I also have the mavic air and can attest that this by far is superior in every way. The mavic air is nice, but is more designed for quick fun. The big win for me with the pro is the extended flying time: battery life, remote control connectivity and the zoom lens. I took this platform to the beach on a trail run and averaged approximately 28 minutes of flying time and high winds it’s, truly stable and offers some great features. I am still testing but thus far. I am very pleased one major area needing improvement as the color is. You can lose track your sight line unless you have some type of marker on it. I e reflective streamers, as the beacon markers are very hard to see at a distance. This product is as advertised hope. This helps this is my second drone. My first was a spark which my son has inherited merry christmas. To start with, i live in the middle of nowhere at high elevation, so i’m, not effected by the nfc zones that have plagued others, while we should never fly near airports, etc. I understand their plight. I’D. Also love to fly into the clouds, but the 400 feet ceiling is understandable. Registration with the faa was quick, easy and only five dollars. I have flown for a few weeks now and have been having a great time only gone about two three miles max distance.