety, as you guys are, i know, are aware: um, you know there have been some lets, call them detailed renderings. Did you leak those photos uh? This morning, uh im under dna – okay, i dont – i dont want this to get out here now. You know its its interesting because you know what what really you know when you see these wild and exotic, you know renderings. You know you kind of know that its like its not really the real deal kind of thing, all right when you see renderings, like you, see right here, okay, the this makes a whole lot of sense. All right. It does really bring to life rather than those im, not yeah. These are artistic drawings, and you know the other thing is, and somebody pointed this out – that the um that the arms look a little thinner than on the mavic 2 series and they look a little longer too bill yeah and they do look longer as too ron. I agree uh, you know and it really kind of fits in line with everything that that weve seen now.

You know when you start to get more leaks, and you guys know this too im preaching to the choir when you start to get see more of this. Come out, okay, things are starting to ramp up, i mean you know: theres been a lot of signs and indications. Lately, especially, you know you cant really its hard to buy a mavic 2 pro right now or zoom all right um. You know djis website. As far as we know, theyre theyre, discontinued from dgi yeah and you know even on amazon, have a hard time or on ebay. I mean its its really getting to be slim pickings if youre wanting to buy a mavic, 2 pro or zoom right now, because its just not theyre, just not out there theyre, just not not available. Okay um. You know this was done by um. Deal lets see. Um, the latest images initially popped up on wechat uh, one of the more popular chinese social media networks. They were distributed on twitter by dealsdrone account. Okay, and you can see them here um. You know the proportions seem to be out. The arms are thinner. We expect other aspects such as rear loading. Battery um are in line with previous images that weve seen. Okay um, we have a source in china with his finger close to the pulse of the project. We ran the re chat images past him. He says he knows the person who created them, the camera module portion, which is what will likely interest most people is very accurate, heres, an excerpt from our texting today.

The camera module is correct, thats. What i was wondering about more than anything so itll be a zoom included. He said yes, the camera will be made by hasselblad um. Well, theres, no theres no contain. I still stay on my original point about the october november release. The design of the mavic 3 has been finalized. Okay, so you know this is a lot of information. Go ahead, marcus, hey bill before you go any further. I just want to you just made me think about one thing, and i want to acknowledge the fact that you know what you were talking about: the the uh, the mavic 2 pro zoom and pro both and uh that they were discontinuing them. Let me tell you that is going to be a drone that is, is going to be iconic because it had such a long run and was the top of the game for three years. You know, and you might even still be able to argue that in many cases, its the top of the game and uh man kudos to dji. For for an awesome drone, i mean that uh. That thing really held its own for a long time and my question to both you and ron is: can we expect the same thing about out of this mavic? 3? Well, marcus! You make a great point about uh. You know the mavic 2 pro and zoom, and there are long runs at the top, but bill is this: is this unprecedented? Like has any of the drones stayed like on top as long as the mavic 2 uh did, or the mavic 2 pro or? However, you want to say it well, you know it arguably that you know the phantom 4 pro um has kind of held held.

You know a pretty good rain on things um, you know and its still, especially with that manual shutter. You know because, but having not have an occu sync to having the older lightbridge system kind of for some people, not all people, but some people that takes down the equation right right and then you know and then did the v2 version which i got, which had The ocusync 2.0, which really kind of kind of made it a little bit more of a beefier drone. But your point and marcuss point is spot on. You know its its really been kind of like almost if you want to use the term king of the hill for three years, uh and its rarely had any challengers. I would say a good challenger to it has been the evo too and youve proven that with some of your videos and photos ron uh, that evo 26k is phenomenal. I mean it really does a great job it and it does it very well right and now i dont want to be accused of being a dji, fanboy and and ill tell does challenge them as far as camera quality, but they dont challenge. As far as having you know, all the uh, quick shots that features an autonomous type of stuff uh, its still more bells and whistles in the mavic 2 series than there is the all tel evo 2 series – and i would have gave all tell evo a break For a year or so, but now were were a year and a half in and it still hasnt got the feature set that the mavic 2 has hey ron uh.

So i id love to hear your opinion of the flight controls, because you know weve heard a lot of other big reviewers say that they one of the things they complain about on the autel drone is they they prefer the dji flight controls. You fly them both. All the time i mean i know theyre different, but how do you feel about it and im im, not a a as good a person? I guess to answer this question in one way, because a lot of people that say this fly almost exclusive dji and i think thats. Why that comments come from where marx said you and i both we fly all almost all the different branded drones and whatever. So i dont get locked into only only you know getting used to just how the dgi droids fly and also a lot of these early complaints were from people from when they first got the all tel evo, 2 pro and, of course, its been refined with with Firmware updates over the top, even as far as flight controls and things like that so uh, you know for me. When i pick up the evo to the glow fly, i dont think im held back in any way from getting the shot i want from from because it has any kind of flight, uh, uh deficit or something yeah. I dont feel limited by it um. You know, but again im not a you know: im, not a died in the world dji person.

Only five dji jones and evo2 was my first non dji drone. You know if you dont worry that if you get the evo2 its not going to be the scudio or something like that, where its you know, thats legit, when people say the studio, doesnt fly to dji drone, thats legit right right, heres, a question for both of You, okay, you know we never! We never answered marcuss question well, thats, true! Well, marcus. What was that i mean? I want to feel like the congressman again uh. You know. Can you repeat the question part of uh your statement earlier uh? Well, i mean i just was asking about the flight controls. Well before that you asked the question i went into this big rant about the mavic 3 about the mavi, the mavic 2 being on top for such a long time. I asked bill: is there any other drone that could rival? But you you threw a question in there too, as well as im, making a statement about the mavic 2 being on top first so ron. Let me rewind the video and and then hey that said, uh well bill you, you had a question but yeah yeah yeah. I i thought we did, but yeah ive interrupted him or whatever through that. I threw the train off the tracks and we forgot that question. Maybe itll come back to us, but all right heres. My question for you guys is this: okay now weve been talking like you know, the mini three is gon na come out november and all this stuff.

Okay, now you know getting this news that we got today with with some of these messages. You know it indicates possibly were not. Gon na have a mini. Three were gon na, have a mavic 3. i mean. Do you guys think this is gon na happen or you think its more mini three or what lauren can you tell us under dna dont get that man in trouble? Yeah? No, i mean you know who, who the heck knows: yeah yeah ill be thrilled to death with either one of them, but i will too yeah. You know with a kind of a second question. Do i think it can happen yeah it could happen. Um. I dont know other companies have released a big products back to back and even dji in the same couple and within within the span of im, going to say the fall of 2000, whatever they released, the uh, the phantom 4 pro and the mavic 1 and the Mavic pro came out in the course of just a few im going to say in the course of two or three months. Both those flagship products dropped and other companies done the same thing but heres the bigger question bill. It can happen, but the bigger question is: if you get the mini 3 and the mavic 3 come out in the you know in the same time span in a month or two: whatever? Will you sell the money out for both of them or you will you just pick one of them and contact that one there you go how many, how many piggy banks can you break open? Okay to do that? How many, how many drones can you review at the same time like i feel like, for instance, if, if i got them both that every time i took the mini 3 out, it would be like a pain in the butt saying.

Oh man, in the middle of doing these great reviews in the backseat, i got ta go out and fly this thing that doesnt have this that or the other or whatever so um uh. Oh did i did. I drive marcus away. I dont know you, maybe maybe he he flew the coop here. Okay, he got him dna. He couldnt talk about that yeah. He probably is beyond important having all the money to buy this stuff. The point is: do you really need two new drones? At almost the same time, well, you know thats a good question and its like, and you bring up you know while its humorous, and it really is, you know what do you review? First, you know the the mini three is a the mini. Three will be a mini, twos been a runaway hit, okay and – and i look at it in terms of of my group – popularity, okay right and its pretty close to the mavic 2 group in terms of the number of people that are on theres, like 12 13 14. 000 people in both of those groups, so i mean theyre, both popular theyre gon na both be popular drones. You know its like do review one one day review the other thing i mean itll, keep you busy thats for sure. If you do get both whatever and you make a good point more, your subscribers will buy the the mini three than they will the mavic 3, but the mavic 3 will be the the product.

Youre youre good youre, going to be more enthusiastic. Excuse me more enthusiastic about kind of flying and delving into because um you know if it. If it has the specs that we read off last week i mean itll, be the you know, itll be the drone of drones. Itll, be your go to right bill. I mean say: lets go down the ring to beach and catch that sunset uh down there, youre not gon na bring the mini three with it. Youre gon na bring them out with three right yeah. I mean you know. Well, you know, and and thats a good point ron and and what i, what im i want to focus on here: okay, its been three years since weve had a really a new mavic pro okay. If you will all right its only been a year since weve had a new mini all right and you know the the jump that theyll have in technology, from the mini to the mini three itll be appreciable. But it wont be as great a jump as the mavic 2 to the mavic 3. right right and we can and that jump you you know you can recognize that jump, that big jump more than you can. The incremental update that the mini e3 will probably be over the mini two yeah, i mean you know and and heres the other thing you know and, and i try to talk about this with people – you know about preparing them for sticker shock and why its going To be sticker shock im a firm believer okay, with this mavic 3, its not going to have a standard controller, its going to come with a smart controller standard.

I mean theres going to be no option for for for the regular analog type controller anymore. Its going to be a smart controller that thats it and thats, why you know youre going to have a 2k or more kind of price tag on this its going to be. You know thats going to be one of the reasons true and and to your point most people that bought a smart guitar version one at what time it only flew one drone or whatever, but most of the people bought the smart truck. One also had a mavic 2 well, it had to be, but you know a tendency that anybody has smart control probably has a magnet question of the day.