A second attempt on the active track to show me that it is better than it performed yesterday. Yesterday it didnt do well at all, did it. I wanted to take it to a bit of a challenging area. So i took it to an area where there was obstacles, some trees, slippery roads. I was wearing dark colours and it wasnt great, but i didnt want to take it to this perfect location of a really open space with no obstacles because yeah it would work great. There and it better, had worked great there because thats, where i am today so today, im wearing a blue top ive got a green bubble. Beanie hat and ive took it to a nice open space here on the promenade, so the active track should work absolutely flawlessly here and if it doesnt theres going to be some issues. Lets get into that video for the testing today. Im using this electric bike as well, its by fido goes up to 30 kilometers an hour, so the mavic 3 should be able to handle me on this bike with no problems at all so lets get this box dragged around me now im in different colors, so It shouldnt have any problems im going to start off by using the focus track. So, as ive selected, it here im now just going to bring that drone a bit further away from me and then just when youve selected it now you can select which orientation you want.

It so left right forward off center from the front or off the back. Im just going to select it so its going to go to the left once you click go, make sure you click record and then it will then swing to the left, hand, side and track you from the left hand, side, and you can see it does a Fairly good job tracking from the side is something we couldnt do on the dji r2s, so tracking you from the left or right is an advantage. Is this shot usable though thats something were going to be talking about throughout the video it isnt the smoothest and in this shot? Now? What im going to do is im going to send that drone further back, because i want to try and achieve a wider shot to get some more of that horizon and landscape in the shot, as well so im going to select the back left hand corner to Track me now, as soon as i select go and record, the drone will then automatically fly closer to me again now, as you can see its not struggling to lose my position whatsoever, its defaulted to that back left hand corner like i wanted it, but again weve Got this really tight shot again, there is no wide shot, and this happens again and again and again, no matter which side you set it from or the distance you set it from. The drone will constantly keep defaulting back to you to get this really close shot.

I do like that when it is tracking you, you can select the different angle, the different position. You want the drone to be at without stopping the recording. That is a brilliant feature and you can select it left right in front offset without having to stop, and that is something we havent seen before through focus or active track, but watch this again so again, im going to push it back further. Its still just about got me locked on there im going to select it now once ive set my position so lets just select it to keep on that side. I click go as soon as i do it look how close its getting again. Its still got me locked around that box, so its still got me there, but again weve got this really tight shot a tight shot that i didnt want, and i feel this is a big letdown. I think we need the option to either have a close or wide or further away shot, something within the options to give us again the pilots, the control with this drone. Now i think the footage is good. I, like the 4k quality coming out of this. I love to be able to swing the drone around, but we certainly need some more features now i dont know if this is just an ios bug, but you can push up after about five seconds on the left: stick to increase the altitude, so im gon na Do that now, as you can see its quite a close shot here and im now going to push up on that left, stick and youll see.

The drone will then start to gain some altitude and increase so im getting quite a high shot. The drone doesnt automatically go faster backwards to keep me in the middle of the frame, but watch happens automatically on its own. It will then think, hang on. I need to come a little bit lower and it comes on its own on its own accord. To get a really tight shot and quite scarily close to this wall, so its a bit all over the place and erratic look, how close it is to that wall there. You know the obstacle avoidance has worked granted, but did i want a really close lowdown shot? Like this, no, i didnt now as im struggling through this terrain. Here i can push back on the stick to push that drone away from me, but as soon as you select and drag the box around, you and click go that drone defaults and comes straight back to you and it is. I do find its quite annoying. Like look, this is a perfect location for this im, not struggling with any trees or in quite a poor location. This is an open space with hardly any obstacles, so in these sorts of areas, of course, its going to work its you know. This is what the drone is meant to be, for this is meant to be active track. 5.0. This really good active track and dont get me wrong. I love this drone.

This is my favorite drone that ive ever had, so we have these expectations that we want. This to be great weve been sold at this. Is this dollar drone and it should perform like one as well. So if its not performing like it, is in a real world test, im going to tell you guys, im not going to do jump, cuts or take stuff out. So you think, oh its perfect, that you guys need to know the good and the bad so giving us the option to change the distance in flight away from us would be a great advantage and easily could happen. You can change the gimbal and i try to point it up here, but, as you do you get really close to the bottom of that to frame the drone. Doesnt seem to maneuver itself to keep you in the center of the frame. So you kind of just default him back to what it feels is best and thats. This really close tight shot. So in this location, its worked a lot better and its kept me focused and tracked throughout. Most of this actual shooting its also identified me as a human on a bike fairly easily. So a lot better than the first attempt and i love the ability to switch and change positions whilst in motion without having to stop so certainly an advantage over the air to s. But still work needs to be done. We need some extra controls within active track to make it even better, and i hope and fingers crossed this will come soon now.

Spotlight lets talk about spotlight now. This is brilliant, if youre, especially in say real estate or for tracking a building or an object, and let the drone do most of the work for you. So what you can do is like here, ive selected it around this building. Now, as i turn the drone, the software will make sure this building is always in the center of the frame. It will adjust the pitch of the gimbal orientation as well, so you can get some really great shots, and this is why, for cinematic shots of buildings or real estate for houses, its absolutely perfect. Now you can see here, as we drag it around this building here. As we get closer, it does lose the tracking in a second as youll, see here, but it still keeps the the building completely in the frame as we increase altitude and then you get this really nice shot without you having to adjust the gimbal at all. Really good position of interest, so this at the moment is one of my favorite ones for getting these wider shots. So you can see here now: ive dragged the box around me and then you can select it from slow to fast and it goes in a circle around you. So im going to select it. So it goes to my left hand, side and were going to start off fairly slow once youve done that you just click go, and the drone will then circle around you.

Whilst youre in motion for this im just going to select it to 4k 60 and then we can mess around with some slow mo as well doing this and speed bits up, but this works well, so for tracking you on a bike or a car. This is perfect, did i say perfect? Well, it did lose me there, but i was pretty close to the wall, so well. Let that off ill. Let that slide, and then in this occasion here it is tracking me its going to try and circle around me, but it is struggling. It cant pick up myself on the bike, whether its me on the bike. Does it want to slap the dog? Does it want to slap the dog walker, its really struggling and trying to get it to circle around you and that active track has just now been lost completely and its selected? Nobody now, as you can see on this shot again its a really nice shot as its tracking you, but as ive got it now from the back im going to slide to the right hand, side and that swings to the right really nicely. But look how close that is, and this is the problem with it, as i now select it from the left hand side. So now i want it to get me and a bit of the c in the shots, but because im so close to that look its now lost me if we had a wider shot.

If that drone was a bit higher up a bit further away, it would have a better chance of keeping me in the frame and therefore keeping lock, and i feel at the moment this is the biggest downside to the active track at the moment. It definitely needs some work. We need more options and ability on this drone. So yes, its better in an area like this, but i do think it definitely still needs improvement now to get that tracking working the best, its obviously the closer. It is to you the better its going to keep track, but i i i think we should have more control about being able to push the drone back a little bit and get a wider shot. Its quite close so as youre maybe like today, for example, cycling off into the distance, you cant see any of the landscape or any of the horizon ahead of me. What im filming its just a really tight shot. I think, because the drone is that close to you as youre swinging the drone around on this d pad from left to right down up wherever you want thats great, to be able to do that in flight by the way, but because its such a close shot And its really close to you that drone thats, where its missing you so youll notice when i was tracking back and i think, was on the right hand, side and i selected it to go to my left as its swinging around, because its so close to me.

I went out of the frame and then it lost me and it didnt then fire me again. If that was a wider shot, it would have a better chance of still keeping in that frame and keeping that lock on me. So i cant pull the drone back and i think we do need a wider shot because its such a close shot, all you can kind of see, is the the footpath or the actual ground. What youre, walking on or cycling on you cant see much of the landscape. You can turn the gimbal wheel a little bit but ive noticed as you turn the gimbal upwards to see more of the location. The drone gets even closer to you, but yes, its better. Go and try that out in a location like this, its fine, it needs some improvement. So then, the other location locations, like yesterday in more real world locations, where theres going to be trees, theres going to be power, lines obstacles you want it to be good there as well. It needs to be good everywhere. I will be testing this a lot more and im going to be touching on all the other different features that come with this firmware and the new firmware is coming up as well, so weve got loads of tech and drone content. I really appreciate everyone comment down below. Let me know please: if on android or ios, you are able to change the flight parameters whilst in flight after youve clicked go, thatd be really helpful for me, so i can also feed that back to dji as well, but yeah like and subscribe.