The drone with all these added features that make it well a complete drone and theres a few things that ive been waiting for. Personally. That im super excited about and were going to test it out in this video. One of those is active track, but the ability to shoot d log and also the ability to shoot on a 2x zoom using the active track. And this gives you just a lot more creative flexibility, because until now you had to shoot in the normal mode and the normal modes great, but when youre shooting in d log, it just gives you so much more. Flexibility in the color grade ill also show you a few other features that dji has updated, but first lets uh lets go for a little ride on the mountain bike and lets. Do some tracking Music youll see right away that one of the big additions is color? Assist so when youre filming in d log, you can actually see an overlay that has more of a standard. Color look, so this makes it much easier to use when youre flying so youre, not looking at a log image. But this is just something that youre, seeing on the monitor, so youre, actually getting the log image recorded. And this, for me, is a huge addition, because a lot of times im out in bright, sunlight and its really hard to see the screen, especially when youre looking at a log image so having the color assist, just makes everything pop.

So you have contrast and saturation and you can see exactly what youre doing when youre out flying, but then you still have that log footage that you can use for the edit later on now with tracking you have the ability to punch in two times now. This is doing a digital crop, so its using the bottom camera to do all of the tracking. If you put it in explore mode, you still dont have the option to do tracking. So when you put it in the two times zoom, the image is not as clear and its because of this digital crop. You can see when i put these two images side by side. The one on the left is the two time zoom in camera, and the one on the right is a two times crop that i did in my editing software. Now. Looking at these side by side, i dont see a massive difference between the two, the two times. Zoom does look more clear and thats, because youre recording this crop in at 4k. However, it is still just a digital zoom on the image now one thing im noticing when im looking back at this footage, is that it is kind of jerky. With this active track, you can definitely find moments where its super smooth, but, as you can see here, when im rotating around myself, just in this one spot, the camera seems to jerk back and forth and overall, using active track, its not always perfect.

But when im using the two times zoom, you do see more of this jerky motion and now another huge welcome to update is the way that theyve modified the menu settings. So if you want to change anything while youre flying well in the pro mode, if you click on any of the icons in the lower right hand corner, it now brings up these two additional menus on these menus. You have the option to do auto or manual for any of your exposure settings, but then also you can change it from d log to normal and you can change your white balance. So it just gives you everything that you need in a super simple pop up menu, so one of the big additions is quick shots which are basically these easy ways to get creative, looking shots and theres a few of them that have been added so lets. Just look at how these look in this one location, so you can see the difference between all of the different quick shots. Now, quick shots are a great way to get these shots that have lots of motion, and it just does it all automatically. The limitations are that youre stuck in the normal color settings, so you cant use the log color when youre flying with these different modes and also youre limited to 4k 30 frames per second or 1080p 30 frames per second. So you dont have a whole lot of options when it comes to color and frame rate and resolution.

Now the quick shots. You have the droney the rocket the circle, the helix, the boomerang and the asteroid, and when you do the asteroid that one is only available in 1080p and thats because of the way that it uses photos and videos together. Now these are super simple to use. So you just choose the motion that you want. You tap on the screen to select your subject or you draw a box and then you just click, go its as simple as that Music. So for photography, theyve added panorama mode and this basically stitches together a bunch of photos to be able to give you this big panoramic view. And so you can see im up here on this mountaintop, and this is the panoramic that i was able to make out of these photos and so its not only a wider field of view, but its also a super high resolution, because its stitching all the photos Together, so with this update did the active track improve? I think. Overall, the d log and color assist are nice improvements. However, i would like to see more features. Added to the active track being able to use the 5.1 k would be a huge advantage and also the ability to use the explore mode would be really cool that way you could get tracking with that long lens at a 7x zoom. The other things that i want to see are less jerky movements when tracking, maybe something like an added smooth mode that doesnt respond as fast to little movements could solve this.

But overall, this update gives you a lot more creative control over your image, and now the mavic 3 has all the features that were promised at the initial launch of the drone. Now there is a few other things. Theyve added with this update ill include a full list down below in the description and next i highly suggest you check out this video right here.