3 7x zoom test. Part 2.. So, im just going to play some unedited footage directly out of the drone just onto our sd card popped it in put it on our program and exported it. So its just straight out of the camera. To give you an idea of exactly what you can expect. Pre editing, of course you can do a good amount, i suspect with it once uh you get into your editing program, but i want you to see exactly what you get out of the box and thats what this is. So in the first review, several of you asked about cleaning the lens and so to make sure everything was clean. It looked clean initially, but to make sure what i did was i took the cover you know so it has replaceable covers. It comes with just a a clear filter, i guess on it, and then it also comes at least with the fly mower kit, with some nd filters that you can replace that with. So i just took the the filter that comes on the front, cleaned both sides of that and then actually cleaned that outer element of the camera itself, put it all back together and started shooting. Unfortunately, i still got that same softness, and so that was pretty disappointing and i discovered some other issues with glare, especially in shooting towards bright objects. Alright heres the big one you can see here anywhere where the sun is visible in 7x zoom, even when its slightly off frame you get this wonderfully beautiful, uh lens flare, glare thing going on that really just is horrible, yeah, so ill get into the image here.

So you can see the image more closely, whats really unique, so im a professional photographer by trade been doing about 20 years. I cant think of any other lens ive shot through where i get a double uh reflection in the lens of the sun when shooting directly into the sun or any really bright spot when everything else is by comparison, very dark, so yeah, usually you get one. This has two and in addition to these, and if you notice, as you pan ill pull up some videos as you pan, the sunspots move, which is normal because you there its a mirror image of what, wherever that bright spot is now whats interesting is the sun. Is here which, if this was the center of the sensor and the center of the um, the lens array? You would expect it to be about over here. Those uh well single reflection over here. Instead, its off by thats, probably only half a degree or something when it zoomed in maybe a degree, and then you get this really unpleasant glare here and this glare, interestingly doesnt move. So if you it stays uh right with wherever the sun is its. You know almost its a reflective glare of some some form um and its really unfortunate. It shows up in photos and ill play the videos in a second uh and whats whats. So sad about it is you know one of the biggest things, at least for me.

I was looking forward to was being able to shoot directly into the sun at sunset sunrise. You get those really dramatic shots where you got the big globe like in this case, setting over the city of jacksonville or rising over the ocean, and that is not what you get you get. This really nasty lens flare. That really makes makes the video pretty much unusable and thats thats unfortunate Music, okay, heres one more frustrating part with the mavic, 3 7x zoom footage and thats uh. When you have these bright spots like bright lights, it looks almost like someone took a paintbrush and just pulled those bright spots down creating this weird vertical uh blur that is again not very professional. Looking. I am hopeful that its an issue just with my drone, with a misaligned l element in there somewhere and not something thats more symptomatic to the whole line, but soon enough we will see if youd like. We do certainly appreciate it. If you subscribe, follow like comment. All those things and then youll be the first to see part three of our review once we get that replacement mavic 3 to see if its any better. So, no doubt there are a lot of negatives with this zoom lens that i i cant deny, but there is one really big, positive and thats its reach. A 7x telephoto on a drone of this size is just amazing, and it opens up all sorts of really cool cinematic opportunities, especially if the issues im encountering are primarily an issue with the production of my drone in particular, and not mavics, mavic 3 in general.

So heres some footage that just illustrates that reach this first clip or a couple of clips is from a shoot we did in road atlanta. We were photographing a race for one of our clients and i brought the drone along just to test youre not allowed to have the drone to operate the drone from within the the raceway, of course, their property, and also on sunday of the race. There was a tfr, so you can fly anywhere within five miles of the track. Uh, but the day before, when they were doing qualifying, you could be up no tfr, but you still had to be off their property. Typically, you would get probably not nothing other than it may be an establishing shot, but with the zoom i could zoom right in to the chateau that my client had set up and get a really nice shot, while never even having to overfly the track so that That was pretty cool, Music and one other spot. I visited wilson mills bridge state park. It was on the way back to jacksonville from road atlanta in georgia. State parks youre not allowed to operate a drone from within their perimeter without a permit and from what i understand its pretty tricky to get a permit to fly your drone. So what do you do? In my case, i went outside the border popped, the drone up and actually i stayed outside the border of the park, even while flying and just zoomed in with the 7x telephoto, and got this footage again its you can see the haze in full light.

It seems to be uh even worse, which is interesting, but if that all gets sorted and fixed with the replacement, mavic 3. uh thats. Some really some really nice footage that you know i wouldnt otherwise be able to get with a mavic 2 pro or even a mavic, 2 zoom, so thats a thats, a definite pro and now leave us with that.