? Now i wanted to get a review out a little bit sooner, but that didnt happen. So here i am making a three month review where were at and uh cover some questions as far as the things that i liked about it, my experience with it things that i disliked about it and hopefully answer the question for you guys. If this drone is the right one for you so with that being said, lets begin so in this video were not going to be spending a ton of time talking about all of the detailed specs. We know its in the mavic 3, but i want to provide you guys, my real world experience and how ive uh been using this drone, how well its performed and things of that nature. So starting off with the drone. This is probably um one of my most favorite designs of an aircraft, even if the aircraft does look like it skipped leg day. Youll know what im talking about as soon as you see the legs, its definitely well designed its a very nice looking drone youve got a nice like dark slate, gray, color to it its very well built and sturdy. The body is a nice, hard plastic and you can see here with the wheel or without the wheels with the arms. They look very flimsy, but they are in fact very solid and im impressed with that, as well as far as cooling youve got tons of different cooling events, all about it, youve got one in the front.

Youve got one in the back. Youve got a couple on the side and if you actually remove the battery, it might be a little bit hard to see but theres some mesh just behind the gimbal that allows some airflow to flow either across the battery or the underside of that circuit board. To help keep it cool now we i have the non cine model, so in this case ive got the usb c port, which also should be on the cine model, but ive also got the micro sd card slot as well. So those are really nice right there. In the back, then, of course, youve got the battery that slides in on the back um. Other things to note is youve got not one, but two led lights on the bottom side of it. Here that help the vision sensor, if youre below 15 feet, those will automatically kick on to aid in the landing or the stableness of the drone. I really enjoyed those on the air 2 and the air 2s and its nice to see that weve got the two of them there now, which makes it actually really fun. If you want to do some nighttime flying or maybe some nighttime long exposure photography its really fun to turn those on manually kind of zip around and get some light streaks throughout the sky, the vision, sensors or the obstacle avoidance sensors are very well placed and aesthetically Pleasing they dont look crazy.

I mean they look crazy, but uh theyre, theyre nice and they work really well um and theyre not like over the top other things that i enjoy are on the front side of the front legs or sorry. On the back side of the front legs, weve got the little rubber stoppers that help keep the legs from scratching the body, which is really nice, weve got the black motor covers and then, of course, weve got. These smoked led lenses which are really nice to have, and then, of course, weve got the black propellers with the orange like rubber tips, which is designed to help reduce the noise of the propeller. So, overall, a beautifully designed aircraft and, like i said its definitely one of my favorite styles. Now, on top of that, when you fold up the drone, they also included a really nice just a gimbal cover which is nice. It helps keep the of course. The gimbal protected and the lens protected, but it also keeps the propellers in check and honestly um. It looks like a bonded. Strap lets just be honest. Lets just call it what it is. I think uh dji knew what they were doing when they designed that but uh. Nothing like a nice leather strap to help keep everything restrained. Well, maybe now in terms of performance, i want to break this into three different categories, because i believe each one has their pros and cons first, one i want to break into is the flight control how well the drone itself performed in flight scenarios? The second being the videography or the uh, you know cinematography aspect of it and then i love to use drones as photography.

So i want to break that into its own separate section. Just because, like i said theres, definitely some pros and cons to each one of these, and i think breaking them down would be the best way to approach it so starting off with the overall flight design. Here its exactly what you would expect from a dji premium product, the drone does exactly what you tell it to do with rock solid stability, its got great range and signal reliability and the battery life is pretty incredible. At times i felt like the drone was in the air forever and after three batteries i almost felt like there was too much battery because it just lasted forever, theres tons of different time between all three batteries. If you get the fly more combo youre. Looking at you know, over almost close to two hours worth of flight time, which is just incredible when youre trying to get the shots that you need to so its definitely a good problem to have. I was like i said, getting about 40 minutes per battery. On average, even when i was up in alaska with single digit and sometimes a below zero temperature rating, the drone just performed and just did exactly what it was supposed to do. So now lets talk a little bit about the video or the footage that comes out of this thing. The image is beautiful, its crisp its clean, and it looks great straight out of the box.

Now one thing to note, or a few things to note i should say, is we still are locked down to the 4k at up to 60 frames per second. If you want to use any of the focus track, features so active track 5.0, the spotlight and also the point of interest – you can have a max of 4k up to 60 frames. The drone does shoot up to 5.1 k, video but again thats all going to be manual controls. You wont be able to use those features. You also wont be able to use those features if youre shooting in a d log format and when youre shooting in d log, you are locked to either a 400 or an 800 iso. This was kind of new to me because on the mavic air 2a or the air 2s, i was able to choose the entire iso range. So i did some research come to find out. The reason why they do that is those two isos are what give the most dynamic range when it comes to shooting in d log format, so make sure that you bring your nd filters along and make sure that you plan your shots and your nd filter usage. Accordingly, at least for now that may change in the future. Now in december, we received a firmware update that gave us most of the features that we expected to have in this drone on launch, so the active track, 5.

0, the spotlight and the point of interest – and most of these work really well with a few setbacks. The point of interest and the spotlight seemed to have issues remaining locked on a subject, no matter if the light was adequate or inadequate, i had some issues with it kind of losing the subject and and overall wouldnt perform. I think, as best as it could so. Hopefully, we see a future update that includes those now active track 5.0. This works well for the most part, and what i mean by that is when we were when i was shooting, through some trees and and tracking a vehicle through some trees. It did really well, especially in some pretty harsh lighting. It was pretty dark. There was a lot of uneven lighting, it did really well, it didnt hit any branches or anything like that which is really nice. However, on the flip side of that, when i was trying to track the truck through spanish fork – canyon uh, it seemed to have some issues when i would want to change its rotation, because it has the omni uh omnidirectional sensing that you can now track it on Any you know a 360 degree radius and, as i was choosing different places for the drone to move to to track whether i wanted it to track in front of me or behind me or whatever. It seemed to not want to adjust until i would bring the vehicle to a stop.

Give it a second that would readjust or i had to manually, move the joystick in order to kind of kick start it and let it move into position. So i definitely think the firmware update could use some updates or some performance tweaks in order to get all of those focus track, features to work. The way that they should now lets talk a little bit about the still images or photography capabilities of the mavic 3.. I probably like shooting photos more than i like. Shooting video and one of the biggest deciding factors of upgrading to the mavic 3 was the variable aperture. I didnt have that on the air 2s. I really wanted that, and just like in video using that variable aperture will allow you to change the depth of the field and get a completely different look of images, and i wanted to have more tools that i could use to control the outcome of that photo. Now the drone has the capability of shooting from an iso of 100, all the way up to 6400 out of the box. The images look great, even punching into 100. You can see a little bit of loss, but overall, the image is very usable and im extremely happy with the performance of the photos. At 6400, iso, you do see a little bit of detail, loss and as well, some color loss, but it isnt anything that is over the top or unusable. So, like. I said im extremely happy with how the photos turn out using the mavic, 3 and im excited to use it to shoot more photos.

So just a few final thoughts on the overall performance of the drone across the board im extremely happy with the mavic 3.. There are some caveats, but i wouldnt consider any of these a deal breaker for, if youre looking to upgrade to the mavic 3. ive loved it its been great. I definitely think the firmware update that they released in december was rushed, because a lot of these features should have been released with the launch of the drone. People are paying anywhere between 2100 and 5000 us dollars and we didnt get a lot of these features upon launch, which tells me that they werent ready, but dji wanted to rush the drone out. So i hope that dji watches these videos. I hope that they see that these firmware updates need some more tweaking, and i hope we have a nice juicy firmware update on the horizon in order to fix some of these issues as well as give us some of the other features that were still missing. Like quick shots and like pamer uh panoramic shooting modes, we still dont have those, and even though i dont use those very often i paid for them, and i would still like to have them so hopefully, weve got a new update coming soon. That is going to wrap up this video. I hope you guys liked it. Let me know if i missed anything, let me know what you guys think about this drone. If you have first hand experience reach out to me down in the comments below, of course, weve got a merch store.

Shop.Helpcloud.Com has a lot of cool merch on there. Hoodies uh like zipper hoodies, regular, hoodies, hats, all sorts of stuff so be sure to check that out. If that is something that youre interested in uh but yeah, that is again wrap up this review.