Did somebody explain? Why is it that even though weve got so many drones that we own still, we find ourselves with this feeling of damn you dji? We still want to take our hard earned money and give it to dji or some other company is it that were greedy, its my money, i earned it. I can do what i want with it. Not the same thing. The rich say: are we just as greedy as them? I tell you what how many miles have you walked, or trekked or hiked with your drone, how about buses, planes or trains? How many gallons of gas have you put in your car? How many countless and countless hours have you spent browsing google maps looking for that one perfect spot Music, its time to say goodbye before i explain to you why? Let me just start by saying that this is a really nice drone. It definitely brings a lot of value with the camera with the flight time and lots of other features that this drone packs. That makes it worth the money with that being said, lets get started. This drone was released since november and still theres a gps issue. Its just that im a very spontaneous flyer as well, i like to go out, and i see something i pull over im in new york city over here. I pull over. I check, ear maps or or a loft make sure that my air space is clear.

Boom im up in the air, the shots are coming back, real, quick im in and out before you even notice thats. Just the way i roll new york city is complicated. Not many people know the laws and a lot of people think that they do and to avoid any kind of conflict. I rather just do what i need to do and im out of there and thats what really holds me back with the gps. The second reason is this lens right here, going back and forth with all these different mavic 3s. I dont know if you saw the leaks on twitter, but yes theres an oval telephoto and there is a round telephoto and the oval telephoto is the one that has the best resolution that to me was like a little bit of a hurt. This is a big, go wrong, come rung saga and it seems like the drama, just never ends for me and yeah pair the drama with my flying style. Why do i need to put up with all of this? This is a heavy chunky guy compared to a lot of other drones on the market, and i me as an individual, find myself gravitating towards drones that are smaller and drones that are lighter, and that kind of leans me into my next point. If there wasnt an air 2s, then i would definitely get the mavic 3 because i feel like there would be nothing else comparable or similar, because there would be nothing that is almost or powerful as this is that smaller and lighter its just it that really just Doesnt exist with all the features and the hyperlapse and the waypoints and the smart shots and everything the dji has to offer.

If it werent for the air 2s, i would probably be holding on to this guy yeah. So taking all of that into consideration. Yes, great drone, but this more suits my style and its got enough features to fit my need, except one or two places and were gon na come to that in a bit. Yes, i do have a youtube channel and definitely i can justify this purchase easily, especially to my wife. She just tells me just just keep it or just go ahead and keep it whats the big deal. You have a youtube channel because of its size and its weight and its price. It just doesnt appeal to me that much just in case i ever crash or anything happens to me while flying this its much easier to replace this, because the drone only 749 dollars which in this drone only is probably 14 or 1600 dollars, probably for the drone. Only so on accident with this i can go pick up another one and not even bat, an eye. An accident with this i dont know and yeah dji refresh, is a good thing too, and you can use that to keep the cost down, but thats providing you can find your drone after it crashes. Sometimes you just cant put your hands on its gone, its lost in the water, its game over people say: oh, you do a lot of drone stuff. You probably make a lot of money doing drone stuff on youtube and then you you do filming jobs and stuff.

Like that, well, yes, but my filming jobs are pretty small and still i havent had any complaints while using this, so theres really no need for me to upgrade its more like a want for me to upgrade. So if clients start complaining, then definitely ill pick. This up, but so far so good, no problems with clients and then i dont really have big clients. I dont really have huge clients where every job is like two three thousand dollars. No, i have small jobs, maybe 500 600 bucks, and i can use that to pay bills and to invest by other types of drones and other type of gear to keep expanding my horizons. If i find a really good steel on this drone, then yes, i probably will pick it up and even if i dont use it much just to make a few videos for you guys and maybe take it and use it on my jobs instead of using this. Just because i can then, yes, i would pick it up, but at that price i just dont feel comfortable flying this, and i dont know if youve ever seen the way i fly but, like i said, im different from most people. If i see a shot and im getting engulfed in that shot shot, i forget about my drone im just thinking about that shot, especially if i know that if i crash i cant harm or hurt anyone except the drone and theres nobody around to get injured, then Im gon na push it right, take, for example, these shots here, and this is all in one day recently, two days ago, i took this shot and i just didnt want to back off.

I wanted to get closer. I wanted to to to maneuver and get these shots and well you see what happened not on one occasion not on two locations, but on three occasions and just knowing that 749 dollars, god forbid anything happens, i can run and grab another one of this. If i can find it, i can always use my insurance or my refresh care, which is a lot cheaper than this much cheaper. It just gives me the confidence to push it more, to push myself more and to push the limits theres only so many places. I can go here in new york and i only travel but so much so now i want different shots. I want different angles. I start trying different things. I start taking more risk. I feel more comfortable with this than with this. So again, i just want to reinforce im, not bashing the drone or anything. I highly recommend that you actually buy this drone. If you can afford it and it will actually bring you value or pleasure and youre comfortable youre happy with it right. My rule of thumb is when i return a drone. Do i feel like i am missing out on anything? Do i feel like? Oh my gosh? I need this drone back for a particular reason and the first time i returned this. I did not miss it, but i went back again to give it a try. After the features were some of the first batches of features were installed and i still felt like i was flying a near 2s or an ear too there wasnt much difference for me.

Now the flight time was great but to justify that price, i really couldnt and then, when i returned, and so i returned that one and i picked it up again when this is the full set of updates rolled out and then i had the gps problems where That was going on for a while, and i just couldnt deal with it, knowing that i spent all of this money and its not just a matter of spending, all the money, its just its a matter of knowing that i spent all that money, and i have This and it works perfectly just fine right, it does all my jobs, it does all my casual flying it does all my spontaneous flying. It just does everything for me, Music, so, Music, Music. Will i miss things about this drone? Yes, i think theres, two major things that i will miss about this room number one battery life is huge on this drone and this four thirds camera right here is a game changer not so much for flying in the day its hard to tell the difference between These cameras in the day, but at night and you guys know i love to fly at night. Well, i havent missed it, but i will say something when i am hanging out with the guys and theyre flying this at night. I do ooh and ah still over the footage – and i do an ah looking at this – knowing that if i were to take the footage from this camera and do what im doing right now with the air 2s in davinci resolve, i could push the quality and The results even much much farther, but for me thats for something to look forward to.

If i get this on a nice deal, remember when i had the evo 2 pro a lot of people were complaining how expensive that drone was that drone was 2 200 bucks. Just to get started, i got mine on sale and between the two sales reduction prices. My evo2 pro came up to 1200 now im, not saying im waiting for a deal like that, because dji tends to hold its value better than autel. All im saying is: if the price is right, then ill pick it up. So if you see me making a lot of mavic 3 content, you already know, i got a really good deal on it, but for now is that the end of mavic 3 content? No, because almost everyone i know owns one of these richards is always here flying with me, if not him theres, oddly, if not oddly theres irving and a bunch of other flyers that fly with me all the time, so i can always uh make some content make Some videos for you guys so its not the end of mavic 3 content. Let me know what your position is guys.