The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content with that lets begin. The today was a picture perfect day and it was just right for a battery test for the mavic 3.. The battery test was run in normal mode and i was shooting at 4k 30.. So without any further ado lets roll that clip, okay, uh looks like we have a great day to fly today. A lot less windy than the other day were going to go ahead and do a battery test. I know its at 87 percent, but i wanted to see – and this is going to be done in normal mode and im – going to be shooting at 4k 30, so lets get the show on the road here. Okay got my dot out from screen recorder, so i know it is on okay. The video camera is on lets, go ahead and take off here. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map, its not a cloud in the sky. Today, its picture picture picture absolutely beautiful right around 100 feet winds, picking up just a tad here, but were going to go ahead, and this is going to be were just going to go. Do a battery test today lets see how long this guy lasts. Take it out about 1500 feet in this direction, 108 feet 33 miles an hour Music coming up on 1500 feet all right.

There we go all right now were going to go ahead and turn around im going to try different things uh. What im going to do? Next time is, might go, try going out in reverse, so to speak, so so lets go ahead here. I want to get this lined up as best i can, and here we go now im going to let i think its set at 20, so im gon na. Let it go down so well, well, see how how we do here and im gon na be using the elapsed indicator on the uh video to kind of give me my reference point as far as time is concerned, whisper quieted, 100 feet above us, barely hear it Flying over the entrance to the development and new construction see they got the lake filled in thats. Interesting all right were going to go there im going to go a little further than 1500 in this direction here against the intersection of the um highway there all right! Well, lets go ahead and flip it around. Okay, we are at 79 battery some operator error there. That was on my part. I wasnt, holding the stick forward. Lets go ahead and adjust that a little bit flying over the entrance here lets go ahead and adjust the course a little bit flying overhead as we speak and whisper quiet averaging about 32 miles an hour right now. A 75 percent battery left just a little bit of clouds in the sky, not much at all.

The wind is actually picking up a bit here flying a little bit over this water and then were gon na go ahead and turn around thats about equal to going up to the highway here. So winds actually picked up a bit theres the highway down that way. Development and there we go all right down to 70 percent battery over a little over five and a half minutes elapsed again, i will go by officially ill go by what the app tells me after were done im just trying to use that as a reference point For for right now, for me right around 33 miles an hour again, one of the things thats really impressing me is how quiet the mavic 3 is. I cant say that enough its its really very a very quiet drone and the signal strength has been fantastic with this ive had absolutely no issues whatsoever, even 2 000 feet away its a pleasure to have a dji drone, because ive experienced quite a lot of signal Loss with my femi x8 mini sc 2018, that was for 2020.. That was a real, not so good experience coming up on the intersection here. Okay, were at the intersection, were going to go ahead and turn around head back out were at 65 battery seven and a half minutes on the video timer shooting were going in normal mode. As far as the speed setting is concerned – and there it goes overhead, we are at 61 battery and shows 13 minutes of flight time left so again, im very much of one for real world tests.

As far as batteries are concerned, uh, you know i know: theres been a number of people that have done tests with uh just having the drone like 10 or 15 feet off the ground and letting it sit there, but i dont believe thats a real world test. This is a real war test, were shooting video and were traveling here, so i think, were approaching 10 minutes into the flight. Okay were at the edge of that lake. Stop just hit 56 percent battery. We are 32 miles an hour 113 feet 10 minutes on the video timer just course. A little bit here, 54 battery right around 32 miles an hour impressed with the triple tech as well too, because its pretty sunny today and im, seeing the screen perfectly im. Having no issues with that whatsoever coming up on the intersection here, okay, we are at the intersection im gon na go ahead and head back now, 52 battery eleven and a half minutes into the flight per the video timer and again well, go by what the app Says in terms of the actual time is concerned 32.7 miles an hour 30 mile up to 33. Its now 33.1 12 minutes elapsed time. We are at 113 feet flying over the entrance to the development there now 47 battery 33.3 miles per hour, 13 minutes on the timer for the video at 45 battery coming up to the lake here, okay were gon na go ahead and turn the other way here.

Lets go ahead and, i think were good there getting a 42 battery and right at 14 minutes on the run time for the video 30 miles an hour 40 battery left approaching 15 minutes on the timer 32.9 333 miles an hour approaching the highway okay. We are there lets, go ahead and turn around 37 on the battery approaching 16 minutes of runtime on the video in 113 feet, thats been constant, now 34 battery remaining around 31 miles an hour approaching 17 minutes on the video time. Almost at the end of the lake here, okay lets go ahead and flip it around here 29 battery left approaching 18 minutes of runtime on the video 27 battery left 18 and a half minutes on the video keep approaching the highway here, hit 25 percent battery stop And go ahead and turn around here: 23 on the battery, its probably gon na kick in to return to home at 20 percent im imagining it 20 minute mark on the video is happening right now, as we speak, flying over the entrance to the development again right At 33 miles an hour 21 battery, imagine were probably going to be getting that warning any minute. Now. Okay, 19 percent of the battery warning is probably adjusted to maybe 15, i believe before it initiates a return to home. Currently, at 18 21 minutes on the video timer okay, low battery return to home low battery aircraft will can will return to home after countdown press the flight pause return to home button on remote controller to cancel okay.

I went ahead and canceled that for right now and were going to get it down to, let it go to about 10 was want to really want to see how much battery we can have out of this im going to keep an eagle eye on that were 21 minutes 43 seconds elapsed on the video showing 15 battery okay im getting a warning return to home promptly, but i want to let it go for a minute here. So were going to have to hear, hear that unfortunately, so it must be set to about 15 im imagining well see if we can get to the highway and then were going to do a return to home down to 13 percent. We are almost at the highway Music. Okay, we are at the highway im going to initiate return to home right now, showing about 11 battery, throwing three about three minutes of runtime left or to 23, and a half battery were working on it there, okay less than a thousand feet away. I can see the carve from the from the v from the view here. Landing got some stats. I wanted to go over here before we get to the question of the day. Now, as you can see on the screen, it was stats were from today. 11. 25. 2021, i flew 17 kilometers or 10.56 miles. I was an altitude of 36 meters, which translates to 118.11 feet and we had a run time of 25 minutes.

Now. What i did was. I took the runtime of 25 minutes. I divided that by 81 percent and i came up with 0.3086 now i multiply that times, 13 percent because remember again i did not start out at 100 or over 90 for the battery. I started out at 87, so i multiplied 0.3086 times 13 percent and i came up with 4.012. So then i added that to 25 minutes and i came up with a possible run time of 29 minutes question of the day.