and today ive come to blackpool and im going to be testing out the explorer mode or that zoom camera in a little bit. More detail showcasing that doing some slow mo and then just showing you a bit of black little tower with the 5.1 k, so lets get straight into that video. Oh, i did the first flight under a bridge as well on the dji mavic 3, pretty scary, but it survived, lets go no one cared who i was till i put on the mask. If i pull that off, will you die? It would be extremely painful. Youre, a big guy for you all right guys welcome to the video anyone youre on here, please like and subscribe, but in todays video were in blackpool and were going to be testing out the explore mode on the mavic 3.. This is only my second flight on this and im absolutely loving it. So lets get this beast in the air. Weve not got good conditions again. Its windy also really overcast typical winter weather. So its like a real world review here. Weve got 20 30 mile an hour gusts and thats at 75 meters and will be higher than that today. So lets see how it handles the wind. So, firstly, on this explore mode or the zoom camera were going to be facing the north, pier first of all, im just showing you how this works and just how good it is. So we just position ourselves here and then the explore mode is this binoculars here, on the right hand, side once you click that it opens up new functions, allowing you to zoom in just by pressing the button here.

So if we just focus on this gold sign dead ahead, there were gon na zoom in onto that. So now, when we switch over and press one times, itll switch to two times zoom already. That looks great, but we can move it up to four times zoom and then we can keep on going and someone has to meet to be about 50 meters away and can we zoom in, but no we can go more than that so thats seven times the Zoom and look how clear that is: thats optical at seven times 14 times zoom, i just dont, know what to say and 28 times. Zoom. Look at that. So someone who asked me, i think it was gimbal golf at 50 meters. Can you see something clearly away? Oh yes, you can lets switch back now to 5k Music Music, whilst were in this position, lets look at the slow mo so 4k 120. It goes up to and 1080p 200 will be coming soon and look at that that looks brilliant. Give me some big waves in the future and thats going to look outstanding, but yeah im testing that very soon in full detail, but lets go back to that 5k youll notice. Just how vibrant the colors are the attention to detail from even decent altitude like this, that micro, four thirds sensor is absolutely outstanding. The detail that you can get in really poor conditions – and this is just still in h264 – were not even spoke about d log or h 265.

Yet lets just test this explorer mode. Again, you can see the start of the pier now were going to zoom. In again, all the way from one times up to 28 times zoom, so this is 7, which is still optical zoom, and that is really nice and clear quality. Once you punch in you do lose some of that detail its a bit soft, but look how far away we were its a fantastic feature also about photos. I just took a couple of photos here, and this is a straight jpeg. No editing whatsoever straight out of camera, absolutely beautiful quality right lets head over to blackpool tower. Um a bridge lets go Music that was pretty lucky wasnt it, but it worked. It survived so yeah second flight, not crashed it everythings going well. Okay, blackpool tower! Just look at this vertical speed how fast it increases its altitude, its an absolute monster. This thing, but lets go and now test out that explore mode the zoom mode on blackpool tower and i think, for search and rescue missions for police for any anybody. I mean this is a perfect, perfect tool to have this isnt, using that micro, four thirds lens its using the telephoto and its beautiful quality still so punched in here at two times the quality is fantastic. Now, when we move up to four times, thats cropping in a bit more its, not optical, at this point, but its seven times, that is optical, and that is absolutely stunning.

We can see here 14 times. You can see clearly through the glass windows. If people were walking around through there, we could see them and dont forget were quite a distance away from this tower 28 times zoom. If we just position that frame up again, you can see straight through so look its not going to be brilliant at 28 times, but look at the distance that we are away, i think, its absolutely fantastic, and what brilliant extra tool to have with you, especially for Search and rescue missions, brilliant, okay, so ive saved the best to last. This will blow your mind. Lets switch over to explore mode. This is the comedy carpet. Its got loads of quotes and writing its just behind blackpool tower, so were positioned directly above it and were just going to zoom in all the way from two times up to 28 times. So again, the guy asked me its 50 meters enough. Can you see from 50 meters away what about 100 meters away its absolutely incredible so here now you can still. You can clearly read that text. I mean look at it where it says. Oh, my god were gon na, actually get it in frame. Now you can read these this text clearly its that good. I mean look at that. If, if i flip that around you could read it and look how high up we are and we was able to then get all the way down to clearly read text, never mind to pick up an object, and you can also use the fn and gimbal slider Wheel on the back to zoom in smoothly just look at this its its absolutely mind.

Blowing dji have done a fantastic thing. This this is going to be useful for so many creative opportunities, its brilliant. I cant say enough about how good this is: Music and just my final example of explore mode before we end. If you look just into the distance, you can see the blackpool pleasure beach now. This is what dji say its for exploring to see whats ahead of you, and then you can decide whether you want to go and film that, or not so over. There in the uk need permission to fly in that area from the air traffic control, which wont be a problem, but today im not going to request permission im just going to go and have a look using our zoom camera. So you can see here punching in all that way from two times up to 28 times zoom, you can see the blackpool big one roller coaster. How good is this explore mode or zoom its fantastic, its an absolute incredible, powerful beast of a drone whats? Even more incredible is not only this sports mode, how fast it is, but i was able to film all this in high 30 odd mile, an hour gusts and still have nearly half of the battery life left at 47. Im absolutely blown away normally after a drone is released, ive tested it for a bit. I can find problems and issues with it and theres. Only one and thats the memory card slot is quite fiddly to get the memory card in and out that is it its literally that good? So if youre considering buying an air 2s and youre thinking, is it worth that extra 100? It is, i say how it is ill, tell you if its good or bad, and so far this is absolutely outstanding.

I have never flown a drone this good. It really is that good and were only halfway there, so i hope you enjoyed that guys if youre new around here like and subscribe, please thatd be excellent and well see you all very soon. Let me know in the comments down below what you thought of that and theres anything else. You want me to test.