The creator photographer its a big part of our work waiting for the arts, the weather, the right perspective, the right time. Here we are im ferdinand, wolf, drone pilot and part of djis development team, but especially, i am an image creator over all my years. Imagine how excited you are right now. I am as well and im also extra proud to represent this moment. On behalf of my colleagues all over the world, because it marks a very special milestone for the whole week. Okay, so please allow me to do something we rarely do and share a word or two about our company. Dji was born from a simple dream, allowing you to effortlessly control, an aircraft and create impressive images on the fly and for 15 years now we do exactly that enabling image creators to capture easily what could only be imagined before, but while were widely known as the Drone company only a few know what the letters dj big dreams have no bearings. This is what drives us. The reason why we wont and why we dont take it. So weve already put our gimbal technology from aerial heights into the hands of pro filmmakers. Shout out to my friends. In hollywood we give weekend action such as autonomous driving educational robotics physics and ai. We simply love searching for solutions that let you discover the space around us in an intelligent but help to improve the world today, big dreams, i know, but we really dont like barriers, not for us not for anyone else, helping everyone to see the world in a Smoothie right, we wanted to surpass them and when it comes to our flagship drone, the dj just a better drone wouldnt be enough.

This time we had to put imaging above everything enough teasing lets, take off introducing djis to all the image creators around the world. This one is for you, our latest flagship, our pride, the drone that is here to change the way we shoot the way we see the way we fly again: mavic 3, what a game changer! It was our first hasselblad corporation as well. Each mavic pro has been the ultimate choice of its time. This is true for mavic 3 as well belongs in the toolbox of every true image creator, and here are three bold reasons why one the dual camera system, an incredible hasselblad camera with a stunning four third cmos sensor – camera a second camera with a half inch sensor And a telescopic lens for exploring distant spots and new creative techniques, endless possibilities. Music 5.0 comes with an omnidirectional obstacle. Sensing system, autonomously sensing obstacles in all directions like a careful assistant that protects your footage: 3. mavic, 3 youre, crazy 50 upgrade to mavic 2. More fly time to get the next perfect shot, we could have called it patience plus mavic 3 is here ready to start a new era to a supreme camera that flies perfectly, and i cant wait to show you this camera in action, so lets go. Follow me outside for a sneak peek at the peak images in almost any conditions, so there is no need to go to scenic places for epic shots, but if you can, of course you go virgo Music, Music, Music perspective, impressive right.

Well, when we say we put imaging above everything, it is not your cardboard so much image quality you can get from an aircraft that fits in a small bag. We mean a truly professional camera system that you can use to capture any perspective. We mean an intuitive and safer user experience to fully focus on images, thats mavic 3. Finally, here to change aerial imaging, once again, we had to change more or less everything at first the obvious. We know that to select the best shots, you need enough shots to select from and to make as many attempts as possible. You simply need time to get significantly more time in the air we had to refine the entire structure of mavic 3.. First, we took inspiration from nature and aerial science to help us make propellers and motors more efficient. Then we redesigned the gimbal, the arms and the main body to improve our mavic 3 thats. Why mavic 3 looks sharper and more agile support and thats? Just what you can see from the outside on the inside its also stronger way stronger by balancing weight, volume and power consumption. We got more room for the battery leading up to 30 kilometers flight distance per charge and a flight time of 46 kilometers asap. Speaking of perfect shots, have you ever lost a shot like this, an absolute nightmare thats? Why we wanted mavic 3 to be safer than any other professional drone to protect your images, your raw materials, your work, whatever comes so we got rid of all the blind spots with multiple visual senses, allow an extremely accurate recognition of obstacles, letting the drone handle the Flying while you stay in your zone, focusing on what you came is backing you returning the aircraft smarter and safer than ever with traditional return to home the aircraft.

First, ascends flies back in a straight line, hovers above and finally lands at the take off point climbs to avoid it and then descends to resume to return to home. Hardly efficient advance return to homeschool. We also increased the forward detectable range from 20 meters to 200 meters, enabling mavic 3 to make dynamic route changes much earlier. Dji has always led the industry in developing the tools and with advanced safety, to guide your flight. You have advanced creative freedom. Speaking of freedom. We believe your tax shouldnt limit your imagination. It should enable it and shooting freely demands an absolutely stable transmission. Your creative vision shouldnt depend on whether your signal is strong enough to clear a building or a mountain or a building in the mountains. Thats. Why? We upgraded the transmission system, an additional dji cellular transmission. Dongle unbeatable with this mavic 3, can leave the point to point and enter the 4g cellular network and following your applicable laws and regulations, you can pretty much fly from anywhere to anywhere on the whole. Mavic 3 provides a much better connectivity, its now able to transmit footage from the aircraft directly onto your mobile phone through wi fi six protocol without the new remote with extended Music and thats. Exactly where i want to take, you is able to handle higher dynamic range and captures the finest details, even at the widest angles, and mavic 3 delivers dynamics with a four third cmos sensor. Getting a sensor of this size to work on a drone of this size was probably the hardest part, but also the most rewarding imagine aerial, photography with 12 bit raw and 20 megapixels or imagine capturing images plus all the light reaching the sensor comes through a lightweight Hasselblad lens, offering you stunning image: quality with an equivalent focal length of 24 millimeters photo or video with mavic 3.

You can instantly switch from creating aerial photos like a pro to creating aerial videos like a pro videos, with up to 5.1 k at 50 frames per. Second, having mentioned the 10 bit d, lock, color profile, thats, amazing, Music, 120 frames per second, and even full hd video at 200 frames per second stereo telescopic lens for a long focus with up to 28 times. Hybrid zoom use it to explore your surroundings for the next shots and create unseen perspectives, focal length of 162 millimeters. We definitely reduced limits, then impressive version of mavic 3, the new mavic 3 synonym, the name says it all. The cine version comes with two impressive upgrades: one Music, video codec, the current industry standard for professionals. This will not only and create astonishing image. Quality for post production. Mavic 3 also gives you new dynamic options with master shots, its a new programmable mode. That lets you create preset maneuvers, dark mode, whats, hncs youre, asking well thats short for hasselblad natural color solution. It empowers mavic 3s, imaging with incredibly rich pure and accurate colors, multiple presets. So yes, we did it again to get the best image quality on board. We work with the best hustle plot, the exclusive camera brand from sweden that so many image creators dream of – and i really do think dji and hasselblad are a dream and i really do think Music theyll join inspiring all to express their own artistic vision with sublime Imaging technology, the other sets out believing everyone should experience the future, if possible, in the smoothest way imaginable from every angle year after year, both follow their own footsteps, paving their own paths, the most original tools, the mightiest of their times, both keep opening the eyes and Mouths they find until they find each other and with them precision finds unlimited perspectives.

Heritage finds cutting edge possibilities. Beautiful craftsmanship finds the beauty of new technology. Together they create new paths to inspire all of us together. They keep traveling to your perfect image, see whats possible, redefining fine imaging thats. What im talking about im glad to have a true hasselblad insider here to talk about fine imaging, my colleague and friend from gothenburg. Sweden welcome brunos, hey ferdi, hello. Everyone thanks for joining me today, you know were super proud of mavic 3. Would you please remind us what the name stands for in a few words? Maybe of course, so hastablab has a profound tradition and excellent photography founded eight years ago. Our cameras, i can proudly say, have been used by some of the most outstanding photographers ever since. Definitely your deep understanding of the photographers eyes is one of the reasons for that and another for sure is hasselblads renowned, superb feeling for colors. So what can our creators out there expect from the hasselblad natural color solution, the hmcs and the mavic 3.? A lot of experience, we aim to let image creators express their artistic vision, exactly how they imagine it. Therefore, we defined a unique color space and developed a profile solution that renders colors, naturally without any compromises for better handling of shades, skin tones contrast and illumination and thats. What creators can expect from mavic 3 as well. Hncs will calibrate each pixel to render natural colors and apply excellently balanced, grading right away yeah.

You can certainly feel a unique purity in every image, very tacky non traditional if you will so. Where do you see the common denominators between these fairly different brands? Well, first sky is not our limit as well. I mean you know that the first photo on the moon was taken with a hasselblad camera right, but seriously. On the second glance, the two brands have more in common that one might think like like the enabling factor. Both allow and inspire creators to truly realize what they imagine to fulfill themselves. Creatively with that comes the honor, dji and hasselblad chair with a four thirds cmo sensor and its processing speed is actually strong enough to even compete with a smaller pro cameras on ground. But as soon as its in the air, its something else but hey, why not ask a true image creator, like an official housebloodmaster photographer benjamin? What do you think, like an official hello? My name is benjamin everett im, an artist, a photographer and a former hasselblad master hello. I always like to start with story. Time show us completely new things once were up and flying. They help us tell our story in entirely new ways, because the drone will show you so many new things ive really been enjoying the extended battery life of the mavic 3. It allows me to feel a lot more relaxed and patient in the air when im flying, and this always leads to better compositions.

An additional feature that i really like is the 7x wow thanks benjamin for your perspective, first impressions and these impressive images, wow masterpieces from the master shot on our masterpiece, love it, and thank you a lot bronies my pleasure. I think that underlined the cutting edge potential and new possibilities you can expect from mavic 3 lets. Take a sharp look at the highlights of today. The new mavic 3 comes with a hasselblad camera Music activated, the new dji rc pro smart controller, with a 1000 nit screen and transmission deluxe and a new dji cellular transmission dongle, bringing you 4g connectivity, good things come to those who wait, they say – and i say Youve been waiting, so mavic 3 will be available from this moment. This means both mavic 3 versions and accessories are ready. When you are so the last question left whats the price for these invaluable imaging tools, ill show you whats the prize, the mavic 3. No way all creators who want the maximum right away will choose the mavic 3 cine premium, combo Music religion.