1 k quality. This video is sponsored by pgi tech im using their one gold bag. I absolutely love this bag ill. Show you in more detail really soon, but its super versatile has loads of different attachments on it. Its fully waterproof – and i can use this in different combinations. Ive just gone for the standard combination. Ive got the mavic 3 ive got a room for a gimbal and the dji mini 2.. I can also house the controller in one of the hundreds of different pouches on this bag. I can take both controllers with me, its an absolutely awesome bag. If you like, taking a lot of gear with you but lets get into the video now dji maverick 3 weve got it airborne and lets go and test it out. So well talk about the camera settings in a second, but look how awesome this new adsb is. So because its a plane nearby, i got a notification, audible and flashing to show that this aircraft is 2.4 kilometers away at 530c meters and even tracks it to show you exactly where this aircraft is its super handy this i love this feature, so you can monitor Where the aircrafts going, you can see its just heading over towards the motorway, its direction, so you can be really safe, and this is super accurate and responsive its a fantastic feature, but look at the quality coming out of this drone. So this is all straight auto.

In h265, no color grading, no editing. This is direct out of the drone. That picture is absolutely stunning. Look how crystal clear it is the detail, the reflections on the water. It is beautiful, what about photos as well, so we switch it over to photos. Weve got single aeb or timed were just going to go straight to single again, no editing is going to turn that exposure down slightly and thats the first photo, and this is the dng raw file and then just a couple more here, no editing straight out of Camera aside from this dng one you can play around this because a lot more detail photos are spectacular also on this drone Music, as we get close to these trees. Look at the attention to detail in the leaves the reflections on the water, the harbor, its absolutely stunning, the 5.1k quality im just going to continue bringing it a bit lower towards these trees. Just so, you can appreciate and take in just how good this image is. Music, you can see on this shot as it comes close to the trees, the obstacle avoidance works and it stops the drone just directly before this tree, so thats working, really nice and, whilst its here to show you again, you can use that explorer mode by switching Onto the binoculars, and then you can zoom in as well, if you wish quality isnt as good, but it is a great feature to have especially the seven times zoom, which is an optical zoom.

So it is really handy to have for the size of the drone. Its not bad in the air noise wise either its actually quieter than the dji air 2s. But just look at this. I cant believe this is auto. No nd filters, no editing, no color grading, nothing. How good is hes going to look with those things. Incredible! Incredible! Camera Music, with the drone being super responsive. The altitude increasement is incredible. How fast you can reach different altitudes and also using the gimbal wheel. You can get stunning shots like this, so its great to see this now in daylight in decent conditions to see what that hasselblad sensor is like. So this is using the hasselblad colors, so straight out of the drone, the camera colors are fantastic. So if you dont have any editing experience, you can just literally record this put it onto a memory card and then edit it and away you go. You dont have to do any color grading, which is a brilliant selling point. Yes, you can color grade this and its going to look phenomenal, but just straight out of auto it looks brilliant Music as we fly towards these trees, some small twigs on the trees. It goes over. The obstacle avoidance is working brilliantly and look how smooth that is. But whats great is that this drone battery with that 47 minute time. We still got 62 battery life left after this flying already. So that means i can land the drone on my hand, obviously, and then take it to another location which is brilliant.

If you just got the one battery like me, make sure if youre new around here like and subscribe will be excellent, got loads more footage coming soon. But in this location now im using my own lot to see dm cine 2 lots. So im just going to put the exposure down by minus 0.3, but you dont have to use lots. You can just use this straight out of auto if you wish still in h.265 color profile – and it looks amazing now. The dji air 2s also had a fantastic camera, but this having a larger sensor, you can see. The attention to detail is increased. The low light performance which is coming soon is also spectacular, and it just allows to get fantastic. Looking video like this, without hardly any efforts, its phenomenal Music Music, let me know in the comments down below what you think about this footage, but this is with youtube compression, make sure youre watching it in 4k quality. But seeing this direct off the memory card, it looks even sharper its im speechless. You know just how good this actually is. We can use the explorer mode camera again. So if youre quite far away from objects or buildings, you can then punch in and use that seven time zoom you can get in close to things so its good. So seven times is my favorite thats, the optical fixed zoom, its really good quality. After that goes up to 28 times it loses some quality, but the seven times zoom is really good.

So, im more than impressed and im so happy that weve finally got some nice weather Music Music battery life on this is incredible: still 46 battery life left after two locations and two lots of filming. I can then move on to another location and get more filming. If i wish on one battery, the battery life is great in real world youre gon na get close 44 45 minutes its accurate, its a fantastic battery. So as i land here, just one extra final photo because weve got loads of battery left and then you know its great this drone, the obstacle avoidance works. The cameras are great. The video quality is phenomenal, so i hope some more nice warm weather in the uk, or at least dry weather thatd, be great but like and subscribe will be awesome and really soon. Ive got the low light night time tests on this drone, its gon na be good.