Get your DJI Mavic 2 Professional/Zoom right here: https://goo.gl/LUexQK We’ve examined the brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and let me inform you. This drone will change the business …


  1. I hate DJI. I love electroswing <3

  2. Unfortunately their geofencing software stops you flying most areas… I wont buy dji

  3. which drone is best Mavic 2 zoom or Mavic pro platinium?

  4. I just bought one and it's cool. They make a big deal about registering it fyi

  5. Would this be good for a Wedding videographer?

  6. Should I get Zoom for 900$ ?

  7. was hoping that it would have a bit more of a blurry BG when zoomed in. But it just looks zoomed in and no bokeh difference. Maybe you're shooting with a smaller aperture?
    Im only thinking about the zoom so I can have a blurry BG when zoomed.
    I dont couldnt care less about the dolly zoom. I wanna know if the BG is blurred. But it didnt look like it

  8. This drone is a beast. You may also buy PolarPro Vivid Filter. Thumbs-up for me. 👍

  9. Did you have permission to fly on that dam.

  10. zajebiste fajnie bylo zobaczyc jak lata pozdrawiam

  11. Look at this gimbal chivo lol

  12. When drones auto land on water?

  13. Nice review 👏🏻😊👍🏼

  14. 3:26 when u switch from handheld video footage to drone footage, I could not help but notice a change in color… the DJI seems to have a blue tint. Can you do a white-balance with that system?

  15. I am seriously considering upgrading my DJI Spark to the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. I am shooting a lot of videos from the mountains and of rock climbers and I really like that I can keep a distance and just zoom in. That is amazing! However my only concern is the weight.

  16. Dronging it! I went with the pro, but the zoom looks great for non-landscape shots

  17. Just brought my mavic to zoom October 27 and I love it

  18. He: have you seen the footage on this drone?

    Me: have you seen the footage on your crappy camera?

  19. Nice review! Zoom and Pro 2 both look amazeballs! I'm curious though – what did you shoot this review on?

  20. did this guy just do the intro twice or am i sleep deprived?

  21. who is Tchibo? isn't that a coffee brand?

  22. Does it shoot slow motion like the air does?

  23. I have it for about ten days, but with automatic parameters the exposure of the videos is exaggerated and even the final quality does not seem worthy of a drone DJI. I also had Mavic Air and the videos are better on the latter, which has an automatic management of exposure far more effective. I came to think that maybe it's a defect of the camera, but it seems to me that at hardware level everything works fine. Does anyone find this defect? Maybe the DJI will improve this aspect in a next update? Thank you very much!

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