com. Now here i have the two flagship cameras from both manufacturers: the mavic 2 pro from dji and the evo 2. Pro 6k version from autel i’ve actually done a few videos in the past doing some comparisons as far as quality goes between this one and this one, and even the autel 8k as well, some of the other drones on the market. So if you guys haven’t seen some of those videos i’ll make sure those links are down below as well as up above make sure to check those out. If you want to see some more side by side comparisons of the drones when they first released now the mavic 2 pro was actually released almost three years ago, which is kind of hard to believe august of 2018 is when this one came out and the evo 2 actually was announced back in january of 2020, but didn’t really hit the market until about april of last year of 2020., and even with the release of the new air 2 and the mini, and so many other drones that are starting to hit the market. A lot of people will still put comments on my videos. Asking is the mavic 2 pro still a good drone to get, and here we are in 2021, and this is probably still the best two drones on the market as far as size and capabilities and sensor and camera quality. In this video, i want to talk a little bit more about the comparisons that i feel are the most important types of aspects that i look for, of course, depending on what you do, you might find that one thing that the evo does, that is completely better Than the mavic 2 pro as well as vice versa, there might be that one feature of the mavic 2 that’s just way better for what you use them for so in this video.

I want to give you guys my opinion on using both these drones since they came out and what are the pros and cons of some of these features, but before we get into it a quick message from our sponsor epidemic sound. So, if you’re, looking at taking your content to the next level epidemic, sound has been my go to source for all of my music in my videos, whether i’m editing drone footage behind the scenes or some of my vlogs epidemic sound, provides high quality royalty free music. So you never have to worry about copyright claims or violations on your videos. They have a couple plans to choose from whether it’s a personal plan for most content creators or if you want to get their commercial plan. This is really geared towards those freelancers as well as businesses. Both fans give you full access to over 32 000 songs, as well as a full library of sound effects. So if you want to enhance your videos with some sound designs, make sure to check out the links down below in the video description for a no commitment, 30 day, free trial of epidemic, sound and now back to the video. Now, before we jump into the pros and cons as far as how i’ve been able to use both of these drones, let’s just quickly go through some of the basic specs of both of these. As far as price goes, the mavic 2 pro comes in at 15.

99, while the evo 2 comes in at 17.95. As far as weight, we have 907 grams compared to 1195 grams, with the evo2 one of the biggest differences. Here we have 31 minutes of flight time compared to 40 minutes on the evo max speed on both is roughly the same about 44 to 45 miles per hour. When it comes to video resolution, the mavic 2 pro comes in at 4k at 30 frames a second while the evo 2 has 6k at 30 frames. A second. Both drones do have optical avoidance, all around the aircraft and respectively, both as far as range goes can go about 9 to 10 kilometers about five and a half to six miles in range. They both have an f 2.8 to an f 11 variable aperture and both carry a one inch sensor with a 20 megapixel jpeg and raw photo capability. Now, with all the specs laid out, let’s just jump right into some of the differences i see between these two drones. Let’S talk about the first thing once you put these on the table, what you see as far as the comparisons goes, and, of course you can see the size difference is actually a pretty big deal now when comparing the mavic 2 pro and the evo 2. As you can see, there is a big size difference and that comes at a price of having more sensors having a bigger battery for the evo so which are good things to have.

But of course, like i said it comes down to preference as far as how you’re going to be able to use them, how you’re going to be able to travel and pack them away. So if size is going to be an issue for you or one of your major issues, you have to look at these differences here with the mavic 2 pro and the evo 2. there’s been multiple times when i need to pack up some of my gear and When it comes down to the size differences, i don’t really have a smaller portable case for the evo ii. I almost always have to bring my bigger case out and that’s, not the downfall, evo, for not providing one, because there just really hasn’t been a lot of third party accessories for the evo. That would normally come out for things like the mavic 2 pro or some of the other dji products. So for me, when it comes down to personal preference, i will normally go towards the a little bit smaller of a drone, because the fact it’s a little bit easier for me to carry around now if you’re the type to use your drone. In a more of a commercial or industrial type of use, case you’re not too worried about carrying around in a small backpack. So if that’s the case and having a hard case because of the way you’re gon na be using the drone is okay with you, then absolute evo too, not a problem if you’re just planning on keeping it in your hard case, using it on a commercial or Industrial type of shoot now, like i mentioned that size, does come with some benefits.

We have 31 minutes of flight time on the mavic 2 pro where here on the evo, we have 40 minutes of flight time. So, yes, the drone is bigger, but you are getting a much bigger battery almost two times the battery that you’re getting on the mavic 2 pro and there’s been a few times when i’ve actually been out flying with the evo and i’ve actually been tired on the Sticks looking down at my remote for over 20 to 30 minutes, and this thing is still up in the air. For you know i have another five or six minutes to go so when it comes to flight time. Yes, the evo does have a much longer flight time, but it does come at the expense of that size difference now, because these are the flagship drones for each manufacturer. The photo and video quality, of course, is going to be number one as far as what people are expecting to get out of both of these drones. The mavic 2 pro does have that hassle, blog color science, but the evo 2, with that 6k quality. So if you’re the type to just shoot in normal mode and not necessarily in a flat or log profile, this is really going to be up to you as far as the preference goes on how you like that color science, on both of these drones. Now, if you want to get the most out of both of these cameras, you’re going to want to shoot in that log profile, which is more of a flat profile, so you’re going to want to do a lot more post processing after the fact.

The one thing i didn’t notice on the log profiles, though, is that the mavic 2 pro seem to edit a little bit easier where the evo you’re gon na have to push up some of the saturation and the levels a lot more than you would with the Mavic but at least both of them you’re able to take full control in post processing. One of the benefits of the evo 2 is that 6k video resolution now, even though i normally export everything i do out in 4k, and this one does shoot 4k at 30 frames. A second, the evo does have that 6k 30 frames a second capability. Now one of the benefits of shooting 6k, but downsizing it to 4k is that you have a little bit more image to work with. If you had to recompose, rotate or punch into a specific area in your video you’re, not going to lose that much resolution by zooming in just a little bit, so that 6k does help in those circumstances. Now, while that 6k is a nice feature to have, the one thing you have to also think about, though, is the ability to edit those 6k videos and those high resolution photos. This is one of the things i kept running into when i was actually flying with the evo 8k. Is that yeah? You have a lot bigger of a video resolution to work with, but if your computer can’t handle it, it makes post processing and editing an absolute nightmare.

Now, when it comes to flight control and the characteristics of piloting the drone, i think it definitely goes to the mavic 2 pro now over time. The evo 2 has actually gotten a lot better. They did some firmware updates that actually gave this thing. I think a lot more stability in the air and if you guys haven’t seen some of my previous videos on the auto, i think i was shooting with the ak version, there’s a lot of drift, but there was a lot more drift when this thing was released. Last year now it is totally understandable that things get better over time, but the problem i had with the autel evo is that it just took them way too long to come out with firmware updates. The mavic 2 pro has been out for almost three years, and yet dji can still push updates this thing almost every month or every other month. This thing, while still being new last year, they’ve only pushed out a few significant updates and not necessarily fixing some of those drift issues or i don’t believe they were initially released to fix the drift issues. But for this being so new, i would have assumed that the support team of autel would have pushed out more firmware releases. To get this thing rock solid after the next feature. We’Ll talk about is the video transmission from your drone to your remote control. I think this is by far the most important, if not the most important feature that you need to look for when you are flying these types of aircrafts in the field, because at the end of the day, i don’t really care how good your camera is.

How great the video quality is if it’s 4k 6k 8k, if you don’t, have a reliable feed back to your remote control, then it’s pretty much rendered useless at that point. Maverity pro has ocusync 2 technology, which is pretty much the standard right now. As far as what they offer in the market, there is the ocusync 3, which i just came out with with the fpv drone. Now, for the past few months now, when i have been flying evo, luckily enough, i haven’t received that transmission loss, like i did before, but having gone through that before with evo, always just kind of makes. You second guess putting it out there at greater distances compared to the mavic 2 pro now, one of the biggest pros, and the reason why this thing still remains in my bag when i go out is because of the geo fencing now don’t get me wrong. I am 100 all for having a safe flight, but at the same time there might be situations where you’re going to get out to an area, and you could still be a couple miles, a few miles away from an airport or a restricted area and the mavic Lineup of the dji lineup in general, just won’t. Even let you take off now that’s, nothing to take away from dji that’s, actually a huge plus for dji, because the fact that they’re not only producing really good drones that have great transmission but they’re, also understanding that they need to have the best safety features on All of their drones, considering they have the most drones out in the air at this point.

This is where this thing really comes into play, because not putting this thing in any danger or any harm’s way, but just to just put it up at a low altitude. Get the flight and come back down. This is definitely where the evo 2 will shine because of the geofence or lack thereof, geo, fencing restrictions that something like the dji drones have now when it comes to intelligent flight modes, both of them do have intelligent flight modes. Everything from full follow me type of tracking or active track. They also have waypoints. They also have a bunch of automated types of flight modes. You’Re able to do. I do think that the mavic 2 pro does edge out the evo in this case, because they have things like quick shots which is really geared towards the consumer side of the market. So i will give the automated functions over to the mavic 2 pro now. Finally, the last thing we’ll talk about are the remote controls that you’re going to be using to pilot both of these drums now what’s interesting is that both of these remotes now feel just super old because of the fact that the mini 2, the air 2 all Have the new dji remotes, as well as these smart controllers? So if you do have something like the smart controller for the mavic 2 pro i’ve been flying with this, i almost rarely fly with this type of remote anymore. Now this one has the phone where you hold at the bottom.

Here i do like the evo, where you’re able to put the phone up top, i think it just sits and it feels a lot more comfortable when you’re flying with the phone a little bit higher. Above the screen, but the one thing i can’t get over on this evo remote is that i will constantly accidentally keep hitting all of these buttons on the back now i don’t know what it is or how i hold it, but i mean i’m holding my remote. Pretty standard in a standard way, but this little ridge here that dji has just helps you prevent accidentally hitting these buttons, where here every time i’m. Flying with this thing, i will always hit these accidentally or swipe through this one right here at the very top i’m. Not sure if it’s just me or how i’m holding it, but these buttons right here, i feel like needs to be just recessed a little bit more or just have a way that you can easily separate where you need to rest, your fingers versus where you’re pressing. So i really hope that evo will come out or auto will come out with a newer style remote. Definitely, a lot of, i think, just ergonomics on this one. That i’m not a fan of this right here, is not the greatest remote either. I think after you start using different types of remotes, you start seeing things that you really like and don’t like about it.

It’S, not bad, but of course things have evolved. Things have changed. I actually really like the air. 2 mini 2 remote control now even compared to this, but i do miss the small compact size of this remote control. So, in conclusion, which is the better drone like i talked about in this video, there are specific things that each one of these, i think, excels at over the other one. When it comes to photo and video quality, they are both up there. They are both. Probably the best you’re going to get photo and video quality wise compared to any other smaller foldable consumer drone. I did go through my experiences as far as the pros and cons i’ve been experiencing with these flying these for the past year, two years – it’s almost three years now, but i definitely think that there is a space in the market for both of these drones. Of course, to exist which they do and that’s the reason why you’re, technically still, i have space in my bag for both of them, just depending on where i’m going, where i’m flying and what i need to capture some of the biggest things. I am looking forward to is what is going to be the successor to the mavic 2 pro this thing being two and a half almost three years old. We know that there’s gon na be a mavic 3 or something coming out. That’S going to be taking this thing to the next level and that’s what i’m really excited about when it comes to this drone right here being still the flagship dji drone, the one i will still go to the most.

If i have the time and the space to accommodate for it, as well as what is gon na be next with eva, hopefully they’re able to not only come out with firmer updates faster. But what is next for them. As far as coming out with a possibly a smaller platform that’s, the thing that worries me with evo or with autel is that they do come out with a fantastic product. But i just really hope that the support matches up to it as well as that they’re evolving the products quicker over time and there it is guys that’s. My comparison of these two drones right here. This has been out for a year year and a half. Now this is pushing almost three years. Both great drones both have a place in the airspace. So hopefully you guys got some value out of my experience that i was able to share with you guys, if you guys did, please don’t, forget to hit that like button and also don’t forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, and also thanks again to our sponsor of this video epidemic, sound make sure you take advantage of a no commitment free 30 day trial of epidemic. Sound links will be down below in the video description and, if you guys are looking at picking up, one of these drones make sure you guys use those links down below in the video description. Your support by using those links definitely helps out the channel.

This is also sassio with i’ll, see you guys.